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Year Ahead Quotes


"it is a shoe designer's job to be a year ahead of our collective unconscious." - Cynthia Heimel

"Always look ahead, but never look back." - Miles Davis

"Most of our future lies ahead." - Denny Crum

"The thing about politics is to plan 10 years ahead, and assume every year is your last." - Ed Balls

"I feel that the year ahead for me will be full of two of my favorite things: dance and acting." - William Kempe

"Winning isn't getting ahead of others, it is getting ahead of yourself." - Roger Staubach

"The seasons, like greater tides, ebb and flow across the continents. Spring advances up the United States at the average rate of about fifteen miles a day. It ascends mountainsides at the rate of about a hundred feet a day. It sweeps ahead like a flood of water, racing down the long valleys, creeping up hillsides in a rising tide. Most of us, like the man who lives on the bank of a river and watches the stream flow by, see only one phase of the movement of spring. Each year the season advances toward us out of the south, sweeps around us, goes flooding away to the north." - Edwin Way Teale

"You go ahead. I'd rather not be shot out of a tube into a pool filled with a bunch of nine-year-olds' urine." - Justin Halpern

"Spend the next few days preparing for the year ahead: Forgive everyone, let go of everything, let God take charge. Amen." - Marianne Williamson

"I think three-to-five years ahead minimum. I have a short-term plan, a five-year plan and a decade plan." - Steve Garvey

"When I was in high school in St. Louis my best friend was Marsha Mason. Marsha was a year ahead of me." - Mary Frann

"If you are a 5-year-old, you just go ahead and try something. You don't think about it. You are just a little kid." - Quvenzhane Wallis

"Let every head of household see to it that he has on hand enough food and clothing and, where possible, fuel also for at least a year ahead." - J Reuben Clark

"Still, most people don't have much money. So finding ways to come out a couple of thousand dollars ahead every year still matters." - Andrew Tobias

"The way to get ahead is to start now. If you start now, you will know a lot next year that you don't know now and that you would not have known next year if you had waited." - William Feather

"Christmas gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us - a time when we can look back on the year that has passed and prepare for the year ahead." - David Cameron

"Year after year, we have had to explain from mid-year onwards why the global growth rate has been lower than predicted as little as two quarters back. This pattern of disappointment and downward revision sets up the first, and the basic, challenge on the list of issues policymakers face in moving ahead: restoring growth, if that is possible." - Stanley Fischer

"Set your sights not just on the next few weeks ... set your sights on the years ahead - because our vision will look that far ahead." - William Rainey Harper

"I'm 17 years old and there are many great things ahead. If I don't win the U.S. Open this year, it's not going to be a disaster in my life." - Maria Sharapova

"Don't think of 60 as ten years older than 50. Think of it as only 1 year older than 59 Go ahead, as it's your birthday Delusion, today, is just fine" - John Walter Bratton

"Our foreign policy was an improvisation. Like Schacht's financial policy, it lacked foresight. The Nazis kept talking about a thousand-year Reich, but they couldn't think ahead for five minutes!" - Paul Schmidt

"If I ran into a 19-year-old version of myself, I'd just tell her to live, full out. I might also tell her to go ahead and have a few babies and not worry about the timing of it." - Queen Latifah

"The Obama administration's attempted short-term fixes, even with unprecedented monetary easing by the Federal Reserve, produced average GDP growth of just 2.2% over the past three years, and the consensus outlook appears no better for the year ahead." - Glenn Hubbard

"The Kenyans beat up on the American runners in every road race every weekend of the year, but we're way ahead of them in the number and quality of our Elvis impersonators. We get our X-Men and gorillas." - Don Kardong

"Those trees seem to grow every year..." - Peter Alliss

"We rule out raising taxes this year." - Luis De Guindos

"Everything I was I carry with me, everything I will belies waiting on the road ahead." - Ma Jian

"You can't take it with you - but you can send it on ahead." - Randy Alcorn

"The time your game is most vulnerable is when you're ahead, never let up." - Rod Laver

"Quit while you're ahead." - Proverbs

"I always looked ahead." - Chris Evert

"If I have any attribute that serves me well, it's I don't have a long-range plan in life. I have no idea. I just don't look ahead, I really don't. You know when people get out of college and they're talking about their five-year plan. Five-year plan? I got a plan to get to Friday." - Michael Wilbon

"The market always, in theory at least, looks ahead. And it's always trying to take in every bit of information that it can as quickly as it can. You don't really care so much if the company made a dollar last year; you want to know what it's going to make this year." - Alex Berenson

