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You Ll Regret It Quotes


"Do' give up. You"ll regret it." - Abbi Glines

"You"ll never regret being a good friend." - Emily Giffin

"Own your failure openly, publicly, with genuine regret but absolutely no shame, and you"ll reap a harvest of forgiveness, trust, respect, and connection-the things you thought you"d get by succeeding. Ironic, is' it?" - Martha Beck

"Hands up if you're ready to do something you"ll regret this weekend. Go forth! You have my blessing." - Florence Welch

"You must radiate success before it"ll come to you." - Earl Nightingale

"Touch her," he said in Scott's ear, his voice low and threatening, "and it"ll be the biggest regret of your life." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"When I propose, angel, trust me, you"ll know it." - Sylvia Day

"If you summon your courage to challenge something, you"ll never be left with regret. How sad it is to spend your life wishing, "If only I"d had a little more courage." Whatever the outcome may be, the important thing is to step forward on the path that you believe is right." - Daisaku Ikeda

"Society has to take the glory out of guns. Young people have no business carrying a gun. I would love to speak bluntly to those gangbanging teens and wanna-bes and tell them prison is nothing like what you think. If you're packing a gun, you're making a big mistake, and you"ll regret it." - David Berkowitz

"Do it or don't do it - you will regret both." - Soren Kierkegaard

"It's good to keep wide-open ears and listen to what everybody else has to say, but when you come to make a decision, you have to weigh all of what you"ve heard on its own, and place it where it belongs, and come to a decision for yourself; you"ll never regret it. But if you form the habit of taking what someone else says about a thing without checking it out for yourself, you"ll find that other people will have you hating your friends and loving your enemies." - Malcolm X

"It's good to keep wide-open ears and listen to what everybody else has to say, but when you come to make a decision, you have to weigh all of what you"ve heard on its own, and place it where it belongs, and come to a decision for yourself; you"ll never regret it. But if you form the habit of taking what someone else says about a thing without checking it out for yourself, you"ll find that other people will have you hating your friends and loving your enemies." - Malcolm X

"...but I've never regretted it. You can't regret experience." - S E Hinton

"If you draft me, you'll never regret it." - Kwame Brown

"Try Jesus, you won't regret it, a billboard read." - Anne Tyler

"Viola? Keep calling for me- And I"ll keep searching for you- And I"ll find you- You bet yer life on it- I"ll find you- Keep calling for me, Viola- Cuz here I come." - Patrick Ness

"Viola? Keep calling for me- And I"ll keep searching for you- And I"ll find you- You bet yer life on it- I"ll find you- Keep calling for me, Viola- Cuz here I come." - Patrick Ness

"If you are silent about your pain, they"ll kill you and say you enjoyed it." - Zora Neale Hurston

"Love demands everything, they say, but my love demands only this: that no matter what happens or how long it takes, you`ll keep faith in me, you`ll remember who we are, and you`ll never feel despair." - Ann Brashares

"Believe me, if I start getting sick, you"ll be the first to know since I'm sure it"ll be all over you. (Alix)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Stay with me. I"ll show you things that"ll make you laugh in delight, scream in passion, cry for the sheer joy of it." - Nalini Singh

"I"ll tell you the truth and its up to you to live with it." - William Goldman

"You"ll have your own superhero club before you know it. -Christian Ozera" - Richelle Mead

"How high does a sycamore grow? If you cut it down, then you"ll never know." - Pocahontas

"You have a chance to save lives! If you don't take it, you may regret it!" - Widad Akrawi

"Welcome to freakdom, Dave. It"ll be time to start a Web site soon, where you"ll type out everything in one huge paragraph." - David Wong

"Don't you dare weep," he commanded. "You've broken my heart." "I 'll fix it later." - Julie Garwood

"And so I"ll let you go, and let it be. Whatever" - Megan Mccafferty

"Anytime there is Mexican food around, you can bet I"ll be eating it," - Eva Longoria

