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Wanting A Guy Quotes


"If you're a kid wanting to be a cartoonist today, and you're looking at Family Guy, you don't have to aim very high." - John Kricfalusi

"I think there's something about wanting to stand in the spotlight. I think the ball is a spotlight, for example, and I think they want to stand in that. I a lot of times see - LeBron is a guy that vacillates between wanting to do that and then wanting to get somebody else involved." - Phil Jackson

"It's a curious, wanting thing." - Sarah Waters

"It's definitely not true what they say about women wanting a guy with a sense of humour. What women mean is that they want a guy with a sense of humour who is really handsome. If a girl had a choice between Brad Pitt or me, she'd pick Brad Pitt. And I'm a lot funnier than he is." - Seth Rogen

"Man is a perpetually wanting animal." - Abraham Maslow

"Sensuality, wanting a religion, invented Love." - Natalie Clifford Barney

"I was a very wanting child." - Loretta Young

"Wanting to be a screenwriter is like wanting to be a co-pilot." - Marshall Brickman

"I'm a nostalgic guy." - Kevin Connolly

"I'm a sentimental guy." - Fred Durst

"I'm a romantic guy." - Fred Durst

"I'm a happy guy." - Creed Bratton

"I'm a sock guy." - David Boreanaz

"I'm a chocolate guy." - Jay Pharoah

"I'm a competitive guy." - John Singleton

"I'm a drama guy." - Shemar Moore

"I'm a longboard guy." - Jeff Bridges

"I'm a normal guy." - Jack Ma

"There's a big difference, I discovered, between wanting to die and not wanting to live," - Marilyn Manson

"You can't criticize people for wanting to have a decent life or wanting to live decently." - Angela Davis

"Everybody knows I got a temper. It's not a temper temper-not an off-the-field temper. It's a competitive temper, wanting to do good. But as far as being a guy who disrupts a lot of things, who doesn't want to listen? Nah, man. That's false. That's false because I'm excelling." - Randy Moss

"I don't want to paint myself as some villain - I was never a bad guy doing horrible things, but I got too caught up in wanting a very specific thing to happen to the band. Ultimately, I had to find the ability in myself to get over that and stop being so stringent and learn to laugh a little bit more." - Andy Biersack

"We signed with Roadrunner because, they almost signed us in '97 or something, and we've been wanting to work with Monty Connor, the guy who signed us, for a long time because he's been a huge fan of us since, I mean, in high school, when I was in high school and he was following our band." - Jess Margera

"I don't really have a problem with just wanting sex. Never have. Even when I was a virgin and wanted to marry the first guy who I slept with, I never passed any judgments about that. But now I'm done [with dating around]." - Jessica Alba

"Wanting more is just a recipe for heartache." - Stephen King

"I've been wanting to do a play for years." - Michael Cera

"I started off wanting very much to be a newscaster." - Bob Iger

"I grew up wanting to be a writer for theatre." - Christopher Durang

"I can't ever remember not wanting to be a scientist." - Steve Squyres

"I can't ever remember not wanting to be a scientist." - Steven Squyres

"You start wanting to see a different place every day." - Shannon Hoon

"To love a thing means wanting it to live." - Confucius

"Dear God. She ached, wanting something that she knew was a sin. Wanting a man who was sin itself." - Elizabeth Hoyt

"Writing was the soul of everything else ... Wanting to be a writer was wanting to be a person." - Patricia Hampl

"At the major studios, you see people wanting to remake a TV series, wanting to make a sequel." - Clint Eastwood

"I'm a happy guy. I'm a lucky guy." - Taylor Kinney

"I'm a happy guy. I'm a lucky guy." - Taylor Kinney

"I think guys wind up after a while not wanting another guy sleeping with the girl they're with. But eventually everyone wants something more. We all have that desire for something special, something committed. We all want to be The One." - Ashton Kutcher

