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Wanting Commitment Quotes


"Where sense is wanting, everything is wanting." - Benjamin Franklin

"A dolly move is a moral commitment." - Bernardo Bertolucci

"Sensuality, wanting a religion, invented Love." - Natalie Clifford Barney

"Maybe I'm sad about wanting you. I'm not too comfortable with wanting someone." - Craig Thompson

"Love demands a personal commitment to the will of God." - Pope John Paul Ii

"A legalistic commitment to duration can kill one's prayer life." - R. Kent Hughes

"My commitment is not to consistency but to the Truth." - Anthony De Mello

"My commitment is my commitment." - Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

"My commitment is my commitment." - Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapat

"You never really fail until you stop wanting." - Mary Kay Ash

"Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting." - Bible

"Winning isn't everything, but wanting to win is!" - Vince Lombardi

"Though the power be wanting, yet the wish is praiseworthy." - Ovid

"Writing was the soul of everything else ... Wanting to be a writer was wanting to be a person." - Patricia Hampl

"There's a lot of disorder that comes along with wanting to know everything and wanting to try everything and wanting to experience everything, but there's a lot of knowledge that comes out of it too." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"Wanting contact I'm wanting contact I'm wanting contact with you." - Peter Gabriel

"The three saddest things are the ill wanting to be well, the poor wanting to be rich, and the constant traveler saying 'anywhere but here'." - E E Cummings

"The ambition, the drive, the wanting to be the center of attention, the wanting to succeed... They're all inside me somewhere." - Philip Seymour Hoffman

"Lies require commitment." - Veronica Roth

"Mediocrity's easy, the good things take time, the great need commitment." - Bob Seger

"In commitment, we dash the hopes of a thousand potential selves." - Lord Byron

"Courtship is a commitment - it's a promise not to play games with another person's heart." - Joshua Harris

"Marriage is a commitment for life. It is a permanent, lifelong relationship." - Dada Vaswani

"The capacity to combine commitment with skepticism is essential to democracy." - Mary Catherine Bateson

"Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations." - Bob Beauprez

"Take steps each day to be sure your life expresses commitment to Jesus." - Charles Stanley

"Having a child is a lifetime commitment, the biggest one you can possibly make." - Jen Kirkman

"When I decide to do something, I stick with it, total commitment." - Joaquin Phoenix

"An inborn tendency toward science turning it into a lifelong commitment." - Bruno Rossi

"Any experience deeply felt makes some men better and some men worse. When it has ended, they share nothing but the recollection of a commitment in which each was tested and to some degree found wanting. [...] The consequences of the journey change the voyager so much more than the embarking or the arrival." - Murray Kempton

"Go figure that. Joseph Morelli with a house, a dog, a steady job, and an SUV. And on odd days of the month he woke up wanting to marry me. It turns out want to marry him on even days of the month, so to date we've been spared commitment." - Janet Evanovich

"I mean this is not like a very dry political book. This is - it was a very quick and entertaining and interesting read because there were so many stories, at least for me, of real women and - and sort of the issues that they face, and her commitment to wanting to help them." - Eleanor Smeal

"Personality is like a charioteer with two headstrong horses, each wanting to go in different directions." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Wanting to work is so rare a merit that it should be encouraged." - Abraham Lincoln

"When the first is plucked, a second will not be wanting." - Virgil

"Hoards after hoards his rising raptures fill; Yet still he sighs, for hoards are wanting still." - Oliver Goldsmith

"Those wanting wit, affect gravity and go by the name of solid men." - John Dryden

"And wanting the right rule they take chalke for cheese, as the saying is." - Nicholas Grimald

"Where confidence is wanting, the most beautiful flower in the garland of love is missing." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"For every person wishing to teach there are thirty not wanting to be taught." - W. C. Sellar

"No other protection is wanting, provided you are under the guidance of prudence." - Juvenal

"I can motivate myself fine just by wanting to be my best." - Chris Bosh

"Virtue is about wanting right and good things, not about being particularly good at thinking." - Nomy Arpaly

"Wanting to be someone you're not is a waste of the person you are." - Kurt Cobain

"Only one being is wanting, and your whole world is bereft of people." - Alphonse De Lamartine

"Success is getting what you want; happiness is wanting what you get." - Ingrid Bergman

"Hi, I'm Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, wanting to say Congratulations, Canada, on preserving your national igloo." - Mike Huckabee

"Imagination is the first faculty wanting in those that do harm to their kind." - Margaret Oliphant

"Patient endurance Attaineth to all things; Who God possesseth In nothing is wanting; Alone God sufficeth." - Teresa of Avila

"Is a woman a thinking unit at all, or a fraction always wanting its integer?" - Thomas Hardy

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of who you are" - Kurt Cobain

"I wanted all of her and resented other boys for wanting any part of her." - Jonathan Franzen

"I don't think anyone has done a [tablet] product that I see customers wanting." - Steve Ballmer

"Comic-Con is nerd Christmas. People go wanting to have fun." - Chris Hardwick

"I grew up watching PBS and wanting to be a part of it, just like HBO." - Jeremy Piven