"Tell me what you want, sweetheart ... Anything. And I"ll do it." - J. Lynn

"You just promised me eternity, you know. I can make you live to regret it." - Tina St John

"Do it right, regret nothing." - Vanna Bonta

"To me, ballads are special, because you can have a pop song that"ll be know for three weeks and then you"ll hear nothing else about it. Nobody else will record it and it"ll just be gone. But if you do a good ballad, it"ll be in the world forever." - Michael Jackson

"May you get exactly what you want and live long enough to regret it." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live." - Mark Twain

"Never say that you regret something, because at one point in your life, you wanted it." - Drake

"If you compromise and hire someone mediocre you will always regret it." - Sam Altman

"Attackers may sometimes regret bad moves, but it is much worse to forever regret an opportunity you allowed to pass you by." - Garry Kasparov

"Regret... when it comes to you, I have oceans of it." - Khaled Hosseini

"Do' worry. You may think you"ll never get over it. But you also thought it would last forever." - Taylor Swift

"If anyone were to find out-" I began. Patch kissed me, hard, but with an amused glint in his eye. "If I get caught, it"ll mean the end of kissing you. Do you really think I"d risk that?" His face grew serious. "I know I ca' feel your touch, but I feel your love, Nora. Inside me. It means everything to me. I wish I could feel you the same way you feel me, but I have your love. Nothing will ever outweigh that. Some people go their entire lives never feeling the emotions you"ve given me. There is no regret in that." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"Live a lie, and you will live to regret it; that's what livin' is to me." - Jimmy Buffett

"Keep a little space in your heart for the improbable. You won't regret it." - Elizabeth Warren

"Never regret your past. You have to move on and learn from it." - Taylor Swift

"In my flowery dreams there's always you. I do not regret it one bit." - Alfred De Musset

"Give your real being a chance to shape your life. You will not regret it." - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

"What does it mean to regret when you have no choice?" - Laura Brown

"Never abandon your dreams. You may regret it for the rest of your life." - Fabiola Gianotti

"You cannot just waste time. Otherwise you'll die to regret it." - Harriet Doerr

"Never regret anything because at one time it was exactly what you wanted." - Marilyn Monroe

"It is about your outlook towards life. You can either regret or rejoice." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Never, never, never, hire people with an attitude. You will regret it." - Omar Hamoui

"Imagine what you"ll know tomorrow" - Tommy Lee Jones

"A lot of young musicians get the money at the wrong time. They get it for something they do' feel great about, and it"ll make you feel so bad it"ll destroy you and kill you." - Iggy Pop

"Do' take the high ground and assume you already know what you"ll do. The truth is, when it comes to someone you love, you"ll find there is' anything you wo' do." - Richelle Mead

"Love what you are doing because that's the only way you"ll ever be really good at it." - Fred Trump

"The more you prepare beforehand, the more relaxed and creative and effective you"ll be when it counts." - Bill Parcells

"Being honest may not get you a lot of friends but it"ll always get you the right ones" - John Lennon

"Blaire, tell me what you want me to do. I"ll do whatever it is you need." - Abbi Glines

"You break your neck, and I"ll see it mended just so I can break it again." ~ Nynaeve" - Robert Jordan

"You can't regret what you can't remember." - Lisa Birnbach

"You're mine, Isabeau. You"ll always be mine. Make no mistake about it. Whether you choose to forgive me and give us a second chance, or you do', you"ll be my only." - Christine Feehan

"You"ll never get rid of me, either... No matter which side of the grave we"re on. I"ll haunt you, chase you all around eternity, whatever it takes, but it's you and me until the stars burn out." - Jeaniene Frost

"There's no regret. You can't regret. I mean, I've felt regret but I've also refused to allow regret to sow a seed and live in me because I don't believe it. You feel it, it's like guilt, it's like jealousy, it's like all those horrible things. You've just got to snip them and get them out, because they're no good." - Jude Law

