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Wanting Attention Quotes


"I'm the youngest of four, and I'm always the clown - making the jokes, wanting attention." - Rose Byrne

"The ambition, the drive, the wanting to be the center of attention, the wanting to succeed... They're all inside me somewhere." - Philip Seymour Hoffman

"Hansel is certainly about comfort, while still sort of having a peacock principle of wanting to attract attention." - Owen Wilson

"Friendship demands attention." - Thomas More

"What ignited the rocket that sent you up into the vast regions of comedy, and why? I would say, for me, that philosophical treatise about having black beginnings and wanting love to compensate for that, wanting audiences and wanting attention - I say, "Au contraire." Completely opposite. I want the continuation of my mother's incredible love and attention to me." - Mel Brooks

"A lot of the stories are internal. They leak it to me wanting to get attention, wanting to get that headline. More times than not, I will not give it to them." - Matt Drudge

"If we release our fixed ideas about how the world should appear, desires can simply fall away. Our attention is paid to releasing, not wanting to release." - Angelina Love

"Out of all artists, authors are the least trained for the spotlight. Wanting attention isn't a requisite part of the package." - Sloane Crosley

"I'm not particularly attention-seeking." - Annie Lennox

"Your own attention is important, not the attention of others or your attention on others." - Nirmala Srivastava

"You are a creator; you create with your every thought. You often create by default, for you are getting what you are giving your attention to wanted or unwanted but you know by how it feels if what you are getting (creating) is what you are wanting or if it is not what you are wanting. (Where is your attention focused?)" - Esther Hicks

"The attention is to be kept pure." - Nirmala Srivastava

"After realization, the attention becomes enlightened." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Cultivate visibility because attention is currency." - Chris Brogan

"Attention is the beginning of devotion." - Mary Oliver

"I broke things to get attention." - Daniel Day-Lewis

"Cancer is enough to get my attention." - Charles Grodin

"I'm dramatically underexposed. I demand more attention!" - Steven Morrissey

"My attention span is very short." - William

"Wanting people to listen, you can't just tap them on the shoulder anymore. You have to hit them with a sledgehammer, and then you'll notice you've got their strict attention." - Kevin Spacey

"I also really pay attention to whether the script embodies a full female character or if they're just wanting a two-dimensional objectified woman. So I also have that aspect to take care of as well." - Karla Souza

"Making books has always felt very connected to my bookselling experience, that of wanting to draw people's attention to things that I liked, to shape things that I liked into new shapes." - Jonathan Lethem

"Of all the species of literary composition, perhaps biography is the most delightful. The attention concentrated on one individual gives a unity to the materials of which it is composed, which is wanting in general history." - Robert Hall

"Wanting contact I'm wanting contact I'm wanting contact with you." - Peter Gabriel

"Relationships are complicated, but happiness in a relationship isn't: It's just wanting exactly what you have. Wanting something else is dispiriting." - Carolyn Hax

"Where sense is wanting, everything is wanting." - Benjamin Franklin

"Love is giving your kids your undivided attention and time" - Kevin Heath

"That which holds our attention determines our action." - Prince William

"Your attention has to be on your Spirit." - Nirmala Srivastava

"The soul needs attention like the body needs to breath." - Ray Davies

"Luck is largely a matter of paying attention." - Susan M Dodd

"The tongues of dying men Enforce attention like deep harmony." - William Shakespeare

"A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention" - Herbert Simon

"The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention." - Julia Margaret Cameron

"Parenthood involves massive sacrifice: money, attention, time and emotional energy." - Jonathan Sacks

"I give people my heart and my full attention." - Michael Rosenbaum

"I think I'm a focus for international attention." - Sting

"Attention has to be concentrated upon your Spirit. Then you become the best instrument, your attention very powerful." - Nirmala Srivastava

"I wouldn't have thought that the techniques of story-telling, which is what the novel is after all, can vary much because there are two things involved.There's a story and there's a listener, whose attention you have to keep. Now the only way in which you can keep a reader's attention to a story is in his wanting to know what is going to happen next. This puts a fairly close restriction on the method you must use." - William Golding

"Faith means wanting God and wanting to want nothing else." - Brennan Manning

"What is life, when wanting love? Night without a morning; Love's the cloudless summer sun, Nature gay adorning." - Robert Burns

"Your children are not your children, they come through you, but they are life itself, wanting to express itself." - Wayne Dyer

"Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land, wanting to fly in the air." - Carl Sandburg

"It's a curious, wanting thing." - Sarah Waters

"Wanting to leave is enough." - Cheryl Strayed

"I would say most people assume that I'm not very smart or educated or earnest, because I have this image that I'm sort of narcissistic, chasing attention, and wanting people to like me. It makes me laugh because I've done plenty of interviews and when you read the article from beginning to end you can see that I'm not your typical music video model." - Megan Fox

"I was thinking about the universe wanting to be noticed, and how I had to notice it as best I could. I felt that I owed a debt to the universe that only my attention could repay, and also that I owed a debt to everybody who did' get to be a person anymore and everyone who had' gotten to be a person yet." - John Green

"Where danger shews it self, apprehension cannot, without stupidity, be wanting; where danger is, sense of danger should be; and so much fear as should keep us awake, and excite our attention, industry, and vigour; but not to disturb the calm use of our reason, nor hinder the execution of what that dictates." - John Locke

"Father may have been wanting in some things, but here he was masterful. Night upon night, I marveled at his power to hold listeners in rapt attention. He could tell a story with such detail, such flourish, that afterwards a man could swear it had been his own memory, and not a tale at all." - Seth Grahame-Smith

"What will be left of all the fearing and wanting associated with your problematic life situation that every day takes up most of your attention? A dash, one or two inches long, between the date of birth and date of death on your gravestone." - Eckhart Tolle

"When each thought absorbs your attention completely, it means you identify with the voice in your head. Thought then becomes invested with a sense of self. This is the ego, a mind-made "me." That mentally constructed self feels incomplete and precarious. That's why fearing and wanting are its predominant emotions and motivating forces." - Eckhart Tolle

"Sometimes in the afternoon sky the moon would pass white as a cloud, furtive, lusterless, like an actress who does not have to perform yet and who, from the audience, in street clothes, watches the other actors for a moment, making herself inconspicuous, not wanting anyone to pay attention to her." - Marcel Proust

"I was thinking about the universe wanting to be noticed, and how I had to notice it as best I could. I felt that I owed a debt to the universe that only my attention could repay, and also that I owed a debt to everybody who didn't get to be a person anymore and everyone who hadn't gotten to be a person yet." - John Green

"I'm very proud to be part of a cast that's gonna put Hot Shots on screen for the first time, Hot Shots are the first line of defense against wildland fire and these guys are so selfless, they are guys that do what they do without wanting any kind of attention for it." - Miles Teller

"I want to say that of course I want my writing to be read and discussed by as many people as possible, but this is different than wanting personal, "celebrity"-like attention. I'm very introverted and sensitive and dislike being talked about, positively or negatively." - Marie Calloway

"A genuine relationship is one that is not dominated by the ego with its image-making and self-seeking. In a genuine relationship, there is an outward flow of open, alert attention toward the other person in which there is no wanting whatsoever." - Eckhart Tolle

"I had a mother who was very emotionally demanding, wanting to be the centre of attention. As they say in EastEnders, she thought it was all about 'er. I spent a lot of time trying to work out what was going on." - Andrew Davies

"I wanted to make a film - and I've been wanting to do this for 16 years - about life in care, and bring it to the public's attention, because I had never seen anything, on TV or in the cinema, which said: 'This is how it feels to be a kid in care'." - Samantha Morton

"Attention! Attention! Attention! Thou art aware of the situation!" - Zack Ryder

"Now, you just watch your attention. Where is it going? Watch yourself. As soon as you'll start watching yourself, your attention, you'll become more identified with your Spirit." - Nirmala Srivastava

"You create attention to attract attention." - Kurt Cobain

"Man's troubles are rooted in extreme attention to senses, thoughts, and imagination. Attention should be focused internally to experience a quiet body and a calm mind." - Gautama Buddha

"I need attention. I like the attention." - Bill Foley

"Sometimes you walk into things, that, if you were paying attention, vibrationally, you would know right from the beginning that it wasn't what you are wanting. In most cases, your initial knee-jerk response was a pretty good indicator of how it was going to turn out later. The things that give most of you the most grief are those things that initially you had a feeling response about, but then you talked yourself out of it for one reason or another." - Esther Hicks