"I am a serious guy." - Stefano Gabbana

"I'm not a sentimental guy." - Gene Hackman

"I'm not a Hollywood guy." - Kevin James

"I'm not a water guy." - Don Nelson

"I'm not a leading guy." - Steve Zahn

"I am a normal guy." - Vagit Alekperov

"Gary Bettman's a smart guy." - Kevin Connolly

"I'm a late-night guy." - Dane Cook

"I'm a humble guy, okay?" - Richard Paul Evans

"I'm a DIY kinda guy." - Jonathan Evison

"I'm a very emotional guy." - Donnie Yen

"I'm a green-tea guy." - Billy Corgan

"I'm a fairly worldly guy." - Jamie Dornan

"Liberace was a lovely guy." - Michael Douglas

"I'm a gung-ho guy." - Ray Knight

"I've been a lucky guy." - Steve Mariucci

"I'm not a political guy." - William H Mcraven

"I'm a very emotional guy." - James Remar

"I'm a pro-horserace guy." - Nate Silver

"I'm a boxer-briefs guy." - Michael Trevino

"I'm a blue-shirt guy." - Billy Bush

"I'm just a normal guy." - Isaiah Mustafa

"I'm a real estate guy." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to." - John Ed Pearce

"I'm not an Internet guy - I'm a business guy." - William Fung

"Let's just say I know a guy who knows a guy who knows another guy." - Saul

"Collaboration is just, really, a group of people getting in a room with their eye on a very similar prize and wanting to come out with the same show. The director, ultimately, is the guy in front of whom the buck stops. So, he has to have the courage to prevail. But, he has got to have a huge amount of respect for his collaborators." - Harold Prince

"Only yesterday a young woman came to me wanting a trap set for a man with a sweet smile and lithe arms. She was a fool, not for wanting him, but for wanting more of him than that." - Patricia A. McKillip

"Over the last couple of years, the photos of me when I was a kid... well, they've started to give me a little pang or something - not unhappiness, exactly, but some kind of quiet, deep regret... I keep wanting to apologize to the little guy: "I'm sorry, I've let you down. I was the person who was supposed to look after you, but I blew it: I made wrong decisions at bad times, and I turned you into me." - Nick Hornby

"He shifted over without comment, lifting the blankets, and I scrambled into the warm sheets beside him. He smelled like soap and sleep and bare skin. He smelled familiar. Not the deja vu familiar of Guy or Mel. Familiar like...the ache in your chest of homesickness, of longing for harbor after weeks of rough seas or craving a fire's warmth after snow-or wanting back something you should never have given away." - Josh Lanyon

"I was very headstrong about wanting to keep my name when I moved to Los Angeles. But casting directors would call my managers and say I was perfect for the part, but my name wasn't marketable - I was a young guy, and had the old man name of Gary. I kept losing jobs because of the name not being marketable, so I changed it to Garrett." - Garrett Clayton

"There's a lot of disorder that comes along with wanting to know everything and wanting to try everything and wanting to experience everything, but there's a lot of knowledge that comes out of it too." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"It's an attitude that has to do with curiosity, with wanting to know about things, wanting to be able to influence things, and wanting to be able to influence them in a way that's worthwhile" - Richard Bandler

"Teach me how to talk to you. WANT. Is my wanting you so bad, wanting your cock so bad, wanting the feel of your lips on my lips just me being selfish and egoistic? Teach me a new language." - Kathy Acker

"I'm in Love with a Wonderful Guy" - Oscar Hammerstein Ii

"I consider myself a relatively moral guy" - O J Simpson

"I personally like being a guy." - Steve Lonegan

"Magic. It can get a guy killed." - Jim Butcher

"I am a wild and crazy guy!" - Steve Martin

"I'm a stress free kind of guy." - Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev

"Trust me, I'm a really nice guy." - Bob Probert

"I'm a happy-go-lucky guy." - Dontrelle Willis

"I'm a win-at-all-costs guy." - Ben Roethlisberger

"I think God's a pretty fair guy." - Benjamin Carson

"You know, I'm a skinny Irish guy." - Cillian Murphy

"The guy [Tom Cruise] is a machine." - Patrick Heusinger

"I'm a plain soap kind of guy." - Alan Greenspan

"I've never been a competition guy." - Robert Irvine

"I'm not a Hollywood party guy." - Jason Bateman

"I'm not a guy who gets inspirations." - Stan Lee

"A penny for the Old Guy" - T S Eliot

"I'm more of a rodeo type guy." - Larry The Cable Guy

"Art theft gave a guy an appetite." - Gordon Korman

"I am a big barbecue-sauce guy." - Rick Majerus

"I'm a big root beer guy." - Dylan Obrien

"I'm a common-sense kind of guy." - Robert M Parker Jr

"I was a competitive guy growing up." - Mark Sanchez

"Nixon probably was a nice guy." - Bill Ayers

"I'm kind of a distractible guy." - Richard Ford

"I'm a small shifty kind of guy." - Dave Franco

"I'm a big cardigan sweater guy." - James Franco

"I'm a lucky guy. No question." - Stedman Graham

"I'm a humble guy, but I'm audacious." - Andy Grammer

"I wanna be a nice guy." - David Guetta

"Personally, I'm a V-neck guy." - James Harden

"Juan Williams is a very sharp guy." - Henry Rollins

"I'm a creative guy, artistically with graphics." - Tim Allen

"I'm not really a music guy." - Dave Attell

"I'm not a big goal guy." - Harry Connick Jr

"I'm just a down-to-earth guy." - Ace Frehley

"I'm usually a patient guy anyway." - Curtis Joseph

"I've always been a direct guy." - Kool Keith

"I'm a 'Lost' guy, I love 'Lost.'" - Zachary Levi

"I'm a very romantic and passionate guy." - Diego Boneta

"I've never been a big gore guy." - Jon Bernthal

"Let's just say I'm a physical guy." - Jon Bernthal

"I got dogs. I'm a dog guy." - Marshawn Lynch

"I'm a big root beer guy." - Dylan O'Brien

"I'm a 'Lost' guy, I love 'Lost." - Zachary Levi

"I'm just a loud Irish guy." - Bill O'Reilly

"Jake Gyllenhaal is such a nice guy." - Jolene Purdy

"I'm a kind of private guy." - Jason Reitman

"I'm not really a goal-oriented guy." - Seth Rogen

"I'm a pretty analytical guy, all right?" - Mitt Romney

"I'm a very routine-oriented guy." - Curt Schilling

"I was always a God guy." - Stephen Baldwin

"I'm not a big politics guy." - Kevin Hart

"I'm actually a very moral guy." - Hugh Hefner

"I'm a big romantic, traditional, cheesy guy." - Josh Hutcherson

"I'm not a big TV guy, though." - Josh Hutcherson

"I'm not a big disco guy." - Jon Bon Jovi

"You can never overlook a guy." - Floyd Mayweather Jr

"Generally, I'm a pretty mellow guy." - Shaun White

"I am a very even-keeled guy." - Richard Mourdock

"I am a very shy, introverted guy." - Dave Pelzer

"My dad's a very shrewd, clever guy." - C Thomas Howell

"I'm just a loud Irish guy." - Bill Oreilly

"Relationships are complicated, but happiness in a relationship isn't: It's just wanting exactly what you have. Wanting something else is dispiriting." - Carolyn Hax

"I am going to tell you a secret. Everything is about wanting. Everything. Things happen because of people wanting. Watch closely, and you'll see what I mean." - David Mitchell

"I think that's all a form of wanting to let go, of wanting to get out... It's not something easily described or understood." - Marilyn Manson

"Frankenstein can be a metaphor for abandonment, or wanting to be accepted for who you are, or not liking who you are and wanting to actually change that." - Kevin Grevioux

"When you have a well developed body and you're confident, you see people bending your way, wanting to be on your side, wanting to do things for you." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"I am going to tell you a secret. Everything is about wanting. Everything. Things happen because of people wanting. Watch closely, and you"ll see what I mean." - David Mitchell

"It occurred to me then that a lot of life was either about wanting and not having, or having and not wanting." - Deb Caletti

"Need' now means wanting someone else's money. 'Greed' means wanting to keep your own. 'Compassion' is when a politician arranges the transfer." - Joseph Sobran

"I don't think anyone should grow up wanting to go around killing people. I don't think anyone should grow up wanting to be a secret agent." - Timothy Dalton

"Is a woman a thinking unit at all, or a fraction always wanting its integer?" - Thomas Hardy

"I would love to say that I have an eighth-inning guy, a seventh-inning guy, a left-handed guy, a long guy." - Brad Ausmus

"I don't believe that there's a good guy and a bad guy. Unless it's like Superman or Batman, there is no good guy and bad guy." - Blake Lively

"Wanting contact I'm wanting contact I'm wanting contact with you." - Peter Gabriel

"A tough will counts. So does desire.So does a rich soft wanting.Without rich wanting nothing arrives." - Carl Sandburg

"It's almost impossible to read a fine thing without wanting to do a fine thing." - John Steinbeck



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