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Years Of Service Quotes


"Our Lord was 30 years preparing for 3 years of service. The modern stamp is to spend 3 hours preparing for 30 years of service." - Oswald Chambers

"The reward of service is more service." - Dwight L Moody

"Postal service of today is far removed from that of 30 years ago when reform was last enacted." - John M Mchugh

"Also in the new constitution, we want to lower the voting age from 20 years to 18 years and also gradually implement a voluntary military service in replacement of the current compulsory military service." - Chen Shui-bian

"Also in the new constitution, we want to lower the voting age from 20 years to 18 years and also gradually implement a voluntary military service in replacement of the current compulsory military service." - Chen Shuibian

"You don't spend twenty years of your life in the service and not have a warm, nostalgic feeling left in you. It's a small service, and there's a lot of esprit de corps." - Alex Haley

"You don't spend twenty years of your life in the service and not have a warm, nostalgic feeling left in you ... It's a small service, and there's a lot of esprit de corps." - Alex Haley

"Application of humility is service." - Radhanath Swami

"I believe in national service, I believe that every young adult citizen should do two years of national service. Not necessarily to be deployed, but to understand teamwork, responsibility and mixing with different people." - Robert Irvine

"Social service that savours of patronage is not service." - Mahatma Gandhi

"For years, the church has emphasized evangelism, teaching, fellowship, missions, and service to society to the neglect of the very source of its power-worship." - Robert E. Webber

"DURING the first years of my service in Dr. Flint's family, I was accustomed to share some indulgences with the children of my mistress" - Harriet Ann Jacobs

"One improper word or act will neutralize the effect of many good ones; and one base deed, after years of noble service, will cover them all with shame." - John Aughey

"DURING the first years of my service in Dr. Flint's family, I was accustomed to share some indulgences with the children of my mistress." - Harriet Ann Jacobs

"Throughout my many years of service to the people of North Carolina, I have always tried to treat people from all viewpoints with respect." - Bob Etheridge

"We should all spend some time of our life doing service to our country. To me, I would give up a couple of years." - Michael Moore

"A few years ago, users of Internet services began to realize that when an online service is free, you're not the customer. You're the product." - Tim Cook

"For years, Mount Holyoke professor Joseph 'Full Metal Jacket' Ellis had been regaling students, interviewers and friends with gripping stories of his service in Vietnam." - Ann Coulter

"My deepest regret from my years in public service is the failure of the United States and the international community to act sooner to halt these crimes." - Madeleine Albright

"While Secretary Rumsfeld and I have had our differences, he deserves Americans' respect and gratitude for his many years of public service." - John Mccain

"Your rewards, all the years of your life, will be in precise proportion to your service. You are here to serve others, just as they serve you." - Earl Nightingale

"I returned to India after long years of international service, because I had always cherished the desire to make a difference in my own country." - Shashi Tharoor

"Look, I think that when we started Virgin Atlantic 30 years ago, we had one 747 competing with the airlines that had an average of 300 planes each. Every single one of those have gone bankrupt because they didn't have customer service. They had might, but they didn't have customer service, so customer service is everything in the end." - Richard Branson

"After sixty years the stern sentence of the burial service seems to have a meaning that one did not notice in former years. There begins to be something personal about it." - Oliver Wendell Holmes

"If you want a free email service that doesn't use your words to target ads to you, you'll have to figure out how to port years and years of Gmail messages somewhere else, which is about as easy as developing your own free email service." - Al Franken

"Profit is the celebration of service." - Denis Waitley

"Love is a kind of military service" - Ovid

"Happiness is a by product of service." - William J. Critchlow, Jr.

