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You Lose Me Quotes


"Virgin me no virgins! I must have you lose that name, or you lose me." - Philip Massinger

"As long as you fight, you cannot lose... if you leave everything out there, it doesn't matter if you win or lose. To me you can never lose." - Bas Rutten

"Better lose me than lose a state." - Susan B Anthony

"How could you lose me, when you've never had me, never wanted me?" - Orson Scott Card

"It's impossible for you to lose me...because you never had me." - Drake

"It's impossible for you to lose me...because you never had me." - Drake

"Listen to me, kitten. Win or lose, you"ll always be a princess to me." - Kiera Cass

"When you lose, don't lose the lesson." - Dalai Lama

"If I lose you, I lose everything" - Becca Fitzpatrick

"When you lose, don't lose the lesson." - Anonymous

"You can't lose yourself." - Dakota Fanning

"Losing builds character. You know who said that? A loser! Guy who got his ass stomped every day, basketball, football, baseball, lose, lose, lose and lose. All right, I'm talking about me." - Christopher Titus

"Listen to me, even when you lose, it's OK to lose, but you can never get comfortable with it. You can never be satisfied with losing. When you lose, it's got to hurt." - Eric Thomas

"I'm sorry, but you just made me lose my sense of humor, which is deeply regrettable." - Larry Wall

"Since I have never one a debate let me tell you how not to lose one." - Richard M. Nixon

"Now you've opened your mouth, do you expect me to lose interest?" - Peter Greenaway

"If you lose money you lose much, If you lose friends you lose more, If you lose faith you lose all." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"When you're poor, you have nothing to lose and be afraid of. Holding onto the dream and having nothing to lose is what helped me succeed." - Cesar Millan

"You know, as you get older, the first thing you lose is memory. It seems to be happening with me." - Bernhard Langer

"If you're a movie star, you get the girl, you lose the girl, and then you get her back. But if you're a character like me, you lose the girl, then you get another one, then you get another one, then you lose them all, then you lose your life." - Michael Caine

"If you lose the nerves, you lose the sport." - Shawn Johnson

"You lose your way when you lose your why." - Michael Hyatt

"You lose your immortality when you lose your memory." - Vladimir Nabokov

"You can lose everything but you can't lose your talent!" - Bette Davis

"Man, when you lose your laugh you lose your footing." - Ken Kesey

"When you lose your simplicity, you lose your drama." - Andrew Wyeth

"When you lose your reputation at 19, you lose everything." - Marianne Faithfull

"When you lose your vision, you lose contact with things. When you lose your hearing, you lose contact with people." - Helen Keller

"If acids win - you lose!" - Robert Morse

"You got nothing to lose. You don't lose when you lose fake friends." - Joan Jett

"Don't worry, Mel. Miracles don't work that way. I'll never lose you. I'll never let you get away from me." - Stephenie Meyer

"Would you take the wheel if I lose control? If I'm lying here will you take me home?" - Jess Glynne

"People say it is part of the game. You win some, you lose some. But not for me." - Ruud Van Nistelrooy

"Everybody has something to lose. You have points to lose. You have money to lose. You have opportunity to lose." - Victoria Azarenka

"If people lose their land, they have nothing. You lose your land - you lose your culture, you lose self." - Richard Gere

"Lose your temper and you lose the fight." - Margaret Atwood

"You lose money chasing women; Never lose women chasing money." - Nas

"Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind." - Mick Jagger

"When you do you, you can't lose." - Donnis

"You booze, you cruise, you lose." - Anonymous

"No matter what happens, you will never lose me, I am forever yours, Kitten, in this life or the next." - Jeaniene Frost

"See you told me I would lose but I won. I might cop a million Jimmy Choos just for fun." - Nicki Minaj

"I'm so afraid to love you, but more afraid to lose. Clinging to a past that doesn't let me chose." - Sarah Mclachlan

"For whatever we lose (like a you or a me), It's always our self we find in the sea." - E E Cummings

"Nobody ever told me, I found out for myself, You gotta believe in foolish miracles, it's not how you play the game, it's if you win or lose, you can choose, don't confuse, win or lose." - Ozzy Osbourne

"Who are you if you lose your favorite person? Can you lose your favorite person without losing yourself? I reach for Stargirl and she's gone. I'm not me anymore." - Jerry Spinelli

"You Can't Lose Something You Never Had" - Kate Hudson

"For everything you gain, you lose something." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"You cannot lose what you never had." - Izaak Walton

"You lose only the things you have" - Epictetus

"You are that what you cannot lose." - Gerrit Komrij

"Sometimes, when you win, you lose." - Annabella Sciorra

"When you throw dirt, you lose ground." - Proverbs

"You appreciate things after you lose them." - Jaromir Jagr

"Some you win some you lose." - Yohan Blake

"For you and for me the highest moment, the keenest joy, is not when our minds dominate but when we lose our minds, and you and I both lose it in the same way, through love." - Anais Nin

