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You Are Special Quotes


"What are you? An after school special?" - Richelle Mead

"You're special-not because of what you have. You're special because of who you are...." - Max Lucado

"You are so special. I'm so proud of you." - Stedman Graham

"Special effects are characters. Special effects are essential elements. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they aren't there." - Laurence Fishburne

"You're special, if you have some power in the world. People are looking at you and they think you're special." - Sharlto Copley

"Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?" - Russell Lynes

"Guys are OK... shake their hand... Women are special. You can hug 'em." - Bon Scott

"See how special you are? I serve you coffee in the parlor." - Anthony Quinn

"Remember, you are special because I made you. And I don't make mistakes." - Max Lucado

"We are all special cases." - Albert Camus

"Told ya you were special." - Thomas E. Sniegoski

"If the timing's right and the gods are with you, something special happens." - Rick Springfield

"You don't need a special task. Every task is special." - Frederick Lenz

"Start living now. Stop saving the good china for that special occasion. Stop withholding your love until that special person materializes. Every day you are alive is a special occasion. Every minute, every breath, is a gift from God." - Mary Manin Morrissey

"Nobody gets to name you. You are not forgettable. You are not replaceable. You are not your pain. You are sacred and special and alive." - Jamie Tworkowski

"You don't want your children to look at you like you are anything special other than their dad." - Martin Freeman

"There is no one on Earth quite like you. No one can compare to you. Three questions: Do you realize how special you are? Do you believe how special you are? Do you demonstrate to the world how special you are? Don't live your life trying to live someone else's life. Be you!" - Clifton Anderson

"There is no one on Earth quite like you. No one can compare to you. Three questions: Do you realize how special you are? Do you believe how special you are? Do you demonstrate to the world how special you are? Do' live your life trying to live someone else's life. Be you!" - Clifton Anderson

"Do not try to be special. If you are simply ordinary, more ordinary than others, you will become extraordinary." - Jaggi Vasudev

"It only takes for one person to remind you that you are special, and then your whole life is changed." - Kellee Stewart

"Walk into a room, knowing you are somebody, somebody special. Don't ever let them smash that or pull you down." - Arthur Mitchell

"Not everyone sees you the way you do. Sometimes our imperfections are what makes us special. - Tripp" - Abbi Glines

"Extra special birthday wishes are sent to you today, to wish you love and happiness in every single way." - Susan Smith

"You aren't allowed to feel special, but no one knows the specific ways you are in pain." - Amy Poehler

"None of us is born thinking we are ordinary. Feeling special is an essential part of the human birthright. If you don't think you are special, you won't seek to contribute your gift to the world." - Shmuley Boteach

"When you begin to believe you have license because you are a special person breathing special oxygen, that's when you're in big trouble. That's the road to insanity. And a lot of people in the studios are like that. They believe that they are special. I do think actors are blessed, or cursed, with maybe a slightly heightened awareness, which you have to use." - Anthony Hopkins

"The Coen brothers are amazing; they're special." - Domhnall Gleeson

"Now people need special costumes to ride bicycles. I mean, a helmet, what, are you an astronaut??" - Fran Lebowitz

"Buy things you truly love, things that are special, but not a lot of them. It's about value, not quantity." - Jason Wu

"Don't compare yourself to anyone. Be happy to be the wonder unique, very special person that you are." - Susan Polis Schutz

"Soap Actors are fun and interesting. They all have something special that you want to be around." - Austin Peck

"You have this special place - America, you want it to remain special, you better find out why it became special." - Rush Limbaugh

"Congress is supposed to provide oversight, the voters are supposed to provide oversight. And you [the media] were supposed to provide oversight. That's why you have special liberties and that's why you have special protections." - Trey Gowdy

"The reason I love you is not because you are special like nobody I've ever met before. It is because nobody has made me feel more special than anybody ever did before you." - Catherine Ward

"You can be special without being extraordinary." - Nancy Werlin

"Did you hear that? I'm special." - Ally Carter

"Ferrari gives you a special feeling." - Fernando Alonso

"If you ever get rich and famous, by definition you are special. You have done something special, and therefore you start to behave special. Then if the floor drops out, and you become down and out, you have a really new perspective." - Danny Bonaduce