"When an idea is wanting, a word can always be found to take its place." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"I've been accused of wanting to allow terrorists to have weapons to attack America." - Rand Paul

"There's nothing wrong at all with women wanting to be women." - Liz Phair

"I've been writing and wanting to direct for a long time." - Andy Serkis

"I think romantic passion is wanting a little something in return." - Oscar Isaac

"I don't see anything wrong in someone wanting to be famous or having sky-high ambitions." - Randeep Hooda

"Once you get away from wanting to get paid, you can actually say some true things." - Roseanne Barr

"When you have bacon and eggs for breakfast, the chicken makes a contribution, the pig makes a commitment." - Fred Shero

"Reality forms around a commitment." - Anonymous

"A prompt, generous letter of thanks can seal a commitment which otherwise might disappear when the going gets rough." - Morton Blackwell

"Your mission isn't a project to check off your list. It's a commitment to which to dedicate your life." - Victoria Moran

"The beauty of a strong, lasting commitment is often best understood by a man incapable of it." - Murray Kempton

"Many people boast of going years without a vacation. But this is a sign of trouble - not commitment." - Robert W. Bly

"Political commitment isn't a perimeter, Sam; it's a parameter. Don't you ever wonder? Don't you ever doubt?" - Samuel R Delany

"From a place of stillness, openness, forgiveness and acceptance you can renew your commitment to any eating plan you like." - Martha Beck

"Gov. Jeb Bush and the Florida Legislature's strong commitment to increase access to Advanced Placement courses continues to pay off." - Gaston Caperton

"I'm not just a politician, I'm a guy who has a real deep, substantive, commitment to education." - Roy Romer

"Protecting the dignity and the security our seniors have earned is a commitment that spans generations and party lines." - Tom Rooney

"I believe in love, and I have no trouble with commitment or loyalty; that's never been a problem for me." - Liberty Ross

"Deepen your existing spiritual commitment." - Dan Buettner

"I think Adrian really likes you. Like, in a wanting-to-be-serious way." "Nope. He likes me in a wanting-to-get-the-clothes-off-the-cute-dhampir way." - Richelle Mead

"women are scolded both for being mothers and for not being mothers, for wanting to eat their cake and have it too, and for not wanting to eat their cake and have it too ..." - Margaret Mead

"The Boov frowned. 'Everybodies always is wanting to make a clone for to doing their work. If you are not wanting to do your work, why would a clone of you want to do your work?" - Adam Rex

"Faith means wanting God and wanting to want nothing else." - Brennan Manning

"Reality is what we want it to be or what we do not want it to be, but it is not our wanting or our not wanting that makes it so." - Randall Jarrell

"Jobs has within him sort of this conflict, but he doesn't quite see it as a conflict between being hippie-ish and anti-materialistic but wanting to sell things like Wozniak's board. Wanting to create a business." - Walter Isaacson

"What is life, when wanting love? Night without a morning; Love's the cloudless summer sun, Nature gay adorning." - Robert Burns

"The whole world is being 'deculturalized' into a uniform 'Coca-Cola society,' wanting and needing an American way of life." - Helen Caldicott

"The empty, the one, the unmoved, the full, satiation, wanting nothing-that would be my evil: in short, dreamless sleep." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Wanting anything too desperately is a form of aggression and violence, which will always be met with resistance." - Bryant H Mcgill

"T is virtue which they want; and, wanting it, honor no garment to their backs can fit." - Ben Jonson

"Love and esteem are the first principles of friendship, which always is imperfect where either of these two is wanting." - Eustace Budgell

"That state of life is most happy where superfluities are not required and necessaries are not wanting." - Plutarch

"Jellicoe had all the Nelsonic attributes except one - he is totally wanting in the great gift of insubordination." - John Arbuthnot Fisher

"If you want to preserve your virginity, it's about not wanting to belong to the human species." - Catherine Breillat

"What would it be like to let go of wanting things to be other than they are?" - Byron Katie

"It's a curious, wanting thing." - Sarah Waters

"Wanting to leave is enough." - Cheryl Strayed

"Mr Rudd's arrogance and vanity in wanting to lead the world in cutting CO2 emissions is really sickening" - Nick Minchin

"I have read descriptions of Paradise that would make any sensible person stop wanting to go there." - Charles De Montesquieu

"He that is robbed, not wanting what is stol'n, Let him not know't, and he's not robbed at all." - William Shakespeare

"I can understand your wanting to write poems, but I don't quite know what you mean by being a poet." - T S Eliot

"Words, once my stock, are wanting to commend So great a poet and so good a friend." - John Dryden

"Lady, I didn't get up this morning wanting to be a jackass...but you just pushed my jackass button." - Bill Engvall

"Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land, wanting to fly in the sky." - Carl Sandburg

"There's an awful lot of inactive kindness which is nothing but laziness, not wanting any trouble, confusion, or effort." - John Steinbeck

"Hide-and-seek, grown-up style. Wanting to hide. Needing to be sought. Confused about being found." - Robert Fulghum

"The public is never pleased with what we do, wanting always a copy of what we have done." - Jean Cocteau

