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Wanting Something Different Quotes


"You should do what you want, but I think you should also consider wanting something different." - Amy Dickinson

"Wanting and needing are two different things." - Richelle Mead

"In life, in true life, there can be nothing better than what is. Wanting something different than what is, is blasphemy." - Leo Tolstoy

"Wanting ... is something 'having' cannot cure." - Joe Fortenberry

"Wanting to be an actor and wanting to be famous are different." - Blake Lively

"You start wanting to see a different place every day." - Shannon Hoon

"Seeking is a combination of emotions people usually think of as being different: wanting something really good, looking forward to getting something really good and curiosity. Seeking gives you the energy to go after your goals." - Temple Grandin

"Hell is not fire and brimstone, not a place where you are punished for lying or cheating or stealing. Hell is wanting to be something and somewhere different from where you are." - Stephen Levine

"When we make records, it's hard to pinpoint one thing that inspires a record. It's usually a number of different things that lead to inspiration or wanting to write something down and share it with someone." - Brandon Boyd

"I've definitely been in relationships with friends where I wanted to do something different than I know a friend has. It's that complicated balance between wanting to do what you know is right for you and not wanting to hurt someone's feelings. I think that's a part of growing up." - Mickey Sumner

"I've definitely been in relationships with friends where I wanted to do something different than I know a friend has. It's that complicated balance between wanting to do what you know is right for you and not wanting to hurt someone's feelings." - Mickey Sumner

"Something is wanting to science until it has been humanised." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Stress is wanting something to be the way it isn't." - Eckhart Tolle

"When you stop wanting something, you get it." - Andy Warhol

"The lazy are always wanting to do something." - Luc De Clapiers

"Try something different. Surrender." - Rumi

"Dear God. She ached, wanting something that she knew was a sin. Wanting a man who was sin itself." - Elizabeth Hoyt

"Stop wanting wealth and fame and start wanting instead to do something well about which you are passionate" - Stephen Fry

"A different result requires doing something different." - Gary W. Keller

"Always do something different. Always different things." - Josh Lucas

"Personality is like a charioteer with two headstrong horses, each wanting to go in different directions." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Hell is wanting to be somewhere different from where you are." - Geneen Roth

"Every city and country just has a different reason for wanting to host the [Olympic] games." - Gary Hustwit

"Suffering usually relates to wanting things to be different from the way they are." - Allan Lokos

"All plot comes from the character's trying to get something, to achieve something, wanting, desiring, longing." - Robert Olen Butler

"Thinking something does not make it true. Wanting something does not make it real." - Michelle Hodkin

"Often for me, if I hear a song I know, it clicks for me and I hear it in a different way and I think, "I could sing that song. I've got something to say about that song. Wanting to connect with an audience and wanting them to rethink songs; it is actually important to do songs they're familiar with. Also, I love those songs. In a way, I think I've changed people's perceptions of what a cabaret show like this could be." - Alan Cumming

"When I was overweight and unhappy, I thought about being smaller, I thought about fitting into different clothes and feeling comfortable in any environment or social situation. But I didn't do anything about it. I was letting myself fall victim to not planning, not clarifying steps to reach my goals. Don't go on just wanting something. Start consciously planning where you want to be." - Ali Vincent

"There is and always has been for me a peculiar need to write. This is very different from wanting to be a writer. To be a writer always seemed something so far removed from my talents and abilities and imaginings that it didn't afflict me at all as a notion when I was young. But I was always conscious that I wanted to write." - Patricia Wentworth

"If we want to be women of contentment, we must choose to accept our portion, our assigned roles from God. We must make the choice to dwell on the positive aspects of our role in life. If we don't we'll be discontent, always wanting something different from what we've been given." - Linda Dillow

"My philosophy has always been to try to put myself into roles and films that are different. That intensified after 'Lord of the Rings' because it was so massive, but it's something I've always believed in, wanting to change people's perceptions and challenge myself as an actor." - Elijah Wood

