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Zombie Love Quotes


"I love any comedic zombie movies." - Atticus Shaffer

"I love Rob Zombie - I'd love to work with Rob Zombie or John Cameron Mitchell." - Guillermo Diaz

"I'm not going to just do a dumb zombie movie, although I love zombie movies." - Sam Rockwell

"We love things with biting - "Twilight" movies, zombie movies, eating." - Peter Sagal

"I love zombie films like Danny Boyle's '28 Days Later' - I thought it was so brilliantly done and so grounded in reality. I was definitely thrust into the zombie world watching that film." - Teresa Palmer

"I also love the zombie genre, my zombie fandom going way back to 'Night of the Living Dead.' And 'The Walking Dead' is truly the ultimate representation of that sensibility in the comic book genre." - Gale Anne Hurd

"A non-frightening zombie is a lame zombie." - Scott M Gimple

"I'm a big zombie buff." - Emily Vancamp

"I love the Walking Dead, but I dont wanna be an actual prominent character on the show. I just wanna be a zombie." - Liana Liberato

"I love Rob Zombie. Rob's just a dude, you know? He's an artist, but he's a regular guy, down to earth." - William Forsythe

"I love the 'Walking Dead,' but I don't wanna be an actual prominent character on the show. I just wanna be a zombie." - Liana Liberato

"'Warm Bodies' is a love story: a zombie-human being love story. And people are comparing it to 'Twilight,' but I think it's three times better. It has a comedic twist to it as well." - Cory Hardrict

"If you love someone, you're not supposed to want them to come back. Better a peaceful sleep in the earth than the life of a zombie-not really dead but not really alive, either." - Cassandra Clare

"I've never read 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,' although I certainly know what that is. And what I love about that concept is as much as it's a zombie story, it's also 'Pride and Prejudice.'" - Roberto Aguirresacasa

"I love Rob Zombie. Rob's just a dude, you know? He's an artist, but he's a regular guy, down to earth. And he's a damned good director, too, and a lot of fun to work with." - William Forsythe

"I'm obsessed with zombies. I like watching zombie movies and I read zombie books." - Kevin Bacon

"I don't like zombie movies, they're just plain silly." - Wayne Gerard Trotman

"Good french cooking cannot be produced by a zombie cook." - Julia Child

"A print book is really a kind of tree zombie." - Scott Sigler

"I wasn't a sex symbol, I was a sex zombie." - Veronica Lake

"I am a conservative, but I am not a zombie." - Glenn Beck

"A zombie apocalypse isn't the most jovial situation." - Danai Gurira

"I don't think anyone wants to cuddle a zombie." - Norman Reedus

"In a zombie apocalypse, I expect insane things to happen." - Chandler Riggs

"Frankenstein's actually interesting; he's kind of like a zombie." - Mark Waters

"Who would have ever thought I'd be afraid of a zombie, any kind of zombie? Nicely ironic that." - Laurell K Hamilton

"It's always been strange to me that someone can say they're a vampire fan. I'm not a non-fan, but it's such an unusual thing to be a fan of. That's like saying, "I love zombie movies! I just love 'em! They're my favorite!" That's more of a psychological problem than being an actual fan." - Robert Pattinson

"These novels [Zombie, My Sister, My Love] are so special to me. [I don't expect that they will have nearly the same significance to anyone else.] They represent a kind of fiction I would love to pursue more or less constantly, but dare not." - Joyce Carol Oates

"I'm into 'The Walking Dead,' 'Shaun of the Dead,' obviously, and I've seen all the Romero movies. I am a classic zombie queen. And I love the White Walkers on 'Game of Thrones.' Weirdly, it wasn't until pretty late in life that I found my entry point into horror films." - Anna Kendrick

"I read a zombie story, and I have nightmares for days. But my youngest sister loves zombie stories. So when she insisted it was time for Bards and Sages to put together a zombie book, I couldn't tell her 'no.'" - Julie Ann Dawson

"I'm telling you people; its a zombie attack. Z to the Oto the M to the B to the I,E. ZOMBIE..." -Bubba" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"I wanted to be a disgusting, oozing zombie, not a sexy, cleavage zombie, which is what I was expecting, given my previous film work." - Amber Heard

"I can't say I was like a die-hard zombie fan, but I've definitely seen a few different zombie movies and TV shows." - Dave Franco

"The bottom line is I'm a slow zombie guy - I'm always a slow zombie guy but I also know I'm in the minority." - Max Brooks

