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Wanting Change Quotes


"Peace of mind comes from not wanting to change others." - Gerald Jampolsky

"We can have peace if we let go of wanting to change the past and wanting to control the future." - Lester Levenson

"My biggest mistake: not wanting to help myself into thinking I am happy, that change would come about without really trying to change, or wanting to change. Procrastinating about changing. I do want to change." - Beatrice Sparks

"...wanting change is step one, but step two is taking it." - Isaac Marion

"I think the obsession with wanting to change yourself is crazy over the top." - Downtown Julie Brown

"I think the obsession with wanting to change yourself is crazy over the top." - Julie Brown

"True resistance begins with people confronting pain... and wanting to do something to change it." - Bell Hooks

"Frankenstein can be a metaphor for abandonment, or wanting to be accepted for who you are, or not liking who you are and wanting to actually change that." - Kevin Grevioux

"To the ego, loving and wanting are the same, whereas true love has no wanting in it, no desire to possess or for your partner to change." - Eckhart Tolle

"Change begets change." - Charles Dickens

"I've spent so much of my youth trying to change people or change girls and then having it done to me and people wanting me to change." - Chris Messina

"I don't think there will ever be a time when people will stop wanting to bring about change." - Yuri Kochiyama

"I think living in Israel and wanting to change reality is the best prescription for never-ending writer's block." - Etgar Keret

"In a serious sense, wanting to change something from the past doesn't work for me - change something you don't enjoy now rather than regretting it later." - Rory Mcilroy

"It was palpable, all that wanting: Mother wanting something more, Dad wanting something more, everyone wanting something more. This wasn't going to do for us fifties girls; we were going to have to change the equation even if it meant . . . abstaining from motherhood, because clearly that was where Mother got caught." - Anne Taylor Fleming

"Things don't change. We change." - Henry David Thoreau

"We may think there is willpower involved, but more likely change is due to want power. Wanting the new addiction more than the old one. Wanting the new me in preference to the person I am now." - George Sheehan

"I was a very driven person, wanting to help and to do good, hopefully to write and teach in a meaningful way - wanting to make change. And I discovered humbly that life was changing me." - Mark Nepo

"We may think there is willpower involved, but more likely... change is due to want power. Wanting the new addiction more than the old one. Wanting the new me in preference to the person I am now." - George A Sheehan

"You start out wanting to change the world through language, and end up thinking it's enough to tell a few good jokes." - David Nicholls

"Theres nothing like standing in a place and wanting nothing so much as to change but simply not being able to." - Kevin Spacey

"Your victory has demonstrated that no person anywhere in the world should not dare to dream of wanting to change the world for a better place." - Nelson Mandela

"It is not possible for any thinking person to live in such a society as our own without wanting to change it." - George Orwell

"Peace of mind comes from not wanting to change other, but by simply accepting them as they are. True acceptance is always without demands and expectations." - Gerald Jampolsky

"Changing someone's life is not the best, is not wanting to change the other life. It is being who you are that changes another's life. Do you understand?" - Juliette Binoche

"I think that the people who are the loudest about wanting to change you are the people with the least amount of vision and creativity." - Kate Upton

"Part of understanding the creative urge is understanding that it's primal. Wanting to change the world is not a noble calling, it's a primal calling." - Hugh Macleod

"Maybe that's just what happens; you start out wanting to change the world through language, and end up thinking it's enough to tell a few jokes." - David Nicholls

"The mark of a good party is that you wake up the next morning wanting to change your name and start a new life in a different city." - Vance Bourjaily

"There is nothing quixotic or romantic in wanting to change the world. It is possible. It is the age-old vocation of all humanity." - Gioconda Belli

"There's nothing like standing in a place and wanting nothing so much as to change but simply not being able to." - Kevin Spacey

"Wanting contact I'm wanting contact I'm wanting contact with you." - Peter Gabriel

"Change begets change. Nothing propagates so fast." - Charles Dickens

"Our lives change when our habits change." - Matthew Kelly

"Relationships are complicated, but happiness in a relationship isn't: It's just wanting exactly what you have. Wanting something else is dispiriting." - Carolyn Hax

