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Ya Quotes


"Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood." - Fionnula Flanagan

"Ya gotta do what ya gotta do." - Sylvester Stallone

"They say ya additude determines ya laditude..." - Kanye West

"Be what ya is, 'cause if ya be what you ain't, ya ain't what ya is." - Don Meyer

"Sleep tight, ya morons!" - J D Salinger

"I'm gonna hump ya. Like Deputy Dog... Would hump ya." - Steve Coogan

"So: see ya, and I wouldn't wanna be ya." - Wesley Snipes

"Been about ya and I'm still about ya" - Drake

"Thank God for the bomb. Nuke ya, nuke ya." - Ozzy Osbourne

"Glad to eat ya', I mean meet ya'" - Digger" - Kathryn Lasky

"Told ya you were special." - Thomas E. Sniegoski

"Do ya' feel lucky, punk?" - Clint Eastwood

"If ya ain't got it in ya, ya can't blow it out." - Louis Armstrong

"Put ya shoulder to the handle, if ya dare, and hoist that bucket hither, Crank'n'hoist'n'hoist'n'crank, till ya muscles waste'n'wither." - Nick Cave

"I'll slow roast ya, got no holster" - Drake

"I'm kicking new flava in ya ear!" - Craig Mack

"Dance with the one who brung ya." - Darrell Royal

"Jeepers creepers! Where'd ya get those peepers?" - Johnny Mercer

"Get it in ya! Chocolate milk, bitch!" - Tre Cool

"Ya wanna be an artist? Make art!" - Kay WalkingStick

"When you don't pray, the devil rides ya when ya sleep" - Lil Boosie

"Shake what ya momma gave ya and most of all be sassy" - Kim Kardashian

"It ain't about who ya love, it's all about do ya love." - Michael Franti

"A good friend is someone who gets ya drunk and then walks ya home afterwards." - Michael Monroe

"Forget the haters, just get ya money, just get ya weight up." - Nicki Minaj

"Worried bout ya followers? You need to get ya dollars up." - Drake

"Sometimes ya gotta do stuff ?cause it's expected of ya, not ?cause of anything else." - Laura Moncur

"When a guy knocks ya down, never get up unless he's gonna kill ya." - Gennaro Angiulo

"When I see ya baby girl, I miss feelin on ya. I miss everything that's real about ya and that's everything about ya, that's just how I feel about ya" - Drake

"While I'm writing YA, I can't read YA, and the same with adult. I usually only listen to music while I'm writing YA." - Jennifer Armentrout

"My song is ya girlfriend's wakin up ringer" - Drake

"Just enough'll solve your problems too much'll kill ya" - Drake

"Myrnin:I could murder a cheeseburger right now Oliver:focus ya fool" - Rachel Caine

"Live tonight, cuz you can't take it with ya." - Macklemore

"Good days and long nights to ya, sai." - Stephen King

"Any questions?" "Ya why do your drawings suck so bad?" - Tite Kubo

"Who ya gonna call?" "Ghostbusters!" "That phrase is ruined forever." - James Patterson

"If the thunder don't get ya then the lightning will." - Jerry Garcia

"Love is evil, spell it backwards, I'll show ya." - Eminem

"Ya know, Hitler was a great leader, too." - Lou Holtz

"If you kill someone in Texas, we'll kill ya back." - Ron White

"I'm an old fashioned joint smoker ya know." - Willie Nelson

"If ya' smell what The Rock is cookin'!" - Dwayne Johnson

"Hey @giseleofficial, I feel ya girl. kidding fakebaby soymilk shameless" - Emmy Rossum

"And everything you get, ya gotta work hard for it." - The Notorious Big

"Love is evil, spell it backwards, I"ll show ya." - Eminem

"So how's that hopey changey stuff working out for ya?" - Sarah Palin

"Relationships are more important than punch lines, ya know?" - Kanye West

"How's that hopey changey thing working out for ya?" - Sarah Palin

"They'll stone ya and then they'll say, good luck" - Bob Dylan

"It tastes like somebody stole my wallet. Ya know?" - Gerard Way

"It's all bullshit, folks and it's bad for ya." - George Carlin

"If I wanted your opinion, I'd slap it outta ya." - Paul Ogrady

"Cigarettes, I won't do cigarettes, nicotine will kill ya." - Tommy Chong

"Live music is the cure for what ails ya." - Henry Rollins

"I don't play chess with my life, ya' know." - Russell Crowe

"The future's comin' at ya' like a freight train." - Lila McCann

"If I wanted your opinion, I'd slap it outta ya." - Paul O'Grady

"Watch out world, we're here to change ya!" - Hal Elrod

"You the type that be runnin ya mouth. See you on the block wanna run in ya house." - Nicki Minaj

"When you down and out don't nobody trust ya, but when you got bread it seems like everybody love ya." - Lil Boosie

"Not gonna bind ya or break ya, old spirit. Just gonna kick your ass up between your ears." - Jim Butcher

"This treadmill lifestyle ain't workin for me... It's from ya crib to ya lab to ya job to make a profit, And at the day's end you still got nothing accomplished." - Phonte

