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You Lied To Me Quotes


"Not that you lied to me but that I no longer believe you - that is what has distressed me." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"I think, for myself, life lied to me." - Paula White

"This much is true: you have been lied to." - Ron Paul

"I wonder how Colin Powell sleeps at night. I would like to have a word with him because he lied. He lied. He lied to me. He lied to my face through the camera at the U.N." - Henry Rollins

"I do' like being threatened, lied to, or manipulated. You"d do well to remember that. (Simone) Or what? You're going to snivel at me? (Xypher)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Let me tell you something. They say he lied to Congress. I can think of no better bunch of people to lie to than Congress." - Rush Limbaugh

"It's nearly full dark. We should go." "We? I thought you were going to leave me alone." "I lied," Jace said without a shred of embarrassment." - Cassandra Clare

"He told me he wouldn't hurt... Charlie. He lied to me." - Rick Riordan

"I can do this, I lied to myself feebly. No one was going to bite me." - Stephenie Meyer

"My husband may have his faults, but he has never lied to me." - Hillary Clinton

"I'm not mad, though," Kat said. "You lied to me, and I lied to you. We're even." Finally he lost the grin. "When did you lie?" She gave him a Sweet'N Low smile, as if his amusement had been poured into her. "Every time we messed around. I didn't actually enjoy myself, if you know what I mean." - Gena Showalter

"I have never lied, " Mr. Barris counters, standing as well. "I do not share what I am not at liberty to say. I gave my word and I intend to keep it but I have never lied to you. You never even asked me, you assumed I knew nothing." - Erin Morgenstern

"I just said, you can't lie and hold up a Bible. And you can't do that. You just can't do that. It's not appropriate. And I was tough on him on that, because things were said abut me that were not true. And Marco Rubio actually said that he lied. And I have never seen a politician say to another politician that he lied." - Donald Trump

"The worse part of being lied to is when you realize you believed it." - Frank Ocean

"I have never lied to you, I have always told you some version of the truth." - Jack Nicholson

"the worst part about being lied to is knowing you werent worth the truth" - Jean-Paul Sartre

"I lied to you about a lot of things....but I meant every apology." - Marissa Meyer

"The CEO of a company lied to you. But isn't that financial reporting?" - Jon Stewart

"Kyle gazed down at her. "I lied when I said I followed you to the bar because you're hot." He touched her cheek. "I saw you laughing with your friends, and your smile sucked me right in." - Julie James

"Kyle gazed down at her. "I lied when I said I followed you to the bar because you're hot." He touched her cheek. "I saw you laughing with your friends, and your smile sucked me right in." - Julie James

"You"ve always got me" "Always?" "Did' I just say so?" "Yes" "Am I liar? " "No." I lied." - Clive Barker

"I lied. I do that, you know, when it suits me. I would have thought you'd realized that by now." - Anne Stuart

"To have lied is to have suffered." - Victor Hugo

"He said that he was sure you would be amendable to this course of action." April paused, eyes widening, before she said indignantly, "I believe he may have lied to me!" - Mira Grant

"People do not like being lied to, and they do not like having their rights violated. So as soon as [officials] stop making arguments, you see support for me starts to rise." - Edward Snowden

"Twenty-year-olds have a kind of emotional idealism about relationships and about the world that enables them to say, 'No, you lied to me. Goodbye.' When they see wickedness, they walk away." - Lorrie Moore

"He never lied to me. I just didn't ask the questions I didn't want to know the answers to." - Josh Lanyon

"I don't like being lied to." - Patrick Wilson

"You don't like to be lied to, by your friends or in your business dealings. So why would you want to be lied to when it comes to the origin of life or the fate of the planet?" - Steven Pinker

"As a businessman, you have to trust people. To find two people who lied the way [Vick and Petrino] lied, that's unique and that's not Arthur's fault. It's not a flaw of Arthur's. It's a flaw of these two guys." - Bernard Marcus

"All my life I have lied. I lied to escape, I lied to be loved, I lied for placement and power; I lied to lie. It was a way of living; lies are life's almost-anagram." - John Banville

