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You Re Beautiful Quotes


"You 're so beautiful." - Tammara Webber

"It?s not just the dress or the hair. It?s you. You?re beautiful. So beautiful, it hurts me.?" - Richelle Mead

"We"re all beautiful. We all deserve attention." - Joseph Gordon-Levitt

"Everything is more beautiful because we"re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again." - Homer

"Those blue, blue eyes, icy blue, looking back at me as if I could warm them up. They"re pretty powerful, you know, those eyes, pretty beautiful, too." - Lucy Christopher

"In politics, when you`re explaining, you`re losing." - Jim Moore

"Erin you' re dangerous." "Iknow." - Tammara Webber

"One day you pick up the guitar and you feel like a great master, and the next day you feel like a fool. It's because we"re different every day, but the guitar is always the same...beautiful." - Tommy Emmanuel

"Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you"ve got to go deeper. Down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure.They"re huge and abstract. And they"re very beautiful." - David Lynch

"The gods envy us. They envy us because we"re mortal, because any moment may be our last. Everything is more beautiful because we"re doomed. You will never be lovelier than you are now. We will never be here again." - Brad Pitt

"Are your eyelashes like your hair?" "Yes. They"re very beautiful-want to see?" Her lips twitched. "Vanity is a sin,Bluebell." "When you have it, flaunt it, I say." -Elena and Illium" - Nalini Singh

"Women should' deny their dark side. Sometimes those demons are frightening and sometimes they"re beautiful. You"ll have to approach them. Drink a glass of wine with them, take them for a walk on the beach, examine yourself." - Tori Amos

"God knows we"re all drawn to what's beautiful and broken." - Cassandra Clare

"We create music to express ourselves and when the world relates, that's a beautiful thing. We"re all trading off each other's culture, so no matter what lines you put-country indie rock, rap, we"re all somehow gonna find a way to come together." - Jay-Z

"You look beautiful - David" - Scott Westerfeld

"...we"re all beautiful golden sunflowers inside, we"re all blessed by our own seed & golden hairy naked accomplishment (Sunflower Sutra)" - Allen Ginsberg

"Hate me. Devastate me. Annihilate me. Re-create me. Re-create me. Won't you, won't you won't you re-create me." - Gayle Forman

"We all grow into the beautiful person that we"re supposed to be, some earlier, some later." - Sandra Bullock

"If you re-read your work, you can find on re-reading a great deal of repetition can be avoided by re-reading and editing." - William Safire

"ME: You 're a sick girl. ERIN: Guilty as charged. :)" - Tammara Webber

"Usually you don't think about re-releasing an old movie." - Milos Forman

"Negative feelings mean you`re going the wrong way" - Steve Pavlina

"Imperfections make you more beautiful." - Beyonce Knowles

"You're beautiful as you feel." - Carole King

"Always remember, you are beautiful." - Demi Lovato

"I wonder where we go when we die?" "...Pittsburgh?" "You mean if we"re good or if we"re bad?" - Bill Watterson

"If you think too much about being re-elected, it is very difficult to be worth re-electing." - Woodrow Wilson

"You know what I mean? Real and unreal, beautiful and strange, like a dream. It got me high as a kite, but it did' last long enough. It ended too soon and left nothing behind." That's how it is with dreams," said Priscilla. "They"re the perfect crime." - Tom Robbins

"There were events that stuck in my mind. One, for example, was the case of the missing palace seal at the beginning of winter." "Oh the poor animal," she cried out, "they"re such beautiful creatures." "I'm speaking of the royal seal placed on correspondence, as you would know," he said." - Melina Marchetta

"I wanted to be wanted and he was very beautiful, kissed with his eyes closed, and only felt good while moving. You could drown in those eyes, I said, so it's summer, so it's suicide, so we"re helpless in sleep and struggling at the bottom of the pool." - Richard Siken

"From MARS Volume 3 by Fuyumi Soryo: Kira: "Why do you go through all that just to race? I guess asking that is the same thing as asking why I draw....probably because I'm alive....that's all there is to it. I sense colors in you. They"re strong and beautiful....and sad. I wondered what your colors were for a long time. They"re the colors of the sunset...the blazing shades of a sunset that burn just before the darkness sets in. You said it was nothing, but there's no one as alive as you." - Fuyumi Soryo

"Oh, I do' mean you're handsome, not the way people think of handsome. Your face seems kind. But your eyes - they"re beautiful. They"re wild, crazy, like some animal peering out of a forest on fire." - Charles Bukowski

"I was born, I think, with the desire to make beautiful books - brave books that would preserve the glories of the Dream untarnished, and would re-create them for battered people, and re-awaken joy and magnanimity." - James Branch Cabell