"Business is a matter of human service." - Milton S. Hershey

"Charkha is an instrument of service." - Mahatma Gandhi

"The service of sin is perfect slavery." - Matthew Henry

"English law in 1572 decreed that beggars above 14 years of age are to be severely flogged and branded on the left ear unless some one will take them into service for two years; in case of a repetition of the offense, if they are over 18, they are to be executed, unless some one will take them into service for two years; but for the third offence they are to be executed without mercy as felons." - Karl Marx

"Branding Through Customer Service Over the years, the number one driver of our growth at Zappos has been repeat customers and word of mouth. Our philosophy has been to take most of the money we would have spent on paid advertising and invest it into customer service and the customer experience instead, letting our customers do the marketing for us through word of mouth." - Tony Hsieh

"Of all the ships that have been devoted to biological explorations of the sea, none has surpassed the endeavors conducted on board the U. S. Bureau of Fisheries steamer Albatross, during her 39 years of service from 1882 to 1921." - Paul Bartsch

"I was put to the grammar-school at eight years of age, my father intending to devote me, as the tithe of his sons, to the service of the Church." - Benjamin Franklin

"The fact of the matter is that, for years, the restaurant and service industry has been, to a great extent, built on the backs of often underpaid immigrants of often dubious legal status." - Anthony Bourdain

"When I first joined the Secret Service in 1983, I was right out of college, having spent the last two or three years of my college experience working as a police officer for the city of Orlando, Florida." - Julia Pierson

"Humility is not a part of devotional service, it is the heart of devotional service." - Radhanath Swami

"The National Park Service today exemplifies one of the highest traditions of public service." - Stewart Udall

"Twenty years ago if you provided someone with horrible service, it may take weeks or even months for the word-of-mouth message to get out to 15-20 potential customers. Today, with social media, thousands of potential customers can learn about horrible service within hours, minutes or even seconds after it happens." - Bill Capodagli

"Excitement was plentiful during my two years' service as a Pony Express rider." - Buffalo Bill

"I worked at Ikea as a customer service rep for two years and loved it." - Amber Riley

"Let me just say this, and I want to say this to the televison audience: I made my mistakes, but in all of my years of public life, I have never profited, never profited from public service" - Richard M. Nixon

"Lee tells his troops. After four years of arduous service marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources." - Robert E Lee

"The sole relief I am asking for is to be released from military prison after serving six years of confinement as a person who did not intend to harm the interests of the United States or harm any service members." - Chelsea Manning

"What he has done for women is final: he gave to their service the best powers of his mind and the best years of his life. His death consecrates the gift: it can never lessen its value." - Millicent Fawcett

"If you look at men's roles for the last thousand years, the desire is fundamental. We want to take care of, provide for, and be of service to... women." - Matthew Fox

"During 65 years, I have walked the path of duty and discipline... And today, looking back at that long path of service, my soldier's heart stirs and murmurs from deep within: Thank you. Thank you, my homeland." - Augusto Pinochet

"I'm truly worried about the country's direction. I can tell you this categorically, we've got the weakest president and the weakest governor in the history of my 50 years of public service." - Fritz Hollings

"The most impressive airplane ever, I believe, was designed only a dozen years after the first operational jet. Stayed in service till it was too rusty to fly, taken out of service. We retreated in '98 back to something that was developed in '56. What? The most impressive spaceship ever, I believe, was a Grumman Lunar Lander." - Burt Rutan

"We have an incredible national forest service, and we have an incredible child outreach program that the president has put together. I don't see anything wrong with national service for a minimum of two years. If we were to require that, we wouldn't need a draft." - Montel Williams

"I can still see my first dog. For six years he met me at the same place after school and convoyed me home - a service he thought up himself. A boy doesn't forget that sort of association." - E B White

"We had prepared, my staff had prepared for me a whole dossier on virtually - on George Bush on his votes on his records, what he had done over the past number of years in public service." - Geraldine Ferraro

"The Secret Service said there have been 40 fence-jumping incidents at the White House in the past five years. Half of them were intruders trying to get in. The other half was President Obama trying to get out." - Conan O'Brien

"By requiring all 30 million Americans age 18 to 25 to perform two years of national service, in the military or civilian life, we will be asking for a shared sacrifice from all American citizens." - Charles B Rangel

