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Yale University Quotes


"For God, for Country, and for Yale!" - Henry S. Durand

"And Yale is November, crisp and energetic." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"When I was in school, my mother stressed education. I am so glad she did. I graduated from Yale College and Yale University with my master's and I didn't do it by missing school." - Angela Bassett

"To cite my own alma mater, it's shocking to me that Yale University can teach what it teaches at the Yale School of Environmental Studies and utterly fail to mirror those values in any way in its investment practices." - Edward Norton

"I was off to Yale to be a lesbian" - Judith Butler

"Yale has influenced the Central Intelligence Agency more than any other university, giving the CIA the atmosphere of a class reunion." - Gaddis Smith

"Yale men do not like to be told anything by people who didn't go to Yale. The closest I came to Yale was once I had one of their padlocks." - George Burns

"The best university is the university of life." - Henrique Capriles Radonski

"The best university is the university of life." - Henrique Capriles Radonsk

"I went to Syracuse University." - Jessie Mueller

"He's wearing his official university sweatshirt again, which puzzles me a little. I mean I'd sort of understand it more if it said Yale or Harvard or something, because then it would be a fashion choice. But why advertise the fact that you're at a university to all the other people who are at the university with you?" - David Nicholls

"I was recruited by a number of schools including Miami University, University of Kentucky, University of Cincinnati, Indiana university, West Virginia University as well as others." - Graham Taylor

"I was fortunate enough to take classes with Mel Powell at Yale University as well as a semester with Sam Adler at the Eastman School of Music. From Mel I learned to appreciate improvisatory ingenuity and from Sam rhythmic athleticism." - Barbara Harbach

"My roommate at Yale University introduced me to the auteur theory of filmmaking. I soon became a big fan of the works of John Ford, Kenji Mizoguchi, Ernst Lubitsch, and Stan Brakhage. I then decided to make my own films!" - Lloyd Kaufman

"I first became interested in women and religion when I was one of the few women doing graduate work in Religious Studies at Yale University in the late 1960's." - Carol P Christ

"I have lectured at Town Hall N.Y., The Library of Congress, Harvard, Yale, Amherst, Wellesley, Columbia, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana State University, Colorado, Stanford, and scores of other places." - Paul Engle

"A Yale University management professor in response to student Fred Smith's paper proposing reliable overnight delivery service: The concept is interesting and well-formed, but in order to earn better than a 'C', the idea must be feasible." - Frederick W Smith

"Who is more in touch with the problems of this country? One of those guys who goes off to Oxford or to University of Yale, or someone who has lived in buses, in the Metro, in the street?" - Gloria Trevi

"I would love to see writing taught online because at university like Yale, there are not enough teachers who are able to teach writing well, or in some cases, there are none." - David Gelernter

"I flew back and forth and did episodes of Roseanne while I was at Yale." - Sara Gilbert

"Travel is like a university without walls." - Anita Roddick

"I didn't completed my University Education" - Bill Gates

"I didn't even complete my University Education" - Bill Gates

"Commencement Speaker, San Francisco State University, 2006" - Jackie Speier

"Oxford University the illuminati breeding ground" - David Icke

"The universe is a great university." - Sai Baba

"I came to Broadway through Indiana University." - Colin Donnell

"A girl just asked for SAT scores good enough to get her into Yale. I think she was nine." - Richelle Mead

"The motto of Harvard isn't 'nice,' it's truth. The motto of Yale isn't 'light and nice,' it's light and truth." - Scott Kenemore

"If all the girls who attended the Yale prom were laid end to end, I wouldn't be a bit surprised." - Dorothy Parker

"Most people in the university [ Columbia University ], including the administration, are very biased against the military." - Matt Sanchez

"Nothing so good as a university education, nor worse than a university without its education." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

"Nothing so good as a university education, nor worse than a university without its education." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

"I now teach at American University and the University of Virginia" - Julian Bond