"God created animals. And they"re loving; they"re beautiful. I feel the way (anthropologist) Jane Goodall does or any of those naturalists. I do' find my interest in animals weird or strange at all." - Michael Jackson

"If we continue to show young girls that they are being compared to other girls, we"re doing ourselves a huge disservice as a society. I surround myself with smart, beautiful, passionate, driven, ambitious women. Other women who are killing it should motivate you, thrill you, challenge you and inspire you rather than threaten you and make you feel like you're immediately being compared to them. The only thing I compare myself to is me, two years ago, or me one year ago." - Taylor Swift

"Beautiful thoughts build a beautiful soul. ...There's always something beautiful to be experienced wherever you are." - Wayne Dyer

"You are Beautiful when you are happy" - Oscar Wilde

"When you feel happy, you look beautiful." - Tracee Ellis Ross

"You are beautiful and you matter." - Laura Regan

"You are beautiful and you are alone." - Nico

"What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful." - Brene Brown

"We"re suckers for this, Sydney. Men. You"ve got me completely helpless right now. You're so beautiful and alluring, and we guys ca' help ourselves. We fight wars for you, cajole you . . . and you put up with us. We have it easy here in bed." She turned my face toward hers. "This was' exactly difficult for me." "But we still have it easy. You're the strength, the pillars . . . our defenders, our children's defenders." - Richelle Mead

"I love my fans. They"re the most beautiful thing in the entire world for me. Every single thing I do is for them." - Selena Gomez

"You say somebody's guilty, everybody believes you. You say they"re innocent, nobody cares." - Paul Newman

"Beautiful jewelry, a beautiful room - that's what museums are - a beautiful painting, a beautiful face, it makes you feel good to look at, and that's a beautiful thing." - India.Arie

"Emily Kendal Frey's The Grief Performance is a book that condenses a journey of finding and re-finding loss into beautiful packages. The packages are the poems and they sit shiny and new on every page of this fabulous and generous book. I want to go into the world that these poems create, just so that I can be given these terrifying presents again and again. I know you will, too. See you there." - Dorothea Lasky

"Every soul is special. They"re all beautiful. They"re all far more significant than anyone on this rock realizes. I think when people are at their best, they"re acting in accordance with their soul. The ones who have gone bad do' have bad souls. They"ve just given up on keeping in touch with them." - Jim Butcher

"Scenery is here. Wish you were beautiful." - David Foster Wallace

"Don't let them tell you ain't beautiful" - Eminem

"You are so beautiful to me." - Billy Preston

"You cannot be beautiful and hate." - Bess Myerson

"Your imperfections are what make you beautiful." - Sandra Bullock

"Embrace the beautiful mess that you are." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"Make something beautiful before you are dead." - Steve Roggenbuck

"Don't frown beautiful, you fascinate me." - Abbi Glines

"Just wear what you think looks beautiful." - Carolina Herrera

"Never forget how beautiful you are." - Gerard Way

"Things are beautiful if you love them." - Jean Anouilh

"I think most people read and re-read the things that they have liked. That's certainly true in my case. I re-read Pound a great deal, I re-read Williams, I re-read Thomas, I re-read the people whom I cam to love when I was at what you might call a formative stage." - James Laughlin

"Fear - there's always fear. You re-create yourself in every movie, don't you?" - Josh Brolin

"If you can affect someone when they"re young, you are in their heart forever," - Mara Wilson


"You haven't achieved equality until you?re a legitimate target for humor." - Scott Adams

"You can play pickup basketball, but you can't really re-create football." - Peyton Manning

"Do you think I'm pretty? I think you're beautiful Beautiful? You are so beautiful, it hurts sometimes." - Richelle Mead

"Do I love you because you're beautiful, Or are you beautiful because I love you?" - Richard Rodgers

"What are letters?" "Kinda like mediaglyphics except they"re all black, and they"re tiny, they do' move, they"re old and boring and really hard to read. But you can use "em to make short words for long words." - Neal Stephenson

"Where do you get your ideas? people ask. Sometimes they"re at the bottoms of cups of tea. Sometimes they"re lurking in my shower. Sometimes they"re waiting patiently in glass cases in museums." - Erin Morgenstern

"You cannot reduce the situation to worm jokes, Will. This is Gabriel and Gideon's father we"re discussing." "We"re not just discussing him; we"re chasing him through an ornamental sculpture garden because he's turned into a worm." - Cassandra Clare

"The process of re-writing and writing and re-writing means that you may have a brilliant phrase, but over time it distills and distorts and changes." - Abi Morgan

"You know how funerals are not for the dead, they"re for the living? Bachelor parties are not for the groom, they"re for the uncommitted." - Bill Murray