"I was desperately unhappy with it [Blade Runner]. I was compelled by contract to record five or six different versions of the narration, each of which was found wanting on a storytelling basis. The final version was something that I was completely unhappy with. The movie obviously has a very strong following, but it could have been more than a cult picture." - Harrison Ford

"I am an artist who's just tryin' to do something different, and basically not caring about everybody's opinions and wanting to follow what everybody else is doing. At the same time, I know when to be serious, but I know when to joke." - Tyga

"I love acting because you don't have to do the same thing over and over again, every day, and that's what attracted me to wanting to do this for a living. So to be given an opportunity to create something completely different and live that out is the dream. It's incredibly rewarding." - Jennifer Morrison

"Wealth increaseth, but a nameless something is ever wanting to our insufficient fortune." - Horace

"And of course there must be something wrong In wanting to silence any song." - Robert Frost

"Was there any human urge more pitiful-or more intense- than wanting another chance at something?" - Joe Hill

"However rich or elevated, a name less something is always wanting to our imperfect fortune." - Horace

"Something is always wanting to incomplete fortune. [Lat., Curtae nescio quid semper abest rei.]" - Horace

"You can't get anywhere in this world without wanting to do something." - Dale Carnegie

"Wanting something to make you happy is a sure way to be miserable." - Mooji

"Directing is something that I'd been wanting and hoping to do, as I've grown into myself." - Eric Balfour

"Wanting to be accepted is something I like a lot of people can relate to." - Janel Parrish

"Every teenager feels a wanting, a desire for something more, to be heard, to be seen." - Brad Falchuk

"I can relate to somebody wanting to have something to believe in." - Terry Oquinn

"I can relate to somebody wanting to have something to believe in." - Terry O'Quinn

"I always saw myself wanting to do something deemed successful and good at the same time." - Howard Schultz

"I think romantic passion is wanting a little something in return." - Oscar Isaac

"True resistance begins with people confronting pain... and wanting to do something to change it." - Bell Hooks

"People know they are lacking something, they are constantly wanting some kind of spiritual guidance." - Douglas Hurd

"Relationships are complicated, but happiness in a relationship isn't: It's just wanting exactly what you have. Wanting something else is dispiriting." - Carolyn Hax

"I think that's all a form of wanting to let go, of wanting to get out... It's not something easily described or understood." - Marilyn Manson

"Hope is wanting something so eagerly that-in spite of all the evidence that you're not going to get it-you go right on wanting it." - Norman Vincent Peale

"Having the ambition of becoming Olympic champion is a whole different ambition from wanting to be the greatest." - Daley Thompson

"It was palpable, all that wanting: Mother wanting something more, Dad wanting something more, everyone wanting something more. This wasn't going to do for us fifties girls; we were going to have to change the equation even if it meant . . . abstaining from motherhood, because clearly that was where Mother got caught." - Anne Taylor Fleming

"In letting go of wanting something special to occur, maybe we can realize that something special is already occurring." - Jon Kabat-Zinn

"Envy, after all, comes from wanting something that isn't yours. But grief comes from losing something you've already had." - Jodi Picoult

"The mass media causes sexual misdirection: It prompts us to need something deeper than what we want. This is why Woody Allen has made nebbish guys cool; he makes people assume there is something profound about having a relationship based on witty conversation and intellectual discourse. There isn't. It's just another gimmick, and it's no different than wanting to be with someone because they're thin or rich or the former lead singer of Whiskeytown." - Chuck Klosterman

"If you want to be different, do something different." - Wynton Marsalis

"Instead of wanting to win, we expected to win. There's a lifetime between wanting something and expecting something. When you expect something, it means you've prepared, done the work, and EXPECT TO WIN!!" - Red Mccombs