"I"ll spend my life training just for the moment I have my chance at you. I"ll wait until you think I"ve forgotten today. I"ll wait until you think it was just a dumb guild rat's threat. After I'm a master, you"ll jump at shadows for a while. But after you jump a dozen times and I'm not there, you wo' jump just once, and that's when I"ll be there. I do' care if you kill me at the same time. I"ll trade my life for yours." - Brent Weeks

"What if the house catches fire?" "Roast marshmallows. And if it floods, you"ll go down with the ship. If there's a tornado, I"ll meet both you and this house in Oz, after my shift. Got it?" - Rachel Vincent

"He"ll have to prove it to you. Every day, he"ll have to prove he's worthy of you. And if he does', that's it. But I think he will." - David Levithan

"Mencheres dropped his hands from my shoulders. "You know that's what he wants. He"ll want to trade, you for her." "Then I"ll do it," I said. Bones's grip on me turned to steel. "No, you wo'." - Jeaniene Frost

"Google everything. I mean everything. Google your dreams, Google your problems. Do' ask a question before you Google it. You"ll either find the answer or you"ll come up with a better question." - Austin Kleon

"I do' want your lying kindness. Sure, you"ll smile and be so sweet to me that I"ll trust you, but the minute I do' give you everything you want the instant you demand it, you"ll turn on me and try to crush me. You're just like everyone else in the world. No one matters but you. (Aiden)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Live each day as if it were your last, and you"ll develop a keen respect for opportunity." - Napoleon Hill

"Don't think about what you"ll tell people afterward. The time is here and now. Make the most of it." - Paulo Coelho

"One day you"ll wake up and find that the pain's still there but it does' hurt quite so much." - Sarra Manning

"You only regret what you don't do! Go for it, live your dreams and enjoy it all!" - Diane Von Furstenberg

"I know you"ll never love me but maybe you"ll stay for awhile." - Henry Rollins

"Live as though you"ll die tomorrow, but farm as though you"ll live forever." - John Marsden

"If you"ll believe in me, I"ll believe in you." - Lewis Carroll

"One thing you"ll say for skeletons, they"ll always give you a smile." - Steve Aylett

"Whether or not you can never become great at something, you can always become better at it. Don't ever forget that! And do' say "I"ll never be good". You can become better! and one day you"ll wake up and you"ll find out how good you actually became." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"Accept life, and you must accept regret." - Henri Frederic Amiel

"Do not regret what you have done" - Miyamoto Musashi

"Bones mend. Regret stays with you forever." - Patrick Rothfuss

"You think I regret saving your life?" - Stephenie Meyer

"Never regret anything that makes you smile." - Audrey Hepburn

"Regret is unnecessary. Think before you act." - William Shockley

"I could never regret you. Us" - Susan Mallery

"I"ll still be missing you as much as ever. I"l still smile at the memory of you. I"ll still be - Okay, I"ll say it again - loving you, but I wo' abandon myseld for you. I cannot be faithful to you without being faithful to myself." - Jerry Spinelli

"Twenty-six," you said. "One for each day we"ve been together, Min."Somebody oohed. Somebody shushed them. "And I hope that someday I"ll do another something stupid and I"ll have to say it a million times because that's how long it"ll be, together with you, Min. With you." - Daniel Handler

"But what I can do is paint you a picture of what you"ll never see when you're with a guy who's really into you: You"ll never see you staring maniacally at your phone, willing it to ring. You"ll never see you ruining an evening with friends because you're calling for your messages every fifteen seconds. You"ll never see you hating yourself for calling him when you know you should' have. What you will see is you being treated so well that no phone antics will be necessary. You"ll be too busy being adored." - Greg Behrendt

"Push me and I will. I"ll get punished, but you"ll still be dead." - Nalini Singh

"Do what you want, if it is something you did regret the next day, sleep in late." - Wiz Khalifa

"Don't give up. You'll regret it." - Abbi Glines

"In life you don't regret the things you do, you regret the things you don't do." - Hugh Jackman

"Control yourself, it is not worth it. You will regret your rudeness afterwards, your sensitive nature will be troubled" - Leila Aboulela