"Most of the media bullshit you about who they are. We do'. We"re not programming to conservatives, we"re just not eliminating their point of view." - Roger Ailes

"?Your hair was beautiful too. All of you. You were amazing when we first met, and somehow, inexplicably, you?ve come even farther. You?ve always been pure, raw energy, and now you control it. You?re the most amazing woman I?ve ever met, and I?m glad to have had that love for you in my life. I regret losing it.? He grew pensive. ?I would give anything-anything-in the world to go back and change history. To run into your arms after Lissa brought me back. To have a life with you. It?s too late, of course, but I?ve accepted it.?" - Richelle Mead

"I think I fell in love with you the first time I saw you, Molly mine. And when I look at you, that's all I'm ever going to see, the woman I love. It does' matter if you're perfect. To me, you will be, and that's all that counts. It"ll be that way always. Even years from now, when you're old and withered, I"ll see you with my heart, not my eyes. That's just the way it is when you love someone. The imperfections do' exist. If you see them at all, you think they"re beautiful." - Catherine Anderson

"It is all right to rat, but you can't re-rat." - Winston Churchill

"You may suppress natural propensities by force, but they will be certain to re-appear." - Horace

"I held you in the square And felt the evening Re-order itself around Your smile." - Ben Okri

"If you're going to re-invent healthcare you have to start from scratch." - Vinod Khosla

"We"re all just ingredients. What matters is the grace with which you cook the meal." - Erica Bauermeister

". . . Now you see . . . they' re not fit for humans . . ." "Put them on me." - Steve Martin

"I love re-creating myself. Change means you get to choose again. Become something new. -Dani" - Karen Marie Moning

"You must pre-live the future... not re-live the past... and savor the moment." - Anonymous

"We"re all going to keep fighting, Harry. You know that?" - J K Rowling

"If you say "we"re in this together," I'm going to hurl." - Kelley Armstrong

"If you do' send Edward out, we"re coming in after him! (Emmett)" - Stephenie Meyer

"That's what happens to friends, eventually. They leave you. It's practically what they"re for." - Catherynne M Valente

"Just so you know, when they say "Once upon a time" . . . they"re lying" - Jodi Picoult

"What is the use of being elected or re-elected unless you stand for something?" - Grover Cleveland

"The worst thing you can do is nothing. (re: teaching children with autism)" - Temple Grandin

"Now smile a real smile for me so I know you`re not suffering inside." - Kevin Henkes

"Women love money. You give them a couple thousand bucks and they"re happy." - Rob Ford

"Be kind to your knees, you"ll miss them when they"re gone." - Mary Schmich

"You have to stand outside the box to see how the box can be re-designed." - Charles Handy

"As the saying goes, when you`re a hammer, everything looks like a nail." - Chuck Todd

"Eleanor Roosevelt said, always do what you`re afraid to do." - Chris Matthews

"Translators are like ninjas. If you notice them, they"re no good." - Etgar Keret

"When a band like Blondie re-forms, you wish them the best." - Joey Ramone

"Re-examine all that you have been told... dismiss that which insults your soul." - Walt Whitman

"We all do 'do, re, mi,' but you have got to find the other notes yourself." - Louis Armstrong

"What is the use of being elected or re-elected, unless you stand for something?" - Grover Cleveland

"If you`re wanting to do policy, it should be bipartisan." - Joe Manchin

"You can't be beautiful," Brandy says about a thousand times, "until you feel beautiful." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Beauty is really all about confidence. If you feel beautiful, then you are beautiful." - Sofia Vergara

"You make beautiful things, You make beautiful things out of the dust" - Michael Gungor

"I didn't realize Toronto was so beautiful. Everywhere you go you see beautiful architecture." - Kevin Costner

"You must have been a beautiful baby, You must have been a beautiful child." - Johnny Mercer

"Do you love me because I'm beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me?" - Oscar Hammerstein Ii

"You are only as beautiful as the many beautiful things you do for others without expectation." - Janelle Monae

"You saw me before I saw you. In the airport, that day in August, you had that look in your eyes, as though you wanted something from me, as though you"d wanted it for a long time. No one had ever looked at me like that before, with that kind of intensity. It unsettled me, surprised me, I guess. Those blue, blue eyes, icy blue, looking back at me as if I could warm them up. They"re pretty powerful, you know, those eyes, pretty beautiful, too." - Lucy Christopher

"What you do, the way you think, makes you beautiful." - Scott Westerfeld

"To my taste, the men in Rome are ridiculously, hurtfully, stupidly beautiful. More beautiful even than Roman women, to be honest. Italian men are beautiful in the same way as French women, which is to say- no detail spared in the quest for perfection. They"re like show poodles. Sometimes they look so good I want to applaud." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"You`re making it about them. This has got about you, because you don`t have peace" - Iyanla Vanzant