"To sustain hatred is a very difficult thing to do, year after year. It's exhausting." - Nick Cave

"A new year can begin only because the old year ends." - Madeleine L'Engle

"What Hillary Clinton doesn't say is that tens of thousands of people that are unbelievably happy and that love me. I'll give you an example. We're just opening up on Pennsylvania Avenue right next to the White House, so if I don't get there one way, I'm going to get to Pennsylvania Avenue another.We're opening the Old Post Office. Under budget, ahead of schedule, saved tremendous money. I'm a year ahead of schedule. And that's what this country should be doing." - Donald Trump

"I saw the days of the year stretching ahead like a series of bright, white boxes, and separating one box from another was sleep, like a black shade. Only for me, the long perspective of shades that set off one box from the next day had suddenly snapped up, and I could see day after day after day glaring ahead of me like a white, broad, infinitely desolate avenue." - Sylvia Plath

"You can plan ahead, you just ca' worry ahead" - Ruth Winter

"You can plan ahead, you just can't worry ahead" - Ruth Winter

"You can plan ahead, you just can't worry ahead" - Ruth Winter

"We are more unhappy to see people ahead of us than happy to see people behind us." - Michel De Montaigne

"Many who had been ahead of their time, had to wait for her in very uncomfortable quarters." - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

"Hence the saying: The enlightened ruler lays his plans well ahead; the good general cultivates his resources." - Sun Tzu

"Married life teaches one invaluable lesson: to think of things far enough ahead not to say them." - Jefferson Machamer

"A man who does not think and plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door." - Confucius

"I made mistakes, I made some bread. I even made a way for them to get ahead." - Drake

"Go ahead, make my day." - Clint Eastwood

"Put opportunity ahead of security." - Kemmons Wilson

"Nothing but good times ahead." - Jennifer Crusie

"Go ahead, do something impossible." - Seth Godin

"**** the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" - David Farragut

"I move ahead, I live." - George Mcgovern

"An older child, one who possesses a conscience, will be troubled with self-reproaches and feelings of shame for his naughtiness, even if he is not discovered. But our two-year-olds and our three-year- olds experience guilt feelings only when they feel or anticipate disapproval from the outside. In doing this, they have taken the first steps toward the goal of conscience, but there is a long way ahead before the policeman outside becomes the policeman inside." - Selma Fraiberg

"Once a year go somewhere you have never been before." - Dalai Lama

"I need a six month vacation twice a year." - Pete MacArthur

"I know, but I had a better year than Hoover." - Babe Ruth

"The first pale blossom of the unripened year." - Anna Letitia Barbauld

"A life without love is like a year without spring." - Octavian Paler

"Year: A period of three hundred and sixty-five disappointments." - Ambrose Bierce

"Stir the eggnog, lift the toddy, Happy New Year everybody." - Phyllis Mcginley

"Where unwilling dies the rose; buds the new another year." - Dorothy Parker

"He that dies this year is quit for the next." - William Shakespeare

"I'm sick when I don't work for year or two." - Sophia Loren

"He's very knowledgeable. That's the one advantage that I see in Kobe Bryant's career compared to Michael Jordan. Ten years into Kobe Bryant's career, we're seeing a very polished 27-year-old player who's probably got another seven or eight great years ahead of him." - Scottie Pippen

"When I turn on the TV in Russia I see a general calmly claiming that our missiles are ahead of the latest American models by three five-year plans. It's a nightmare. We are creating a concept of the enemy, just as they did in the Soviet era. This is a giant step backward." - Vladimir Sorokin

"You do' seduce in the same way at my age. You seduce with brains, with talent. Yesterday for lunch I met the most incredible 90-year-old woman. She survived Auschwitz, she was beautiful, she did' have white hair, she did' wear glasses. She was totally seductive. I just thought, Oh, my God, I still have time ahead of me." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"How to Stay Christian in Seminary should be placed in the hands of every first-year seminarian. It provides a much-needed balance as they navigate the beautiful but treacherous waters of a seminary education. I plan to use this powerful little book with great profit for my students in the years ahead." - Daniel L. Akin

"And in another year everything will be different yet again. It is always like that, and always will be; you are forever standing on the brink, in a place where you cannot see ahead; there is nothing of which to be certain except what lies behind. This should be terrifying, but somehow it is not." - Penelope Lively

