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Wanted To Die Quotes


"I wanted to die. I had a panic attack." - Shania Twain

"She wanted to die, but she also wanted to live in Paris." - Gustave Flaubert

"I love you," he said, his voice catching. "When I thought you were going to die, I wanted to die." - Eloisa James

"Shaw, we're going to die, aren't we?" Probably. Why?" Just wanted confirmation." - David Baldacci

"I had led a private life and wanted to die a private death." - Jean Harris

"I really wanted to die at certain periods in my life." - Brigitte Bardot

"The bravest thing I ever did was continuing my life when I wanted to die." - Juliette Lewis

"If I die tomorrow, I've accomplished everything I wanted to do in life." - Don Johnson

"Grace is humbling and restorative. It pulls you down because Christ had to die for you, but also lifts you up because he wanted to die for you." - Timothy Keller

"All my life I've wanted to see London. [...] I wanted to see London the way old people want to see home before they die." - Helene Hanff

"I lived like a man who wanted to die but who had no courage to do it himself." - Anne Rice

"I just wanted them to die," said Poison. "They didn't have to make such a drama about it." - Chris Wooding

"I never wanted to stop. I feel like to the day I die I'll play guitar and sing." - Taryn Manning

"I realize now I didn't really want to die. I just wanted to stop the hurt and pain." - Latoya Jackson

"He wanted to die because he thought the feelings would never subside and forgot they always did." - Alan Robert Neal

"I'll probably die by the time I reach 25. But I'll have lived the way I wanted to." - Sid Vicious

"I never wanted to see anybody die, but there are a few obituary notices I have read with pleasure." - Clarence Darrow

"I'll die before I'm 25, and when I do I'll have lived the way I wanted to." - Sid Vicious

"You get so tired of having your work die. I just wanted to make something that people would actually use." - Bram Cohen

"I loved music, but I found myself at the point where I wanted to die. I didn't care about life." - Brian Welch

"Die to self: die to criticism, die to praise." - Lee Roberson

"Don't. Don't play that game." His brow pressed to hers. "When I heard you cry out . . . it was like a saber to the gut. I wanted to die." - Tessa Dare

"Do'. Do' play that game." His brow pressed to hers. "When I heard you cry out . . . it was like a saber to the gut. I wanted to die." - Tessa Dare

"I've always wanted to be thrown into the ocean when I die - to be rowed out to sea and thrown overboard into the Atlantic." - Aoife O'Donovan

"So many people have really wanted to die. They seem ashamed to say so. I think it would help if they would say so" - Mercedes Mccambridge

"Easing the passing of a dying person isn't all that wicked. She wanted to die. That can't be murder. It is impossible to accuse a doctor." - John Bodkin Adams

"Son, are you happy? I don't mean to pry, but do you dream of Heaven? Have you ever wanted to die?" - Tim Burton

"So many people have really wanted to die. They seem ashamed to say so. I think it would help if they would say so." - Mercedes Mccambridge

"I will die Before My Time. Because I feel the shadow's Depth. So much I wanted to accomplish. before I reached my Death" - Tupac Shakur

"Wraith rubbed his hands together in cheesy horror-movie glee. "Join us or die." He grinned. "I've always wanted to say that." - Larissa Ione

"If I should die tomorrow, I will have no regrets. I did what I wanted to do. You can't expect more from life." - Bruce Lee

"I think the question that nobody wanted to deal with is the question they're posing: did my kid die in vain? Because the answer is too awful." - Joan Baez

"Wraith rubbed his hands together in cheesy horror-movie glee. "Join us or die." He grinned. "I"ve always wanted to say that." - Larissa Ione

"I have seen journals with good financial backing and editorial support die because they looked so bad nobody wanted to publish them." - Denis Dutton

"The first video I ever made, announcing 'Crash the Super Bowl,' I did about fifty takes and I wanted to die. It was awful." - Kina Grannis

"I'm taking a break from music... everyone was so mean about it and it was so hard that I wanted to die." - Melanie Laurent

"He wanted to wake up every morning to her. Go to sleep with his body wrapped tightly around hers. He wanted her to have his child-his children. He knew he wanted to live out the rest of his life with her by his side and when he died, he wanted to die in her arms." - Christine Feehan

"It was the first time that we had sort of articulated our major problem. She wanted to die and I wanted her to live and we were enemies who loved each other." - Miriam Toews

"I wanted to die; I wanted to surrender because I saw no sense in struggling. I felt that nothing would be proved, substantiated, added or subtracted by continuing an existence which I had not asked for." - Henry Miller

"While I had often said that I wanted to die in bed, what I really meant was that in my old age I wanted to be stepped on by an elephant while making love." - Roger Zelazny

"What I wanted was to die among strangers, untroubled, beneath a cloudless sky. And yet my desire differed from the sentiments of that ancient Greek who wanted to die under the brilliant sun. What I wanted was some natural, spontaneous suicide. I wanted a death like that of a fox, not yet well versed in cunning, that walks carelessly along a mountain path and is shot by a hunter because of its own stupidity..." - Yukio Mishima