"Burma is located between China, India, and South East Asia. So it is quite natural that a country wanting diplomatic relations with our country would pay attention to who our regional neighbors are. It is not at all fair to ask a country to build relations with Burma but not take into account the situation in China. There is no way to think that taking the Chinese situation into consideration shows a disregard for Burma." - Aung San Suu Kyi

"If I am acting out in any particular way that is harmful to myself - without a shadow of doubt, there is a feeling suppressed under wanting that second candy bar. Often, it is that little voice I haven't paid attention to. It's generally not the adult voice. If I take a moment to address that and figure out what that is, the desire for the candy bar seems to dissipate." - Danny Boyle

"When you're a music director, you have people constantly sending you music and trying to get - I mean, I'm sure you have the exact same thing when you do a magazine - that you have people constantly wanting to get your attention. And I think I learnt a lot from being on that end of things, when I was trying to book the tour, the first tour we did." - Chris Baio

"I see young people being dismissed for supposedly wanting only "stupid" and "easy" material, or that they don't have an attention span longer than three minutes. I disagree with all those statements; I just think they aren't true. I'm saying that our generation wants stuff that is substantial and challenging, as well as thoughtful and endearing. Well, I don't know if I'm doing that, but I'm trying." - Bo Burnham

"Contentment is wanting what you have. Ambition is wanting what another has. Progress comes from wanting what nobody has." - Bob Lewis

"I think it was important that I learned to love to dance eventually for its own sake, as opposed to wanting to be a ballerina." - Suzanne Farrell

"Man is a perpetually wanting animal." - Abraham Maslow

"Wanting and needing are two different things." - Richelle Mead

"People ask without wanting to know." - Barbara Kingsolver

"Happiness is wanting what you have." - Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

"Always wanting another man than your own." - Thomas Hardy

"He killed himself for wanting to live." - Markus Zusak

"Nothing wrong with wanting to go home." - Stephon Marbury

"Winning isn't everything. Wanting to is." - Catfish Hunter

"Wanting ... is something 'having' cannot cure." - Joe Fortenberry

"Sensuality, wanting a religion, invented Love." - Natalie Clifford Barney

"Wanting is the beginning of getting." - Rumer Godden

"Maybe I've been wanting the wrong things." - Adam Gidwitz

"Never stop wanting for your magic" - Therese Of Lisieux

"Love is wanting others to be happy." - Dalai Lama

"I started out wanting to coach football." - Lee Majors

"Winning isn't everything, but wanting it is." - Arnold Palmer

"Stupidity lies in wanting to draw conclusions." - Gustave Flaubert

"I was a very wanting child." - Loretta Young

"Maybe wanting to retire is my ambition." - Brenda Blethyn

"Winning isn't everything. Wanting to win is." - Catfish Hunter

"Paying attention to simple little things that most men neglect makes a few men rich." - Henry Ford

"Scarcity of self value cannot be remedied by money, recognition, affection, attention or influence." - Gary Zukav

"The light of the spirit has to come into your attention." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Whatever adventure you are into, whatever you are doing, your attention should be on your spirit." - Nirmala Srivastava

"The key to successful aging pay as little attention to it as possible." - Judith Regan

"Flirtation: attention without intention." - Max O'Rell

"Love is effortless attention." - Guy Finley

"I'm gonna dress up as an iPhone so my husband pays attention to me." - Nicole Richie

"Anything which draws attention to me because I am so attractive." - Venus Williams

"Put your attention on happiness by practicing the Happiness Habits each day." - Marci Shimoff

"It's attention to detail that makes the difference between average and stunning," - Francis Atterbury

"Restaurants that have health-conscious consumers will pay attention to this." - Marion Nestle

"Compassion begins with attention." - Daniel Goleman

"If we pay no attention to it, time does not exist." - Mircea Eliade

"Place your attention 6 inches above your crown. God is breathing in and out there." - Lauryn Hill

"All attention is introspection." - Thomas Metzinger

"Charisma is a fancy name given to the knack of giving people your full attention." - Robert Brault

"The attention span of a computer is only as long as its power cord." - Anonymous

"Your life follows your attention. Wherever you look, you end up going." - Martha Beck

"To confine our attention to terrestrial matters would be to limit the human spirit." - Stephen Hawking

"I pay attention to how I look but I don't let it go too far." - Colbie Caillat

"Geniuses never pay attention." - Michael Crichton

"Guys always attract my attention when they wear nice clothes and they make an effort." - Georgia Salpa