"At 7 in the morning, Rob Zombie calls. I just let the machine answer it, because I'm like, "Who's calling me at 7 in the morning?" It's Rob leaving this message, going, "That was the best birthday present I ever got in my whole life. I looked at Halloween script from cover to cover. No one else will ever get their fingers on this. It's wrapped in plastic. It's going in my vault. I love it. Thank you."" - P J Soles

"If youre going to be a zombie in a movie, you go big or go home." - Jessica Lucas

"I'd definitely be into doing some zombie slaying music. That'd be cool." - J Mascis

"Don't worry about your father. He's a perfectly contented, self-sufficient zombie." - Kurt Vonnegut

"The zombie sex, I have no idea. It must be like tantric sex." - Billy Connolly

"I'm a walking zombie and I think I'm going to be like that for a while." - Tiffani Thiessen

"Sometimes you just have to chop a zombie like a melon. What can I say?" - Lauren Cohan

"Can you have a seance to summon the ghost of a dead zombie?" - Dana Gould

"They're [zombies] us, you can also have the wrestler zombie, the clown zombie, the Jay Leno zombie and the nun zombie. I've never seen the clown werewolf or vampire. But because zombies are us, at the lowest possible level, they're a lot more versatile for storytelling." - Tom Savini

"I don't think I've ever seen a zombie movie in my life." - Cheryl Hines

"I don't want a zombie society. I don't want to go that far." - George A Romero

"Humanity is mind-controlled and only slightly more conscious than your average zombie." - David Icke

"On Eye of the Zombie, I had so-called studio musicians." - John Fogerty

"To put on a performance, you have to be emotional. You can't be a zombie." - Ashley Wagner

"When we get in a routine we can become zombie-like and shut down." - Tori Amos

"If you're going to be a zombie in a movie, you go big or go home." - Jessica Lucas

"I have been overwhelmed by the response to 'The Queen of Zombie Hearts.'" - Gena Showalter

"I'm a big fan of zombies, and I have a zombie tattoo on my leg." - Tyler Posey

"I expect a zombie to show up on 'Sesame Street' soon, teaching kids to count." - George A Romero

"Before I'm a zombie nerd, before I'm a science-fiction nerd, I am a history nerd." - Max Brooks

"I love, love, love women." - Anthony Quinn

"Love goes toward love." - William Shakespeare

"Love draws forth love." - Teresa of Avila

"... only love begets love." - Anais Nin

"Love music. Love racism." - Simon Amstell

"I am a zombie fan, but all of the zombie stories Ive enjoyed started when the dead rose and ended three days later with everybody looking exhausted. I was thinking, What happens in 20 years?" - Mira Grant

"I am a zombie fan, but all of the zombie stories I've enjoyed started when the dead rose and ended three days later with everybody looking exhausted. I was thinking, 'What happens in 20 years?'" - Seanan Mcguire

"I do like the zombie movies quite a bit. I know there are purist zombie guys that don't like the running zombies, but I dig the infected thing. I think that's a scarier incorporation of an element into the genre." - Mark Pellegrino

"Generosity could be as contagious as the zombie plague as long as enough people were willing to be carriers." - Jonathan Maberry

"My Zombie apocalypse plan is simple but effective; I fully intend to die in the very first wave." - Graham Parker

"Even if there's a zombie apocalypse, you'll still be able to travel using the Tesla Supercharging system." - Elon Musk

"I actually wrote my first zombie book way before I got the job on 'Saturday Night Live." - Max Brooks

"Can you harness the power of drugs without them taking over, without turning into a dazed zombie?" - Gilles Deleuze

"Plus, doing a zombie movie is quite liberating. It's fun not to take myself seriously all the time." - Sarah Polley

"People called '28 Days' and '28 Weeks' zombie movies, and they're not! It's some sort of virus; they're not dead." - George A Romero

"I am a huge zombie fan. I have probably seen the George Romero movies 100 times each, without exaggeration." - J Michael Straczynski

"I actually wrote my first zombie book way before I got the job on 'Saturday Night Live.'" - Max Brooks

"I used to lie in bed in my flat and imagine what would happen if there was a zombie attack." - Simon Pegg

"A zombie amusement park sounds like fun, but the health code violations alone are enough to turn your stomach." - Jim C Hines

"It's the same old theme since 1916 In your head, in your head they're still fightin' With their tanks and their bombs And their bombs, and their guns In your head, in your head they are dyin' In your head, in your head, Zombie, Zombie In your head, what's in your head Zombie." - Dolores Mary O"Riordan