"The american dream wasn't meant for me, cause lady liberty's a hypocrite she lied to me, promised me freedom,education, and equality never gave me nothing but slavery but now look at how dangerous you made me callin me a mad man because im strong and bold." - Tupac Shakur

"My dad taught me my faith, and I believe what he taught me. The man never lied to me in his life." - Mel Gibson

"Ya lied to me and put yerself in danger. If the Three hadn't ripped you apart, those two bastards would have. Ya gotta listen to me girl. I've been down this road myself.' Riley Smirked. 'Those guys wanted to party with you too?" - Jana Oliver

"Ya lied to me and put yerself in danger. If the Three had' ripped you apart, those two bastards would have. Ya gotta listen to me girl. I"ve been down this road myself." Riley Smirked. "Those guys wanted to party with you too?" - Jana Oliver

"I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter's son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter -" - J K Rowling

"I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter's son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter -" - J K Rowling

"I have spied for you and lied for you, put myself in mortal danger for you. Everything was supposed to be to keep Lily Potter's son safe. Now you tell me you have been raising him like a pig for slaughter -" - J K Rowling

"I don't like being threatened, lied to, or manipulated. You'd do well to remember that. (Simone) Or what? You're going to snivel at me? (Xypher)" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Right now, Vee was the only person I could count on. She could be obnoxious,annoying, and lazy, but she never lied to me." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"I can tell if I'm being lied to or manipulated a little better than most. It's definitely an advantage for me." - Troian Bellisario

"So I lied to you last night. I said that I just wanted one night with you. But I want every night with you." - Cassandra Clare

"When I was growing up, no one ever said to me, "You cannot do math because you're a girl." But, there was an understanding growing up that math and science were for boys. Somebody lied to me because Katherine Johnson woman exists, all of these women existed." - Taraji P Henson

"We are the species that clamors to be lied to." - Joyce Carol Oates

"People who read the tabloids deserve to be lied to." - Jerry Seinfeld

"You can take what is handed to you and use it as an excuse to mess up. But I've always handled what was given to me by life. I consider myself lucky. I was never lied to. And I was loved." - Leighton Meester

"I think we're lied to about a number of things," - Marion Cotillard

"I think we're lied to about a number of things." - Marion Cotillard

"We are lied to by our love songs." - Helen Fisher

"She'll be back," Ranger said. "But not tonight." [Stephanie] "How'd you get her to leave?" "Told her I was gonna spend the next twelve hours ruining you for all other men, and so she might as well go home." I could feel the heat rush to my face. Ranger gave me the wolf smile. "I lied about it being tonight," he said." - Janet Evanovich

"But you lied again. Now you get to watch her leave out the window. Guess that's why they call it 'window pane." - Eminem

"My dear sister! I'm amazed to discover that you can compose so delightfully. In a word, your Lied is beautiful. You must compose more often." - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"My dear sister! I'm amazed to discover that you can compose so delightfully. In a word, your Lied is beautiful. You must compose more often." - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

"To be lied about, to be slandered, to be smeared so publicly, and before your family that you love, is very painful." - Donald Trump

"There was an agent who wanted to book me for Glee. He lied and said I could sing. He was like, "If you need a guy in a wheelchair who has a great voice, I've got your guy!" I was like, "What are you talking about?" ." - Zach Anner

"I can't say I haven't lied but I can say that I lied to tell the truth." - James Dye

"So don't be fooled, so don't get lied to Love was always cruel And don't act strange, don't be a stranger It happened to me, now it's happening to you But if you'd take that train underwater Then we could talk it through" - Conor Oberst

"If you do not wish to be lied to, do not ask questions. If there were no questions, there would be no lies." - B. Traven

"Adults are constantly telling teenagers that it's what's on the inside that matters. It's always painful to find out that adults have lied to you." - Janette Rallison

"Sometimes my dad even gets on this kick-'You hate this country'....I have to tell him...I just hate being lied to." - Bill Hicks

"If you lie to a person at least tell someone else you've lied to the truth. It balances out your karma." - Dane Cook

"The cut in Nick's arm was starting to throb dully with the pressure he was putting on it. He kept looking at Alan. 'How many times have you lied to me?' he asked in a soft voice. Alan replied, equally softly, 'I've lost count." - Sarah Rees Brennan

