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War And Family Quotes


"I come from a very left wing Socialist family, anti-war and anti-empire." - Marianne Faithfull

"I'm trying to raise the awareness of the troops that, when they deploy and go to war, it's not just them at war - it's also their family. Their family is having to go through all the hardships and the stresses." - Chris Kyle

"It's the height of the Cold War, but I grew up in apolitical family and politics wasn't on the agenda." - Bill Ayers

"My family has served the country in almost every major war since the Civil War." - Jack Scalia

"Family and work. Family and work. I can let them be at war, with guilt as their nuclear weapon and mutually assured destruction as their aim, or I can let them nourish each other." - Ellen Gilchrist

"My own family and thousands of other Japanese Americans were interned during World War II. It took our nation over 40 years to apologize" - Michael M Honda

"I look upon the whole world as my fatherland, and every war has to me the horror of a family feud." - Helen Keller

"Peace does not mean the absence of war, peace means the presence of harmony, love, satisfaction and oneness. Peace means a flood of love in the world family." - Sri Chinmoy

"The family ties between hundreds of thousands of German families and their American relatives led many to think that America would never join a second war against Germany." - Julius Streicher

"My own family and thousands of other Japanese Americans were interned during World War II. It took our nation over 40 years to apologize." - Mike Honda

"Working with women survivors of war has taught me that we need to listen to women's perspectives on war in order to understand how to effectively rebuild a country, a community and a family." - Zainab Salbi

"War is cinema, and cinema is war" - Paul Virilio

"War affected my family a lot, and I was quite curious about it. I first went off to war in the early 90's as a journalist, partly out of curiosity and partly because I needed a career. War reporting has been very glamorous and exciting, and everything else that young men like." - Sebastian Junger

"I had two family members involved in World War I: two great-uncles. One of them is on a memorial in France. And the other was a trench runner who survived the war. The average life span of a trench runner was 36 hours, but he survived the whole war." - Ben Barnes

"I remember when I was shot down in that war. I remember how terrified I was. And it made me feel close to my family, and to God, and to life, and I was scared." - George H W Bush

"There is a feminist proverb I learned from my mother: The personal is political. There's a powerful literary stereotype that men write about war and politics and public life, while women confine themselves to family and food and personal life." - Annia Ciezadlo

"In the new series of 'Foyle's War,' London starts to get bombed, and the country falls under heavy attack. It affects people's sense of well-being, their sense of the future and their concerns for their family and friends." - Anthony Howell

"Members of the Senate and House, if they want to send troops into war, should be forced to send a family member. That would really make everyone stop and go, 'Ohhh-kaaay.'" - Will Ferrell

"My family was in Singapore when the Japanese War started. We were in Singapore at the time of Pearl Harbor, and by the beginning of 1942, the Japanese invasion of Burma and Singapore had started." - Tom Stoppard

"But inwardly we are as corrupt as the person who sits in an office and plans war-because, we want to be somebody in the family, in a group, in society, in the nation." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"Peace and war begin at home. If we truly want peace in the world, let us begin by loving one another in our own families. If we want to spread joy, we need for every family to have joy." - Mother Teresa

"Our family arrived in England in 1960. At that time I thought the war was ancient history. But if I think of 15 years ago from now, thats 1990, and that seems like yesterday to me." - Kazuo Ishiguro

"One thing that Life and I agreed right from the start was that one war photographer was enough for my family; I was to be a photographer of peace." - Cornell Capa

"I lay in my bed night after night staring at the ceiling and thinking, Why have I survived the war? Why was I the last person in my immediate family to be alive? I didn't know." - Ishmael Beah

"I lay in my bed night after night staring at the ceiling and thinking, Why have I survived the war? Why was I the last person in my immediate family to be alive? I did' know." - Ishmael Beah

"Unusual financial activity: none, unless you count the fact that someone in the family is way too into Civil War biographies. (Can this be a possible indication of Confederate insurgents still living and working in Virginia? Must research further.)" - Ally Carter

"I began to speak well at a very advanced age - 15, 16, 17 years old. It was psychological: the trauma of war, my family and growing up on my own. I was more or less a street kid." - Roberto Cavalli

"I'd say my mother made more of a difference to me than anyone else did. I know that's a conventional and perhaps mundane answer, but my family was blown apart at the start of World War II." - Herb Kelleher

"I believe that everyone can appreciate the right of a family to grieve the loss of a loved one in peace, regardless of anyone's position on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan." - Dave Reichert