"I actually grew up wanting to be a filmmaker. I wanted to make movies, and music was a detour, almost." - Damien Chazelle

"I admire Mark Zuckerberg... for not selling out, for wanting to make a company. I admire that a lot." - Steve Jobs

"I can't put this delicately - everyone goes to their high school reunion wanting to see who they 'beat.'" - Megyn Price

"I'm reading scripts, desperately wanting to work. I've set a couple of things up for next year." - Charlie Hunnam

"Wanting to be on television is a mental illness. Wanting to be president of the United States, wanting to be an actor - these are degrees of the same mental illness. If you need to be approved of simultaneously by more people than are in this room now, there's a problem." - Keith Olbermann

"Love is when I am concerned with your relationship with your own life, rather than with your relationship to mine. . . . there must be a commitment to each other's well-being. Most people who say they have a commitment don't; they have an attachment. Commitment means, "I am going to stick with you and support your experience of well-being." Attachment means, "I am stuck without you."" - Stewart Emery

"The theater commitment is hard, especially in conjunction with a television commitment. That's a big, long commitment." - Sarah Paulson

"A great purposelessness has descended upon modern civilizations. People at large have lost any sense of the meaning and purpose of life; and without an understanding of our own purpose, there can be no true commitment. Whether that commitment is to marriage, family, study, work, God, relationships, or the simple resolutions of our lives, it will be almost impossible to fulfill without a clear and practical understanding of our purpose. Commitment and purpose go hand in hand." - Matthew Kelly

"The road to success is through commitment." - Will Smith

"Ethical veganism represents a commitment to nonviolence." - Gary L Francione

"You ca' coach guts and commitment." - Heyneke Meyer

"My commitment is to truth not consistency." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Commitment is never an act of moderation!" - Kenneth G. Mills

"Acceptance means commitment, among other things." - Ian Hacking

"In America people have this funny idea about enlightenment and money. Money expresses a level of commitment. Studying enlightenment is like going to a university." - Frederick Lenz

"Commitment achieves today what yesterday was impossible." - Wes Fesler

"[Israel] is our ally and in that we've made a very strong commitment to support Israel, we will support Israel if her security is threatened." - George W Bush

"Life without commitment is not worth living." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"A camera can get you close without the burden of commitment. It's a nifty device that way, a magical passport into people's lives with no permanent strings attached." - Nina Berman

"You can't coach guts and commitment." - Heyneke Meyer

"Leadership must be based on goodwill. Goodwill does not mean posturing and, least of all, pandering to the mob. It means obvious and wholehearted commitment to helping followers." - James Stockdale

"I look forward to beginning a relationship with Al Jazeera America, which has made a commitment to producing quality programming and pursuing underreported stories," - Soledad O'Brien

"My unrestrained commitment of myself to God gives the Holy Spirit the opportunity to grant to me the holiness of Jesus Christ." - Oswald Chambers

"After you have made your commitment to say no to what no longer serves you, you will probably be invited to demonstrate that you really mean it." - Alan Cohen

"Marriage is a commitment, not a feeling." - Joel Osteen

"For me, commitment boils down to honor." - Ian Somerhalder

"There is no abiding success without commitment." - Tony Robbins

"Where position is felt to be a birthright, generosity is possible (though not guaranteed); flexibility is not inhibited by a commitment to perpetual success." - Henry Kissinger

"Sol's currency is dedication, enthusiasm and commitment." - Sol Kerzner

"There's no abiding success without commitment." - Anthony Robbins

"My commitment to the Olympics is not a political commitment. It's not a commitment to any particular social system or cultural idea. It is a commitment to sport." - Herbert Hainer

"You can't coach guts and commitment." - Heyneke Meyer

"Casual obedience and lukewarm commitment weaken faith." - Kevin W. Pearson

"There's no abiding success without commitment." - Tony Robbins

"Governing today means giving acceptable signs of credibility. It is like advertising and it is the same effect that is achieved - commitment to a scenario." - Jean Baudrillard

"A major league pitching coach is a really difficult job. It takes a big commitment in terms of time, travel and workload." - David Cone

"Some people don't need parental commitment, they will still come out great, but for others, parents can be critical in providing moral and academic guidance." - Amy Chua

"TV can be a long commitment." - Eliza Dushku

"'Graveminder' is about a mortician, a young woman with commitment issues, a dead teenager, and a town called Claysville where the dead don't always stay dead." - Melissa Marr

"Commitment is an act, not a word." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"Much as you would like, you are not going to change people who feel it's part of their religious commitment to 'save' you." - Jeanne Phillips

"Acceptance of the power of God in one's life lays the groundwork for personal commitment to both science and Christianity, which so often have been in conflict." - Kenneth L Pike

"Commitment is an act, not a word." - Jeanpaul Sartre

"Television is populated with commitment-phobes." - Rob Lowe

"Commitment to great causes makes great men." - Billy Graham

"Contentment is wanting what you have. Ambition is wanting what another has. Progress comes from wanting what nobody has." - Bob Lewis

"Man is a perpetually wanting animal." - Abraham Maslow



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