"If life is so critical, if Anne Frank could die, if my friend could die, children were as vulnerable as adults, and that gave me a secret purpose to my work, to make them live. Because I wanted to live. I wanted to grow up." - Maurice Sendak

"To retire is to die." - Pablo Casals

"To live is to die." - Cliff Burton

"A thousand times, when the train slowed or stopped, I thought of jumping off. I wanted to die in a ditch. I wanted to disappear. I wanted a different history and geography. In rhythm with the wheels I said I want I want I want I want I stayed on the train." - Lewis Nordan

"Wake up - time to die." - Brion James

"You're going to die sooner." - Tom Coburn

"Time to die. -Evil Angel" - James Patterson

"I don't intend to die." - Jack K. Cooke

"Tis immortality to die aspiring." - George Chapman

"Die: To stop sinning suddenly." - Ambrose Bierce

"Would it hurt to die?" - J K Rowling

"Come, Lady, die to live." - William Shakespeare

"I don't want to die." - Nick Carter

"I don't intend to die." - Jack Kent Cooke

"I'm not afraid to die." - John Wooden

"I want to die painting." - Paul Cezanne

"I wish to die painting." - Paul Cezanne

"We're all going to die." - Elizabeth Edwards

"Everyone is going to die." - Jack Kevorkian

"I'm not afraid to die." - Vivien Leigh

"I held her, he wanted to say, and if I knew for certain that all it would take to hold her again would be to die, then I couldn't raise the gun to my head fast enough." - Dennis Lehane

"But,' he thinks, 'it's possible to die before you die." - Patrick Ness

"If I die, I'm going to die onstage." - Yoshiki

"I don't want to die. Please don't let me die." - Hugo Chavez

"I love thee and thou art so lovely and so wonderful and so beautiful and it does such things to me to be with thee that I feel as though I wanted to die when I am loving thee." - Ernest Hemingway

"When I was young I used to have this thing where I wanted to see everything I used to think 'How can I die without seeing every inch of this world?'" - Leonardo Dicaprio

"In this perilous world, if a black boy wanted to live a halfway normal life and die a natural death he had to learn early the art of how to get along with white folks." - Benjamin E Mays

"Robert Plant asked me to marry him, but I said 'no.' I mean, you just don't want to marry someone you've wanted to do it with since you were thirteen, because, well, if he farts, I would, like, die!" - Tori Amos

"When I was young, I used to have this thing where I wanted to see everything. I used to think, 'How can I die without seeing every inch of this world?" - Leonardo Dicaprio

"I wanted to understand." - Spider Robinson

"I wanted to write." - Christopher Hitchens

"We were supposed to grow old together, Dolores. Have kids. Take walks under old trees. I wanted to watch the lines etch themselves into your flesh and know when each and every one of them appeared. Die together." - Dennis Lehane

"I thought that jealousy was an idea. It isn't. It's a pain. But I didn't feel as they do in a Broadway melodrama. I didn't want to kill anybody. I just wanted to die." - Floyd Dell

"I'm late to everything. I've always wanted to have it written in my will that when I die, the coffin shows up a half hour late and says on the side, like in gold, 'Sorry I'm Late'." - Axl Rose

"I really wanted to die at certain periods in my life. Death was like love, a romantic escape. I took pills because I didn't want to throw myself off my balcony and know people would photograph me lying dead below" - Brigitte Bardot

"Acting Government officials, they said they wanted - they would be happy, they would love to put a bullet in my head, to poison me as I was returning from the grocery store, and have me die in the shower." - Edward Snowden

"I cannot think of a greater blessing than to die in one's own bed, without warning or discomfort, on the last page of a new book that we most wanted to read." - John Russell, 1st Earl Russell

"I really wanted to die at certain periods in my life. Death was like love, a romantic escape. I took pills because I didn't want to throw myself off my balcony and know people would photograph me lying dead below." - Brigitte Bardot

"I started out a die-hard New Yorker but really grew to love working in Los Angeles. Even though I originally wanted to do theater, TV presented more opportunities for me, which led me out west." - Becki Newton

"My granddad always said he wanted to make me an England player. As soon as I went on to that pitch against Portugal, I knew he could die a happy man because he'd achieved his aim in life." - David Dunn

"Starlets were always turning up dead in people's pools. They fished them out like goldfish. Nobody seemed to find it unusual that so many young, beautiful women wanted to die." - Jonathan Rosen

"I wondered if that's what aging felt like. That desire and reality were dueling until the day you die, that nobody every got to a place of peace. I had always wanted to get old so I didn't have to care anymore, but I began to think that it would be best just to skip the getting older part and just die." - Portia De Rossi

"You had me tied in knots. You saved Belen's life, and I wanted to kill and thank you all at the same time. And during those nights when we didn't know if you'd live or die, I went from being angry, to worried to frustrated to scared all within a single heartbeat. If you had die, I would have killed you." - Maria V. Snyder

"My father's death from prostate cancer in 1993 was tragic. He never complained about pain. He was a fighter. By the time he was ready to die he wasn't able to die in the way that he wanted to, which seemed an outrage to me." - Zoe Wanamaker