"My eyes adored ya Though I never laid a hand on you My eyes adored ya Like a million miles away from me you couldn't see how I adored ya So close, so close and yet so far" - Frankie Valli

"Well, I can't (sing or dance). Actually, I sing like a seal and dance like your Uncle Leo at that wedding where he got up and went 'ya, ya, ya'." - Richard Dreyfuss

"This Fruity Pebble that ya dealin' with, I ain't ya average jabroni. I'm like a big purple pinwheel, Rock, so go ahead and blow me." - John Cena

"You got a man? That's somethin we will talk about. He's smart enough to have ya, but dumb enough to let ya out." - Ll Cool J

"You can't take the heat, get ya ass out the kitchen Matter fact, take ya ass back in there and wash the dishes." - Ryan Montgomery

"How could you do me like that I took ya family in put some cash in ya pocket made you a man again" - Tupac Shakur

"See, ya are what ya are in this world. That's either one of two things: Either you're somebody, or you ain't nobody." - Frank Lucas

"You have to wipe yourself down, to stay clean. If ya' girl clean, and ya' thoughts clean, wipe 'em down. Wipe 'em down man." - Lil Boosie

"If you're ever invited, fellow YA authors, go. It's the first YA con I've been to that was overwhelming populated by teens. Wonderful!" - Justine Larbalestier

"And baby, when I see ya I'm gonna love you all over the place And baby, when I see ya I'm gonna kiss you all over your face" - Macy Gray

"Nadie llega a una relacion ya sanado, ya perfecto. En una relacion sagrada, se entiende que todos estamos heridos pero que todos estamos alli para sanar juntos.*" - Marianne Williamson

"Pero yo ya no soy yo Ni mi casa es ya mi casa. But now I am no longer I, nor is my house any longer my house." - Federico Garcia Lorca

"Success is the best revenge for anything. Keep ya head down and work hard to achieve." - Ed Sheeran

"You hate it before you played it. I already forgave ya." - J Cole

"Man the life of a workaholic... You either on ya work or just workin on it." - Big Sean

"You not nothing til you got something, then everybody love ya. Pops told me that" - Webbie

"Why doncha come on over to the house and I'll show 'em to ya?" - Frank Zappa

"I'll tell 'ya how to stay young: Hang around with older people." - Bob Hope

"Do what ya have to do to pay off yer debt with Heaven,' he said, his concern for proper speech abandoned. 'But ya do not die on me, ya understand? I can't live without ya. Yer all I got, woman.' Her breath caught in her lungs. 'I don't want to be here if you're not." - Jana Oliver

"Spread ya legs, arch your back. Go up and down, and make it clap." - Diplo

"Hey! Leave the door open will ya? The flies haven't been out all day." - Redd Foxx

"I'll throw ya gang-sign up, and then I'll spit on my hand." - Immortal Technique

"A fight every now and again does make life more interesting. Don't ya think?" - Dante Alighieri

"But Dally, heaters kill people! Ya' kill 'em with switchblades to, don'tcha?" - S E Hinton

"Ya hafta be there for Beck. He only has you." Riley sighed. "I'll get the car." - Jana Oliver

"I'm Pri-ya again. I always will be with this man." - Karen Marie Moning

"I'm Pri-ya again. I always will be with this man." - Karen Marie Moning

"Do what ya have to do to pay off yer debt with Heaven," he said, his concern for proper speech abandoned. "But ya do not die on me, ya understand? I ca' live without ya. Yer all I got, woman." Her breath caught in her lungs. "I do' want to be here if you're not." - Jana Oliver

"They say "ya gotta stay hungry"... Hey Baby...I'm just about starvin' tonight!" - Bruce Springsteen

"What I tell ya? Don't blink! It's just gonna be over quick." - Tito Ortiz

"religion notoriously claims that they invented morality, they didn't. Morality exists in animals, ya know." - Seth Macfarlane

"I'm reliable sources, I'll tell ya anything you want me to know." - Tom Waits

"So put a quarter in your ass Cuz ya played ya'self" - Big Daddy Kane

"Leave your 9's at home and bring ya skillz to the battle." - Jeru the Damaja

"Just remember that William Blake wasn't even published in his lifetime. Ya gotta keep creating." - Kris Kristofferson

"If you can't see the bright side, why ya just need to polish the dull one." - Shelley Shepard Gray

"Ain't that a shame how they f-ck up ya name." - Lil Boosie

"Beef is best served like steak: Well done, get a gun in ya face." - Pusha T

"Raw I'mma give it to ya, with no trivia. Raw like cocaine straight from Bolivia." - U-God

"How dare you ever in ya life walk past me without acknowledging their man as God." - Ll Cool J

"Woke the next day and found her note. Love ya, goodbye, that's all she wrote." - David Gates

"Did ya ever think that we would pay the price for being lazy?" - Ray Davies

"My favorite judge is Simon! He's so real with ya - Even when I don't like" - Melinda Doolittle

"You grimy as birds shittin' on the top of ya Fords." - Curtis Jackson

"Ya gotta live somewhere, but also you GET to live somewhere." - John Green

"To me, pictures are like blintzes - ya gotta get 'em while they're hot." - Weegee