"The poet produces the beautiful by fixing his attention on something real." - Simone Veil

"The ego is nothing other than the focus of conscious attention." - Alan Watts

"One has to divide attention between having kids and a full workload." - Willemalexander Prince

"Terrorism gets people's attention." - Lowell Bergman

"Always say 'no pun intended' to draw attention to the intended pun." - Teju Cole

"As a writer, putting words on the page is how I pay attention." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"We know that's the bottom line: if money is made, the powers that be pay attention." - Regina King

"You glance at an e-mail. You give more attention to a real letter." - Judith Martin

"The art of photography is all about directing the attention of the viewer." - Steven Pinker

"I haven't been paying attention to politics long enough to have really smart opinions." - Biz Stone

"I am aware, as everybody has to be, that there's more competition for one's attention nowadays." - Tom Stoppard

"I love attention." - Marc Jacobs

"I wasn't the best student. I wasn't stupid, but I wasn't paying a lot of attention." - Denis Leary

"Happiness isn't wanting what you can get, but wanting what you have." - Beverly Lewis

"There's a big difference, I discovered, between wanting to die and not wanting to live," - Marilyn Manson

"Maybe I'm sad about wanting you. I'm not too comfortable with wanting someone." - Craig Thompson

"Wanting more majors, wanting more wins, almost feels like I think Im being too greedy." - Inbee Park

"[On men:] I'm torn between wanting to have one and wanting to be one." - Cathy Guisewite

"Our economy is based upon people wanting more; their happiness on wanting less." - Frank A Clark

"The establishment isn't new. The establishment not wanting outsiders, not wanting conservatives, isn't anything new." - Rush Limbaugh

"You can't criticize people for wanting to have a decent life or wanting to live decently." - Angela Davis

"Rock stars wanting to write is even worse than wanting to act in movies, right?" - Evan Dando

"Wanting more majors, wanting more wins, almost feels like I think I'm being too greedy." - Inbee Park

"Wanting to be an actor and wanting to be famous are different." - Blake Lively

"Wanting to be a screenwriter is like wanting to be a co-pilot." - Marshall Brickman

"Dialogue is really aimed at going into the whole thought process and changing the way the thought process occurs collectively. we havent really paid much attention to thought as a process. We have ENGAGED in thoughts, put we have only paid attention to the content, not to the process. Why does thought require attention? Everything requires attention, really. If we ran machines without paying attention to them, they would break down. Our thought, too, is a process, and it requires attention, otherwise its going to go wrong." - David Bohm

"I understand why some women/girls/ladies don't want to be women-identified 'cuz it totally complicates your band identity and no one seems to pay much attention to the music or what you're doing. We have chosen to be girl-identified (although Billy isn't a girl!), because we want to encourage other women/girls to play music. When I was growing up, I found it discouraging to have all these women in bands not wanting to address the issue of gender...we're interested in what women are doing." - Tobi Vail

"Do I think that people should in the best of all possible worlds have to go to jail for wanting the US government to pay attention to the warnings of scientists about climate change? Not really. I mean, in a rational world, if all the scientists said, "The worst thing that ever happened is about to happen and here's what you should do to stop it," you would expect any rational system to say, "Oh, sure, OK, let's do something about it." But that's not the world we live in. In the world we live in, you do need people willing to stand up, fight, march and sometimes go to jail." - Bill Mckibben

"Now the best thing is to put attention to your spirit. If you start putting your attention to spirit, the sweetness of the spirit itself will make the whole thing very sweet and beautiful." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Your spirit is to be connected with your attention. Your spirit which is in your heart has to come in your attention. So who does the connection is this power which we call in Sanskrit language as Kundalini." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Pay no attention to haters, attention is what they crave." - Cher Lloyd

"I am dealing with people and not with things. And, because I am dealing with people, I cannot refuse my wholehearted and loving attention, even in personal matters, where I see that a student is in need of such attention." - Paulo Freire

"Learn to become still. And to take your attention away from what you don't want, and all the emotional charge around it, and place your attention on what you wish to experience." - Michael Beckwith

"I tried to pay attention, but attention paid me." - Lil Wayne

"Pay attention to what you're paying attention to." - Howard Rheingold

"There's a big difference between grabbing attention and rewarding attention." - Walter Darby Bannard

"I want the attention, I love the attention." - Alessandra Ambrosio



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