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Young Adults Growing Up Quotes


"When I was growing up in the 1960s, there was starting to be more books geared towards young adults." - Alison Bechdel

"I was a young lad when I was growing up." - David O'Leary

"In the melting pot that is America, inclusive trumps exclusive. Whether it's single women, young adults, or minorities, alienating the rapidly growing voting blocs is not smart politics." - Eliot Spitzer

"Just being young and growing up in this business is hard. Just growing up in general is hard." - Justin Bieber

"No one thinks that young adults read hooks for YOUNG ADULTS, books for young adults are read by kids." - Terry Pratchett

"At this stage I am not involved with young adults as closely as many other writers. My children are grown up and my grandchildren are still quite young." - Margaret Mahy

"I think growing up is difficult and it's a process that I'm always interested in, with kids and adults, they are often on two different universes." - Alice Hoffman

"It's not uncommon for young people to expect things. It's part of growing up." - Rush Limbaugh

"A lot of Hollywood couples get married young and wind up growing out of their relationship." - Patti Stanger

"I woke up one morning and realized that what I wanted to say to everyone - children, young people, adults - was: Read for your life." - Katherine Paterson

"I don't think too much about the audience when I'm writing... I'm aware that 'Holes' was read by kids as young as 8, up to adults." - Louis Sachar

"I'm looking forward to writing more novels for young adults." - Candace Bushnell

"Adults are only kids grown up" - Walt Disney

"When we are young we believe to be adults; when we are adults we believe to be young." - Simone Bittencourt de Oliveira

"I didnt really watch Dallas growing up, as I was a bit young and into other things, like sports." - Jesse Metcalfe

"Young alienation, disappointment and heartache is all a part of the first real growing up that we do" - Judd Nelson

"Young alienation, disappointment and heartache is all a part of the first real growing up that we do." - Judd Nelson

"To a young kid growing up in Canada, America seemed to be crazy about the future; dazzled by it." - Graydon Carter

"I didn't really watch 'Dallas' growing up, as I was a bit young and into other things, like sports." - Jesse Metcalfe

"As a very young man growing up in Texas, usually I got a shotgun or cowboy boots for Christmas." - Robert Wilson

"I'm totally growing up." - Kim Kardashian

"The interesting thing about the Beatles was: The music was one thing, but we kind of symbolized a certain kind of freedom at a time when people of our generation were just growing up and just becoming adults." - Paul Mccartney

"Growing old is not growing up." - Douglas Horton

"Growing old beats the alternative - dying young." - Regina Brett

"Year Up for me is a year in which the young adults that we serve have an opportunity to move up in their lives and gain the access and opportunity they need to realize their potential." - Gerald Chertavian

"When I call to mind my earliest impressions, I wonder whether the process ordinarily referred to as growing up is not actually a process of growing down; whether experience, so much touted among adults as the thing children lack, is not actually a progressive dilution of the essentials by the trivialities of living." - Aldo Leopold

"Young children were always so important to me. Adults should treat children with more respect. We should put more monies in our schools. I grew up on that side of the coin." - Steve Wozniak

""Little Brother" sounds an optimistic warning. It extrapolates from current events to remind us of the ever-growing threats to liberty. But it also notes that liberty ultimately resides in our individual attitudes and actions. In our increasingly authoritarian world, I especially hope that teenagers and young adults will read it - and then persuade their peers, parents and teachers to follow suit." - Dan Gillmor

"There are great parents of small children - they keep their little hair in bows - but those parents are not always good parents of young adults. As soon as their children get up to some size, it's "Shut up, sit down, you talk too much, keep your distance, I'll send you to Europe!" My mom was a terrible parent of small children but a great parent of young adults. She'd talk to me as if I had some sense." - Maya Angelou

"Here's to Never Growing up" - Avril Lavigne

"Growing up with the runs." - Bill Allred

"I spoke Franglais growing up." - Alison Moyet

"Learning appears as a way of staying young, perhaps of staying alive, and also as a way of growing up, perhaps facing death." - Richard Wollheim