"But I would defy anyone to go back over the years and tell me anyone whose career I've ruined, anyone whom I've driven out of the service, anyone I've fired from a job." - Norman Schwarzkopf

"We may need to change the way we think. As in Israel, I think there should be a mandatory draft, where you go away for the service of your country for three years." - Steven Tyler

"I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country's most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General." - Smedley Butler

"For over 25 years, Lacy Clay has been a powerful voice for working families and a tireless advocate for the people of St. Louis. And throughout his long career in public service, I've considered Lacy a close personal friend." - Jay Nixon

"A service of worship is primarily a service to God. When we realize this and act upon it, we make it a service to men." - Ralph Washington Sockman

"A service of worship is primarily a service to God. When we realize this and act upon it, we make it a service to men." - Ralph W Sockman

"You see, the Foreign Service of the United States has grown so unbelievably in the last twenty years, and the requirements for admission are so high, and yet an awful lot of the work, I'd say fully 50-percent of the work in the Foreign Service abroad, is really routine work. All this is something that no one has licked.... You get a certain amount of discontent. It's bad for morale." - Charles E. Bohlen

"In Jesus, the service of God and the service of the least of the brethren were one." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Voluntary service of others demands the best of which one is capable, and must take precedence over service of self." - Mahatma Gandhi

"The only purpose of customer service is to change feelings." - Seth Godin

"Great opportunities are often disguised as small acts of service." - Rick Warren

"There is incredible value in being of service to others." - Elizabeth Berg

"How do you deserve a fortune? Render fortunes of service." - Jim Rohn

"It is more important to be of service than successful." - Robert Francis Kennedy, Jr.

"It is more important to be of service than successful." - Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

"The highest of distinctions is service to others." - George IV of the United Kingdom

"Being a good example is the best form of service." - Sathya Sai Baba

"Take a vow for a life of service to others." - Mata Amritanandamayi

"A drunkard is unprofitable for any kind of good service." - Plato

"Intelligence in the service of poor instinct is really dangerous." - Gloria Steinem

"We should be involved in quiet acts of selfless service." - Spencer W. Kimball

"There is nothing small in the service of God." - Saint Francis De Sales

"It's not easy to take three ships out of service." - Micky Arison

"Art is Knowledge at the service of emotion." - Jose Clemente Orozco

"Cinema is magic in the service of dreams." - Djibril Diop Mambety

"Intelligence will be used in the service of the neurosis." - Sigmund Freud

"Being of service to others daily makes me feel alive." - Christy Turlington

"Think of stretch marks as pregnancy service stripes." - Joyce Armor

"The sole aim of journalism should be service." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Citizenship consists in the service of the country." - Jawaharlal Nehru

"The highest of distinctions is service to others." - King George Vi

"I certainly feel a strong call of public service." - Chelsea Clinton

"In the service of Caesar, everything is legitimate." - Pierre Corneille

"I've not conducted my life in the service of smallness." - Barry Diller

"Service dogs raise their masters' sense of well-being." - Al Franken

"Pressed into service means pressed out of shape." - Robert Frost

"Some of our finest work comes through service to others." - Gordon B Hinckley

"Being of service to others is what brings true happiness." - Marie Osmond

"I have invested at least 20 years in business and my own reputation. I'm excited to come into public service, because I think I have something to offer and to contribute. In no way will I put myself in a position of undoing what's taken 20 years to build." - Nigel S Wright

"The Incarnation is the ultimate reason why the service of God cannot be divorced from the service of man." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"The students who work with me believe in science in service of society, not science in service of career building." - Donald Sadoway

"We should employ our passions in the service of life, not spend life in the service of our passions." - Richard Steele

"The fruit of love is service, the fruit of service is peace, and peace begins with a smile." - Mother Teresa

"Being an artist is being at the service of yourself; I am at the service of other people." - Christian Louboutin

