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X Love Quotes


"I love X-Games music." - Jon Anderson

"Love is the X-factor in healing!" - Paul Solomon

"7 x 7 + love = An amount Infinitely above: 7 x 7 - love." - Langston Hughes

"I love 'X Factor,' and I love Sharon: she's brilliant." - Katie Price

"Send the haters all my love. X and O." - Drake

"People love leverage when it's working. I mean, it's so easy to borrow money from a guy at X and put it out at X." - Howard Warren Buffett

"White people love Wayne Brady, because he makes Bryant Gumbel look like Malcolm X" - Dave Chappelle

"Love is a lot like a backache. It doesn't show up on x-rays, but you know it's there." - George Burns

"I love 'The Autobiography of Malcolm X.' That was like the only black book we read in high school." - Junot Diaz

"I love all reality TV - Strictly, 'The X Factor.' I really don't see why people are so snobby about it." - Alexandra Roach

"I love a straightforward character. I am the guy who loves Cyclops on the 'X-Men', because he is square." - Joss Whedon

"Suffering = Pain x Resistance" - Shinzen Young

"Poetry = Anger x Imagination" - Sherman Alexie

"Swanee! How I love you, how I love you, My dear ol' Swanee! I'd give the world to be Among the folks in D-I-X-I-E" - Irving Caesar

"I can say I'm not doing 'X-Men.' I love the franchise, and I love the people who make them on and off screen." - Taron Egerton

"Now I'm a big fan [of X-files]. I had to see what all the fuss is about, and I love it." - Rhys Darby

"I know there will be X amount of women being diagnosed. I love to say, You can get through it. You can." - Kylie Minogue

"I love finding new talent, to be completely honest, and my opportunity that I got to do 'X Factor U.K.' was just incredible. I will never forget it." - Kelly Rowland

"Xxxx xxxx x xxxx, xxxxx xxx x xxx xxx x xxxx. Xxxx xxxx xxxx x xxxxx xxxx xx Xxxxxxx." - Pseudonymous Bosch

"Loving you, until the day that 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 is 4." - Stevie Wonder

"Honestly, I would love to be friends with Fox Mulder on 'The X-Files.' That's almost a little too obvious, but that would be my answer. I'd love to hang out with him." - Kumail Nanjiani

"Any other vexations to report?" he asks. "I love the word 'vexations.'" "It's the 'x.' Nice to jump off a 'v' and bite into an 'x' like that." "Just the usual ones," she says. "How was the weekend?" "Vexing. Not really, I just wanted to say it. You?" - Michael Cunningham

"I am really excited that we have Jemaine Clement in the show [X-men], because I freakin' love Flight of the Concords. It was so exciting to work with him." - Lauren Shuler Donner

"I think that's one of the reasons people love The X-Files, because most people do believe that there's something else going on that we don't know, because life is just too bizarre to be the way it is." - Rhys Darby

"When I was a kid, I loved 'The Curse of Frankenstein,' 'The Creeping Unknown,' 'X: The Unknown.' I love 'Forbidden Planet,' 'The Thing from Another World.' They were science fiction/horror movies, generally." - John Carpenter

"I think the rule of thumb should be this: if you preface a sentence about a friend with the phrase, 'I love X, but... ' more than once in any conversation, you should stop hanging out with them." - Sloane Crosley

"I love 'The X-Men;' that was the first comic series that I was dedicated to, because I feel like you can pick your player. 'I'm the most like Gambit... or I'm totally a Storm.'" - Taran Killam

"I'm a couch potato. I love to stay in and just watch a DVD with the missus. Or we all go over to Louis's house and watch 'X Factor.'" - Zayn Malik

"I love the first two X-Men movies because I thought that Bryan Singer did such a great job. He elevated that whole genre. He's a very talented director." - Famke Janssen

"Life is an X-rated soap opera." - John Irving

"(Technology reliability) x (Human reliability) = (System reliability)" - Garrett Hardin

"David Icke reminded me of Malcolm X." - Alice Walker

"I'm a fan of X-men." - William

"Can you know you can have institutions that put curbs on that in various ways, and actually what the banks, you know, they have various capital ratios and that sort of thing, but the banks got around them, I mean, they set up sieves and that sort of thing just to get more leverage. People love leverage when it's working. I mean, it's so easy to borrow money from a guy at X and put it out at X." - Warren Buffett

"X + Y + Z X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut." - Albert Einstein

"As you grow and change, you become possibly someone else. You want to go back to your family of origin and say, 'Do you still love me? Would you still love me if I become X or Y or Z? When will you stop loving me? Is this unconditional love and if not what are the conditions?'" - Jill Soloway