"Don't regret your past...It has shaped you. Don't fear your future...It is yours to shape." - Louise Hansen

"Sometimes things come out of your mouth that you regret later on. Or no, not regret. You say something so razor-sharp that the person you say it to carries it around with them for the rest of their life." - Herman Koch

"I'm far from perfect. There's a lot of times you'll say something that you regret or do something that you regret and wish you wouldn't have said it or done it." - Matt Kenseth

"Death does not simply end life. It steals away the sunsets you"ll never see, the children you"ll ever hold, the wife you"ll never love. It's frightening to almost lose your future and it's heartbreaking to witness death snuff out other people's tomorrows." - Robert Liparulo

"Someday, we"ll run into each other again, I know it. Maybe I"ll be older and smarter and just plain better. If that happens, that's when I"ll deserve you. But now, at this moment, you ca' hook your boat to mine, because I'm liable to sink us both." - Gabrielle Zevin

"For almost 40 years, he was the brightest star in the comedy galaxy... The beautiful light will continue to shine on us forever and the glow will be so bright, it"ll warm your heart, it"ll make your eyes glisten, and you"ll think to yourselves, Robin Williams, what a concept." - Billy Crystal

"You ca' control every contingency. You have to accept that. Let it scare you. Trust that it"ll be okay anyway." - Rick Riordan

"My advice is flip a coin. If you regret the way it landed, then go with your gut." - Justin Kan

"Pack a pillow and blanket and see as much of the world as you can.You will not regret it." - Jhumpa Lahiri

"Regret isn't going to get me anywhere. It's like being obsessed with something. It doesn't bring you anywhere." - Stanley Kubrick

"You"ll ache. And you're going to love it. It will crush you. And you're still going to love all of it." - Ernest Hemingway

"You'll regret this, and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think." - Mitch Mcconnell

"It's better to regret something you have done than to regret something you haven't done." - Billie Joe Armstrong

"Let me tell you a few things about regret. There is no end to it. Do you regret the beginning which ended so badly, or just the ending itself?" - Janet Fitch

"People said to me, "You know, when you record a special, you're going to regret it. The one thing you'll regret because you're a comic is you'll think of better tags."" - Jen Kirkman

"When traveling abroad if you see something you yearn for if you can afford it at all, buy it. If you don't you'll regret it all your life." - Ilka Chase

"You"ll meet her. She's very pretty, even though sometimes she's sad for many days at a time. You"ll see, when she smiles, you"ll love her." - Guillermo Del Toro

"I feel most miserable When I can't step "step up to the plate" You know? People often say Regret from doing it is better than regret for not doing it" - Ayumi Hamasaki

"Make it a rule of life never to regret and never to look back. Regret is an appalling waste of energy, you can't build on it it's only good for wallowing in." - Katherine Mansfield

"If you like Harlan Coben, you"ll love Linwood Barclay." - Peter Robinson

"You"ll never progress if you never try" - Joe Budden

"In the end you"ll see you wo' stop me." - Christina Aguilera

"What you practice, is what you"ll do" - Benny Urquidez

"If you crave something, I"ll be the one to give it to you. All of your needs, Eva, are mine to fulfill. Whatever it costs me." - Sylvia Day

"I"ll just say one word: Icarus. If you get it, great. If you do', that's fine too. But you should probably read more." - Tony Wilson

"Now you know I'm a reporter, so you might as well answer my question truthfully, or I"ll just keep asking it until you lose your mind. (Susan)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"When you gone to get married? You need to have some babies. It"ll settle you.' 'I do' want to make somebody else. I want to make myself." - Toni Morrison

"Do' you think every face tells its own story? Like a book? More like a poem. If you study it long enough, you"ll soon find its meaning." - Gail Tsukiyama

"The benefits of detachment in the face of intense emotional activity ca' be overstated. It does' cut you off from your heart center; it opens you more. In fact, when you refrain from absorbing the energy around you, you"ll remain clear and grounded, you"ll be able to easily access your creative and intuitive channel, and you"ll be able to choose to use the messages you receive from your Higher Self." - Sonia Choquette