"Songs are like children. They are all special to me - you can't just pick a favorite. Of course, 'Lucky Man' was a special tune with a wonderful story behind it. They have all done different things." - Greg Lake

"Stop what you are doing long enough to enjoy the sunset, listen to a special song that lifts you up, or pick up the phone and share some special thought with a caring friend." - Barbara Johnson

"What kind of life are you leading where you consider ketchup fancy? "Well, we ain't rich folk, but on special occasions, I'll break out the ketchup. Grandma's birthday, make her feel special"" - Jim Gaffigan

"We have to put in our time every day to try and achieve and learn so that we can develop our talents and each of you, thank goodness, have special talents; each of you are special persons." - Bruce Vento

"Every body type is different - that's what makes you unique. What makes you special is you, and you are different from the next person." - Janet Jackson

"You are not special. You are not a beautiful or unique snowflake. You're the same decaying organic matter as everything else." - Chuck Palahniuk

"As a manager you are important sometimes and you make mistakes, but the most important people are your staff and your players. Never call me the special one." - Rafael Benitez

"You are always hoping that movie audiences are interested in characters and interested in story values rather than just mindless special effects. But you never know." - Clint Eastwood

"I feel like you may be a special and kind person. And I would like to make it my business to know special and kind people. Especially if they are boys my age." - Rachel Cohn

"You don't have to be Magic to be special. You're already special, you're you." - Magic Johnson

"No matter what you look like or think you look like, you're special and loved and perfect just the way you are." - Ariel Winter

"Being a star just means that you just find your own special place and that you shine where you are. To me that's what being a star means." - Dolly Parton

"Being a star just means that you just find your own special place, and that you shine where you are. To me, that's what being a star means." - Dolly Parton

"We are called with a special calling, and we have a special mission to perform." - Charles W. Penrose

"Someone once told me that children are like heroin. You always want more. Yet first-borns are special because you'll never have your first child again." - Sarah Jessica Parker

"There are many ways to store power. You can visit places of power, special locations on the earth that are charged with power." - Frederick Lenz

"You are someone; that's enough. Everybody's feelings are ultimately the same. The desire to be special, to be wanted, to be seen. That's the same, too." - Eli Russell Linnetz

"You have something special, you have GREATNESS within you!" - Les Brown

"The most beautiful things are not perfect, they are special" - Bob Marley

"There's no one quite like a special teacher, and no teacher quite as special as you." - Anonymous

"It takes someone very special to help you forget someone very special." - Erich Segal

"The purpose of prayer is not to influence God to grant you special favors, but rather to remind yourself that you are always connected to God." - Wayne Dyer

"Know that you are the perfect age. Each year is special and precious, for you shall only live it once. Be comfortable with growing older." - Louise Hay

"You are not special. There is no plan for you. Nothing happens for a reason. Just try not to die and shut up." - Alec Sulkin

"So who are you then, Todd Hewitt?" he says. "What makes you so special?" Now that, I think, is a very good asking." - Patrick Ness

"If you are just having unusual experiences and feeling special-especially if you feel better than everybody else-I think that is a dangerous thing." - Charles Tart

"Of course I am grateful, and I'm sure you are, as you put it, a special vintage," Bill said politely, "But I have my own wine cellar." - Charlaine Harris

"This special birthday greeting, is sent from me to you, you are a wonderful lady, hope all your wishes come true." - Susan Smith

"A guardian angel comes when you are very young, and gives you special dispensation. From what? From the world. Yours might be luck. Mine is money." - Jane Bowles

"Success is about making your life a special version of unique that fits who you are - not what other people want you to be." - Mark Cuban

"For me, it is the worst kind of sacrilege if you are given some of special talent and you don't take advantage of this gift." - Jaromir Jagr

"A good head and good heart are always a formidable combination. But when you add to that a literate tongue or pen, then you have something very special." - Nelson Mandela

"Good memories are like charms...Each is special. You collect them, one by one, until one day you look back and discover they make a long, colorful bracelet." - James Patterson

"As a songwriter, you might write every day and throughout the course of a year you might get four songs that are really special." - Dierks Bentley

"If you make action movies, the critics will savage you, and then your movies are outdated the following week with the new wave of special effects." - Adam Mckay