"You don't seduce in the same way at my age. You seduce with brains, with talent. Yesterday for lunch I met the most incredible 90-year-old woman. She survived Auschwitz, she was beautiful, she didn't have white hair, she didn't wear glasses. She was totally seductive. I just thought, Oh, my God, I still have time ahead of me." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"The next film I have is called Miles Ahead, which is about Miles Davis, during a five-year period in his life during which he's struggling to figure out which direction to go musically and in his life. I play a record executive who's there to try to get Miles to collaborate with one of my clients. I'm excited to see that." - Michael Stuhlbarg

"I know we have still done very little, and that the main tasks still lie ahead of us. I would say that we have just completed a year of preparation in which the conditions for a new environment have been created." - Vaclav Havel

"John Cassavetes was a year ahead of me but we met there. What you do when you are at a school for drama, you do a play as opposed to a final. Anyone who wanted to come could just come. So he came, and I can't remember the name of the play, of course, it was a long time ago." - Gena Rowlands

"You should look ahead now and decide what you want to do with your lives. Fix clearly in your mind what you want to be one year from now, five years, ten years, and beyond. Write your goals and review them regularly. Keep them before you constantly, record your progress, and revise them as circumstances dictate." - Joseph B Wirthlin

"You don't seduce in the same way at my age. You seduce with brains, with talent. Yesterday for lunch I met the most incredible 90-year-old woman. She survived Auschwitz, she was beautiful, she didn't have white hair, she didn't wear glasses. She was totally seductive. I just thought, Oh, my God, I still have time ahead of me." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"I did tons of theater in school, and then when I was 16 and got my driver's license, I started driving to Los Angeles, along with my friend Eric Stoltz, who was a year ahead of me and was doing the same thing. So we had the same manager, and we started auditioning for things and doing commercials when we were 16." - Anthony Edwards

"A very difficult year is ahead of us. We must continue our efforts with decisiveness, to stay in the euro, to make sure we do not waste the sacrifices and do not turn the crisis into an uncontrolled and disastrous bankruptcy." - Lucas Papademos

"I never plan ahead, with the exception of the Amber books which had to proceed in sequence. But I don't really like to know what I'm going to be working on a year in advance. So I just sign blank contracts for books and whatever strikes me as a good idea is what I write about." - Roger Zelazny

"If we make the tough decisions now, we will be one year ahead of 80 percent of the states in the race to economic growth. If we fail to act, we will fall even further behind... by going first, we can become first." - Chris Christie

"My first day in 2014 was a time of reflection on what has been achieved and the remaining goals ahead. Congress must seriously address comprehensive immigration reform this year and should not hide behind piecemeal efforts that would help only a small percentage of the undocumented living in this country." - Marc Veasey

"The Coventry School Committee has been ahead of the curve in addressing the nutrition needs of our students. This committee is an extension of a process begun more than a year ago to ensure the foods we offer had high nutritional value." - Michael Reeves

"When I was a kid in Indiana, we thought it would be fun to get a turkey a year ahead of time and feed it and so on for the following Thanksgiving. But by the time Thanksgiving came around, we sort of thought of the turkey as a pet, so we ate the dog. Only kidding. It was the cat!" - David Letterman

"If at the end of May we don't, we'll reform, regroup, decide how we're going to go about it, but if the task force can't come up with the bill, I'm going to push mine, and go ahead and make the changes in it that we've been working on now for a year or two and just go for it." - Charlie Norwood

"1973 was the first gasoline crisis in the world. That year, I designed the first aerodynamic truck, eating 40 percent less fuel. I put it on exhibit everywhere. It was 30 years ahead of its time. Nobody is building it today, and everybody still has problems with their boxy cars and trucks eating up fuel." - Luigi Colani

"I think I'll got to Thailand for a year and become a Thai boxer. I'm gonna train for a year." - Matt Helders

"It's disgraceful that year after year, Congress has bowed to the tobacco lobby and refused to act." - Edward Kennedy

"The young pines springing up in the corn-fields from year to year are to me a refreshing fact." - Henry David Thoreau

"Our job as Americans is to restore that basic bargain that says, if you work hard, if you're willing to meet your responsibilities, you can get ahead. You can get ahead. Doesn't matter what you look like, doesn't matter where you come from. Our middle class, when it's growing, when it's thriving, when there are ladders of opportunity for people to do a little bit better each year and then make sure that their kids are doing even better than them, that's the American dream. That's what we got to fight for. That has to be the north star that guides everything we do." - Barack Obama