"Where sense is wanting, everything is wanting." - Benjamin Franklin

"Everything changes but change" - Israel Zangwill

"Change brings opportunity." - Nido R Qubein

"Real men change diapers!" - Nick Cannon

"Everyone can change." - Hillary Clinton

"The game doesn't change." - Pedro Martinez

"Don't change for nobody." - Lil Romeo

"The entire life of the personal ego is continually in the grip of wanting, i. e., an attempt to seek fulfilment of desires through things that change and vanish. But there can be no real fulfilment through the transient things" - Meher Baba

"The secret to changing your life is in your intentions. Wishing, hoping and goal setting cannot accomplish change without intention. What is needed is a shift from the inert energy of wanting to the active energy of doing and intention." - Wayne Dyer

"Wanting to change, to improve, a person's situation means offering him, for difficulties in which he is practiced and experienced, other difficulties that will find him perhaps even more bewildered." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"You know you are addicted to a food if despite knowing it is bad for you and despite wanting to change, you still keep eating it. Addiction means that a craving has more control over your behavior than you do." - Kathy Freston

"It's a very exciting time in the history of this country, to even see people responding to a different way of doing business and really wanting to make a change." - Susan Sarandon

"Wanting a more positive environment isn't enough. You need to do something, and it doesn't require a great deal of effort or some huge change in the way you approach things at work." - Tom Rath

"I think I've always had these two currents, equally strong, of wanting to change the world and make the world better and fight injustices and fight violence, and then being an artist, which is a very different strain." - Eve Ensler

"Everybody talks about wanting to change things and help and fix, but ultimately all you can do is fix yourself. And that's a lot. Because if you can fix yourself, it has a ripple effect." - Rob Reiner

"I was very happy in Bombay. I was good at school. There was no reason to change anything. I suppose it must have been some spirit of adventure, of wanting to see the world." - Salman Rushdie

"The conventional wisdom with David Mamet is, you do not change a word. And that agrees with me. If you want to change any of David's words, it's like wanting to change the iambic pentameter in Shakespeare - you should do something else." - John C Mcginley

"I think this is when most people give up on their stories. They come out of college wanting to change the world, wanting to get married, wanting to have kids and change the way people buy office supplies. But they get into the middle and discover it was harder than they thought. They can't see the distant shore anymore, and they wonder if their paddling is moving them forward. None of the trees behind them are getting smaller and none of the trees ahead are getting bigger. They take it out on their spouses, and they go looking for an easier story." - Donald Miller

"Things don't change, but by and by our wishes change." - Marcel Proust

"We can't change the world until we change ourselves." - The Notorious Big

"A change of feeling is a change of destiny." - Neville Goddard

"If you change the environment, you change the people." - R Buckminster Fuller

"In life, change is inevitable. In business, change is vital." - Warren G. Bennis

"Constructive change offers the best method for avoiding destructive change." - Theodore Roosevelt

"To change a team you must change their comfort zone." - Doug Collins

"To change is difficult. Not to change is fatal." - William Pollard

"Faith means wanting God and wanting to want nothing else." - Brennan Manning

"Humans are allergic to change." - Grace Hopper

"Times don't change. Men do." - Sam Levenson

"Fear of change perplexes monarchs." - John Milton

"Everything is going to change." - James Dashner

"Change always comes bearing gifts." - Price Pritchett

"Nothing is permanent but change." - Heraclitus

"I didn't change the world." - Marat Safin

"What is life, when wanting love? Night without a morning; Love's the cloudless summer sun, Nature gay adorning." - Robert Burns

"Your children are not your children, they come through you, but they are life itself, wanting to express itself." - Wayne Dyer

"Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land, wanting to fly in the air." - Carl Sandburg

"It's a curious, wanting thing." - Sarah Waters

"Wanting to leave is enough." - Cheryl Strayed

"It is change continuing change, inevitable change that is the dominant factor in society today." - Isaac Asimov

"Men change, fashions change, conditions and circumstances change, but God never changes." - Billy Graham