"I should mention that while I was growing up, Einstein was presented as a worthy role model for a young boy who was good at his studies." - Sidney Altman

"When I was young and growing up overweight, I believed the "eaten" was more powerful than the "eater," meaning the food was more powerful than I was." - Daphne Oz

"I am deeply inspired by the courage and achievements of young people who didn't have the safety nets I had growing up." - Michael Skolnik

"Growing up as a mixed-race kid myself, when you are in the middle of it and you're don't think about it consciously. It's your reality." - Matt De La Pena

"I know growing up as a young gay person how much you hate yourself, how much you already think you're different." - Cat Cora

"The people who had the most impact on me when I was young were Freud and Darwin, but growing up I also had my film idols." - Hugh Hefner

"As a young person growing up in Washington, D.C., summers were hot, humid and relentless. My friends and I grew more restless and adventurous with every passing year." - Henry Rollins

"Growing up in a New Jersey suburb, my Catholic faith was an important part of my young life, shaping the way I approached the world." - James Lecesne

"I think growing up in New York, you see so much at such a young age, there's no bubble to escape into." - Zoe Listerjones

"I know that in my past I was young and irresponsible - but that's what growing up is. You learn from your mistakes." - Lindsay Lohan

"Today the world changes so quickly that in growing up we take leave not just of youth but of the world we were young in." - Peter Medawar

"I started golfing at a young age, and growing up with two older brothers, it made me mature a lot younger." - Lexi Thompson

"Being a kid and growing up is such a cool part of life. When you're young, you have no worries, no drama, only your imagination. It's the best!" - Devon Werkheiser

"I've always been drawn to writing for young readers. The books that I read growing up remain in my mind very strongly." - Meg Wolitzer

"So many of our young women today, they're growing up without a father, but they're still thirsty for that and desiring positive male love." - Hill Harper

"I always idolized guys like Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders, Steve Young and the entire 49ers team, really. I was a huge 49ers fan growing up." - Reggie Bush

"When I was growing up, my parents took in foster children. From a young age, I learned that there are a lot of children in need." - Michelle Monaghan

"Young people, we have this thing about us, this invincibility, because we're young and we're growing up and we want to have fun, and we want to be crazy, and nothing's wrong with that unless you're not being responsible." - Rihanna

"To be able to make up stories has been a great gift to me from my ancestors and from the storytellers who were so numerous at Laguna Pueblo when I was growing up. I learned to read as soon as I could because I wanted stories without having to depend on adults to tell or read stories to me." - Leslie Marmon Silko

"Young people and adults need equitable relationships-they do not need equal ones." - Adam Fletcher

"The welfare state inhibits the maturation of its young citizens into responsible adults" - Dennis Prager

"We must not reject all sexual contact between adults and young people as inherently oppressive." - Gayle Rubin

"Young adults that actually read are reading bodice rippers and best-sellers and me. And Horror." - Terry Pratchett

"The arts' position in the school curriculum symbolizes to the young what adults believe is important." - Elliot W. Eisner

"The young have all the same flaws adults do. Plus one: immaturity." - Nelson Rodrigues

"It's important that the adults appreciate that young people are capable of doing really astounding work." - Vint Cerf

"My book group has one rule: no books for adults. We read young adult fiction only." - Lev Grossman

"How you define yourself is a major issue for young people and adults alike." - Jim Mckay

"Today's population of adolescents and young adults is the largest in our nation's history." - Ruben Hinojosa

"Growing older is mandatory, but growing up is optional." - Heather Brewer

"Growing old is compulsory - growing up is optional." - Bob Monkhouse

"Stop worrying about growing old. And think about growing up." - Philip Roth

"Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional." - Chili Davis

"The trick is growing up without growing old." - Casey Stengel

"Some say it is the elements of hope and wonder in children's books that make them special. But there are many dark young adult novels these days. Adults loved Harry Potter, though it was written for the young. In the end, it is probably up to the reader of any age to decide if this book is for him or her." - Katherine Paterson