". . . hell is wanting to be somewhere different from where you are. Being one place and wanting to be somewhere else . . . . Wanting life to be different from what it is. That's also called leaving without leaving. Dying before you die. It's as if there is a part of you that so rails against being shattered by love that you shatter yourself first." - Geneen Roth

"I'm ready to do something different." - Tony La Russa

"Joy is something entirely different from pleasure." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

"Anybody that says different is selling something." - William Goldman

"And now for something completely different . . ." - John Cleese

"Daring to wear something different takes effort." - Miuccia Prada

"The competition is a big part of it [racing] - the passion you have for the sport and the knowledge you have. You're not just going to wake up one day and say, " think I'll do something different." This is what I've done my whole life. My competitive nature and my passion for the sport, those are the things that keep you wanting to do better." - Bobby Labonte

"I call a lie: wanting not to see something one does see, wanting not to see something as one sees it... The most common lie is the lie one tells to oneself; lying to others is relatively the exception." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"I don't know that I ever wanted greatness, on its own. It seems rather like wanting to be an engineer, rather than wanting to design something-or wanting to be a writer, rather than wanting to write. It should be a by-product, not a thing in itself. Otherwise, it's just an ego trip." - Roger Zelazny

"I wanted to make something very unique, something very different." - Shigeru Miyamoto

"Christians are always wanting God to give them something. They appear as beggars before the throne of the Almighty." - Swami Vivekananda

"I had no idea what I wanted, only that I wanted something, which is the worst kind of wanting." - David Levithan

"I think there's something we all relate to about...wanting to get to our most primal self." - Vin Diesel

"As soon as you stop wanting something you get it. I've found that to be absolutely axiomatic." - Andy Warhol

"Happiness is a by-product of wanting something more than happiness-to be rightly related to God and our neighbor." - Timothy Keller

"In America, the distance between wanting something and having it delivered to your living room is not terribly great." - Gary Shteyngart

"I think [the spotlight] is a lonely place to be. Everybodys wanting something from you, pulling at you." - Angie Everhart

"Wanting to quit is a sign of success because it means you have something to quit; but don't quit." - Matthew Barnett

"The first step to believing something is true is wanting to believe it is true... or being afraid it is." - Terry Goodkind

"I don't remember as a kid wanting to do or be anything else but drive something, be a race driver." - Mario Andretti

"After 'Secretary,' I was wanting very badly to find something to make that I really cared about." - Steven Shainberg

"If you want something different, you are going to have to do something different." - Jack Canfield

"If you want something different, DO something different. Without change progress is impossible." - Steve Maraboli

"I need something different [roles], always something just slightly different, that pushes you and challenges you." - Dominic Cooper

"Under the bright sun, many of us are gathered together with different languages, different styles of dress, even different faiths. However, all of us are the same in being humans, and we all uniquely have the thought of 'I' and we're all the same in wanting happiness and in wanting to avoid suffering." - Dalai Lama

"(about her teen years) My admirers all said the same thing in different ways. It was my fault, their wanting to kiss and hug me." - Marilyn Monroe

"I never looked at being a musician any different than waking up one day and wanting to be an accountant or a lawyer." - James Vincent Mcmorrow

"It's impossible to read a distinctive stylist like Faulkner, Joyce, Kafka, Mann, Woolf, James - and many more - without wanting to write, however entirely different one's writing will be." - Joyce Carol Oates

"The mark of a good party is that you wake up the next morning wanting to change your name and start a new life in a different city." - Vance Bourjaily

"Antichrist Superstar is also about me wanting to grow up and be something that people would adore...instead I grew up and became something that people hated." - Marilyn Manson

"In a serious sense, wanting to change something from the past doesn't work for me - change something you don't enjoy now rather than regretting it later." - Rory Mcilroy

"You're working on being a father, so that is something that when you experience it you'll understand the profundity of wanting to protect something dear to you." - Harvey Keitel

"Something is wanting, and something must be done, or we shall be involved in all the horror of failure, and civil war without a prospect of its termination." - Henry Knox