"I like zombie movies. I like 'The Walking Dead;' I like the metaphor of it, simply because when we go with the zombie concept - if you're bitten by a zombie, you don't transform into something else like a vampire or a werewolf or whatever. You become something that's not you." - Marilyn Manson

"Love cars, love people, love life." - Yutaka Katayama

"Love... love... love, never counting the cost." - Catherine Doherty

"Inadequate love is love. Unrequited love is love." - Lan Samantha Chang

"Love prudence." - Bias of Priene

"Love me, love my dog." - Bernard Of Clairvaux

"We love because we love." - Honore De Balzac

"Love me. Love my umbrella." - James Joyce

"Because love, love never finishes." - Sara Zarr

"Love wins. Love always wins." - Mitch Albom

"Love wins, love always wins." - Mitch Albom

"Love not Pleasure; love God." - Thomas Carlyle

"Love heals scars love left" - Henry Rollins

"I love pain. Love pain." - Cam Gigandet

"Love alone could waken love." - Pearl S Buck

"I love tennis, love it!" - David Oyelowo

"Calvin the zombie searches for food. Horribly, the undead feed upon the living! ...Although, in a pinch, a PBJ will do, if you eat it messily enough." - Bill Watterson

"I had seen these transformations, people who had lost their will to live, coming back from their zombie states and radiating a new life force from their eyes." - Anthony Kiedis

"I wanted to say something brilliant. My God, Holmes, how did you know the zombie was hiding in the flower pot? But I couldn't lie." - Laurell K Hamilton

"Yeah, I know I'm ugly... I said to a bartender, 'Make me a zombie.' He said 'God beat me to it." - Rodney Dangerfield

"If you're willing to go along for this farcical ride, you'll find 'Dead Snow 2' to be one terrific zombie movie." - Leonard Maltin

"Oh, hey, Claire," she said, and blinked. "Where are you going?" "Funeral," Shane said. On-screen, a zombie shrieked and died gruesomely. "Yeah? Cool! Whose?" "Hers." Shane said." - Rachel Caine

"My friend "M" says the irony of being a zombie is that everything is funny, but you can't smile, because your lips have rotted off." - Isaac Marion

"My understanding of zombie movies is people rising from the dead, from their graves, stuff like that, and walking very slowly." - Robert Carlyle

"Yo! Deadheads," he yelled, waving his sword to taunt them. "Nice try, but you're messing with Benny-freaking-Imura, zombie killer. Booyah!" - Jonathan Maberry

"But if she'd realized that nine desiccated zombie nymphs would be waiting for her, she never would have come down here." - Rick Riordan

"I tried to speak in a cool, calm way, but the zombie rose up in my throat and choked me off." - Sylvia Plath

"I say if you're going to go for the Angel bullshit you might as well go for the Zombie package as well." - George Carlin

"Kayso, it turns out that driving an actual car is way harder than it is in 'Grand Theft Auto: Zombie Hooker Smackdown." - Christopher Moore

"J.R. Angelella is a truly gifted writer. Zombie is one of the smartest, strangest, and most beautifully crafted coming-of-age stories you will ever encounter." - Donald Ray Pollock

"Hooking on scuba gear and blindly diving into zombie-infested water is a wonderful way to mix the two childhood terrors of being eaten and drowning." - Max Brooks

"Thanks to Reagan, the insane now walk among us babbling about Starbucks and sodomite semen in this zombie apocalypse we call the 21st century." - St. Sukie de la Croix

"The purpose of man's to become an abject zombie who serves a purpose he does not know, for reasons he is not to question." - Ayn Rand

"My opinion of a good zombie walk is to loll your head as if it's a little too heavy and the muscles have begun to atrophy." - George A Romero

"Then he said in his most excellent Mick impression, "Your powers are useless against Ninja Lords, O great zombie hunter! Surrender or feel the sting of the shuriken!" - Alan Goldsher

"Every zombie story is fundamentally about a breakdown of order, with the infrastructure intact. That infrastructure might be on fire, yes." - Patton Oswalt

"Someone needs to make a zombie movie where when you get bit it turns you into a singing and dancing extraordinaire." - Dane Cook

"I came up with an idea to turn the cliche inside out: instead of humans threatened by zombies, what if a sympathetic zombie was threatened by humans?" - Brian Pinkerton

"I'm not prepared for a zombie apocalypse. I need more bottled water, a shotgun, and stronger abs. I have plenty of canner food." - Jenna Fischer

"All my friends are like, 'Can you be on my side in the zombie apocalypse?' and I'm like, 'I got this.'" - Taissa Farmiga