"Sometimes you do know, in 'Commando' when I said 'I lied', I knew that it was going to be a funny line. I've never had a bad line." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"I don't see how you can give someone who lied to the extent that he did a second chance in the same line of work." - Hayden Christensen

"Hoover lied his eyes out to the Commission - on Oswald, on Ruby, on their friends, the bullets, the gun, you name it." - Hale Boggs

"I lied to Julia, I didn't know what else to do because you - you make me feel..." I had to stop. Not because I didn't have words. I did. But I was afraid to say them. He looked at me, and I knew then I could love him. That if I let myself I would. "You make me feel too," he said, and held out one hand." - Elizabeth Scott

"Even Boris Johnson doesn't think there's going to be a United States of Europe. And I think there's a real question here that you're being asked to make a decision that's irreversible we cant change it, we wake up on Friday and we don't like it, and we're being sold it on a lie because they lied about the cost of Europe, they lied about Turkey's entrance to Europe, they lied about the European army because we've got a veto for that they put that in their leaflets and they've lied about this here tonight too and its not good enough you deserve the truth you deserve the truth." - Ruth Davidson

"I simply wish my parents would have taught me about speciesism and how it was just as evil as racism, sexism and heterosexism. Sadly, my parents were lied to by their parents who were lied to by their parents and so on." - Gary Yourofsky

"Sarah lied about me. I never made the offer which she said I did. I will not advise you to break up your family - unless it were asked of me. Then I would council you to get a bill from your wife and marry a virtuous woman - and a new family but if you do not do it I shall never throw it in your teeth." - Joseph Smith Jr

"When I was in high school, my parents had this power over me - if I ever lied or got caught doing something that I shouldn't be doing, then I would no longer be able to go to LA and continue to pursue the acting thing. So that was this sort of looming thing they could had over me that just sort of really kept me in check throughout those formative years where you would typically be lying and doing bad stuff." - Dan Byrd

"I've had friends who've lied to me, I've had friends who've done things behind my back, I've had people steal from me - and it doesn't stop me from trusting." - Kate Hudson

"I eyed Dimitri, recalling a shadow in my periphery back in the ballroom. "You followed when I jumped in front of Lissa, didn't you? Who were you going for? Me or her?" He studied me for several long seconds. He could have lied. He could have given the easy answer by saying he'd intended to push both of us out of the way-if that was even possible, which I didn't recall. But Dimitri didn't lie. "I don't know, Roza. I don't know." - Richelle Mead

"I'm not a Saban guy, because I don't like liars, and I think he lied. I think he lied to the Miami Dolphins and to the fans of Miami, and he left. And it's pretty simple: I think integrity is very important; if you don't have integrity, I don't know how you can be successful." - Ron Jaworski

"Let me say this: I'm paranoid of the government. They've lost my trust. They've lied to me so many times that I don't know what to believe from them anymore." - Jesse Ventura

"I have an oscillating fan at my house. It goes back and forth. It looks like the fan is saying "no." So I like to ask it questions that a fan would say "no" to! Do you keep my hair in place? Do you keep my documents in order? Do you have 3 settings? LIAR! My fan lied to me. Now I will pull the pin up. Now you're not saying ANYTHING!" - Mitch Hedberg

"I'm sorry." "Be sorry you lied," he said, pressing a kiss to my forehead. "Don't be sorry you loved him. That's part of you, part you have to let go, yeah, but still something that's made you who you are." - Richelle Mead

"I told him I was going to betray you, and betray Lyra, and he believed me because I was corrupt and full of wickedness; he looked so deep I felt sure he'd see the truth. But I lied too well. I was lying with every nerve and fiber and everything I'd ever done...I wanted him to find no good in me, and he didn't. There is none." - Philip Pullman

"When I was little, my mom told me that if I lied, the devil would visit me in my sleep. To this day, if I tell even the smallest lie, I have bad dreams. Plus, I'm no good at it." - Shannen Doherty

"I think that you are the liar!" I say, my voice quaking. "You tell me you love me, you trust me, you think I'm more perceptive than the average person. And the first second that belief in my perceptiveness, that trust, that love is put to the test, it falls apart." I am crying now, but I am not ashamed of the tears shining on my cheeks or the thickness of my voice. "So you must have lied when you told me all those things... you must have, because I can't believe your love is really that feeble." - Veronica Roth