"Books don't change the world, people change the world, books only change people." - Mario Quintana

"Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." - George Bernard Shaw

"Dare to change the world. There is nothing quixotic or romantic in wanting to change the world. It is possible. It is the age-old vocation of all humanity. I can't think of a better life than one dedicated to passion, to dreams, to the stubbornness that defies chaos and disillusionment." - Gioconda Belli

"Contentment is wanting what you have. Ambition is wanting what another has. Progress comes from wanting what nobody has." - Bob Lewis

"Change lays not her hand upon truth." - Algernon Charles Swinburne

"Change means movement. Movement means friction." - Saul Alinsky

"Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement." - Matt Biondi

"i change by not changing at all" - Eddie Vedder

"The government can't change the weather." - Marco Rubio

"Change your leaders, not your light bulbs." - Thomas Friedman

"The climate change argument is absolute crap" - Tony Abbott

"Change is the law of life." - John F Kennedy

"A zebra can not change it's spots." - Al Gore

"Necessity is the author of change." - Tim Hansel

"You have to stop to change direction." - Erich Fromm

"After Iguala, Mexico has to change." - Enrique Pena Nieto

"The nature of war is constant change." - Sun Tzu

"People don't change. Only their costumes do." - Gene Moore

"Men do not change; they unmask themselves." - Madame De Stael

"Change in all things is sweet." - Aristotle

"Times change and you have to adapt." - Jerry Cantrell

"Dynamism is a function of change." - Hillary Clinton

"My favorite songs change every year." - Isaac Marion

"I change, like every single normal person." - Kevin Pietersen

"I love change, I need it." - Rod Stewart

"So here's the flash: Continuing to live life as a victim of circumstance, forever focusing on what's wrong with everything and everybody, will never, ever, bring the life desired. It will only bring one thing: more of whatever it is we're wanting so desperately to change." - Lynn Grabhorn

"This part of being a man, changing the way we parent, happens only when we want it to. It changes because we are determined for itto change; and the motive for changing often comes out of wanting to be the kind of parent we didn't have." - Augustus Napier

"Any experience deeply felt makes some men better and some men worse. When it has ended, they share nothing but the recollection of a commitment in which each was tested and to some degree found wanting. [...] The consequences of the journey change the voyager so much more than the embarking or the arrival." - Murray Kempton

"To these people, unhappiness was a condition, an intolerable state of affairs. If pills could help, pills were taken. But pills were not going to change the fundamental problem in the construction. Wanting what you can't have. Looking for self-worth in the mirror. Layering work on top of work and still wondering why you weren't satisfied - before working some more." - Mitch Albom

"People become less inhibited from wanting to change social and economic conditions in a radical fashion according to their own interests, and from being prepared to think of state intervention in ever wider spheres as possible and useful for this purpose." - Gunnar Myrdal

"Ancient and oriental civilizations were more sensitive than we are to the cycles of things; to the succession of generations, both divine and human; and to change within stasis. Western man is virtually alone in wanting to make his God into a fortress and personal immortality into a bulwark against time." - Marguerite Yourcenar

"My philosophy has always been to try to put myself into roles and films that are different. That intensified after 'Lord of the Rings' because it was so massive, but it's something I've always believed in, wanting to change people's perceptions and challenge myself as an actor." - Elijah Wood

"Being flexible is incredibly important. You can change your mind. I understand not wanting to flit around, jumping at something little, but you also need to ask yourself if the reasons you're in an investment are still the reasons you should be. It's hard for your ego and it's hard to call clients, but you have to do it." - John Manley

"It's people wanting to do something about global climate change. People fed up with the high price of gas. People tired of breathing dirty air. In Houston, Los Angeles, Bakersfield, and other cities. It's going to be a critical mass of people experiencing something." - Ed Begley Jr

"But one of the things that has to be faced is, in the process of wanting to change that system, how much have we got to do to find out who we are, where we have come from and where we are going." - Ella Baker