"Not wanting to see, not wanting to be in touch with one's experience is something akin to cognitive laziness, an eclipse of the experiencer or inner witnessing in the person." - Claudio Naranjo

"Whenever you experiment with something, it's very easy to take the emotion out of it. And going back and forth between wanting to be respected artistically and wanting to move people is its own challenge." - Steven Soderbergh

"We cannot understand without wanting to understand, that is, without wanting to let something be said...Understanding does not occur when we try to intercept what someone wants to say to us by claiming we already know it." - Hans-Georg Gadamer

"Wanting contact I'm wanting contact I'm wanting contact with you." - Peter Gabriel

"I usually have more than one thing I'm working on at once - I've been working on three different novels. When I get stuck on one, I hop back and forth. It's sort of freeing: I can say I'm abandoning this thing that I hate forever and I'm moving on to something that's good. I'll find that I'll go back to [the other project] in a day or a week and like it again. But that moment of wanting to trash something - that Virginia Woolf moment when you have to be stopped from filling your pocket with stones - comes pretty regularly for me. Switching is probably a good thing." - Dan Chaon

"Where sense is wanting, everything is wanting." - Benjamin Franklin

"All these questions about do you want to be king? It's not a question of wanting to be, it's something I was born into and it's my duty. . . . Wanting is not the right word. But those stories about me not wanting to be king are all wrong." - Prince William

"I think there's something about wanting to stand in the spotlight. I think the ball is a spotlight, for example, and I think they want to stand in that. I a lot of times see - LeBron is a guy that vacillates between wanting to do that and then wanting to get somebody else involved." - Phil Jackson

"You get dinged for wanting to do a comedy, then wanting to do a big-budget action film, and then wanting to do an indie. But you can't let other people trying to label you get in the way of trying to do something artistically." - Nicolas Cage

"The only funny part about Colonial Dunsboro is maybe it's too authentic, but for all the wrong reasons. This whole crowd of losers and nutcases who hide out here because they can't make it in the real world, in real jobs - isn't this why we left England in the first place? To establish our own alternate reality. Weren't the Pilgrims pretty much the crackpots of their time? For sure, instead of just wanting to believe something different about God's love, the losers I work with want to find salvation through compulsive behaviors." - Chuck Palahniuk

"There's a world of difference between insisting on someone's doing something and establishing an atmosphere in which that person can grow into wanting to do it." - Fred Rogers

"I also have this kind of fascination with Don Quixote, kind of like wanting something you're not going to get. I like that a lot." - Sean William Scott

"When we want to be something other than the thing God wants us to be, we must be wanting what, in fact, will not make us happy." - C S Lewis

"The truth is, I pretend to be a cynic, but I am really a dreamer who is terrified of wanting something she may never get." - Joanna Hoffman

"I waited for a long time and there was nothing but the pain of wanting something I couldn't seem to find." - Megan Hart

"Do' be afraid when you have to pray fervently because of your circumstances. God is wanting to do something great through you!" - Stormie Omartian

"To actually feel like you've done something good with your life and you're useful to others is what I was always wanting, and was always looking for." - Angelina Jolie

"Here I am...wanting to accomplish something and completely forgetting it must all end-that there is such a thing as death." - Leo Tolstoy

"He that writes Or makes a feast, more certainly invites His judges than is friends; there's not a guest But will find something wanting or ill-drested." - Robert Howard (playwright)

"Didn't help to ponder things that were forever gone. It only made a body restless and fill up with bees, all wanting to sting something." - Laurie Halse Anderson

"How do you resign yourself to something that will never be? You stop wanting just that thing. You go numb. Or you kill the agent of desire." - Jenny Holzer

"I know it sounds selfish, wanting to do something no one else has done. But that's what you're out here for - to separate yourself from everyone else." - Jack Nicklaus

"Don't be afraid when you have to pray fervently because of your circumstances. God is wanting to do something great through you!" - Stormie Omartian