"The sole purpose of business is service. The sole purpose of advertising is explaining the service which business renders." - Leo Burnett

""For 46 years, we were engaged in a worldwide battle against communism". "During that time, there were countless heroes, who served in our nation's Armed Forces and played a critical role in America's triumph. These men and women, who sacrificed so much for so many, deserve to be awarded the Cold War Service Medal in recognized of their faithful service to their country and tireless defense of freedom around the world."" - Mary Landrieu

"I made my mistakes, but in all my years of public life, I have never profited from public service. I've earned every cent. And in all of my years in public life I have never obstructed justice. And I think, too, that I can say that in my years of public life that I welcome this kind of examination because people have got to know whether or not their President is a crook. Well, I'm not a crook. I've earned everything I've got." - Richard Nixon

"Ben Foster dealt with the purchase of my house and service was excellent. Excellent Service all round." - Chloe Smith

"If the exigencies of my country demand a peculiar service, its claims to perform that service are imperious." - Nathan Hale

"Good service can save a bad meal, but there is no level of food that can save bad service." - Alton Brown

"I am a judge born, raised, and proud of being a Jew. The demand for justice runs through the entirety of the Jewish tradition. I hope, in my years on the bench of the Supreme Court of the United States, I will have the strength and the courage to remain constant in the service of that demand." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"My 40 years in the foreign service and the careers of many of my friends became associated with the fall of the Soviet Empire and the putting in order of what came after - the building of a Europe whole, free, and at peace. It`s hard to recall today how improbable victory in the Cold War appeared." - Daniel Fried

"Governments allocate enormous resources for social programs. And it is true that for many years we have had one of the best social service systems in the world. Yet we are still incapable of meeting the needs of tens of thousands of Canadian families." - Kim Campbell

"Mr. Franzen said he and Mr. Wallace, over years of letters and conversations about the ethical role of the novelist, had come to the joint conclusion that the purpose of writing fiction was "a way out of loneliness." (NY Times article on the memorial service of David Foster Wallace.)" - Jonathan Franzen

"If usually the "present age" is no very long time, still, at our pleasure, or in the service of some such unity of meaning as thehistory of civilization, or the study of geology, may suggest, we may conceive the present as extending over many centuries, or over a hundred thousand years." - Josiah Royce

"In my more than 60 years as a member of the American scientific community, including service as president of both the National Academy of Sciences and the American Physical Society, I have never witnessed a more disturbing corruption of the peer-review process than the events that led to this IPCC report." - Frederick Seitz

"After all the years of [spiritual] work, ... I've realized this: that everything and everyone is precious beyond words. Everything and everyone is holy. And the point of our being on this sweet planet is to be of service to all of it. And when we understand this truth in our bones, joy fills our hearts." - Geri Larkin

"By the Revolution the Germans have made themselves pariahs among the nations, incapable of winning allies, helots in the service of foreigners and foreign capital, and deprived of all self-respect. In twenty years' time, the German people will curse the parties who now boast of having made the Revolution." - Erich Ludendorff

"I myself and my wife - in order to escape the disgrace of deposition or capitulation - choose death. It is our wish to be burnt immediately on the spot where I have carried out the greatest part of my daily work in the course of a twelve years' service to my people." - Adolf Hitler

"In 30 years of public service, I have had no scandals. I have high ethical standards. I am most proud of my judgement, that kind of judgement is what we want in a president going forward. I want to be a peacemaker." - Bernie Sanders

"Modern Arabic literature achieved international recognition when Mahfouz was awarded the Nobel prize in 1988 (.....) Mahfouz also rendered Arabic literature a great service by developing, over the years, a form of language in which many of the archaisms and cliches that had become fashionable were discarded, a language that could serve as an adequate instrument for the writing of fiction in these times." - Denys Johnson-Davies