"Our family arrived in England in 1960. At that time I thought the war was ancient history. But if I think of 15 years ago from now, that's 1990, and that seems like yesterday to me." - Kazuo Ishiguro

"I lay in my bed night after night staring at the ceiling and thinking, Why have I survived the war? Why was I the last person in my immediate family to be alive? I didn't know." - Ishmael Beah

"In the past members of my family on both my mother's and father's side have fought in the war, in the first and second World Wars. Unfortunately, they're dead and I wasn't able to speak to them, but that was in our family history too." - PJ Harvey

"The family today counts for less and less. Why? Who knows - the growth of science, the Cold War, the atomic bomb, the world war we've made, the new philosophies we've created; certainly something is happening to man, so why go against it, why oblige this new man to live by the mechanisms and regulations of the past?" - Michelangelo Antonioni

"I have members of my immediate family, and my wife's immediate family, who voted for Donald Trump, and now there's this gulf that I have no interest in bridging however much I love those people. It's almost like the Civil War." - Steve Erickson

"My life in Greece influenced what I am. My father was in the left because he was against the king and his family, who had created a war against the Turks at the beginning of the last century to revive the Byzantine Empire. For three years, there was fighting, and all my father's friends died. So he hated the royal family." - Costa-Gavras

"My subject is war, and the pity of war." - Wilfred Owen

"The Cold War was a war, and we won it." - Donald Rumsfeld

"My grandfather died in the war, my family went through the war, and it affected my parents in really profound ways. I've always wanted to write about that period - in some ways to digest it for myself, something that defined me but that I didn't go through." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"My family suffered very major losses during the Second World War, that's true. In my father's family, there were five brothers. I think four of them died. On my mother's side the picture was pretty much the same. Russia has suffered great losses. And of course we can't forget that." - Vladimir Putin

"What happens in the context of war is that, in order for you to make a child into a killer, you destroy everything that they know, which is what happened to me and my town. My family was killed, all of my family, so I had nothing." - Ishmael Beah

"Family matters should be that and stay in the family." - Thalia

"I come from a stupid family. During the civil war my great uncle fought for the west." - Rodney Dangerfield

"When the peace treaty is signed, the war isn't over for the veterans, or the family. It's just starting." - Karl Marlantes

"I'm a Veteran. I was in the Navy, in the submarine corps. I come from a military family. Both of my grandparents were in World War II and retired as officers. One fought in the Pacific and one fought in Europe. The whole family was in the war. I grew up exposed to it and hearing the stories, but the stories I heard weren't kind of the whole "Rah, rah, rah! We saved the world!" They were about the personal price and the emotional price." - David Ayer

"What we are determined to do is to take more people from Syria and that war-torn part of the world as a response to this particular crisis, but again I stress we are taking people from camps because the last thing we want to do is to encourage and reward people smuggling.We are taking people from camps and we are taking family groups; our focus will be on family groups, from persecuted minorities." - Tony Abbott

"You can't have Rosie on The View and Elton John packing Mom and Pop in at Caesars Palace and gay people all over television, and then have these politicians run out there with a straight face and say that gay and lesbian relationships are a threat to the family. We are winning in the culture - which is why we'll ultimately win the political war." - Dan Savage

"We as a human family are on this train that is taking us into more and more war and more and more abuse of human rights where a lot of civilians are being killed and where human rights and international law are being set aside by America and NATO." - Mairead Corrigan

"If we are at war with our parents, our family, our society, or our church, there is probably a war going on inside us also, so the most basic work for peace is to return to ourselves and create harmony among the elements within us - our feelings, our perceptions, and our mental states. That is why the practice of meditation, looking deeply, is so important." - Nhat Hanh

"For all the chatter that Britain has moved beyond class, recent studies have found that it determines the life chances of British people more today than at any point since the Second World War... A child born into a rich family in Britain will almost certainly live and die rich, while a child born into a poor family will almost certainly live and die poor." - Johann Hari

"In the run-up to World War II, they helped Hitler build the death camps to take the Jews and kill them. Take the gays and kill them. Take the socialists and kill them. Take the Polish partisans and kill them. Take the gypsies and kill them. The Bush Family is eye-ball deep in blood, blood, blood." - Mike Malloy