"Believe me, you lose more than a gallon of fluids during a race. You could lose between six and 10 pounds during a race, depending on hot it is." - Michael Andretti

"You may lose people you love. You may lose things you had.. but no matter what, never lose yourself." - Ziad K. Abdelnour

"Some day when I lose you, will you still be able to sleep, without me to whisper over you like a crown of linden branches?" - Rainer Maria Rilke

"You know, you lose a lot of social skills if you're a writer. You spend too long alone. And it's forced me to address that." - Anthony Minghella

"Can you trust me, he said. Not will you. Can you. Can I trust him? What do I have to lose?" - Robin Mckinley

"You know, you lose a lot of social skills if you're a writer. You spend too long alone. And it's forced me to address that." - Anthony Minghella

"You know you lose a lot of social skills if you're a writer. You spend too long alone. And its forced me to address that." - Anthony Minghella

"Do you ever lose the ego?" Westford asks me. "Yeah." When his daughter kisses me, my ego flies out the window." - Simone Elkeles

"You made me lose my appetite, Boomer." "My mom tells me that all the time. Your family must be just like mine!" - David Levithan

"The more I lose, the more they believe they can beat me. But believing is not enough, you still have to beat me." - Roger Federer

"They will not love me, you say? When have they ever loved me? How can I lose something I have never owned? - Stannis" - George R R Martin

"You'd challenge me and lose. You know it, I know it, but you'd still do it. Sometimes your sense of honor confuses the hell out of me." - Mira Grant

"If you were to describe me as teetotal, on behalf of my constituency I'd have to sue; that would lose me every vote in the Highlands." - Charles Kennedy

"Take me to bed or lose me forever." - Kelly Mcgillis

"When you lose someone, you don't lose them all at once. You lose them in pieces over time." - Simon Birch

"I'm afraid I'll lose myself in you, Gideon. I'm scared I'll lose the part of me I worked so hard to get back." "I'd never let that happen." he promised fiercely. Chapter 8, pg 140" - Sylvia Day

"You can't lose. Go, go, go!" - Seth Godin

"Anything you lose automatically doubles in value." - Mignon Mclaughlin

"You can never lose a true friend...." - Sable

"when you lose your sails, row." - Karen White

"You better lose yourself in the music" - Taylor Swift

"You lose your manners when you're poor." - Lillian Hellman

"To lose your prejudices you must travel." - Marlene Dietrich

"You can't lose an old golf ball." - John A. Willis

"You cannot lose your real treasure." - Rajneesh

"You win and lose as a team." - Brad Lidge

"Under no circumstances should you lose hope." - Dalai Lama

"When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself. When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world." - Eckhart Tolle

"Sometimes you have to lose to win" - Gregory David Roberts

"You could play well and still lose." - Retief Goosen

"You lose the speed before the stamina." - Haile Gebrselassie

"You dont lose if you get knocked down; you lose if you stay down." - Muhammad Ali

"Sometimes you lose some tournaments you should win and you win some you should lose." - Charlie Rose

"You can only lose something that you have, but you cannot lose something that you are." - Eckhart Tolle

"If you lose Heaven, you lose everything; if you gain Heaven, you gain everything." - Ellen G White

"My derring-do allows me to dance the rigadoon around you but by the time I'm close to you I lose my desideratum." - Fiona Apple

"Like, I mean I don't even know why you girls bother at this point. Like give it up, it's me. I win and you lose." - Nicki Minaj

"Do not tell me you don't know you're pretty. If so, I'm about to lose all faith in mankind. You don't want to be responsible for that." - J. Lynn

"Believe me, nothing is so calculated to lose you audience sympathy as too many tears. Move your listeners all you can but let them do the crying." - Ilka Chase

"Even if you lose yourself in wrath for a hundred thousand years, at the end you will discover, it is me, who is the culmination of your dreams." - Rumi

"Do not tell me you do' know you're pretty. If so, I'm about to lose all faith in mankind. You do' want to be responsible for that." - J. Lynn

"There's an old saying that applies to me: you can't lose a game if you don't play the game. (Act 1, scene 4)" - William Shakespeare

"People tell me, 'You better lose weight if you want to run for mayor.' I said, 'I got the Chris Christie look.'" - John Catsimatidis

"That was a real learning element for me, because I realized that the more true you are to yourself, the more you will lose people." - Bill Sienkiewicz

"You play, you win, you play, you lose. You play." - Jeanette Winter

"You play. You win. You play. You lose. You play." - Jeanette Winterson

"You win some and you lose some. Unless you're Virgil, then you lose them all." - Bobby Heenan

"If you run, you might lose. If you don't run, you're guaranteed to lose." - Jesse Jackson

"Hopefully my fan base doesn't lock me into 'Twilight,' you lose yourself. You should do things for you, and I have been really lucky to have things that really rock me and really move me falling into my lap." - Kristen Stewart