"You in the West have a problem. You are unsure when you are being lied to, when you are being tricked. We do not suffer from this; and unlike you, we have acquired the skill of reading between the lines." - Zdenek Urbanak

"You get tough when you grow up unloved. People described me as a boyish girl - rather shy, but I didn't show it. I had an attitude. I was rather wild. I lied a lot because I knew the alternative was to be punished. As I got older I realised I didn't have to lie any more and it was a nice feeling. I could be myself." - Maj Sjowall

"You should be afraid. Very afraid. Before, I told you if you wanted to end things between us, I would let you go, but, Leila"-his voice deepened-"I lied." - Jeaniene Frost

"She looked at him then, but his image blurred behind tears that swelled into her eyes. She must leave. She must leave this room, because she wanted to hit him, as she had sworn she never would do. She wanted to cause him pain for taking a place in her heart that she wouldn't have given him if she'd known the truth. "You lied to me," she said. She turned and ran from the room." - Kristin Cashore

"they reminded me of the biggest liar I ever knew personally. Was a farmer, too. Reputation of pretty good farmer at that, but he lied so he had to hire another man to call his pigs." - Esther Forbes

"Tal told me he loved me, and told me and told me, but you don't tell someone that and then tell them they're not experienced enough in bed and should read a book or something to learn, or they should try wearing deep-red lipstick and tight skirts to look hot like their best friend once in a while. If Tal hadn't lied to me when he said he loved me, I might not be without a future right now, a sucker who was so chickenshit she allowed herself to believe a false dream from a false god. I'm not sure I ever even liked Tal, much less loved him." - Rachel Cohn

"When Clapper raised his hand and lied to the American public, was anyone tried? Were any charges brought? Within 24 hours of going public, I had three charges against me." - Edward Snowden

"So my father was a person who never lied to me. If I had a question, he answered it. I knew a lot of things at a young age because I was intrigued." - Nick Cannon

"Your chemistry high school teacher lied to you when they told you that there was such a thing as a vacuum, that you could take space and move every particle out of it." - Adam Riess

"You'll always have to deal with bastards, being lied to, deceived, slandered and ridiculed, but that's to be expected and you must thank heaven when you meet the exception." - Gustave Flaubert

"Kennedy lied and lied about his health while he was alive, even using his father's influence to get into the Navy without ever taking a medical examination." - Richard Reeves

"Life experience is what defines our character, even if it means getting your heart broken or being lied to. You know, you need the downs to appreciate the ups. Going on the adventure or taking that risk is important." - Nev Schulman

"I lied. I need your help." "Who are we killing?" "Do you have a pen?" - Ilona Andrews

"Said I loved you but I lied, cause this is more than love I feel inside." - Michael Bolton

"Go back to Obamacare for a second. Remember Obama, you can keep your plan, you can keep your doctor. He said it 28 different times, keep the plan, keep the doctor. Keep your plan, keep your doctor. He lied." - Donald Trump

"There's this American pretense, which is the pretense of the journalist with the view from nowhere - which has somehow morphed into the journalist who was born this morning. So, he doesn't know that Donald Trump lied yesterday, and the day before. So, he concludes that he doesn't know whether Trump lied accidentally or on purpose. You can only pretend not to know that if you don't know that he lied yesterday, and the day before. So, to my mind when NPR says they don't know if he's intentionally lying, they're lying. We have to be smarter about it." - Masha Gessen

"Folks who go through the tabloids ought to have to be lied to." - Jerry Seinfeld

"Holly clambered after him, struggling up the human-size steps. "Wait! Just wait," she called, overtaking Artemis and looking him in the eye from one step up. "I know you, Artemis. You like to play your genius card close to your chest until the big reveal. And that's worked out for us so far. But this time you need to let me in. I can help. So, tell me the truth, do you have a plan?" Artemis met his friend's gaze and lied to her face. "No," he said. "No plan." - Eoin Colfer

"If you confront anyone who has lied with the truth, he will usually admit it - often out of sheer surprise. It is only necessary to guess right to produce your effect." - Agatha Christie