"That's what is most satisfying, is having overcome that pain. Pain that is so intense that when you finish, it feels like you're going to die. That's what I wanted, and that's what I got." - Clara Hughes

"Someone asked me what legacy I wanted to leave and all my answers were so long that I even bored him. I said I don't care. Why should I? I will die someday. So if you like, remember me." - Femi Kuti

"I had always wanted to write a song called, The Vicious Circle. I always thought it was like, the kids are born there, they grow up there, they die there." - Mac Davis

"I suffered from post-natal depression after Rowan was born. I had a healthy, beautiful baby girl and I couldn't look at her. I couldn't hold her, smile at her. All I wanted was to disappear and die." - Brooke Shields

"Though she had no one to write to, she had bought herself a blotter, a writing case, a pen and envelopes; she would dust off her whatnot, look at herself in the mirror, take up a book, and then begin to daydream and let it fall to her lap.... She wanted to die. And she wanted to live in Paris." - Gustave Flaubert

"Do not be afraid, Leon, - I feel much better; but in case anything should happen to me I wanted to leave you something to remember me by. Perhaps I ought not to say it so soon after my husband's death; but as I might die, I wanted to tell you now that I loved you very, very much." - Henryk Sienkiewicz

"I would like to die peacefully with Thomas Tallis on my iPod before the disease takes me over and I hope that will not be for quite some time to come, because if I knew that I could die at any time I wanted, then suddenly every day would be as precious as a million pounds, if I knew that I could die, I would live. My life, my death, my choice." - Terry Pratchett

"I wanted to die, then. I wanted to destroy the body I was trapped in, become what she was, no matter what it took. No matter how much mutilation or pain. But he looked away, at me. He pulled my face down and pressed my lips against his like he was almost trying to suffocate us both." - Francesca Lia Block

"I wanted to be an actor when I saw the movie 'Die Hard.' I saw Bruce Willis shooting guns and blowing stuff up, and I thought, 'I wanna do that.' It really had nothing to do with acting; I just wanted a job that allowed me to do fun, bigger-than-life stuff." - Zach Gilford

"To philosophize is to learn to die." - Michel De Montaigne

"To retire is to begin to die." - Pablo Casals

"Better to suffer than to die." - Jean De La Fontaine

"Its hard to die. Harder to live" - Dan Simmons

"To become immortal, and then to die." - Jean-Luc Godard

"To leave is to die a little." - Proverbs

"I wanted to be famous. I wanted to be somebody." - Bunny Yeager

"Where it is permissible both to die and not to die, it is an abuse of valour to die." - Mencius

"To die for the sake of dying - I prefer to die of passion than to die of boredom!" - Vincent Van Gogh

"I wanted to play baseball!" - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

"I always wanted to rebel." - Kim Gordon

"I always wanted to box." - Bonnie Canino

"I've always wanted to act." - Shayne Ward

"I wanted to be videotaped." - Mark David Chapman

"I always wanted to perform." - Julia Louisdreyfus

"I always wanted to perform." - Julia Louis-Dreyfus

"I always wanted to act." - Adam Rickitt

"I wanted to play baseball!" - Kareem Abduljabbar

"I always wanted to teach." - Mike Krzyzewski

"I'd rather DIE than go to heaven." - Brendon Small

"Whoever I had become had to die." - Craig Ferguson

"When you start to die, don't." - Frank Buckles

"How sweet to die after one's enemies." - Pierre Corneille

"it's just another way to die" - Maggie Stiefvater

"Failure to die is always appreciated." - Mira Grant

"I have decided not to die." - Kathryn Stockett

"You're too important to just... die." - Veronica Roth

"Art is man determined to die sane." - Bernard Devoto

"These have not the hope to die." - Dante Alighieri

"Cause not a tree to die." - Mongkut

"Max-I'm not going to die today." - James Patterson

"To die hating them, that was freedom." - George Orwell

"I don't want to die without scars." - Brad Pitt

"The present day composer refuses to die." - Edgard Varese

"God, I want to die in you." - Katy Evans

"Old man! 'Tis not difficult to die." - Lord Byron

"fang will be the first to die" - James Patterson

"Islands are where species go to die." - David Quammen

"To be immortal and then die" - Jean-Luc Godard

"Milan. What a beautiful place to die." - John Carradine

"Better to die than live in sleep." - G. I. Gurdjieff

"Don't expect me to die for you." - Kurt Cobain

"To-morrow let us do or die." - Thomas Campbell

"Into the sky to win or die." - Christopher Paolini

"It's redundant to die in Los Angeles." - Truman Capote

"You're never too young to die." - Anthony Horowitz

"Eventually everyone has to die, except Elvis." - Dave Barry

"It becomes an emperor to die standing." - Titus Flavius Vespasian

"Retiring is getting ready to die." - Rodger Ward

"Trayvon Martin did not need to die." - Henry Rollins

"I have sworn to die painting." - Paul Cezanne

"Swedish meatballs are to die for." - Kimberly Guilfoyle

"It becomes an emperor to die standing." - Vespasian

"Song forbids victorious deeds to die." - Friedrich Schiller

"Life is too meaningful to die." - Kedar Joshi

"Without music I should wish to die." - Edna St Vincent Millay



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