"You don't know this when you're young, but over time, you see that great companies are usually built at a special point in time." - David Duffield

"In life, there is always that special person who shapes who you are, who helps to determine the person you become." - Molly Ringwald

"In novelas, sometimes you get the most ridiculous situations, but you make the best of it. But novelas are a very special genre." - Genesis Rodriguez

"When you grow up as the daughters of George and Laura Bush, you develop a special appreciation for how blessed we are to live in this great country." - Jenna Bush

"Zen has an expression, "nothing special." When you understand "nothing special," you realize that everything is special. Everything's special and nothing's special. Everything's spiritual and nothing's spiritual. It's how you see, it's what eyes you're looking through, that matters." - Jon Kabat-Zinn

"Are there experts, ethical experts, that's very offensive to all of us? Because it's part of our humanity to have a stake in these questions to feel that we ourselves know the difference between right and wrong. And then along come these experts, philosophers, claiming, you know, an expertise, a special training, a special skill, a special talent." - Rebecca Goldstein

"When you come to Venice, you do special work." - Bruce Paltrow

"What are you doing here? Tell me why you are here. If you are not here to win a national championship, you're in the wrong place. You boys are special. I don't want my players to be like other students. I want special people. You can learn a lot on the football field that isn't taught in the home, the church, or the classroom. There are going to be days when you think you've got no more to give and then you're going to give plenty more. You are going to have pride and class. You are going to be very special. You are going to win the national championship for Alabama." - Bear Bryant

"No matter what age you are, or what your circumstances might be, you are special and you still have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who you are, has meaning." - Barbara De Angelis

"No matter what age you are, or what your circumstances might be, you are special, and you still have something unique to offer. Your life, because of who you are, has meaning." - Barbara De Angelis

"Everyone tells you how they are going to be "special", but few do the work to get there. Do the work." - Mark Cuban

"This is the idea that has made anonymous figure in America...If you have children here tonight...they are NOT special." - Bill Hicks

"There are billions of people in the world, and every one of them is special. No one else in the world is like you." - Muhammad Ali

"The truth is, you are your own "special someone," and loving yourself is the first step to finding love outside yourself." - Deborah King

"The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too." - Ernest Hemingway

"Persistence only proves persistence-it does not prove love. The fact that a romantic pursuer is relentless doesn't mean you are special-it means he is troubled." - Gavin de Becker

"There are no short cuts. If you want to do something special, there's a serious price to pay. There's no way around it." - Tom Thibodeau

"Figure out what you believe in and what you're willing to fight for, then figure out what your special talents are and apply them to it." - Mark Deklin

"Anytime you see a constrained market, where consumption is limited to those who have special skills or are wealthy, that signals an opportunity for innovation." - Scott D. Anthony

"There are women in makeup and hair and wardrobe, but not in camera, not in sound, you know, and not in special effects. It's all men." - Carrie Fisher

"Be someone who lives with joy, with purpose, as your own light brightly shines. Be, in every moment, the special someone you are truly meant to be." - Ralph Marston

"Foursquare makes maps special. We take maps that are blank and put dots on them to help you figure out what to do." - Dennis Crowley

"Honestly, I just think we all have special gifts, everyone. You know, obviously, some are more noticeable than others and that's why there's the limelight. Everybody's in it." - Kelly Clarkson

"The truth is, you are your own "special someone," and loving yourself is the first step to finding love outside yourself." - Deborah King

"So, when the special effects are at the service of the story and draw you into it, that is really the magic." - Bill Sienkiewicz

"Dreams, though, are just one kind of inspiration - no more or less special than something in a newspaper article or from the world around you sparking inspiration." - Jeff Vandermeer

"The fun part of being a girl is that there are little beauty things you can do to make yourself feel special." - Jennifer Love Hewitt

"When you live life and you are living the experience, you tend not to appreciate them as you are living them. It's only when you look back and realize how special they were." - Priscilla Presley

"Heads of state are actually prisoners of special interest groups." - Deepak Chopra