"I think all of us are agreed that war is probably man's greatest stupidity and I think peace is the dream that lives in the heart of everyone wherever he may be in the world, but unfortunately, unlike a family quarrel, it doesn't take two to make a war. It only takes one, unless the other one is prepared to surrender at the first hint of force." - Ronald Reagan

"All's fair in love and war." - Francis Edward Smedley

"Violence and war lead only to death..." - Pope Francis

"All policies allowed in war and love." - Susanna Centlivre

"War is organized murder, and nothing else." - Harry Patch

"War is simple, direct, and ruthless." - George S Patton

"War is all and king of all" - Janet Morris

"War and marketing have many similarities." - Al Ries

"And war-the worst form of evil!" - Theodore Parker

"man's oldest and least reputable occupation - war." - Barbara Ward, Baroness Jackson of Lodsworth

"Poverty and War have no excuse." - Vanna Bonta

"All's fair in love and war." - Proverbs

"Passitivity and quietism are invitations to war." - Dorothy Thompson

"War means fighting, and fighting means killing." - Nathan Bedford Forrest

"The mad, cruel, and accursed American war." - Lord George Gordon

"War makes thieves and peace hangs them." - George Herbert

"Politics and war are remarkably similar situations." - Newt Gingrich

"Councils of war breed timidity and defeatism." - Jack Kemp

"War diminishes both civil and economic rights." - P J Orourke

"Libertarians have always battled the age-old scourge of war. They understood that war brought death and destruction on a grand scale, disrupted family and economic life, and put more power in the hands of the ruling class - which might explain why the rulers did not always share the popular sentiment for peace. Free men and women, of course, have often had to defend their own societies against foreign threats; but throughout history, war has usually been the common enemy of peaceful, productive people on all sides of the conflict." - David Boaz

"We were very poor and my family lost everything during the war - our home and our identity. But I'm a believer in luck and think the social conditions you're born into provide the opportunity for you to prove your luck. And I suppose I've been lucky." - Sigmar Polke

"War is war and Hell is hell, and if you ask me, War is a lot worse." - Alan Alda

"Im known for impressions and family stories." - Jay Pharoah

"How can I combine career and family?" - Gloria Steinem

"Family, nature and health all go together." - Olivia Newton-John

"Destroy the family and you destroy society" - Vladimir Lenin

"No one hurts my family and lives" - Elijah

"So sweet and precious is family life." - James Mcbride

"Love is family, support, priority, and understanding." - Gary Kemp

"My family and my friends inspire me." - Italia Ricci

"I have a daughter and a family." - Kim Clijsters

"Life is about family and technology." - Mark Goddard

"It's hard to balance work and family." - Marcia Gay Harden

"I'm known for impressions and family stories." - Jay Pharoah

"My family is healthy and happy." - Marlee Matlin

"Family, nature and health all go together." - Olivia Newtonjohn

"It is a family; it's a slightly dysfunctional family, but it's also very close and warm and loving family." - Anna Wintour

"We're a very close family and we're a very real family, and I think every real family has real problems." - Emilio Estevez

"Where are the heroes and the saints, who keep a clear vision of man's greatest gift, his freedom, to oppose not only the dictatorship of the proletariat, but also the dictatorship of the benevolent state, which takes possession of the family, and of the indigent, and claims our young for war?" - Dorothy Day

"I'm putting my life at risk, literally! And if I slipped... You never know. And I think about it. I think about my family and I'm like, wow, this is like being a police officer or something, in war or something." - Kanye West

"I love songs about horses, railroads, land, Judgment Day, family, hard times, whiskey, courtship, marriage, adultery, separation, murder, war, prison, rambling, damnation, home, salvation, death, pride, humor, piety, rebellion, patriotism, larceny, determination, tragedy, rowdiness, heartbreak and love. And Mother. And God." - Johnny Cash

"I'm a veteran, and I come from a family of veterans and people who served in that war. And the stories that I heard were a hell of a lot different than the movies that I was seeing, so I wanted to make a movie about the people that were really there." - David Ayer

"International war is the sum total of millions of individual wars, raging in the minds of the people, between what is selfish and what is selfless. To the extent that you and I develop selflessness in our own hearts, to that extent we contribute to peace in our family, community, country, and world." - Eknath Easwaran

"Liberalism in various guises - feminism, the sexual revolution, gay activism - has been at war with marriage and family for several decades now. And when do-gooders look around at the wreckage of human lives caused by disintegrating families, they call for government to act as father, mother, brother, and sister." - Mona Charen