"In developing our industrial strategy for the period ahead, we have the benefit of much experience. Almost everything has been tried at least once" - Tony Benn

"I've never been one to look too far ahead since I came back into the England side and I'm not going to change that view." - Graham Thorpe

"There are always a lot of people so afraid of rocking the boat that they stop rowing. We can never get ahead that way." - Harry S Truman

"In order to have a winner, the team must have a feeling of unity; every player must put the team first ahead of personal glory." - Bear Bryant

"There are plenty of ways to get ahead. The first is so basic I'm almost embarrassed to say it: spend less than you earn." - Paul Clitheroe

"Five runs ahead and he'd knock in all the runs I could ask for. One run behind and he was going to kill me." - Leo Durocher

"No matter how many mistakes you make or how slow you progress, you are still way ahead of everyone who isn't trying." - Tony Robbins

"Civilization has run on ahead of the soul of man, and is producing faster than he can think and give thanks." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Go ahead and gamble a lie. A person who will not tell you seven lies within a hundred yards is useless as a man." - Yamamoto Tsunetomo

"The value of time, that is of being a little ahead of your opponent, often provides greater advantage than superior numbers or greater resources." - Sun Tzu

"I had a hockey puck and stick-the only ones in town. I definitely would have played hockey ahead of football, had it been available." - Merlin Olsen

"Often I visualize a quicker, like almost a ghost runner, ahead of me with a quicker stride. It's really crazy. In races, this always happens to me. I see the vision of a runner ahead of me, maybe just 15, 20 meters ahead of me, and the cadence of that runner, which is actually me in the future, is a little quicker, so if I'm going (his rhythm/breathing), then my ghost runner, the vision of me, ahead of me, like opening up and just going for it, is quicker ." - Gabe Jennings

"Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead." - Kara Goucher

"Always throw your clubs ahead of you. That way you don't have to waste energy going back to pick them up." - Tommy Bolt

"Live not as though there were a thousand years ahead of you. Fate is at your elbow; make yourself good while life and power are still yours." - Marcus Aurelius

"There are millions of children today who don't attend school. However, education is the only way to get ahead in this country." - Azim Premji

"Make sure you're right, then go ahead." - Davy Crockett

"Straight ahead you can't go very far." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery

"I'm fifty years ahead of my time," - Joseph Pilates

"Ignore past failures and forge ahead." - Maxwell Maltz

"The greatest adventure is what lies ahead" - J R R Tolkien

"I look one move ahead... the best!" - Siegbert Tarrasch

"Android is ahead of the iPhone now," - Eric Schmidt

"The best role is always ahead." - Kathleen Turner

"The next road is always ahead." - Oprah Winfrey

"You can't get ahead while getting even." - Dick Armey

"Nobody heard anything ahead of time." - John Mellencamp

"Our future is still ahead of us." - Jimmy Quillen

"He who doesn't look ahead remains behind." - Proverbs

"Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" - David G. Farragut

"Night was running ahead of itself." - Jorge Amado

"I don't look too far ahead." - Xander Berkeley

"Sometimes art is ahead of revolution." - Ziad Doueiri

"I ended the war a horse ahead." - Nathan Bedford Forrest

"Their future is ahead of them." - Curt Gowdy

"Difficult years lie ahead, patience is required." - Yiannis Stournaras

"Courage is one step ahead of fear." - Coleman Young

"When I talked to him earlier, he said he had to work tonight," Peter explained, "but that we should go ahead and draw for him." "Draw?" I asked uneasily. "Oh Lord. Tell me it's not Pictionary night too." Peter sighed wearily. "Draw for secret Santas. Do you even read the e-mails I send?" "Secret Santas? Seems like we just did that," I said. "Yeah, a year ago," said Peter. "Just like we do very Christmas." - Richelle Mead

"Prospects for growth in the year ahead are solid at the national level, and of course, this can only be good news for the Bay Area and California as well. The U. S. economy has shown remarkable resilience in the face of some severe shocks - in particular, the surge in energy prices that began a couple of years ago and the devastation wrought by the twin hurricanes last summer." - Janet Yellen

"Let us avoid debt as we would avoid a plague...Let every head of every household see to it that he has on hand enough food and clothing, and, where possible, fuel also, for at least a year ahead...Let every head of household aim to own his own home, free from mortgage. Let us again clothe ourselves with these proved and sterling virtues-honesty, truthfulness, chastity, sobriety, temperance, industry, and thrift; let us discard all covetousness and greed." - J Reuben Clark