"Parents are' the people you come from. They"re the people you want to be, when you grow up." - Jodi Picoult

"On tour, you never have a home, you don`t get used to anything, and you`re always super busy." - Travis Barker

"A beautiful idea is a beautiful door; it invites you to enter inside!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"You're beautful. Yes you are, you're very very beautiful. Extremely beautiful." - Orson Welles

"You are unique, and this is a beautiful, beautiful thing, grasshopper." - Libba Bray

"A beautiful road is a beautiful friend; you never get bored with it!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Find things beautiful as much as you can, most people find too little beautiful." - Vincent Van Gogh

"Being jealous of a beautiful woman is not going to make you more beautiful." - Zsa Zsa Gabor

"We"re not naked, we"re skyclad!" - Kelley Armstrong

"Beauty made you love, and love made you beautiful." - Elizabeth von Arnim

"you are a beautiful mess, you are the melody..." - William P Young

"And just in case you need reminding, you are beautiful" - Allison Iraheta

"The moment you accept yourself, you become beautiful." - Rajneesh

"Tall, thin, curvy, short - whatever you are, you are beautiful." - Demi Lovato

"You are beautiful and perfect and lovely HOWEVER you are." - Ariana Grande

"What makes you different is what makes you beautiful" - Selena Gomez

"Don't ever let no one tell you, you ain't beautiful" - Eminem

"You are beautiful just the way you are." - Nick Vujicic

"You do this because you like it, you think what you're making is beautiful. And if you think it's beautiful, maybe they think it's beautiful." - Lou Reed

"I think that's whats wrong with the world. No one says what they feel, they always hold it inside. They"re sad, but they do' cry. They"re happy, but they do' dance or sing. They"re angry, but they do' scream. Because if they do, they feel ashamed. And that's the worst feeling in the world. So everyone walks with their heads down and no one sees how beautiful the sky is." - Louise Fitzhugh

"I never had a connection like that to anyone, where every day you think about what you"ll tell them and you wonder what they"re doing, and you know they"re wondering what you're doing." - Sara Zarr

"I love grand scale. One of the things that everybody mentions is that my novels are beautiful objects in the sense that the elements of the actual book are being extruded and re-contextualized." - Richard Grossman

"The creative artist is the one wanting to make order out of chaos. The rest of us just accept disorder -if we even recognize it- and get a bang out of our five beautiful senses, if we"re lucky." - Ursula Nordstrom

"When I'm about to start writing, I pull up some of my all-time-favorite re-reads to feel inspired and fall headfirst into the world of beautiful words." - Violet Duke

"I never thought of myself as a sex symbol. I just do the cover of magazines. I think it's really unfair men or people in the world think you ca' be both - you ca' be a sex symbol and a serious businessperson. Who says I ca' be both? Who says I ca' do the cover of Maxim and run a production company? Women are complex. Women are beautiful and intellectual and spiritual and social and entrepreneurial. They"re everything. And I think I'm a great example of that." - Eva Longoria

"If What you re doing now was enough to get what you want, you'd already have it." - Jack Canfield

"What I know is you can't go back. You can't press delete and re-key your life." - Julie Anne Peters

"That's the worst way to miss somebody. When they"re right beside you and you miss them anyway." - Pittacus Lore

"Oh, darling, you will be good to me, wo' you? Because we"re going to have a strange life." - Ernest Hemingway

"Do you come to art to be comforted, or do you come to art to be re-skinned?" - Ali Smith

"You want your kids to have an opportunity. We`re going to fight to give you that." - Bernie Sanders

"We"re all gifted with the opportunity to succeed. But you get further if you extend the hand of friendship." - Jimmy Little

"If you work on anything long enough hopefully you"ll get better and I feel like we"re just growing." - Sharon Van Etten

"You do' believe things because they make your life better, you believe them because they"re true." - Veronica Roth

"On the track, you`re Tommie Smith, the fastest man in the world, but once you`re in the dressing rooms, you are nothing more than a dirty Negro." - Melissa Harris-Perry

"And you look beautiful without it, but I want you to feel just as beautiful as I see you." - Maya Banks

"Princess," he whispered against her ear. "My beautiful, beautiful princess. I want to spoil you. Pamper you. Indulge you." - Teresa Medeiros

"Well, there are three different processes of making a film, of course. They're sort of re-written three times. You write it to start with, and then you shoot it and you re-write it while shooting and you sort of re-write it as you edit." - Stephen Daldry



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