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War Quotes


"War tears, rends. War rips open, eviscerates. War scorches. War dismembers. War ruins." - Susan Sontag

"I have seen war ... I hate war." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"Every war is a war against children." - Eglantyne Jebb

"War can't end terrorism. War is terrorism." - Philip Berrigan

"War is cinema, and cinema is war" - Paul Virilio

"The War That Will End War." - H G Wells

"Jaw-jaw is better than war-war." - Harold Macmillan

"War? War is an organized bore." - Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr

"Belligerents always abolish war after a war." - Sylvia Townsend Warner

""World War III, was the Cold War"." - R. James Woolsey, Jr.

"I have seen war.... I hate war." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"I'm in a war, a cultural war." - Howard Stern

"I hate war. Absolutely, I hate war." - Norman Schwarzkopf

"All war is deception." - Sun Tzu

"war makes strangers bedfellows ..." - Kathleen Winsor

"War does not answer war, war does not finish war. The only ending is peace." - Philippa Gregory

"... a war always ends." - Herman Wouk

"War is death's feast." - George Herbert

"War without Hate" - Erwin Rommel

"This war, like the next war, is a war to end war." - David Lloyd George

"War is an abstraction." - Bruce Jackson

"War is a contagion." - Franklin D Roosevelt

"I'm against all war." - Sean Combs

"I like war." - Chris Kyle

"Ancestral voices prophesying war." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"War justifies everything." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"War is 90% information." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Nothing can justify war." - Isaac Rosenberg

"War is hell." - William Tecumseh Sherman

"War settles nothing." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"War makes strange bedfellows." - Helen Thomas

"War is not civilized." - Talib Kweli

"War dehumanizes everyone." - Amanda Lindhout

"War is a lie. War is a racket. War is hell. War is waste. War is a crime. War is terrorism. War is not the answer." - Coleen Rowley

"Instead of tug o' war, let's play hug o' war." - Shel Silverstein

"The war against hunger is truly mankind's war of liberation." - John F Kennedy

"Either man will abolish war, or war will abolish man." - Bertrand Russell

"The fear of war is worse than war itself." - Seneca the Younger

"War on nations changes maps. War on poverty maps change." - Muhammad Ali

"War will bring the revolution; revolution will stop the war," - Jhumpa Lahiri

"A wrong war brings wrong; so does a right war." - Ignazio Silone

"War is just to those to whom war is necessary." - Livy

"The cold war is over, but cold war thinking survives." - Joseph Rotblat

"Soccer, metaphor for war, at times turns into real war." - Eduardo Galeano

"War is progressive because all instruments of war are progressive." - Ulysses S Grant

"The cause of war is preparation for war." - W E B Du Bois

"Genocide is not war! It is more dangerous than war!" - Raphael Lemkin

"A war put off is not a war avoided." - Charlton Heston

"We must conquer war or war will conquer us." - Ely Culbertson

"My subject is war, and the pity of war." - Wilfred Owen

"The Cold War was a war, and we won it." - Donald Rumsfeld

"Every war is different. Every war is the same." - Anthony Swofford

"War is life war is the origin of all things." - Adolf Hitler

"Vote for war allowed war only after all else failed." - Joe Biden

"We must end war before war ends us." - H G Wells

"Success in war depends upon the golden rule of war." - George S Patton

"The most horrible sort of war is civil war." - George Friedman

"Libya, more than anyone else's war, was Hillary Clinton's war." - Julian Assange

"Worse than war is the very fear of war." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"We must conquer war, or war will conquer us." - Ely Gulbertson

"War on nations change maps. War on poverty maps change." - Muhammad Ali

"To jaw-jaw is always better than to war-war." - Winston Churchill

"The war on drugs is a war against the communities." - Holly Near

"The only war is the war against the imagination." - Diane di Prima

"Preventing a war is tantamount to winning a war." - Raul Castro

"No one hates war like a soldier hates war." - Tommy Franks

"Having seen war, you obviously learned to hate war." - Mark Hatfield

"The principal cause of war is war itself." - C Wright Mills

"For what can war, but endless war, still breed?" - John Milton

"Nothing is more important than to war on war." - Pope Leo XIII

"The Cold War is over but Cold War thinking survives." - Joseph Rotblat

"The war on terror is the war in Afghanistan." - Nancy Pelosi

"If we don't end war, war will end us." - H G Wells

"The only defensible war is a war of defense." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"A war between Europeans is a civil war." - Victor Hugo

"Laws are inoperative in war" - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"War is science of destruction." - John Stevens Cabot Abbott

"War makes rattling good history." - Thomas Hardy

"War is not women's history." - Virginia Woolf

"War,-the trade of barbarians!" - Napoleon Bonaparte

"The reason we start a war is to fight a war, win a war, thereby causing no more war!" - George W Bush