"Children whose curiosity survives parental discipline and who manage to grow up before they blow up are invited to join the Yale faculty. Within the university they go on asking their questions and trying to find the answers ... it is a place where the world's hostility to curiosity can be defied." - Edmund Morgan

"I remembered that throughout my growing up and education and pursuing my dreams and desires, going into acting, and, of course, getting through Yale University and on and on and on, that being average, being mediocre was not an option that you should be proud of." - Angela Bassett

"I enjoyed reading and learning at school, and at university I enjoyed extending my reading and learning. Once I left Cambridge, I went to Yale as a fellow. I spent two years there. After that, George Gale made me literary editor of 'The Spectator." - Peter Ackroyd

"The benefits of a modest warming would outweigh the costs - by $8.4 billion a year in 1990 dollars by the year 2060, according to Robert Mendelsohn at Yale University - thanks to longer growing seasons, more wood fiber production, lower construction costs, lower mortality rates, and lower rates of morbidity (illness)." - Joseph L. Bast

"I began working within the streets of Harlem, where, after graduating from Yale [University, New Haven, CT], I became the artist in residence at the Studio Museum in Harlem [New York, NY]. I wanted to know what that was about. I would actually pull people from off of the streets and ask them to come to my studio." - Kehinde Wiley

"I came from a white middle class neighborhood. Was I expected to go back there and teach the woman next door about Renaissance sonnets? The embarrassing truth of the matter was that I was being chosen because Yale University had some peculiar idea about what my skin color or ethnicity signified." - Richard Rodriguez

"I am someone who values truth - actual truth as opposed to "truthiness." I am also someone who has been trained in deconstruction in the literary theory department of Yale University, so I am someone who is tempted to believe that no absolute truth is possible." - John Hodgman

"I enjoyed reading and learning at school, and at university I enjoyed extending my reading and learning. Once I left Cambridge, I went to Yale as a fellow. I spent two years there. After that, George Gale made me literary editor of 'The Spectator.'" - Peter Ackroyd

"Information design has been around since the 1970s. Pioneers like Yale University design guru Edward Tufte and design agency Pentagram have long known and used its power. But now with the rise of the Internet, it's having something of a second birth." - David Mccandless

"I teach in the Divinity School at Duke University, a very secular university. But before Duke, I taught fourteen years at the University of Notre Dame." - Stanley Hauerwas

"The university is the last remaining platform for national dissent." - Leon Eisenberg

"I move in the university of the waves." - Pablo Neruda

"A library is all the university you will ever need." - Ray Bradbury

"An Italian university is a contradiction in terms." - Indro Montanelli

"Tate University - a large football stadium with a college attached." - Harold Lloyd

"Simon Fraser University would make an elegant ruin" - Bruno Freschi

"The Library is the heart of the University." - Charles William Eliot

"The greatest curse that pervaded the university is apathy." - Howard G. Hendricks

"I tell people, 'I have a Ph.D. from Google University." - Kris Carr

"Milton calls the university A stony-hearted step-mother." - Augustine Birrell

"Victory is a good wine; defeat is a good university!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"The task of building a great university is never simple." - Henry Rosovsky

"Linear Programming and Extensions, Princeton University Press (1963), p. vii." - George Dantzig

"There should be a Kettle's Yard in every university." - Jim Ede

"No state legislature ever built a great university." - James E. Rogers, Jr.

"You can't have a great university without a great library." - Joe Paterno

"Today, the entire country is an immense University." - Fidel Castro

"All I wanted was to be a university teacher." - Jalal Talabani

"Dublin university contains the cream of Ireland: Rich and thick." - Samuel Beckett