"As you grow and change, you become possibly someone else. You want to go back to your family of origin and say, "Do you still love me? Would you still love me if I become X or Y or Z? When will you stop loving me? Is this unconditional love and if not what are the conditions?"" - Jill Soloway

"Sometimes I'll be fifty, sixty pages into something and I'll still be calling a character "X." I don't have a very clear idea of who the characters are until they start talking. Then I start to love them. By the time I finish the book, I love them so much that I want to stay with them. I don't want to leave them ever." - Joan Didion

"I love the 'Housewives.' I don't watch 'American Idol' or 'X Factor.' I guess I don't like network reality: I like my Bravo; I like documentary programming - I love 'Intervention' and some things on TLC more than others - but the 'Real Housewives' to me are really revolutionary, in terms of giving camera time to women of a certain age." - Julie Klausner

"Labels want my name beside a X like Malcolm" - Drake

"Sockets are the X windows of IO interfaces." - Rob Pike

"X-rays will prove to be a hoax." - William Thompson

"log log log x goes to infinity with great dignity." - Daniel Shanks

"Malcolm X educated himself in prison by reading." - Stephen D. Krashen

"X-Files wasnt a big show in England." - James Frain

"I was x years old in the year x2." - Augustus De Morgan

"Google[x]'s Focus on the Physical World" - Astro Teller

"Project X now, but it started as a Hunger Game." - Joe Budden

"-1 x -1 = +1 is stupid and evil." - Gene Ray

"You have three chromosomes, Bryson. X, Y, and Fuckhead." - Bill Bryson

"Anything that is unexpected is the X-factor." - Dante Hall

"The doctors x-rayed my head and found nothing." - Dizzy Dean

"Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X came out of prison stronger." - Philip Emeagwali

"'X-Files' wasn't a big show in England." - James Frain

"I was such a huge fan of 'The X-Files.'" - Bryan Fuller

"It's very difficult to release an X-rated movie." - Jerry Bruckheimer

"Mac OS X Tiger will come out long before Longhorn." - Steve Jobs

"Log Log Log (x) goes off to infinity with x, but has never been observed to do so." - Carl Pomerance

"I was a big 'X-Files' fan. I always lamented that I never got to be on 'The X-Files'." - Michael Cerveris

"Love draws forth love." - Teresa of Avila

"... only love begets love." - Anais Nin

"My problem is with the warped value system our culture has. Why is it that if you knife a woman in a movie it's PG, but if you swear at her it's rated R and if you make love to her it's rated X?" - Tim Dorsey

"He tried not to love that she could recite scenes from Ghostbusters, that she liked kung fu movies and could name all of the original X-Men- because those seemed like reasons a guy would fall for a girl in a Kevin Smith movie." - Rainbow Rowell

"When I originally sold X-Men it was because I knew there was 40 years of stories. That was the point! Not only to do the movie and establish the characters, you know, you love the one you're doing. It was because there are all these great stories, what a wealth of drama." - Lauren Shuler Donner

"We only have X amount of days and time on this planet - how am I going to spend that time? The way that I want to spend it is caring about the people that I love the most, and fighting to make the world a more livable place for everybody." - Michael Franti

"I've always loved playing live shows. I love traveling, seeing the country. I've made a lot of lifelong friends on the road at shows. It's so neat to see that so many of our fans have become friends. There are these nice little groups of "X People" everywhere." - Exene Cervenka

"I love revising things, because you see how you can get the language to get closer to intention. You know there are three ways to say X thing, but one will say it better than the other two. And in saying it better, it gets you closer to something." - Claudia Rankine

"I am sending back the key that let me into bluebeard's study; because he would make love to me I am sending back the key; in his eye's darkroom I can see my X-rayed heart, dissected body: I am sending back the key that let me into bluebeard s study." - Sylvia Plath

"As a kid, you just like anything fanciful that you're into, but as an adult, I really love that kind of place where the super hero mythos meets life, where it has that human story; that's what I think I was really drawn to when I started getting into the X-Men." - Cress Williams

"I don't know how 'X Factor' works. I was only there as a guest judge for a day. But I watched 'The Voice' a lot; I respected how it came across on TV, and I love the freedom we get as coaches to do what we want." - Rita Ora

"We only had a couple of ways for people to hate us on 'X-Files,' including still writing actual fan letters. Now people can instantly tell you, 'Oh my God, I love you,' or 'Oh my God, you are the worst person on the planet.' They actually had to hate you enough or love you enough to write a letter, put a stamp on it and send it." - Jeffrey Bell

"Inadequate love is love. Unrequited love is love." - Lan Samantha Chang

"Thanks to the redundancy of language, yxx cxn xndxrstxnd whxt x xm wrxtxng xvxn xf x rxplxcx xll thx vxwxls wxth xn "x" (t gts lttl hrdr f y dn't vn kn whr th vwls r)" - Steven Pinker