"For my mother, having a family was the most important thing in her life. In the Second World War, it was a challenge - surviving physically and mentally and finding somebody who you loved and who was willing to be with you." - Etgar Keret

"I lived the war in Iraq, and today I still have family and friends fighting in Iraq. My support for our troops is unwavering. I believe this is not a time for finger-pointing, it is a time for truth - the whole truth- vs. hype, and misinformation." - Jessica Lynch

"When the young Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were growing up, that was at it's height and the War cemented that with photographs of the Royal Family having breakfast together and so on, by pinning their reputation so firmly on that particular issue." - Anthony Holden

"War some people glamorise war and glorify war. It's not nice, from whatever point of view you come from." - Gerry Adams

"The attack on the truth by war begins long before war starts and continues long after a war ends." - Julian Assange

"The war against the war is the only war that shall give you a great honour and a real peace!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"There is neither a foreign war nor a civil war; there is only just and unjust war." - Victor Hugo

"This war, in its inception was a commercial and industrial war. It was not a political war." - Woodrow Wilson

"On War: Every war is ultimately a civil war for we are all brothers and sisters, one to another." - Dillon Burroughs

"War... some people glamorise war and glorify war. It's not nice, from whatever point of view you come from." - Gerry Adams

"Rupert Murdoch's vast newspaper empire has waged a relentless pro-war propaganda war before and since the war began." - Margo Kingston

"If the first casualty of war is innocence, then perhaps with each bullet fired, bomb detonated, leader overthrown, wall built, economy destroyed and family member killed, we are not creating goodwill and harmony, but rather another child who believes violence is the only means to bring about change in the world." - Michael Franti

"...with the black marble which gives the fireplace the air of a miniature family vault, to suggest early Victorian commercial respectability, belief in money, Bible fetichism, fear of hell always at war with fear of poverty, instinctive horror of the passionate character of art, love and Roman Catholic religion, and all the first fruits of plutocracy in the early generations of the industrial revolution." - George Bernard Shaw

"Some people tried to hurt us to protect themselves, their family and communities...This was one of the consequences of civil war. People stopped trusting each other, and every stranger became an enemy. Even people who knew you became extremely careful about how they related or spoke to you." - Ishmael Beah

"Peace is not just the absence of war and conflict; it goes well beyond that. Peace must be fostered within the individual, within the family and within society. Simply transferring the world's nuclear weapons to a museum will not in itself bring about world peace. The nuclear weapons of the mind must first be eliminated." - Mata Amritanandamayi

"The Pashtun tribes are always engaged in private or public war. Every man is a warrior, a politician and a theologian Every large house is a real feudal fortress....Eve ry family cultivates its vendetta; every clan, its feud....Nothing is ever forgotten and very few debts are left unpaid." - Winston Churchill

"That in order to achieve the triumph of liberty, justice and peace in the international relations of Europe, and to render civil war impossible among the various peoples which make up the European family, only a single course lies open: to constitute the United States of Europe" - Mikhail Bakunin

"I'm halfway through a novel set in two time frames - Austin in the 1960's and Alpine (Texas) in present day. It started out to be a small, lighthearted, humorous book about family relationships; I was tired of writing war stories and tragedies." - Elizabeth Crook

"The Ice Nation is a pretty brutal place. They breed war heroes. The relationship between mother and child, in that world, is a little bit different than it is in our own society. But, no one really likes being a disappointment to their parents and their family." - Zach McGowan

"My father had been in the German Diplomatic Service, and although he had been in the United States since World War II and out of diplomacy, it was something that was very much talked about in the family. So when I went to college, it was always my intention to try to get into the Foreign Service." - Hermann Eilts

"Desertion is the army's dirty little secret. Since the beginning of the Iraq war, more than 20,000 American soldiers have given up the fight. Most of them disappear while at home on leave, fading into a network of family and friends, and the army does not typically chase them down." - Wil S Hylton

"The family is always the family but during vacations it is an extended family and that is exhausting" - Gertrude Stein

"The Philippines was with the U.S. in the Second World War, in the Korean War, in the Vietnam War, and now in the war against terrorism." - Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

"Three cheers for the war. Three cheers for Italy's war and three cheers for war in general. Peace is hence absurd or rather a pause in war." - Benito Mussolini

"Whenever you have a war, the civilians and the innocents will pay the price. That's in any war, any war is a bad war." - Bashar al-Assad