"I tell people, 'I have a Ph.D. from Google University.'" - Kris Carr

"We moved over to Silver Spring, actually near University Park." - Jim Fowler

"Saturday Night Live' was like a university for funny." - Tracy Morgan

"No state legislature ever built a great university." - James E Rogers

"I went to drama school at New York University." - Molly Shannon

"'Saturday Night Live' was like a university for funny." - Tracy Morgan

"My mum wanted me to go to university." - Florence Welch

"I got into Temple University on a track scholarship." - Bill Cosby

"My university work was not central to my education." - Italo Calvino

"Actually, I graduated from university as a journalist." - Hugh Jackman

"War was my university. Everything has proceeded from there." - Paul Virilio

"Teaching at university isn't like teaching in an art school." - Barbara Kruger

"The men - the undergraduates of Yale and Princeton are cleaner, healthier, better-looking, better dressed, wealthier and more attractive than any undergraduate body in the country." - Anonymous

"[To Yale football players:] Gentlemen, you are now going out to play football against Harvard. Never again in your life will you do anything so important." - T. A. D. Jones

"Bill Heseltine had been at university with me, at the University of Western Australia. I knew him well." - Bob Hawke

"I think the University of Texas has the chance to become the finest public university in the country." - Tom Hicks

"Donald Trump had a university. Well, the state attorney general decided that the Donald Trump University was an unlicensed sham. And I thought, you know you're at a bad university when your commencement speaker is Whitey Bulger." - David Letterman

"We need university education in Fiji and must seriously think about starting post secondary education in Fiji. In the near future we hope to see a university college in Fiji and ultimately a fully fledged university" - A. D. Patel

"Football, fraternities, and fun have no place in the university. They were introduced only to entertain those who shouldn't be in the university." - Robert M Hutchins

"When the State wishes to endow an academy or university, it grants it a tract of forest land: one saw represents an academy, a gang, a university." - Henry David Thoreau

"The medieval university looked backwards; it professed to be a storehouse of old knowledge. The modern university looks forward, and is a factory of new knowledge." - Thomas Henry Huxley

"The role of a liberal arts college within a university is to be a genuine part of that university, giving and responding to the other parts." - Edward H. Levi

"There are some things you can't learn at any university, except for one, the University of Life... the only college where everyone is a permanent student." - E. A. Bucchianeri

"I went to the University of Toronto for a year, and I'm always trying to get across what university is really like." - Scott Speedman

"The essence of a university is free and open inquiry, and when it loses that it is no longer a university." - Charles Koch

"Individuals in a university - students, faculty, staff - can choose to become politically engaged, and a free university should foster a climate in which those are natural choices." - Noam Chomsky

"At his Philadelphia alma mater, Temple University, Cosby gave commencement addresses and attended games. He served on the university`s board of trustees for more than three decades." - Chaka Fattah

"It's obvious that in an intelligent educated audience such as this university, I stress this university. Who saw fit to give them accreditation?" - Richard Dawkins

"The mediaeval university looked backwards: it professed to be a storehouse of old knowledge... The modern university looks forward: it is a factory of new knowledge." - Thomas Henry Huxley

"The role of a liberal arts college within a university is to be a genuine part of that university, giving and responding to the other parts." - Edward Levi

"I left the University of Chicago's creative writing program for a tenure-track job at DePauw University in Indiana, then left DePauw in 2010 for Los Angeles." - Nic Pizzolatto

"I'm very proud of what we've done with the State University and the City University. They're totally different institutions than they were when I took office." - George Pataki

"I attended schools in Seattle through the University of Washington, from which I was graduated in 1931. I spent the next year at Northwestern University." - George Stigler

"The medieval university looked backwards; it professed to be a storehouse of old knowledge. The modern university looks forward, and is a factory of new knowledge." - Thomas Huxley

"Just think about it: what in the name of God would Alabama be without the University of Alabama? What would Oklahoma be without the University of Oklahoma? Nothing." - Dan Jenkins

"My dad was dean of fine arts at the university. I was casting bronzes in the school foundry. I was using the university as a playground." - Maya Lin

"A whaleship was my Yale College and my Harvard." - Herman Melville

"Treasury Secretary Brady didn't like the Fed either. He and the president were friends and had a lot in common-both were wealthy, Yale educated patricians and members of Skull and Bones." - Alan Greenspan