"Isn't it better to regret things you've done, than regret things you've never even tried?" - Inio Asano

"You'll regret opening your mouth. You'll rarely regret keeping it shut." - Max Lucado

"True remorse is never just a regret over consequence; it is a regret over motive." - Mignon Mclaughlin

"True remorse is never just a regret over consequences; it is a regret over motive." - Mignon Mclaughlin

"Laugh loud, and laugh often. It"ll keep you happy, keep you healthy, and keep your attitude headed in a positive direction." - Mac Anderson

"I"ll keep it short and sweet - Family. Religion. Friendship. These are the three demons you must slay if you wish to succeed in business." - Matt Groening

"If you pluck out my heart To find what makes it move, You"ll halt the clock That syncopates our love." - Sylvia Plath

"I"ll affect you slowly as if you were having a picnic in a dream. There will be no ants. It wo' rain." - Richard Brautigan

"For what it's worth: trust your feelings. I ca' promise that you"ll never get hurt again, but I can promise you the risk is worth it." - Rick Riordan

"Do you have any sort of plan?" Jack asked. "Not really." "Eh, just as well. It"ll be less of a disappointment when you fail." - Kiersten White

"Okay, I"ll put someone on it. But you know, the Albuquerque Police Department was' really created to find things out for you." "Really? That's weird." - Darynda Jones

"We"ll be back!" he snarled. It was really Ari's voice. Boy, you just ca' kill people like you used to," said Fang" - James Patterson

"Life is' fair." I said. "It's taken me a while to get that. It's always going to disappoint you in some way or another. You"ll make plans, and it"ll push you in another direction. You will love people, and they"ll be taken away no matter how hard you fight to keep them. You"ll try for something and wo' get it. You do' have to find meaning in it; you do' have to try to change things. You just have to accept the things that are out of your hands and try to take care of yourself. That's your job." - Alexandra Bracken

"Never say "you do' know", say, "I"ll find out!"" - Jim Michaels

"Get close to grass and you"ll see a star." - Dejan Stojanovic

"I"ll see you in your dreams, okay, stupid?" - Kiersten White

"Do this or you"ll burn in hell." - Ricky Gervais

"Be yourself, you"ll be a lot happier." - Jeffree Star

"Words without action mean nothing. I"ll show you." - Gena Showalter

"Do'," Michael said. It was soft, and it was a warning, through and through. "You try to hurt her again and I"ll pull your arm off." - Rachel Caine

"I will bear this pain for you," he swore. "If one of us has to bleed, it will be me. It"ll always be me." - Larissa Ione

"I hear there are people who actually enjoy moving. Sounds like a disease to me - they must be unstable. Though it does have it's poetry, I"ll allow that. When an old dwelling starts looking desolate, a mixture of regret and anxiety comes over us and we feel like we are leaving a safe harbor for the rolling sea. As for the new place, it looks on us with alien eyes, it has nothing to say to us, it is cold." - Jan Neruda

"I think if you like somebody you have to tell them. It might be embarrassing to say it, but you will never regret stepping up." - Don Miller

"The near enemy of love is attachment. Attachment masquerades as love. It says, "I will love this person because I need them." Or, "I"ll love you if you"ll love me back. I"ll love you, but only if you will be the way I want." This is' love at all - it is attachment - and attachment is rigid, it is very different from love." - Jack Kornfield

"Admit it, it is your youth that you regret, more even than your crime; it is my youth you hate, even more than my innocence." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"What does it mean to regret when you have no choice? It's what you can bear. And there it is... It was death. I chose life." - Michael Cunningham

"How will it ever be bearable, Priestess?" His voice was rough. He sounded completely broken. "You"ll see her again. She's with Nyx now. She"ll either wait for you in the Goddess's meadow, or she"ll be reborn and her soul will find you again during this lifetime. You can bear it because you know that spirit never really ends-we never really end." - P C Cast



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