"What is it about a zombie that appeals to me? I don't know. Maybe that it's just the most possible - I don't know - of all the supernatural entities." - Scott Ian

"I majored in Chinese Studies. I'm probably the only director of chicken Indian zombie movies who can speak pretty good Mandarin." - Lloyd Kaufman

"The first rule of Zombieland: Cardio. When the zombie outbreak first hit, the first to go, for obvious reasons ... were the fatties." - Jesse Eisenberg

"Larry's zombie bag was a nearly virulent green with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on it. I was almost afraid to ask what his vampire bag looked like." - Laurell K Hamilton

"We are in the middle of what looks increasingly like the zombie apocalypse. Moaning people don't need help. Moaning people are intending to eat us." - Mira Grant

"I'm not really a zombie genre guy; I'm not particularly versed in it. Doing 'The Walking Dead' sort of turned me on to the whole thing." - Noah Emmerich

"Just as the financial crisis has created toxic assets and 'zombie' financial institutions, so has it transformed conservatism into a movement of the living dead." - Thomas Frank

"To be honest, my friends weren't really as into making films as I was. But I convinced them all to make some zombie films with me." - Hideo Kojima

"A zombie film is not fun without a bunch of stupid people running around and observing how they fail to handle the situation." - George A Romero

"Culture is just a shambling zombie that repeats what it did in life; bits of it drop off, and it doesn't appear to notice." - Alan Moore

"Yeah, I know I'm ugly... I said to a bartender, 'Make me a zombie.' He said 'God beat me to it.'" - Rodney Dangerfield

"Love, Love, Love. All you need is love. Love is all you need." - John Lennon

"I love my friends. I love my love-life. I love my hobbies. I love eating." - Rebecca De Mornay

"World War Z was a great zombie film because those were zombie performances. It wasn't just a bunch of people walking around slow. They did close-ups on zombies who were performing, as a mindless dead thing. They were creepy and scary." - Tom Savini

"America's political landscape is infested with many zombie ideas - beliefs about policy that have been repeatedly refuted with evidence and analysis but refuse to die. The most prominent zombie is the insistence that low taxes on rich people are the key to prosperity." - Paul Krugman

"I would never butt heads with Rob Zombie. I don't know anybody that's in acting that ever butted heads with Rob Zombie. I adore Rob. I adore him. I adore working with him. I adore knowing him. I'm happy to consider myself a friend and someone who he hires. I just think he's great." - Dee Wallace

"When 'The Walking Dead' has been its best, all that stuff is happening at once: the emotion, action, horror, scares. I'm very proud that I was able to write an episode where a little zombie girl could walk out of a barn after a horrific zombie execution and have people cry. That's one of the proudest things I've ever done." - Scott M Gimple

"I don't like vampire movies or zombie movies. I went to see 'I Am Legend' with an ex-girlfriend the other day, and I immediately realised it was a zombie movie! You know what I mean? There are certain rules, and those rules are things that you've seen many times." - Michel Gondry

"I like zombie movies, and I like genre movies a lot. To watch. Less so to make, I think. But I grew up on that stuff. I would just grow up watching a lot of horror movies, a lot of slasher movies and then zombie movies." - Jonathan Levine

"Zombie books were going to be my passion projects, but certainly not pay the bills. I thought I was going to have to get a real job on a sitcom or something, and have my zombie books to remind myself I was still a writer at heart. I never thought I could actually pay my bills and write what I wanted." - Max Brooks

"Love creates, love cements, love enters and harmonizes all things." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

"Love, love, love, that is the soul of genius." - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"Let our children be taught love love love." - Daniel Harvey Hill

"Women make love for love, men make love for lust." - Derrick Harge

"I just love, I love, I love movies." - Laura Dern

"The end of all wisdom is love, love, love." - Ramana Maharshi

"Think black love, think universal love. Just think love." - Lauryn Hill

"If you love love, then love loves you too" - Bruce Bruce

"Love is life, love is god, love is sannyas!" - Rajneesh

"Fingers down the throat of love! Love! Love!" - Nick Cave

"I love theater. I also love radio. I love language." - Indira Varma

"I love tailcoats; I love blazers. I love tailored things." - Shenae Grimes

"I love, love, love Charlotte Olympia shoes, but who doesn't?" - Jessica Hart

"I love crime, I love mysteries, and I love ghosts." - Stephen King

"Love is real, real is love." - John Lennon

"Love understands love; it needs no talk." - Frances Ridley Havergal



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