"Maturity is reached the day we don't need to be lied to about anything." - Frank Yerby

"We have no basis to conclude she [Hillary Clinton] lied to the FBI." - James Comey

"It doesn't matter what your ideology is, people don't like to [be] lied to." - Robert Kenner

"Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture I love) I shan't have lied. It's evident the art of losing's not too hard to master though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster." - Elizabeth Bishop

"Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling appeared before Congress. Do you think they even bothered swearing him in? Now he is denying he lied to Congress last week. He's saying it was just the liquor talking." - Jay Leno

"His were the kind of eyes that held secrets. The kind that lied without flinching. The kind that once you looked into them, it was hard to break away." - Becca Fitzpatrick

"They say when you're about to die, you see your entire life flash before your eyes. They lied. The only thing Nick Gautier could see flashing was Kyrian Hunter's vampire fangs." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"If you can wait and not be tired of waiting, or being lied about, don't deal in lies. Or being hated, don't give way to hating, and yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise." - Rudyard Kipling

"Republicans have been fleeced and exploited and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex." - David Frum

"The worst thing about being lied to, is realizing they don't think you're worth the truth." - Kevin Hart

"A man that has never lied to a woman has no respect for her feelings." - Woody Allen

"Al Gore completely lied about climate change in an effort to make a lot of money." - Greg Gutfeld

"It is a poor cause which has to be lied for regularly." - Katherine Fullerton Gerould

"I never lied to a person in my life; my kids didn't, either" - Art Modell

"I tried to be diplomatic, but mostly I just lied a lot." - Stephenie Meyer

"Hearts do' realize they"ve been lied to. They still love anyway." - Abbi Glines

"We Indians really should be better liars, considering how often we've been lied to." - Sherman Alexie

"If a President of the United States ever lied to the American people he should resign." - William J Clinton

"Hearts don't realize they've been lied to. They still love anyway." - Abbi Glines

"I think we"re lied to about a number of things," - Marion Cotillard

"Whenever I read a book about a marriage, I always feel I'm being lied to." - Stephen Marche

"American people simply will not countenance being lied to by their own President." - Pierre Salinger

"I lied to everybody. I lie very well, being an actress, naturally." - Lynn Fontanne

"It is a poor cause which has to be lied for regularly." - Katharine Elizabeth Fulle

"The American public is sick and tired of being lied to." - Patrick Leahy

"I always sensed instinctively from the earliest age that I was being lied to." - Richard Linklater

"I never lied to a person in my life; my kids didn't, either." - Art Modell

"There were people who lied for gain, people who lied from pain, people who lied simply because the concept of telling the truth was utterly alien to them . . . and then there were people who lied because they were waiting for it to be time to tell the truth." - Stephen King

"Lieutenants lied to captains, captains lied to colonels, colonels lied to generals, generals lied to politicians, politicians lied to the people. Right on up and down the line. It was like a complete and total, not a total lie, but just like so much, it was like PR, in other words it was like okay, we've got to sell the war to the American people." - Peter P. Mahoney

"I will find you," he whispered in my ear. "I promise. If I must endure two hundred years of purgatory, two hundred years without you - then that is my punishment, which I have earned for my crimes. For I have lied, and killed, and stolen; betrayed and broken trust. But there is the one thing that shall lie in the balance. When I shall stand before God, I shall have one thing to say, to weigh against the rest." His voice dropped, nearly to a whisper, and his arms tightened around me. Lord, ye gave me a rare woman, and God! I loved her well." - Diana Gabaldon

"I did attempt to find out if there were any secret government documents that revealed things. If there were, they were concealed from me too. And if there were, well I wouldn't be the first American president that underlings have lied to, or that career bureaucrats have waited out. But there may be some career person sitting around somewhere, hiding these dark secrets, even from elected presidents. But if so, they successfully eluded me...and I'm almost embarrassed to tell you I did (chuckling) try to find out." - William J Clinton

"I think ur a contra, And I think that you've lied. Don't call me a contra Till you've tried." - Ezra Koenig

"You've always got me" "Always?" "Didn't I just say so?" "Yes" "Am I liar? " "No." I lied." - Clive Barker