"I play both X-Box 360 and Playstation 3. I prefer X-Box 360, but they don't have 'MLB - The Show,' so I have to play every other game on the X-Box." - Mo Williams

"Love me. Love my umbrella." - James Joyce

"Love wins, love always wins." - Mitch Albom

"I love pain. Love pain." - Cam Gigandet

"I love tennis, love it!" - David Oyelowo

"It seems to me,' said Magid finally, as the moon became clearer than the sun, 'that you have tried to love a man as if he were an island and you were shipwrecked and you could mark the land with an X. It seems to me it is too late in the day for all that.' Then he gave her a kiss on the forehead that felt like a baptism and she wept like a baby." - Zadie Smith

"Did you ever stop to thnk about all the people we kill? They're always people who tell us to live together in harmony and try to love one another: Jesus, Ghandi, Lincoln, John Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Medgar Evers, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, John Lennon. They all said: 'Try to live together peacefully.' BAM! Right in the f-in head! Aparently we're not ready for that!" - George Carlin

"Over the last century, physicists have used light quanta, electrons, alpha particles, X-rays, gamma-rays, protons, neutrons and exotic sub-nuclear particles for this purpose [scattering experiments]. Much important information about the target atoms or nuclei or their assemblage has been obtained in this way. In witness of this importance one can point to the unusual concentration of scattering enthusiasts among earlier Nobel Laureate physicists. One could say that physicists just love to perform or interpret scattering experiments." - Clifford Shull

"We love being in business with Guillermo [Del Toro]and frankly that movie, if you look it up, did I think more business than the first X-Men, did more than Batman Begins, our first movie, did more than Superman Returns, The Fast and the Furious, Star Trek- so for a movie that was an original property that we made up it's done really well." - Thomas Tull

"I don't have a road map and I'm not a goal oriented person in the sense that, you know, I have nothing in front of me that says by June of 2017 I want to have accomplished X. I have an overriding goal, and that is to be successful at whatever I do 'cause I figure if that happens I'll love it and enjoy it, and then that's when opportunity presents itself." - Rush Limbaugh

"The subject matter covered in Carmina stays pretty basic: love, lust, the pleasures of drinking and the heightened moods evoked by springtime. These primitive and persistently relevant themes are nicely camouflaged by the Latin and old German texts, so the listener can actually feign ignorance while listening to virtually X-rated lyrics. (Veni Veni Venias! Come, come come now!)The music itself toggles between huge forces and a single voice, juxtaposing majesty and intimacy with ease..." - Carl Orff

"It's fair to say that, by 'X-Men 3,' Wolverine had gone a little soft, and I agree with them there. What fans love about Wolverine is his more uncompromising approach to life. He is who he is. He's not always a nice guy. He has got edge. He's an anti-hero. And, there's also a vulnerability in there. There is conflict and battles going on in there." - Hugh Jackman

"Any effect, constant, theorem or equation named after Professor X was first discovered by Professor Y , for some value of Y not equal to X." - John C. Baez

"If A equals success, then the formula is A equals X plus Y and Z, with X being work, Y play, and Z keeping your mouth shut." - Albert Einstein

"If A equals success, then the formula is: A = X + Y + Z, where X is work, Y is play, and Z is keep your mouth shut." - Albert Einstein

"If A is success in life, then A = x + y + z. Work is x, play is y and z is keeping your mouth shut." - Albert Einstein

"If A is a success in life, then A equals x plus y plus z. Work is x; y is play; and z is keeping your mouth shut" - Albert Einstein

"I had the X rating on my films. Now they do as much on The Simpsons as I got an X rating for Fritz the Cat." - Ralph Bakshi

"It wasn't that the X-1 would kill you, it was the systems in the X-1 that would kill you." - Chuck Yeager

"Malcolm X raised my consciousness about myself and my people and other people more than any person I know. I knew him before he became Malcolm X." - Lena Horne

"I drive two black cars, I named em Malcolm X and Martin Luther." - Drake

"In the algebra of psychology, X stands for a woman's heart." - Ambrose Bierce

"By showing a picture, you're showing an x-ray of your heart." - Ralph Steiner

"Tell X that speech is not dirty silence Clarified. It is silence made still dirtier." - Wallace Stevens

"Dear Algebra, stop asking us to find your X, she's not coming back" - Woody Paige

"Jesus-murdered. Martin Luther King-murdered. Gandhi-murdered. Malcolm X-murdered. Reagan-wounded." - Bill Hicks