"In my years of public service at both the federal and state levels, I have had the privilege of representing most of the communities that make up Congressional District 21, including Hialeah, Westchester, Doral, Kendall, Miami Lakes, Hialeah Gardens, Medley and Palmetto Bay." - Mario Diaz-Balart

"During years of working for a living, I have experienced much of the legal and social discrimination reserved for women in this country, I have been refused service in public restaurants, ordered out of public gathering places and turned away from apartment rentals. All for the clearly stated, sole reason that I am a woman." - Gloria Steinem

"Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the whole Number of free Persons, including those bound to Service for a Term of Years, and excluding Indians not taxed, three fifths of all other Persons." - Constitution of the United States

"May I say, finally, that I have no illusions of grandeur; quite to the contrary, I am very humble in my knowledge that through forty years of my life my life has been an open book of service to my fellow architects and for the public good." - Ralph Thomas Walker

"In my years of public service at both the federal and state levels, I have had the privilege of representing most of the communities that make up Congressional District 21, including Hialeah, Westchester, Doral, Kendall, Miami Lakes, Hialeah Gardens, Medley and Palmetto Bay." - Mario Diazbalart

"Throughout my years of public service, I've listened to the voices of the gay and lesbian community, whether through whispered confidences or public declarations. I understand what it truly means to say that all people should be treated equally, and I'll always stand up for fair and equal treatment of gay and lesbian Americans." - Mark Udall

"Timothy Batten is an individual of high integrity and has given many years of service to Georgia and to the United States, .. His common sense dedication to the rule of law, intellect and experience make him a solid candidate for the federal bench in North Georgia." - Saxby Chambliss

"I worked in the NHS as a hospital orderly during my national service, and people thought it was a noble service. But over the years it's lost its humanity." - David Hockney

"A life that stood out as a gospel of self-forgetting service. He could have added fortune to fame but caring for neither he found happiness and honor in being helpful to the world. The centre of his world was the south where he was born in slavery some 79 years ago and where he did his work as a creative scientist." - George Washington Carver

"The only use for military service is that it reveals the number of morons in the population," he would remark. "And that can be discovered in the first two weeks; there's no need for two years. Army, Marriage, the Church and Banking: the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Yes, go on, laugh." - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"To those of you with your years of service still ahead, the challenge is yours. Stop doubting yourselves. Have the courage to make up your minds and hold your decisions. Refuse to be BOUGHT for a nickel, or a million dollars, or a job!" - Mary Mcleod Bethune

"The addition of Beats will make our music lineup even better, from free streaming with iTunes Radio to a world-class subscription service in Beats, and of course buying music from the iTunes Store as customers have loved to do for years." - Eddy Cue

"Although I considered putting my eight years of Boy Scout experience and love for our nation to the test by joining the military, I did not want to put myself in a position where I might be commanded to take the life of another, and quickly ended my flirtation with military service." - Ashton Kutcher

"Everybody makes bad decisions. I am sure I have made my share of them over 40 years of service. Or I have made good decisions and have been overruled. The real challenge, when you are overruled, is to remember who the boss is and don't take it personally." - Colin Powell

"The moment that you have a child - that you know that when he'll turn 18, he'll join the Army and go there for three years of compulsory service - then you can't help yourself of thinking about the future - speculating about it, dreading it or even being - trying to be more active to change it and improve it." - Etgar Keret

"The years of old age are stalls in the cathedral of life in which for aged men to sit and listen and meditate and be patient till the service is over, and in which they may get themselves ready to say Amen at the last, with all their hearts and souls and strength." - William Mountford

"We all get attached to frayed towels, mismatched sheets and shapeless pillows, associating them with years of comfort, but they have ceased to be functional! As for the plethora of hotel freebies, gather them in a basket to be offered as a hospitality service to your overnight guests. They'll be pleased by your thoughtfulness-and amazed that you're so organized." - Julie Morgenstern

"The years of old age are stalls in the cathedral of life in which for aged men to sit and listen and meditate and be patient till the service is over, and in which they may get themselves ready to say "Amen" at the last, with all their hearts and souls and strength." - William Mountford