"Why are young adults so self-centered and always seeking instant gratification? Because older adults, often in positions of power, paint them that way." - Raymond Arroyo

"Do we honestly believe that hopeless kids growing up under the harsh new rules will turn out to be chaste, studious, responsible adults? On the contrary, by limiting welfare, job training, education and nutritious food, won't we plant the seeds for another bumper crop of out-of-wedlock moms, deadbeat dads and worse?" - Richard Stolley

"...You don't always get what you expect. I wish someone, sometime when I was growing up, would have told me what expectations would get me. ... Our parents, schools, everyone tells us things will be a certain way when we're adults and if they're not that way, we should make them be; or at least pretend. But after a certain point that just doesn't work." - Chris Crutcher

"Children model the behavior of adults, on whatever scale is available to them. Ours are growing up in a nation whose most important, influential men - from presidents to the coolest film characters - solve problems by killing people. ... We have taught our children in a thousand ways, sometimes with flag-waving and sometimes with a laugh track, that the bad guy deserves to die." - Barbara Kingsolver

"Growing up, there were a lot of funerals that I attended, and the adults at the funerals went out of their way to make sure that I wasn't traumatized or overly depressed by them. So death is always a celebration of life for me, and it's also hugely dramatic." - Bryan Fuller

"A huge part of what a kid learns when they're growing up is social and emotional development. As adults, we take it for granted that other people have emotions that are different from ours, and we can identify what they are, but those are skills that children have to learn." - Tim Schafer

"Robots already perform many functions, from making cars to defusing bombs - or, more menacingly, firing missiles. Children and adults play with toy robots, while vacuum-cleaning robots are sucking up dirt in a growing number of homes and - as evidenced by YouTube videos - entertaining cats." - Peter Singer

"I've raised three kids: my wife and I have three kids. I've observed through direct contact the adults they are now is partially the product of where they came from and what we did. With them growing up, but partially how they were wired at birth." - Chris Hadfield

"It is hard to imagine, but in a Maryland school, a 13- year old girl was arrested for refusing to say the pledge of allegiance. There is more at work than stupidity and a flight from responsibility on the part of educators, parents and politicians who maintain these laws, there is also the growing sentiment that young people constitute a threat to adults and that the only way to deal with them is to subject them to mind-crushing punishment." - Henry Giroux

"When I was growing up, softball had stereotypes along with other female sports. But society is definitely changing since the WNBA and WUSA. Muscles on female athletes are OK now. Young girls can look up to beautiful, athletic, fit women." - Jennie Finch

"I think a lot of my girlfriends growing up gave themselves up to any boy who paid attention to them. I think young women now are a lot more particular. They pick and choose." - Bo Derek

"Growing up, I looked up to major league baseball players, and now these young women have amazing, incredible women all across the board, from swimming to gymnastics to softball to basketball." - Jennie Finch

"I grew up in New York, in the Village, and I started going to Stella Adler pretty young. I was 13 or 14 years old. But I was also really shy when I was growing up." - Steven Strait

"As you're growing up, it's odd, because directors don't expect you to grow up. They think you'll be young forever, but as an actor, there is an awkward period when you're too young for old or too old for young, and it can be an odd time." - Nicholas Hoult