"You win, you win. You lose, you still win." - Joe Pesci

"When Denzel [Washington] first called me on the phone after we'd just done a reading of the film ["Fences"]. He said, "Oh Viola it was so good, wasn't it?! I'm gonna tell Russell [Hornsby] to lose a little bit of weight and..." I was just sitting there thinking, why is he calling me? And I told him, "Denzel don't you tell me to lose weight!" He said, "I'm not telling you to lose weight! I can't believe you would say that."" - Viola Davis

"You lose nothing through peace. You can lose everything through war." - Pope Pius XII

"In dire times you can lose joy, but you can't lose hope. Hope is your guide." - Paulo Coelho

"Like Jonah, you may lose your gourd, but you cannot lose your God." - Charles Spurgeon

"Hold on to your salah, because if you lose that, you will lose everything else." - Umar

"If you lose touch with nature you lose touch with humanity." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"What if I lose you?" "You can't lose your mother, Charley." - Mitch Albom

"First your legs go. Then you lose your reflexes. Then you lose your friends" - Willie Pep

"Lose yourself wholly; and the more you lose, the more you will find." - St. Catherine of Siena

"When you lose touch with yourself, you lose yourself in the world." - Eckhart Tolle

"When you lose the power to laugh, you lose your power to think straight." - Jerome Lawrence

"You lose that sacred-cow status when you lose three straight years." - Joe Dumars

"It doesn't matter if you win or lose, until you lose" - Lanny Bassham

"When you lose your temper, you lose yourself-on the mat as well as in life." - Joe Hyams

"When you lose interest in anything, you also lose the memory for it." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"When you lose touch with inner stillness, you lose touch with yourself." - Eckhart Tolle

"If you lose your power to laugh, you lose your power to think." - Clarence Darrow

"You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back." - Barbara De Angelis

"You lose your energy, you lose that excitement and it gets the audience up." - Don Rickles

"You gotta lose 'em some of the time. When you do, lose 'em right." - Casey Stengel

"If you lose the power to laugh, you lose the power to think." - Clarence Darrow

"It was becoming clear to me that I shouldn't bother to get too attached to anything. Turn your back and you lose it. Just like that." - Sarah Dessen

"One thing you should know about me is I never play to lose, Always aim high and rarely obey the rules." - J Cole

"Every time I drift away I lose myself in you. And now I see I can be me in every thing I do." - Michelle Branch

"My mom gave me unconditional support and unfailing love. You can't get any better than that. That's why I've never been afraid to lose." - Mike Krzyzewski

"I would never let a white boy beat me. You can print that. I would never lose to a white person." - Bernard Hopkins

"For you and for me the highest moment, the keenest joy, is not when our minds dominate but when we lose our minds..." - Anais Nin

"Surely being in love doesn't cause you to lose your sense of good taste. If I ever buy a gown with sequins on it, someone just shoot me." - Laurell K Hamilton

"Roy Acuff was a big hero for me, and I was so sad when he passed. It's hard as you get older to lose your friends and family." - George Jones

"Even if I play backgammon with my coach, I hate to lose. I won't talk to him for, like, an hour. So imagine how it feels when you lose at tennis. That makes me determined not to lose because I hate it so much. Even at a set down and match point, I always believe I can come back." - Ana Ivanovic

"The reality is: sometimes you lose. And you're never too good to lose. You're never too big to lose. You're never too smart to lose. It happens." - Beyonce Knowles

"It's impossible for me to lose because I won't quit!" - Bob Proctor

"They've shown me ways to lose I never knew existed." - Casey Stengel

"Exercise is the main thing that helped me lose weight." - Drew Carey

"If you lose who you are, what do you have?" - Marilyn Manson

"If you lose your wealth, you have lost nothing; if you lose your health, you have lost something; but if you lose your character, you have lost everything." - Woodrow Wilson

"You can't win an argument. You can't because if you lose it, you lose it; and if you win it, you lose it." - Dale Carnegie

"This is me."" He handed her the precious scrap of paper. "Call me or I"ll call you, but one of us will call, yes? What I mean is it's not a competition. You do' lose if you phone first" - David Nicholls

"This is me.'" He handed her the precious scrap of paper. 'Call me or I'll call you, but one of us will call, yes? What I mean is it's not a competition. You don't lose if you phone first" - David Nicholls

"There are no little fights for me. I consider every fighter dangerous. You lose when you think a fighter is not on your level and then he comes in hungrier than you. That will never happen to me." - Leo Santa Cruz

"Something has spoken to me in the night...and told me that I shall die, I know not where. Saying: "[Death is] to lose the earth you know for greater knowing; to lose the life you have, for greater life; to leave the friends you loved, for greater loving; to find a land more kind than home, more large than earth." - Thomas Wolfe

"It's not whether you win or lose - but whether I win or lose." - Sandy Lyle

"If I lose it now, I will lose you, too. I know that. I hate it." - David Levithan

"The imagination is precious. Don't lose it. Don't lose the child in you." - Marilyn Manson



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