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You Want To Quotes


"You want to attach emotionally." - Lurlene Mcdaniel

"People want you to fail." - Lady Gaga

"I want you. I want you. I want you. Anything to avoid saying: I love you." - Erica Jong

"Success is the freedom to do what you want, with whom you want, when you want, wherever you want." - Conan Stevens

"You belong wherever you want to belong." - Sophia Amoruso

"You believe what you want to believe" - Tom Petty

"You want your partner to objectify you." - Patricia Arquette

"Do you want - do you want - do you want to dance with me baby?" - Joni Mitchell

"Entrepreneurship is the freedom to do what you want, when you want, how you want." - Jeet Banerjee

"Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want." - Tony Robbins

"Success is doing what you want to do, when you want, where you want, with whom you want, as much as you want." - Anthony Robbins

"When you can stop you don't want to, and when you want to stop, you can't..." - Luke Davies

"You forget what you want to remember, and you remember what you want to forget." - Cormac Mccarthy

"You can do what you want to do. You can be what you want to be." - Dave Thomas

"You know, you want to be a success. You want people to know who you are." - Elizabeth Hurley

"You are free to do what you want, but you are not free to want what you want." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"Shift the focus from what you want to do, to how you want to be... how you want to feel." - Denise Linn

"You get to do what you want to do if that's what you want to do." - Patrick Fugit

"If you want to read and you want to draw, that helps you to express yourself." - Quentin Blake

"You get to choose what you want, but you must get clear about what you want." - Rhonda Byrne

"If you want to love you must serve, if you want freedom you must die." - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

"Some actors give you what you want. Some you have to make do what you want." - Ang Lee

"Decide exactly what you want to achieve. Do you want to help people, or do you want to be powerful?" - Mario Cuomo

"What you want, when you want it. As opposed to everything you could ever want, even when you don't." - Marissa Mayer

"If you want to be loved, love." - Seneca the Elder

"If you want to write, keep cats." - Aldous Huxley

"Act the way you WANT to feel." - Gretchen Rubin

"Be the Woman You Want to Be...." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"Design the life you want to live." - Rachel Roy

"Be the change you want to see." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Do you want me to answer that?" - Monica Lewinsky

"I want to do everything with you" - J.A. Redmerski

"I want you to be.... happy." - Nicholas Sparks

"I want to be with you." - J. Lynn

"God, I want to die in you." - Katy Evans

"If you want to succeed, limit yourself." - Charles Augustin Sainte-Beuve

"You don't want to OD on improvisation." - Patti Smith

"If you want to be clear, act." - Marcus Buckingham

"Whatever you want to teach, be brief." - Horace

"Who gets to decide what you want?" - Seth Godin

"Write the book you want to read" - Austin Kleon

"6. You want to help him." - Bisco Hatori

"You want to be interesting? Be interested." - James Franco

"I want to be wherever you are." - Simone Elkeles

"But I want you to LOVE ME!!!!" - Franz Joseph I of Austria

"Be how you want to be received." - Allison Holker

"Create the world you want to see." - Mark Deklin

"I want us to invest in you." - Hillary Clinton

"You want magic to feel real." - Jon Spaihts

"Say what you really want to say." - Denzel Washington

"You want me to describe Elvis, WOW." - Shania Twain

"They don't want you to win." - DJ Khaled

"They dont want you to exercise." - DJ Khaled

"You want to make people relaxed." - Danny Clinch

"You never want to judge your character." - Patrick Wilson

"You really don't want to get lost." - Stephen R. Lawhead

"Rascals, do you want to live forever?" - Frederick II, Holy Roman Emperor

"You want to not have any problems." - Steve Hagen

"I don't want to hold you hand!" - C S Lewis

"People want you to be ordinary." - Robert Crais

"If you want to create, you'll create..." - Charles Bukowski

"Listen if you want to be heard" - John Wooden

"If you want to be happy, be." - Leo Tolstoy

"You don't want to be a Kardashian." - Bryan Cranston

"On doing what you want to do." - Marie Beynon Lyons Ray

"You want the audience to be uncomfortable." - Richard Thompson

"You don't want to pigeonhole yourself." - Kevin Hart

"You don't want to vilify your ego." - Jeff Bridges

"You can be whoever you want to be, you just have to want it bad enough." - Sparky Anderson

"You sometimes think you want to disappear, but all you really want is to be found." - Kid Cudi

"You want to be wanted, and you want people to rely on you." - Tim Howard

"You want me to tell me the truth or do you want me to stroke you?" - Ed Koch

"If you want to be you, BE YOU!" - Cat Stevens

"And I realized that the only purpose to revolution is to be able to love who you want, how you want, when you want and where you want..." - Dan Bern

"I realized that the only purpose to revolution is to be able to love who you want, how you want, when you want and where you want..." - Dan Bern

"If you want something as bad as you want to breathe, then you can do it." - Tyler Seguin

"When you want success as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful." - Eric Thomas

"You say you want a revolution? Well, you know. We all want to change the world." - John Lennon

"You can bite me if you want. I want you to." - Amanda Hocking

"You can do anything you want to do if you want it bad enough" - Bill Russell

"You want to live the dream? You do what you want on your terms." - Courtney Love

"You don't find happiness by being able to buy everything you want, whenever you want it." - Tamara Ecclestone