"But I'm warning you, we're growing up." - Brandi Carlile

"I'm growing older, but not up." - Jimmy Buffett

"Growing up takes longer than you think." - Lauren Bacall

"Don't waste your youth growing up." - Pablo Picasso

"I felt like a dork growing up." - Christina Milian

"I loved scary movies growing up." - Katie Featherston

"I was a super tomboy growing up." - Britt Robertson

"I was a competitive guy growing up." - Mark Sanchez

"I didn't have any pets growing up." - Ben Barnes

"I took tap classes growing up." - Jon M Chu

"My dad never explained anything growing up." - Tom Douglas

"Growing up Catholic has been a gift." - Moira Kelly

"I had a lovely time growing up." - Michael Kiwanuka

"Growing up, we had folk records." - Alison Krauss

"I loved 'Roger Rabbit' growing up." - Stephanie Leonidas

"Growing up, I always wanted to sing." - Damian Mcginty

"Growing up, I was prone to anxiety." - Jane Mcgonigal

"I was not funny growing up." - Tim Meadows

"I had plenty of vices growing up." - Orlando Bloom

"Growing up in London was the best." - Rita Ora

"Growing up I didn't watch movies." - Denzel Washington

"I was a handful growing up." - Olivia Wilde

"I loved growing up in Tulsa." - Bill Hader

"Growing up, I loved Bill Cosby." - Robin Thicke

"I was a homebody growing up." - Jennifer Hudson

"I loved Lucille Ball growing up." - Graham Norton

"I did little theater things growing up." - Jody Hill

"I've grown up with kids watching me and as they're growing up, I'm growing up." - Amanda Bynes

"It's interesting to talk to Bernie [Sanders] about his life and growing up, you know, growing up in an immigrant neighborhood in Brooklyn. His mother died at a very early age. He was young then. And, you know, I think that experience really shaped him." - Tad Devine

"When we're young nothing offends us, except adults telling us what should. Then when we become adults, nothing offends us, except we are offended on behalf of our young." - Craig Stone

"When we"re young nothing offends us, except adults telling us what should. Then when we become adults, nothing offends us, except we are offended on behalf of our young." - Craig Stone

"When we're young nothing offends us, except adults telling us what should. Then when we become adults, nothing offends us, except we are offended on behalf of our young." - Craig Stone

"There needs to be more variety on television so young girls growing up don't feel pressured to look one specific way. Tall, thin, curvy, short, whatever you are, you are beautiful." - Demi Lovato

"When I was a kid growing up in New York, I was pretty unaware of racism. I think when we're young - before we lose our innocence - we're sort of unaware of the more flawed qualities of each other." - Dave Matthews

"Having the chance to play sports growing up teaches you all kinds of life lessons. It gives young people confidence and instills in them motivation and drive to be the best one can be. It's absolutely invaluable," - April Ross

"I'm really enjoying growing up. I feel like so much of my life was in an existential crisis when I was young, and I don't feel as bogged down by that anymore." - Natasha Lyonne

"Growing up in the Pacific Northwest as a young girl, whenever I felt emotionally overwhelmed, I would take a walk in the woods. Being in the stillness and grandeur of trees had always calmed me." - Brenda Strong

"It's funny because growing up, when Ali G first burst off the screen, it was something that I was probably too young to be watching, but I absolutely loved it..." - Ed Speleers

"Vancouver is an amazing city and luckily, growing up in the Seattle area, I was able to immerse myself into the culture at a young age, traveling back and forth across the border for skating competitions as a youngster." - Apolo Ohno

"Many believe that Hillary Clinton was channeling President Obama during her recent speech in New York City. She focused on equality, justice, and how hard it was for her growing up as a young black man in Hawaii." - Jimmy Fallon

"Growing up as a young black girl in Potomac, Maryland was easy. I had a Rainbow Coalition of friends of all ethnicities, and we would carelessly skip around our elementary school like the powerless version of Captain Planet's Planeteers." - Issa Rae

"Part of my motivation for writing mysteries for young people is that I loved mysteries when I was growing up, and now that I'm on the creative end of things, I'm discovering that they're even more fun to write!" - Wendelin Van Draanen

"One of the tragedies of the struggle against racism is that up to now there has been no national organization which could speak to the growing militancy of young black people in the urban ghetto." - Stokely Carmichael

"A large part of the problem, is that young people are being born into the world and growing up without much hope. And so, they become murderers, they become suicide bombers." - Arthur Hertzberg

"My parents were of the opinion, because they had started skating very young, that you should have something that you do that you care about, because it structures your life as you're growing up." - Anton Yelchin