"When I left Yale, I was prepared to write anything." - Mitch Leigh

"I applied to Yale, and I got in." - Mitch Leigh

"A whale ship was my Yale College and my Harvard." - Herman Melville

"I got accepted at Yale but never went." - Shia Labeouf

"I was planning on going to Yale to theater school." - Shia Labeouf

"University students are rarely able to cope with universals and death is the most embarrassing universal." - Kate Cruise O'Brien

"The resources of a university, of a college, should not be wasted in merely academic pursuits." - Howard Zinn

"Organization and method mean much, but contagious human characters mean more in a university." - William James

"God has a university. It's a small school. Few enroll; even fewer graduate." - Gene Edwards

"University: ... a place where rich men send their sons who have no aptitude for business." - Kin Hubbard

"University politics make me long for the simplicity of the Middle East." - Henry A Kissinger

"Education doesn't cease when you leave college or leave the university. Education is a lifetime process." - Jim Rohn

"A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in students." - John Ciardi

"Were I not a king, I would be a university man." - James I of England

"University politics are vicious precisely because the stakes are so small." - Henry Kissinger

"A senior always feels like the university is going to the kids." - Thomas Lansing Masson

"For my undergraduate work, I went to Oklahoma State University and graduated from there in 1977" - Anita Hill

"Traditionally, psychology has been the study of two populations: university freshmen and white rats." - Paul Bloom

"The exquisite art of idleness, one of the most important things that any University can teach." - Oscar Wilde

"I went to the University of Life and was chucked out." - Peter Cook

"The first duty of a university is to teach wisdom, not trade; character, not technicalities." - Winston Churchill

"Every home is a university and the parents are the teachers." - Mahatma Gandhi

"I am not topper in my university but all toppers are working in my microsoft company." - Bill Gates

"You can lade a man up to th' university, but ye can't make him think." - Finley Peter Dunne

"Simply put, success in LSU football is essential for the success of Louisiana State University." - Mark Emmert

"Nicholas Parsons' time at the University of Glasgow seems to be absolutely shrouded in mystery." - Derek Nimmo

"Throughout my life I have dreamed of coaching at the University of Michigan," - Jim Harbaugh

"The use of a university is to make young gentlemen as unlike their fathers as possible." - Woodrow Wilson

"The Civic University operates on a global scale but uses its location to form its identity." - John Goddard

"...the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia apparently cherry-picked Russian climate data." - Andrey Illarionov

"If there was a university degree for greed, you cunts would all get first-class honours." - Paul Keating

"I think the American university system still seems to be the best system in the world" - Clifford Geertz

"Personally I am in favour of education but a university is not the place for it." - Tom Stoppard

"What poor education I have received has been gained in the University of Life." - Horatio Bottomley

"The library is...a university of the people, from which the students are never graduated." - Katharine Sharp

"It doesn't look like much work goes on at this university." - Prince Philip

"I did nothing wrongEverything I've done at this university I did the right way." - Cam Newton

"I started acting at the University of Michigan in my sophomore year," - David Alan Grier

"In fact, it used to be a joke if you studied at a University" - Tony Randall

"I applied for the University of Life. Didn't get the grades." - David Nicholls

"The University of Google is where I got my degree from." - Jenny Mccarthy

"The humanities should constitute the core of any university worth the name." - Terry Eagleton

"Coming from the University of Miami, I developed really good study habits." - Jonathan Vilma

"I went to Oxford University - but I've never let that hold me back." - Margaret Thatcher

"The University of Miami is not a campus with visible school spirit, just visible tan lines." - Lisa Birnbach

"The university is a series of individual entrepreneurs held together by a common grievance about parking." - Clark Kerr

"Essien Udom is a Nigerian. At present he's a professor at Ibadan University." - Malcolm X

"Most people in the university, including the administration, are very biased against the military." - Matt Sanchez

"Stress, Neurodegeneration and Individual Differences, a lecture at Washington State University" - Robert Sapolsky



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