"Savor the moments that are warm and special and giggly." - Sammy Davis Jr

"Naturally animals are very special to me, especially dogs." - Benjamin Stone

"Some of the things I've done are really special." - Pedro Martinez

"My shoes are special shoes for discerning feet." - Manolo Blahnik

"Real friends are very special, but you have to be careful because sometimes you have a friend and you think they are made of rock, then suddenly you realise they're only made of sand." - Maria Callas

"If in the sight of God you cannot say you are sure that you have a special call to stay at home, why are you disobeying the Saviour's plain command to go?" - Hudson Taylor

"But more importantly, you are a gift, to all who know you, whether or not they realize it. If they don't, they are blind. You have a special place in this world. All you hvae to do is find it." - Ellen Hopkins

"You want the book to be special, and they are not always going to be special, but at least you want that to be the ambition. So the only way that happens is if you are not pressing to write a book." - Michael Lewis

"God made something special when He made you." - Tricia Goyer

"You do not mess with the special investigators." - Lee Child

"Know this. I think you could be special if you only thought there was anything special about yourself." - Pat Conroy

"Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that's why I call you dad, because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right." - Wade Boggs

"Never do they hurt your feelings or make you feel like you are not good enough, but rather they build you up and show you the things about yourself that make you special and even beautiful." - Bob Marley

"Since you cannot do good to all, you are to pay special attention to those who, by the accidents of time, or place, or circumstances, are brought into closer connection with you." - Saint Augustine

"Offence is so easily given. And where the 'minority' issue is involved, the rules seem to shift about: most of the time a person who is female/black/disabled/gay wants this not to be their defining characteristic; you are supposed to be blind to it. But then, on other occasions, you are supposed to observe special sensitivity, or show special respect." - Lynne Truss

"The next time you check your moves in the mirror and reflect on how special you are, consider that somewhere in this universe or in another parallel universe, your double might be doing the same. This would be the ultimate Copernican Revolution. Not only are we not special, we could be infinitely ordinary." - Seth Shostak

"Stop hiding! Stop holding yourself back and playing yourself down! Stop worrying about how you look and what people are saying. Stop listening to what people are saying and trying to find out if they are whispering about you. Stop waiting for someone to tell you that you are okay or to make you feel special. Life is special! It is a special gift. This is your life! Now take your gift and live it out in the open! Decide today that you are going to live out loud!" - Iyanla Vanzant

"Gay Marriage isn't Special Rights, it's Equal Rights. 'Special Rights' are for political churches that don't pay taxes." - John Fugelsang

"Tanks are new and special weapon-newer than, as special, and certainly as valuable as the airplane." - George S Patton

"It's a real democratic time for comedy, and I think my special is a sign for that. You don't have to just be a classic stand-up to get a special, or you don't just have to be on Saturday Night Live to do characters and sketch on TV. The web has allowed me to show that there are different ways to make people laugh, and the special is a combination of those things." - Nick Kroll

"When you are happy you are ordinary, because to be happy is just to be natural. To be miserable is to become extraordinary. Nothing is special in being happy - trees are happy, birds are happy, animals are happy, children are happy. What is special in that? It is just the usual thing in existence. Existence is made of the stuff called happiness. Just look! - can't you see these trees? happy. Can't you see the birds singing? happily. Happiness has nothing special in it. Happiness is a very ordinary thing." - Rajneesh

"My dear friends you are a royal generation. You were preserved to come to the earth in this time for a special purpose. Not just a few of you, but all of you. There are things for each of you to do that no one else can do as well as you.... If you will let Him, I testify that our Father in Heaven will walk with you through the journey of life and inspire you to know your special purpose here." - H. Burke Peterson

"The problem when you edit a film together, when you shoot a film, you are drawn into the moment. You want each moment to be special and full of life." - Michel Gondry

"And a special thank you to the citizens of Massachusetts: You are paying all the taxes, creating all the jobs, raising all the children. This government is yours. Thank you for letting me serve you. I love this job." - Mitt Romney

"The vampire or the bad guy, that's what people do remember. Lars von Trier, like Guy Maddin, their films are made for a group of exclusive people who like special films. And they are special films, they are art films. And I started with commercial films at the beginning, and later on, because you know, when you are an actor, you have the same cliche like everybody else, you want to be in big films, you want to be known and all that." - Udo Kier