"I think we need to do as much as we can to give back to these young kids growing up. I think we've done a pretty decent job so far." - Mario Lemieux

"Back when I was growing up, it was like, 'You're too young to know what you want. We're telling you what you want. It doesn't matter if you like it. And you are stupid. Just so you know.'" - Wendi Mclendoncovey

"Growing up on stage, I was introduced to makeup at a young age and I will never forget the first time I tried on a L'Oreal Paris iconic lipstick - it was instant glamour and I've been hooked ever since." - Lea Michele

"I think it's important for little girls growing up, and young women, to have one in every walk of life. So from that point of view, I'm proud to be a role model!" - Sally Ride

"When I was a little kid growing up in Iceland, I always dreamed about creating something that could have an impact on the whole world, and even as a young boy I was passionate about fitness and sports." - Magnus Scheving

"Like all girls, when I was growing up, I always worried about this bit of me being too fat or that bit. But I look back at pictures of me when I was young, and I was thin and gorgeous." - Jennifer Saunders

"I often meet young directors who, you know, had a 'Ghostbusters' picture on their wall as they were growing up. And it's really nice. It just shows how inter-generational our industry is." - Sigourney Weaver

"My views on everything from welfare to a balanced budget to affirmative action can be traced to what Buddy and Helen Watts taught me as a young boy growing up poor but proud in Eufaula." - J C Watts

"The truth is that Oxford is simply a very beautiful city in which it is convenient to segregate a certain number of the young of the nation while they are growing up." - Evelyn Waugh

"There's an unconscious bias in our society: girls are wonderful; boys are terrible. And to be a boy, or young man, growing up, having to listen to all this, it must be painful." - Doris Lessing

"Well I had my kids so young that I kind of feel that I'm a kid too and am growing up with them. The things they're interested in tend to really influence me." - Reese Witherspoon

"Growing up in Niagara Falls, Ontario, I took classes as a young girl and became very serious about ballet, and also performed with a local company, although it wasn't a professional company." - Cathy Marie Buchanan

"My mom and dad got divorced when I was very young, and growing up in a family where the head of the household wasn't a man made a big difference." - Dave Mustaine

"Christianity may be OK between consenting adults in private but should not be taught to young children." - Francis Crick

"The fact that I am so young So Immature Seems unforgivable to The decrepit Perfect and faultless adults" - Tite Kubo

"I have always loved reading books for children and young adults, particularly when those books are mysteries." - Eleanor Catton

"In the late 1990s, I left the teaching field to write biographies and histories for young adults." - Charles J Shields

"I write books for all age groups - young kids, teenagers and adults - because I get a range of different ideas." - Catherine Jinks

"When a child first catches adults out - when it first walks into his grave little head that adults do not always have divine intelligence, that their judgments are not always wise, their thinking true, their sentences just - his world falls into panic desolation. The gods are fallen and all safety gone. And there is one sure thing about the fall of gods: they do not fall a little; they crash and shatter or sink deeply into green muck. It is a tedious job to build them up again; they never quite shine. And the child's world is never quite whole again. It is an aching kind of growing." - John Steinbeck

"Young adults living with a stutter is hard work. How do they handle job interviews? What do they do when the phone rings? How do they chat someone up? All these things the average person takes for granted prove to be a stammerers biggest challenge." - Gareth Gates

"If you write for children with respect and treat them with dignity - you'll capture the adults as well. Children deserve nothing but our very best. Nothing but excellence will do for the young, because the responsibility is greater. We write up for children, never down." - Sally Lloyd-Jones

"Young adults living with a stutter is hard work. How do they handle job interviews? What do they do when the phone rings? How do they 'chat someone up'? All these things the average person takes for granted prove to be a stammerer's biggest challenge." - Gareth Gates

"My niece was very much caught up in the vampire craze for young adults, and she thought having a vampire boyfriend would be a cool thing. What do you do on a first date? The more I thought about it, the more fun I had imagining what you'd serve a vampire for dinner." - Deborah Harkness



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