"Sci-fi is definitely something that I've been wanting to do again since Panic Attack and I want to do it on a feature scale." - Fede Alvarez

"I was just thinking about my own natural way of one-night stands: always wanting to be more attached to something. I'm not very good at detaching myself." - Sampha

"I remember wanting to do something about that enormous-faced wristwatch she was wearing - perhaps suggest that she try wearing it around her waist." - J D Salinger

"We don't need to increase our goods nearly as much as we need to scale down our wants. Not wanting something is as good as possessing it." - Donald Horban

"I don't blame any director for wanting to do something more commercial. That's all part of the business. I certainly have done it, as an actor." - Steve Buscemi

"If you're wanting something salty, do air-popped popcorn. That, to me, would be a healthier choice than having any kind of fried chip." - Bob Harper

"It wasn't about mechanics; it was about a feeling, wanting to give someone something, which in turn was really gratifying. That really resonated for me." - Thomas Keller

"I feel like this whole idea of wanting something that you don't really have is also very American in a way." - Freida Pinto

"I feel connected to that idea of wanting to belong to something, to have a sense of purpose as a man on the planet." - Jeremy Renner

"As much as I appreciate acting and enjoy it, and like it, it wasn't something where I grew up wanting to be a movie star." - Max Thieriot

"Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way." - Les Brown

"Everyone wants to look their best, everyone has dreams of wanting to look like something else. But we are who we are." - Samantha Morton

"I identify with someone wanting something to work out, but not being able to get through the rocks to the river." - Emile Hirsch

"Every individual in an organization is motivated by something different." - Rick Pitino

"Taste is something quite different from fashion, superior to fashion." - William Makepeace Thackeray

"Everyday Leo Messi surprises us with something different." - Dani Alves

"Everyone contributes something different to the mind, body and spirit." - Donna Karan

"Life is pain.... Anybody that says different is selling something." - William Goldman

"I'm always driven to keep doing something different and better." - Bryan Callen

"You are what you wear. I wear something different everyday." - Corey Haim

"I always look for a challenge and something that's different." - Tom Cruise

"I'd love to do something a little different than 'Ted.'" - Jay Harrington

"Now painting is different. It's something recollected in tranquility." - Jack Levine

"If you're not doing something different, you're not doing anything." - Sam Phillips

"Every time, I try to make something different." - Barbet Schroeder

"I always wanted to do something completely different." - Gary Wright

"I want to do something different, really different, and if it alienates people that's too bad." - Kurt Cobain

"If I do enough different things in enough different ways, I may, eventually, do something right." - Ashleigh Brilliant

"It's just cool to do something different and branch out and dabble in different genres." - Lights

"I always love to do something different and new and be challenged by different characters." - Emilie De Ravin

"Every role presents a new opportunity for me to do something different and to explore something different." - Paul Wesley

"Sometimes people go off in a slightly different direction of wanting to be different, of wanting to be special, of wanting to be more, and I think that those people are often - not always, but often - genuinely different in some way. Perhaps their gender orientation is not acceptable or popular, not the norm. Or, their physical design is literally, in some way, setting them apart. Or, in many cases, they feel the burden of their ordinariness so dreadfully that they strive to find some way of being unique. I think that can be a very positive thing, but it also can be negative, destructive." - Katherine Dunn

"I've learned from my experience that desire is 80% of achievement. That if you really, really want something, if you really, really, really want to do something, that the vast majority of achieving it is wanting it. I mean, really wanting it. Not a preference, and not, "Gee, I hope this." I mean really wanting it. It is the desire that makes you do what you have to do to achieve." - Rush Limbaugh

"I think everybody has a hard time connecting, but as you get older and you want more and you expect more and you know more, it's just different. If you start wanting too much from it without it naturally unfolding, then that makes it bad. If you start not wanting anything, then you are not serious. I mean it's just this conundrum of issues." - Uma Thurman



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