"There are intangible qualities of companies that you pour your heart into that are impossible to purchase. And it's really special when you create a company that provides that. Nothing tops the feeling of being a part of that." - Zach Klein

"Pause and remember - You are unique. You are special. Every mistake, trial and hardship has helped to sculpt your real beauty. Stop hating yourself and start appreciating and loving yourself!" - Jennifer Young

"There are intangible qualities of companies that you pour your heart into that are impossible to purchase. And it's really special when you create a company that provides that. Nothing tops the feeling of being a part of that." - Zach Klein

"The legwork is always hard. Really finding people that you think are good enough. Just the definition of what we have to do is finding good enough people that you really think are special." - Allison Jones

"Remember what things make you special and embrace those because there are so many things that are' on the outside that are so important and people find so beautiful." - Miley Cyrus

"We look at some people as if they were special, gifted, divine. Nobody is special and gifted and divine. No more than you are, no more than I am. The only difference, the very only one, is that they have begun to understand what they really are and have begun to practice it." - Richard Bach

"Like we were saying, the fact that the relationships on the show are love-based, and in the sense that I wasn't aware of how special it was in contrast to a lot of the other TV shows that are on right now. It was our audience members that pointed out the love that you see in the show is special." - Steve Zissis

"Everyone has some kind of talent, something they are good at, or something that energizes them and excites them. When you see a little spark of talent and love for something, no matter how young a person is, encourage it. Letting someone know that their talent is special and they are special, can change and determine the trajectory of a life." - Cindy Chupack

"Be ordinary, but bring a quality of awareness to your ordinary life. Bring God to your ordinary life introduce God into your ordinary life. Sleep, eat, love, pray, meditate, but don't think that you are making or doing something special-and then you will be special." - Rajneesh

"All men are capable of reason. That is the fundamental principle of democracy Because everybody's mind is capable of true knowledge, you don't have to have a special authority, or a special revelation telling you that this is the way things should be." - Joseph Campbell

"We would like to give special thanks to all those Americans who built the spacecraft; who did the construction, design, the tests, and put their hearts and all their abilities into those craft. To those people tonight, we give a special thank you, and to all the other people that are listening and watching tonight, God bless you. Good night from Apollo 11." - Neil Armstrong

"Be ordinary, but bring a quality of awareness to your ordinary life. Bring God to your ordinary life introduce God into your ordinary life. Sleep, eat, love, pray, meditate, but do' think that you are making or doing something special-and then you will be special." - Rajneesh

"My family's story isn't special. What's special is the America that makes our story possible. Ours is a nation like no other, a place where great journeys can be made in a single generation. No matter who you are or where you come from, the path is always forward." - Julian Castro

"All of us have special ones who have loved us into being. Would you just take, along with me, ten seconds to think of the people who have helped you become who you are....Ten seconds of silence." - Fred Rogers

"You are the woman of my heart. The one I have been awaiting the whole of my life, though I didn't know it until I spied you. there isn't one thing that makes you special to me, but all things..." - Gena Showalter

"Start out identifying what you know are delicacies of being within, tiny little touches of knowledge that has beingness in it, special soft spots of heart. As soon as you identify them, you need to believe them." - John de Ruiter

"You are Insignificant. One of millions, neither special nor unique. I did not ask for this ignominy, and I resent the comparison. Fine. I don't you like you, either." - N.K. Jemisin

"In all successful relationships, the man respects the woman - and it takes a special guy to handle a successful woman. You have to be confident in who you are and what you do." - Laird Hamilton

"When you are just you, without thinking or trying to say something special, just saying what is on your mind and how you feel, then there is naturally self-respect." - Shunryu Suzuki

"Whenever I get to talk to young girls like me I always say, 'The only difference between you and I is that I know that I'm special and you just don't know that you are yet.'" - Keke Palmer

"I think books are just a great ticket to get you outside of yourself. You can not be you for a second and live in the shoes of a character, which is a special thing." - Dan Mangan

"It's easier than you might think to make a difference in a kid's life. There are no special requirements you have to have - you just kind of have to love the kids, and that comes naturally for me." - Sherri Saum

"There's a special joy you get having a show on the air that people are interested in and wanting to know what happens next. You really want to enjoy that while you have it." - Ronald D Moore



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