"We have long become overgrown with calluses; we no longer hear people being killed. ("X")" - Yevgeny Zamyatin

"Our mental attitude is the x factor that determines our fate." - Dale Carnegie

"Lockheed! You found me! You are the best X-Dragon ever." - Joss Whedon

"I got into comics on John Byrne's run of the X-Men and the Dark Phoenix Saga. I got in around X-Men 95, right when it turned to the new X-Men. So that whole family, all those characters are kind of my favorite characters, just the X-Men world." - Timothy Miller

"I don't care. I'll start my own group. Rejection from society is what created X-Men!" - LIZ

"X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut." - R. A. Dickson

"He wished he had some kind of X-ray vision for the human heart." - Kim Edwards

"To refer to the Church as a building is to call people 2 x 4's." - Shane Claiborne

"To speak algebraically, Mr. M. is execrable, but Mr. G. is (x + 1)- ecrable." - Edgar Allan Poe

"Radio has no future." "X-rays are clearly a hoax". "The aeroplane is scientifically impossible." - Lord Kelvin

"Ain't nothing greater than an x-rater with a nickname like Vibrator." - Snoop Dogg

"Programming graphics in X is like finding the square root of PI using Roman numerals." - Henry Spencer

"I'm proud to be involved with Simon Cowell and 'X Factor." - Irving Azoff

"Charlie X")? Those were the hints, as far as I'm concerned." - Nichelle Nichols

"Ali... we should have gone to see that movie. Malcolm X was another one" - Cicely Tyson

"You have to put your character to rest after x amount of years." - Michael K Williams

"I use an 8 x 10 view camera. All other cameras are just toys." - Jock Sturges

"Anyone who says I would never hit a woman hasn't met my x girlfriend." - Dov Davidoff

"Charlie X")? Those were the hints, as far as I'm concerned." - Nichelle Nichols

"Dear Algebra, stop asking us to find your X, she's not coming back" - Woody Paige

"Every novel begins with the speculative question, What if "X" happened? That's how you start." - Tom Clancy

"Malcolm X already envisioning the N.O.I. playing a role cooperatively with integrationist organizations." - Manning Marable

"I've never produced a series, so for me [X-men] was a wonderful challenge." - Lauren Shuler Donner

"The x factor of a great leader is humility combined with will." - James C Collins

"I've got huge tubs full of X-Files memorobilia that I can sell on eBay." - David Duchovny

"You're witnessing the birth of a third major computer platform: Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone." - David Pogue

"HASH, x. There is no definition for this word - nobody knows what hash is." - Ambrose Bierce

"I' been very partial to Malcolm X, particularly his self-help teachings." - Clarence Thomas

"The theatre is a spiritual and social X-ray of its time." - Stella Adler

"I never know what is going to have that 'X' factor and what isn't." - Cameron Mackintosh

"I like the X-Men, otherwise I wouldn't be doing it." - Matthew Vaughn

"I'm proud to be involved with Simon Cowell and 'X Factor.'" - Irving Azoff

"If you blink, you will miss me, but I am in 'Malcolm X.'" - Martin Donovan

"X-Men is massive, like nothing I've ever experienced. But great in its own way." - Ellen Page

"My salvation lies in time spent alone with an X-Acto knife and commercial-grade adhesive." - David Rakoff

"The much-hyped Ares 1-X was much ado about nothing." - Buzz Aldrin

"Generation X is dead. It has come to mean anyone aged 13 to 55 years old." - William Gibson

"I got stood up by the letter Y, he was hanging around with his X." - Norah Jones

"I would not think twice about being part of any incarnation of the 'X-Men' films." - James Marsden

"R-E-L-A-X. I'm still getting paid millions of dollars." - Aaron Rodgers

"I've always felt that 'X-Men' was about something serious. It wasn't just fantasy." - Ian Mckellen

"I see the whole concept of Generation X implies that everyone has lost hope." - Alanis Morissette

"I think I've done everything on 'The X Factor' apart from the cleaning." - Olly Murs

"Kids are meant to believe that their stepping stone to massive money is 'The X Factor.'" - Iain Duncan Smith

"I'd been very partial to Malcolm X, particularly his self-help teachings." - Clarence Thomas

"Ali... we should have gone to see that movie. Malcolm X was another one." - Cicely Tyson

"The shoe is very much an X-ray of social comportment." - Christian Louboutin

"I don't have anything against Simon Cowell and 'The X Factor.'" - Marilyn Manson

"My favourite quality workout is 6 X 5 minutes with 1 minute rest between each." - Jonathan Brown

"Not everyone likes sports. Gandhi and Malcolm X come to mind." - Jay Mohr

"The X Games have done night and day for snowboarding and action sports." - Nate Holland



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