"But I definitely see us playing a major role in St. Louis in the years to come. We already provide service to 95 percent of the markets St. Louis travelers visit the most. And we're adding capacity in some of the most important markets." - Gerard Arpey

"Managers of hospitals over the years have been increasingly recruited from outside the health service, and although their experience of running a supermarket chain might allow them to balance the books, it does not mean they have any insight into how a ward should be managed and patients best served." - Jo Brand

"Because I didn't have much money, I bought a small shop that fit my budget. The previous six owners had closed their business in three years. The store had no people traffic and, because of that, I was able to focus on figuring out how to provide a better service to each and every one of the customers that did come through." - Do Won Chang

"There will be little drudgery in this better ordered world. Natural power harnessed in machines will be the general drudge. What drudgery is inevitable will be done as a service and duty for a few years or months out of each life; it will not consume nor degrade the whole life of anyone." - H G Wells

"You know, the dirty secret in the Director's Guild is that the average life expectancy of Director's Guild members is 57 years old. The stress level is so high and directors are generally really out of shape, cause they sit in the chair and they eat craft service." - Eli Roth

"I lived at the Gramercy Park Hotel for about 10 years. It was terrific. It was a pleasantly run-down hotel of the '70s and '80s with a mix of older, rent-controlled apartment dwellers, Europeans and new wave and punk bands. The room service was great, the hamburger was terrific, and they had a doctor who made house calls." - Paul Shaffer

"I was with the CIA for only three years. I worked in the Directorate of Operations, which is now called the National Clandestine Service. It's the part of the organization where the spies live. I didn't have much experience beyond the training." - Barry Eisler

"For years, I'd say yes to almost everything, trying to be nice and generous. Feeling obliged to be of service to the world. Maybe also a fear of being forgotten if I don't. But I paid the ultimate price in doing that, because for all those years, I got almost no work done! Some famous authors have written about this: that if they said yes to every request, then they'd never have time to write another book again." - Derek Sivers

"When I was a missionary in London fifty years ago, my companion and I would shake hands in the morning and say to one another, 'Life is good'. Life in the service of the Lord is good. It is beautiful. It is rewarding." - Gordon B Hinckley

"Now you are deep in what seems to me a peculiarly selfless service. The spiritual training of children must be that. You work for the years you will not see. You work for the Invisible all the time, but you work for the Eternal. So it is all worthwhile." - Amy Carmichael

"Not only are we going to shift in our own lives - away from always trying to identify ourselves on the basis of what we have, what we do, and who we are better than, and so on - but shift into more reaching out, more service, more kindness, more living the virtues that Lao Tzu spoke about twenty-five hundred years ago." - Wayne Dyer

"I'm not saying that advertising is going away. But the balance is shifting. If today the successful recipe is to put 70 percent of your energy into shouting about your service and 30 percent into making it great, over the next 20 years I think that's going to invert." - Jeff Bezos

"I believe the connection is growing stronger. Just to think that 40-plus years ago, service members would return from combat to get spit on by so many civilians. Regardless of what we think about a conflict, we must always honor and be grateful for those men and women who serve." - Lee Zeldin

"It is the relentless onward march of the texters, the SMS (Short Message Service) vandals who are doing to our language what Genghis Khan did to his neighbours 800 years ago. They are destroying it: pillaging our punctuation; savaging our sentences; raping our vocabulary. And they must be stopped." - John Humphrys

"Within two years of my conversion, at a Bible conference at Mt. Hermon in California, I dedicated my life to the Lord for full-time service. And since then, I have been joyfully following in that path that He has led me on." - Cliff Barrows

"So we are in for years of debt deflation. That means that people have to pay so much debt service for mortgages, credit cards, student loans, bank loans and other obligations that they have less to spend on goods and services. So markets shrink. New investment and employment fall off, and the economy is falls into a downward spiral." - Michael Hudson



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