"As we enter our centennial year we are still a young nation, very much in the formative stages. Our national condition is still flexible enough that we can make almost anything we wish of our nation. No other country is in a better position than Canada to go ahead with the evolution of a national purpose devoted to all that is good and noble and excellent in the human spirit." - Lester B Pearson

"When I talked to him earlier, he said he had to work tonight," Peter explained, "but that we should go ahead and draw for him." "Draw?" I asked uneasily. "Oh Lord. Tell me it's not Pictionary night too." Peter sighed wearily. "Draw for secret Santas. Do you even read the e-mails I send?" "Secret Santas? Seems like we just did that," I said. "Yeah, a year ago," said Peter. "Just like we do very Christmas." - Richelle Mead

"Never let failure discourage you. Every time you get to the base of a mountain (literal or metaphorical), you're presented with a new opportunity to challenge yourself, to push your limits beyond what you thought possible, to learn from climbers on the trail ahead of you, and to take in some amazing views. Your performance on the mountain you climbed last week or last month or last year doesn't matter - because it's all about what you are doing right now." - Alison Levine

"As you start the company, you start spending spending spending ahead of revenue but then you come out of it and very quickly you should become a company that spends less than it makes. And what I mean by very quickly, is that window of time should be in that 6 to 8 year time frame. And the reason is because if you build your business model correctly it's almost unavoidable." - Chamath Palihapitiya

"His hand closed automatically around the fake Horcrux but in spite of everything, in spite of the dark and twisting path he saw stretching ahead for himself, in spite of the final meeting with Voldemort he knew must come whether in a month in a year or in ten, he felt his heart lift at the thought that there was still one last golden day of peace left to enjoy with Ron and Hermione." - J K Rowling

"My TV show had been cancelled; nothing else had gone anywhere; some alliances I had made petered out and nothing came of them and I was looking at a long, long year ahead of me in which there was no work on the horizon, the phone wasn't ringing. I had two kids, one of them a brand-new baby, and I didn't know if I would be able to keep my house." - Tom Hanks

"We are at the very point in time when a 400-year old age is dying and another is struggling to be born - a shifting of culture, science, society, and institutions enormously greater than the world has ever experienced. Ahead, the possibility of the regeneration of individuality, liberty, community and ethics such as the world has never know, and a harmony with nature, with one another, and with the divine intelligence such as the world has never dreamed." - Dee Hock

"First, the year 2004, the year past, the Comptroller General of the United States, David A. Walker, said that arguably it was the worst year in American fiscal history, clearly setting our Nation on an unsustainable path." - Jim Cooper

"Her father lov'd me; oft invited me; Still question'd me the story of my life, From year to year, the battles, sieges, fortunes, That I have pass'd." - William Shakespeare

""The making of peace is a continuing process that must go on from day to day, from year to year, so long as our civilization shall last."" - J William Fulbright

"Santa is having a tough time this year. Last year he deducted eight billion for gifts, and the IRS wants an itemized list" - Milton Berle

"We know next year was suppose to be our year, but we didn't feel like waiting when we think we can win now." - Paul Konerko

"O Day after day we can't help growing older. Year after year spring can't help seeming younger. Come let's enjoy our winecup today, Nor pity the flowers fallen." - Wang Wei

"Whether we want them or not, the New Year will bring new challenges; whether we seize them or not, the New year will bring new opportunities." - Michael Josephson

"A snow year, a rich year." - George Herbert

"We ought to thank President Bush. He made it a lot easier for people to do taxes this year. No job, no income tax this year." - Jay Leno

"The average 20-year-old serving us in Iraq knows more about their country's national security than the average 20-year political veteran serving in the Congress today." - Fred Thompson

"Her father loved me, oft invited me; Still questioned me the story of my life From year to year - the battles, sieges, fortunes That I have passed." - William Shakespeare

"I've been with 'Days of Our Lives' for 21 years, and I've decided this year is going to be my last year." - Alison Sweeney

"I wonder what day I shall die on - one passes year by year over one's death day, as one might pass over one's grave." - John Henry Newman

"The days have never been long enough to do the things I would like to do. Every year has held more of interest than the year before." - Laura Ingalls Wilder

"I checked the actuarial tables, and the lowest death rate is among six-year-olds. So I decided to eat like a six-year-old." - Warren Buffett

"Geological change usually takes thousands of years to happen but we are seeing the climate changing not just in our lifetimes but also year by year." - James Lovelock



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