"Its easy to lose sight of what you want when you think you want everything." - Jonathan Carroll

"Success is the ability to do what you want, whenever you want, as often as you want." - Jack Canfield

"I want you. I want only you. I want all of you. But I'll take whatever you're ready to give." - Rachel Vincent

"The State doesn't just want you to obey, it wants to make you WANT to obey." - H L Mencken

"Do what you do' want to do to get what you want to get." - Joyce Meyer

"Do what you don't want to do to get what you want to get." - Joyce Meyer

"You have to want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe!" - Eric Thomas

"You have first to experience what you want to express." - Vincent Van Gogh

"You need to wake up if you want to dream." - Paulo Coelho

"You have to water the flowers you want to grow." - Stephen Covey

"You have to first experience what you want to express" - Vincent Van Gogh

"You have to know what you want to get it." - Gertrude Stein

"Fashion allows you to be whoever you want to be." - Brad Goreski

"Any tournament you go to, you want to win it." - Martina Hingis

"If you want to lead you must learn. If you want to continue to lead you must continue to learn." - John C Maxwell

"You want the world to be what you want it to be, and sometimes the world doesn't want that." - Wayne Coyne

"In Los Angeles, they don't want you to fail, they want you to die." - David Geffen

"The safest way to get what you want is to deserve what you want." - Charlie Munger

"I don't want to conquer you; I just want to climb you." - Jeanette Winterson

"Do you want to lead, or do you want to be liked?" - Alistair Begg

"The government doesn't want you to use YOUR drugs, they want you to use THEIR drugs." - Chris Rock

"You don't want to cover a subject; you want to uncover it." - Eleanor Duckworth

"If you want to be popular, preach happiness. If you want to be unpopular, preach holiness." - Leonard Ravenhill

"I don't want to know how you did it. I want to believe you are magic." - Holly Goldberg Sloan

"In the end, it's about what you want to be, not what you want to have." - Derek Sivers

"You want me to be great, but you don't ever want me to say I'm great?" - Kanye West

"You don't want to just exist, you want to get the most out of life." - Uriah Hall

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - Robin Jones Gunn

"I don't want to stop you. I want you to stop yourself." - Veronica Roth

"Nervous means you want to play. Scared means you don't want to play." - Sherman Alexie

"Do you just want to get by? Or do you want to make me proud?" - Patrick Rothfuss

"You want to be happy? You want to be well? Then put your boots on." - Norah Vincent

"Do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it" - Anthony Jeselnik

"Ask because you want to know. Listen because you want to grow." - Mark Scharenbroich

"Do you always want to be right or do you want to be happy?" - H Jackson Brown Jr

"I don't want you to trust me, I want you to question everything I say." - Jacque Fresco

"I don't want you to be my fan. I want you to be mine." - Emme

"You don't want to be glib; you want to treat every story respectfully." - Samantha Bee

"If you want to be a writer, you don't want to live in a comfortable place." - Benjamin Alire Saenz

"They don't want you to jet ski, they don't want you to smile." - DJ Khaled

"You want to sound crazy, but you want to actually be right." - Sam Altman

"Next time you want to quit, think who you want to be. Quitters never win." - Julie Hebert

"I want to give you some love, I want to give you some good good lovin" - Bob Marley

"Decide what you want to be.... Pay the Price ... And be what you want to be." - John Andreas Widtsoe

"I think as any artist you always want to grow; you always want to get better." - Brad Garrett

"Do you want to feel good, or do you want to do good?" - Ted Nugent

"Do you want to tell the truth, or do you want to tell a story?" - Robert Charles Wilson

"In a relationship you want to treat people the way you want to be treated." - Bradley Cooper

"You don't want to be starting a film not knowing what you want to do." - Russell Crowe

"We want to be able to sell you anything, anywhere, any time you want it." - Barry Diller

"Some nights, you want to be George Jetson, and other nights, you want to be sexy." - Brad Goreski

"Obviously you don't want to be anonymous, but you don't want everyone to know your life." - Alison Lohman

"Focus on where you want to go, not where you don't want to go." - Justin Langer

"You want to compete, and you want to compete at the highest level." - T Boone Pickens

"Tell everyone what you want to do and someone will want to help you do it." - W Clement Stone

"You always want to get at-bats. You always want to contribute." - Jim Thome

"You don't want your marriage to be sustainable. You want to be evolving, nurturing, learning." - Mitchell Joachim

"What is it to you if I don't want others to want for me, if I want to want myself - if I want the impossible..." - Yevgeny Zamyatin

"That most of you say you want to be successful, but you don't want it bad. You just kinda want it. You don't want it badder than you wanna party. You don't want it as much as you want to be cool. Most of you don't want success as much as you want to sleep!" - Eric Thomas

"Someone will always tell you what you want to hear." - Delia Ephron

"What you want to be defines what you become." - Ron Kaufman

"You are the illusion, be anything you want to be!" - Marc Marcel

"If you want to have more, you must become more." - Jim Rohn

"You must become what you want to attract." - Marshall Sylver

"When you connect with people, they want to help you." - Amanda Palmer

"You have to invent the future you want." - Vinod Khosla

"I want to undress you, vulgarize you a bit." - Henry Miller

"You have to fight for the things you want." - Jennifer Lopez



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