"Red Bull doesn't give you wings, it just makes ya sick." - Niall Horan

"Life is for living, not living uptight, see ya somewhere up in the sky." - Jay-Z

"You were an ass long before I made one outta ya!" - Shawn Michaels

"Everybody loves me, babies, dogs, ya know, hot girls, cougars. I just have unbelievable mass appeal." - Mike Sorrentino

"Believe me, if I started murdering people there'd be none of ya left." - Charles Manson

"I tell ya! The road to success is an endless battle for you and me." - Steven Jackson

"Do you speak Chopnese huh? Do ya? Chop chop chop chop chop. Aha you don't." - Pewdiepie

"Clark Gable once said to me, "'Acting school?' [If you go,] I'll kill ya!"" - Mickey Rooney

"I hate to say Napster kind of killed our business, but what can I tell ya?" - Frank Stallone

"That's the Oscars for ya - you remember who was nominated, but you don't remember who won!" - Bette Midler

"[Blow Ya Mind] it's a feel good song, a relaxed song... people are just digging it." - Styles P

"Ya sabur, subhannallahi, a'udhu billahi minash-shaitanir-rajim, al-hamdu lilllah, bismillahir rahmanir rahim." - Aaron Weiss

"I tell ya, if you want to disperse a crowd, start spittin' on 'em." - Kent Nichols

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow, You're always a day away!" - Martin Charnin

"Audience Member: Hey Mitch, I got something to put in that pipe for ya!" - Mitch Hedberg

"Ya back home they call me the tie-dye shirt kid, well that and fagot." - Bo Burnham

"My mom always said that there would be haters. Not everyone can love ya." - Joel Madden

"When life hands you a lemon, say, 'Oh yeah, I like lemons! What else ya got?" - Henry Rollins

"Ya' know, these days kids seem to be getting younger and younger." - David Foster

"I'd luv to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair." - Bette Davis

"This is the big one! You hear that, Elizabeth? I'm coming to join ya, honey!" - Redd Foxx

"The Shades never recorded anything, Little Daddy and the Bachelors recorded a couple of records, ya." - Tommy Chong

"You don't say hello to Mr. DeNiro? Show the respect, will ya?" - Joe Pesci

"Ya gots to work with what you gots to work with." - Stevie Wonder

"I guess a good song is a good song is a good song, ya know." - George Thorogood

"For me, a good YA novel is the best kind of comfort food." - Hallie Ephron

"When you're reading Thoreau you look at Hollywood differently, let me tell ya!" - Emile Hirsch

"But you...are my sweetest gift. The life surprise that soothed all my ills and gave me my greatest joys. I feel so blessed you are mine. -Mama Ya-Ya" - Jewell Parker Rhodes

"The power of music just kinda kills all those ills; it cures everything and you've got more energy just from the music. And, I've never seen it fail. It's good for ya; real good for ya." - Levon Helm

"Scared ya, did I? Aw, that's sweet. Don't worry the shocks won't kill me," she whispered. "They only make me stronger. Anyway, it was worth it to give that cow a black eye, ya know?" - Lauren Kate

"I mean we cant even rock them shoes if it dont got a comma on the price tag ya know. I mean.. I mean but then again who looks at the price tag ya know?" - Nicki Minaj

"Don't let them fool ya, or even try to school ya! Oh, no! We've got a mind of our own, so go to hell if what you're thinking is not right!" - Bob Marley

"I'm just trying to do the opposite of left, as long as there's the opposite of death, ya know Yes, ya test and I just might bring the opposite of life, til' there's no one the opposite of right" - Lupe Fiasco

"I just wanted to be in show biz. I wanted to make music and sing and dance, tell jokes and stories, make ya smile, make ya cry - and charge you $ 8.50" - David Lee Roth

"Cats be talkin', "Bobby I ain't feelin' ya." But I bet if I was peelin' your cap back with a two-shot Dillinger Hot lead released from my cylinder, You'd be talkin' 'bout, "Bobby I'm feelin' ya!"" - RZA

"The power of music just kinda kills all those ills; it cures everything and you"ve got more energy just from the music. And, I"ve never seen it fail. It's good for ya; real good for ya." - Levon Helm

"Well we can't salute ya Can't find a flag If that don't suit ya That's a drag School's out for summer School's out forever School's been blown to pieces." - Alice Cooper

"Well that wraps up another episode, let me tell ya, balls are good and eels are delicious and I'm sitting here with two hot ass bitches, I'll see ya next week if my name is Norm." - Brandon DiCamillo

"When I was growing up, there actually wasn't a lot of YA literature as it exists today. Most of the YA that I read was from the '60s and '70s, older than me." - Lauren Destefano

"You loan your friend money. You see them again, they don't say nothin' 'bout the money. 'Hi, how ya doin'? How's ya mama doing?' Man, how's my money doin'?" - Chris Tucker

"To me there's no difference between writing YA and adult except that in YA I make the book a little shorter and the protagonists are teens. The difference is in the readers." - Charles De Lint



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