"The Philippines was with the U.S. in the Second World War, in the Korean War, in the Vietnam War, and now in the war against terrorism." - Gloria Macapagalarroyo

"The war is for the family. The battle for their children's education and their grandchildren's freedom is as real to them as if they could witness the clangs of bayonets on the field or hear the blasts of mortars in the harbor." - Oliver DeMille

"At the Berghof, it was almost like a family atmosphere there. We all ate meals together, watched films together before the war, listened to records, all those things. The same faces were always around on the mountain. If [Adolf] Hitler and Eva [Braun] had an argument there, it would have been obvious to me, because I knew Eva." - Gretl Braun

"During the war, there were people wishing me death, wishing my son death, wishing my wife death in very graphic ways. In the past, I would go overseas and I would say, "Israel is like my family: we disagree, but we're all brothers." I can't say that anymore, because life proves me wrong." - Etgar Keret

"[On the abdication of her son, the Duke of Windsor (King Edward VIII):] I do not think you have ever realized the shock, which the attitude you took up caused your family and the whole nation. It seemed inconceivable to those who had made such sacrifices during the war that you, as their King, refused a lesser sacrifice." - Queen Mary

"U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt has been described as founder of the Bull Moose Party, the man who led his troops up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War, a big game hunter, family man, civic servant and a host of other things." - Zig Ziglar

"We don't tend to write about disease in fiction - not just teen novels but all American novels - because it doesn't fit in with our idea of the heroic romantic epic. There is room only for sacrifice, heroism, war, politics and family struggle." - John Green

"For every veteran who goes through a divorce, a wife goes through one, too. For every veteran alone in the basement, there is a wife upstairs, bewildered, isolated and in despair from the dark clouds of war that hangs over family life." - Karl Marlantes

"My mother was the first woman in the county in Indiana where we were born, in Jay County, to have a college degree. She was educated as a pianist and she wanted to concertize, but when the war came she was married, had a family, so she started teaching." - Twyla Tharp

"No, I was two years older than the other guys. I was a war baby. My family were a lot poorer than they were. I'd had to fight too hard for anything I had in my life and to smash things up for me." - Roger Daltrey

"My father had played the guitar when he was young, and my uncle Jack had worked for Kalamazoo, before the war, developing guitar pickups. So there was a kind of family thing about the guitar, although it was considered something of an anomaly then." - Pete Townshend

"See, that's why Barack's running: to end the war in Iraq responsibly - to build an economy that lifts every family, to make sure health care is available for every American - and to make sure that every child in this nation has a world-class education all the way from preschool to college." - Michelle Obama

"War is hell, but that's not the half of it, because war is also mystery and terror and adventure and courage and discovery and holiness and pity and despair and longing and love. War is nasty; war is fun. War is thrilling; war is drudgery. War makes you a man; war makes you dead." - Tim O'Brien

"War is not about flag-waving and patriotism. War is about killing and death." - Chris Hedges

"War has become a mode of sovereignty and rule, eroding the distinction between war and peace." - Henry Giroux

"Their peace and their war Are like wind and storm. War grows from their peace." - Bertolt Brecht

"I'm a foot soldier in the war on Christmas. And the war on puppies and sunshine." - Tucker Carlson

"Their peace and their war Are like wind and storm. War grows from their peace." - Bertolt Brecht

"war and the 'war of the sexes' are neither divinely nor biologically ordained." - Riane Eisler

"Trade barriers constitute isolation; isolation gives rise to hatred, hatred to war, and war to invasion." - Frederic Bastiat

"You can see love in war and you can also see war in love!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Those that despise peace and admire war are crushed under the boots of the war!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Well, politics is war, and in war, truth is the first casualty." - Jeff Greenfield

"Slavery is also as ancient as war, and war as human nature." - Voltaire

"In every trade save war men of talent and vigor prosper. In war they die." - Cormac Mccarthy

"Slavery is as ancient as war, and war as human nature." - Voltaire

"Civil war is a momentous evil. Civil war needs momentous and solemn justification." - Wendell Phillips

"Rules are for children. This is war, and in war the only crime is to lose." - Joe Abercrombie

"If we lose the war in the air we lose the war and lose it quickly." - Bernard Law Montgomery

"Before the war, and especially before the Boer War, it was summer all the year round." - George Orwell

"World War III is a guerrilla information war with no division between military and civilian participation." - Marshall Mcluhan



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