"This part of being a man, changing the way we parent, happens only when we want it to. It changes because we are determined for it to change; and the motive for changing often comes out of wanting to be the kind of parent we didn't have." - Augustus Y Napier

"X-Men is not a story about superheroes, but a story about the ongoing revolutionary struggle between good/new and bad/old. The X-Men are every rebel teenager wanting to change the world and make it better. Humanity is every adult, clinging to the past, trying to destroy the future even as he places all his hopes there." - Grant Morrison

"Statistics vary, but in less than seven years there won't be a single cell left in any of our bodies that's the same as it is today. This means that any human being who 'wants' to change is like a mountain river wanting to reach the valley floor. It's a done deal; that's what mountain rivers do, and 'changing' should be our first nature." - Guy Finley

"When I think about that first DeBarge album, I remember being so green... just pristine. Nothing mattered to me but writing songs. I remember staying locked up in a room with my piano and just singing and writing songs all day long. I remember being a perfectionist about it... wanting to change this and fix that." - El Debarge

"I always had all of these childhood fantasies about wanting to invent things, like a spaceship or a time machine. And everyone's imagined what it would be like to go back in time and change things, to see what would happen if you had a different life. 'Back to the Future' fulfills all of those daydreams. It's the perfect movie." - Sasha Grey

"The great thing about the business is how Darwinian it is. We have to swim or die - if you are found wanting over a period of time, you've either got to change what you're doing or find something else to do." - Steven Soderbergh

"As a woman of a certain age - and really, ever since I hit puberty and my baby-making parts were suddenly subject to public debate - I've been told over and over again that I will 'change my mind' about not wanting kids." - Jen Kirkman

"I'm not an historian and I'm not wanting to write about how I perceive the social change over the century as a historian, but as somebody who's walked through it and whose life has been dictated by it too, as all our lives are." - Penelope Lively

"A lot of the offers I get are for these innocent 16-year-olds, and I turn down a lot of stuff because it's the same-old same-old. The whole point of wanting to act is trying to change it up, and I want to experience everything." - Jillian Murray

"I think it was important that I learned to love to dance eventually for its own sake, as opposed to wanting to be a ballerina." - Suzanne Farrell

"Man is a perpetually wanting animal." - Abraham Maslow

"Wanting and needing are two different things." - Richelle Mead

"People ask without wanting to know." - Barbara Kingsolver

"Happiness is wanting what you have." - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

"Always wanting another man than your own." - Thomas Hardy

"He killed himself for wanting to live." - Markus Zusak

"Nothing wrong with wanting to go home." - Stephon Marbury

"Winning isn't everything. Wanting to is." - Catfish Hunter

"Wanting ... is something 'having' cannot cure." - Joe Fortenberry

"Sensuality, wanting a religion, invented Love." - Natalie Clifford Barney

"Wanting is the beginning of getting." - Rumer Godden

"Maybe I've been wanting the wrong things." - Adam Gidwitz

"Never stop wanting for your magic" - Therese Of Lisieux

"Love is wanting others to be happy." - Dalai Lama

"I started out wanting to coach football." - Lee Majors

"Winning isn't everything, but wanting it is." - Arnold Palmer

"Stupidity lies in wanting to draw conclusions." - Gustave Flaubert

"I was a very wanting child." - Loretta Young

"Maybe wanting to retire is my ambition." - Brenda Blethyn

"Winning isn't everything. Wanting to win is." - Catfish Hunter

"Why do we shrink from change? What can come into being save by change?" - Marcus Aurelius

"If you don't have the power to change yourself, then nothing will change around you." - Anwar Sadat

"Instead of constantly adapting to change, why not change to be adaptive?" - Fred Emery

"None of us can change our yesterdays but all of us can change our tomorrows." - Colin Powell

"There is always room for change, but you have to be open to that change." - Kathryn Budig

"Give me 30 days, I'll change your body. Give me 60 days , I'll change your life" - Bikram Choudhury

"The only way to change the future is to change the present." - Seohyun

"The true alchemists do not change lead into gold; they change the world into words." - William H Gass

"I used to want to change the world. Now I'm open to letting it change me." - Po Bronson



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