"Everyone hates war, everyone says." - Andy Rooney

"War makes its own morals." - Margaret Bourke-White

"The hideous god of war." - William Shakespeare

"War is at best barbarism." - William Tecumseh Sherman

"The class war is over." - Tony Blair

"The brazen throat of war." - John Milton

"Perpetual war for perpetual peace" - Charles A Beard

"One war only breeds another." - Frank Lloyd Wright

"Democracies don't go to war." - Manmohan Singh

"There is no good war." - Bashar al-Assad

"Do you want total war?" - Joseph Goebbels

"Food will win the war." - Herbert Hoover

"I am a war president." - George W Bush

"Morality is contraband in war." - Mahatma Gandhi

"War - hard apprenticeship of freedom." - Edward Everett Hale

"All war aims for impunity." - Michael Ignatieff

"Peace is obtained by war." - Cornelius Nepos

"War is failure of diplomacy." - John Dingell

"War is in the eyes." - David Douglas Duncan

"We are muddled into war." - David Lloyd George

"Peace is produced by war." - Pierre Corneille

"Every war has its demons." - Richard Engel

"Every war has revolutionary justice." - Richard Engel

"In every war, there's looting." - Cate Blanchett

"War, the World's Only Hygiene" - Filippo Tommaso Marinetti

"War is ninety percent information." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"War is about dead people." - Scott Ritter

"War is a profane thing." - Norman Schwarzkopf

"I am against all war." - Sophia Loren

"We seek no wider war." - William P Bundy

"Councils of War never fight." - Theodore Roosevelt

"A holy war is a contradiction in terms. War dehumanizes, war diminishes, war debases all those who wage it." - Elie Wiesel

"War is murder writ large." - Carl Sagan

"When diplomacy ends, War begins." - Adolf Hitler

"War, war is still the cry,-"war even to the knife!"" - Lord Byron

"War, war is still the cry, War even to the knife!" - Lord Byron

"War? The one war I'd be happy to join is the war against officers." - Edward Abbey

"All patriarchal societies are either preparing for war, at war, or recovering from war." - George Carlin

"War in our time is always indiscriminate, a war against innocents, a war against children." - Howard Zinn

"War is, after all, the universal perversion ... war stories, the pornography of war." - John Rae

"Preventing war is much better than protesting against the war. Protesting the war is too late." - Nhat Hanh

"I've never heard of soft war.There's no soft war. War is war. Any war is ruthless. When you fight terrorists, you fight them like any other war." - Bashar al-Assad

"One began to hear it said that World War I was the chemists' war, World War II was the physicists' war, World War III (may it never come) will be the mathematicians' war." - Philip J. Davis

"If there is no sufficient reason for war, the war party will make war on one pretext, then invent another." - Robert M. La Follette, Sr.

"War some people glamorise war and glorify war. It's not nice, from whatever point of view you come from." - Gerry Adams

"The attack on the truth by war begins long before war starts and continues long after a war ends." - Julian Assange

"The war against the war is the only war that shall give you a great honour and a real peace!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"There is neither a foreign war nor a civil war; there is only just and unjust war." - Victor Hugo

"War is the ultimate game because war is at last a forcing of the unity of existence. War is god." - Cormac Mccarthy

"As far as world war goes, there are really only two possibilities: either war provokes revolution, or revolution averts war." - Mao Zedong

"War is war and Hell is hell, and if you ask me, War is a lot worse." - Alan Alda

"War for the sake of war is sin, but war for the sake of defense is duty." - Martin Luther

"Americans don't need a metaphor for war. We have war. If anything, we use war as a metaphor for sports." - John Hodgman

"I loved World War II. I didn't want the war to end. I wanted the war to go on forever." - Russ Meyer

"It's not a world war yet, but we're at war, because ISIS has declared war on us." - Carly Fiorina

"This war, in its inception was a commercial and industrial war. It was not a political war." - Woodrow Wilson

"On War: Every war is ultimately a civil war for we are all brothers and sisters, one to another." - Dillon Burroughs

"War... some people glamorise war and glorify war. It's not nice, from whatever point of view you come from." - Gerry Adams

"My home policy: I wage war; my foreign policy: I wage war. All the time I wage war." - Georges Clemenceau

"This is a war against terrorists. Not a war against a religion, but a war against terrorists." - Gordon England

"Civil war? What does that mean? Is there any foreign war? Isn't every war fought between men, between brothers?" - Victor Hugo

"Rupert Murdoch's vast newspaper empire has waged a relentless pro-war propaganda war before and since the war began." - Margo Kingston

"All's fair in love and war." - Francis Edward Smedley

"In war, there are no unwounded soldiers." - Jose Narosky

"War is out of date, obsolete." - Dalai Lama

"My voice is still for war." - Joseph Addison

"It's magnificent, but it's not war." - Pierre Bosquet

"Where one despises, one cannot wage war." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"The Art of War is self-explanatory" - Sun Tzu



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