"I want young people to ask me if I'm serious. Our young people have been lied to and misled for so long. When I stand on this soapbox, I want young people to ask me that because once they know I'm serious, they'll be willing to ride with me." - Nate Parker

"After a while, you have no idea how old you are because you've lied so many times." - Sandra Bullock

"Who taught me that animals were put on this Earth for food? Who taught me to disrespect animals and view them as mere commodities? Who stole my compassion, my empathy and my conscience? Who lied to me? Who instilled this vicious mindset of human-to-animal exploitation as standard operating procedure?" - Gary Yourofsky

"I'll do my bit tonight, but forgive me if it's a little harder to keep going than normal. Forgive me if I'm not superwoman after all." "Not superwoman?" he exclaimed, putting a hand on his chest in mock surprise. "You've lied to me all these years!" - Laurell K Hamilton

"I don't like the strictly objective viewpoint [in which all of the characters' actions are described in the third person, but we never hear what any of them are thinking.] Which is much more of a cinematic technique. Something written in third person objective is what the camera sees. Because unless you're doing a voiceover, which is tremendously clumsy, you can't hear the ideas of characters. For that, we depend on subtle clues that the directors put in and that the actors supply. I can actually write, "'Yes you can trust me,' he lied." [But it's better to get inside the characters' heads.]" - George R R Martin

"To see is to be decieved. To hear is to be lied to. To FEEL is to believe." - Bruce Lee

"I look better, feel better, make love better and I'll tell you something else... I never lied better." - George Burns

"I look better, feel better, make love better and I'll tell you something else....I never lied better." - George Burns

"I was brought up with lies all the time... that's how you got along... I have lied my entire life..." - Monica Lewinsky

"When I was young, an eccentric uncle decided to teach me how to lie. Not, he explained, because he wanted me to lie, but because he thought I should know how it's done so I would recognise when I was being lied to." - Brian Eno

"I am no king, and I am no lord, And I am no soldier at-arms," said he. "I'm none but a harper, and a very poor harper, That am come hither to wed with ye." "If you were a lord, you should be my lord, And the same if you were a thief," said she. "And if you are a harper, you shall be my harper, For it makes no matter to me, to me, For it makes no matter to me." "But what if it prove that I am no harper? That I lied for your love most monstrously?" "Why, then I'll teach you to play and sing, For I dearly love a good harp," said she." - Peter S Beagle

"I did not go to the Supreme Court on behalf of a class of women. I wasn't pursuing any legal remedy to my unwanted pregnancy. I did not go to the federal courts for relief. I went to Sarah Weddington asking her if she knew how I could obtain an abortion. She and Linda Coffey said they didn't know where to get one. They lied to me just like I lied to them. Sarah already had an abortion. She knew where to get one. Sarah and Linda were just looking for somebody, anybody, to further their own agenda. I was their willing dupe. For this, I will forever be ashamed." - Norma Mccorvey

"Journalists, who are skeptical to begin with, simply do not like to be lied to or made fools of." - Roger Mudd

"And that was all the part of it - the way you were obliged to live. You stifled a groan, you lied about your love, you deceived your legal wife, and all in the name of honour. That was the damned paradox of it - in order to behave well, you have to behave badly." - Julian Barnes

"We have been lied to and terrorized by our own government, and it is time to take action." - John Mellencamp

"I would rather be uncomfortable with the truth than to be lied to in comfort. That's just my nature." - Jesse Ventura

"With wine and being lost, with less and less of both: I rode through the snow, do you read me I rode God far-I rode God near, he sang, it was our last ride over the hurdled humans. They cowered when they heard us overhead, they wrote, they lied our neighing into one of their image-ridden languages." - Paul Celan

"As a teenager, I began to question the Great Christian Sorting System. My gay friends in high school were kind and funny and loved me, so I suspected that my church had placed them in the wrong category... Injustices in the world needed to be addressed and not ignored. Christians weren't good; people who fought for peace and justice were good. I had been lied to, and in my anger at being lied to about the containers, I left the church. But it turns out, I hadn't actually escaped the sorting system. I had just changed the labels." - Nadia Bolz-Weber



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