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Walls Coming Down Quotes


"My growth depends on my walls coming down." - Evelyn Underhill

"Don't you feel a change a coming From another side of time, Breaking down the walls of silence, Lifting shadows from your mind." - Cat Stevens

"Coming to know one another based on a shared humanity through dialogue is the key to breaking down the walls of isolation and reversing the decline of life-to-life bonds among human beings." - Vinessa Shaw

"Let the shameful walls of exclusion finally come tumbling down," - George H W Bush

"We should be breaking down barriers, not building walls." - Ted Cruz

"Nothing brings down walls as surely as acceptance." - Deepak Chopra

"That the wall is coming down." - Cassandra Clare

"Don't take 'no' for an answer. Keep knocking down walls until someone says 'yes.'" - Chelsea Handler

"The walls were down, the only thing I could do was rebuild." - Robert Dugoni

"By faith the walls of Jericho fell down, after they were compassed about seven days." - Hannah Whitall Smith

"Wisdom never kicks at the iron walls it can't bring down." - Olive Schreiner

"If there are no roads you can walk, break down the walls!" - Yoshiki Nakamura

"As actors, we're a little faster than other people, with breaking down the walls." - Paula Malcomson

"Walls are built up between people a hell of a damn sight faster than-broken down." - Tennessee Williams

"There is no doubt PC prices will be coming down." - Bill Gates

"Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts." - Mother Jones

"I was proud of myself coming down that back-nine" - Graeme McDowell

"Coming down was the hardest part of any climbing." - Carson Mccullers

"I'm coming down on the next pitch, Krauthead." - Ty Cobb

"Summer coming like a car from down the highway." - Sherman Alexie

"Sit down and read. Educate yourself for the coming conflicts." - Mary Harris Jones

"Wild Eyes was built for speed and I was flying down walls of water twenty and thirty feet high." - Abby Sunderland

"Love makes us similar, it creates equality, it breaks down walls and eliminates distances. God did this with us." - Pope Francis

"The New York action painters want their pictures to jump off the walls and chase you down the street." - Mason Cooley

"I felt like it needed some color down there, so I painted the walls with the motherfucker." - Joe Hill

"Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down." - Banana Yoshimoto

"Comedy breaks down walls. It frees us for just a moment from the ugliness of this world." - Goldie Hawn

"Art curates compassion. Art to me breaks down walls and allows us to step into somebody else's shoes." - Kerry Washington

"He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls." - Taylor Caldwell

"Seek the ones who never stop caring, who break down your walls, and help you come back to yourself" - Yasmin Mogahed

"Poetry and beauty are always making peace. When you read something beautiful you find coexistence; it breaks walls down." - Mahmoud Darwish

"The walls, the bars, the guns and the guards can never encircle or hold down the idea of the people." - Huey Newton

"The walls between old allies on either side of the Atlantic cannot stand. The walls between the countries with the most and those with the least cannot stand. The walls between races and tribes; natives and immigrants; Christian and Muslim and Jew cannot stand. These now are the walls we must tear down. We know they have fallen before." - Barack Obama

"red rain is coming down red rain red rain is pouring down pouring down all over me" - Peter Gabriel

"You may build walls in my path, but I will knock them down. then all your hard work only made me stronger, and all you have is gravel." - Debby Ryan

"Suddenly this is all too hard. I am tired of putting up walls. I want someone with the strength - and the honesty - to break them down." - Jodi Picoult

"A true soul mate is probably the most important person you'll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"I will make a pact with you: I will do it if you will do it, always and forever. Take down the walls." - Lauren Oliver

"The yellow fog came creeping down The bridges, till the houses' walls Seemed changed to shadows, and St. Paul's Loomed like a bubble o'er the town." - Oscar Wilde

"The walls of the educational system must come down. Education should not be a privilege, so the children of those who have money can study." - Che Guevara

"If we are ready to tear down the walls that confine us, break the cage that imprisons us, we will discover what our wings are for" - Michael Elmore-Meegan

"If you pinch the sea of its liberty, though it be walls of stone or brass, it will beat them down." - John Cotton

"I try never to say no when it comes to creativity, but I do try and lead down an "appropriate road" - like not on furniture or the walls." - Sarah Michelle Gellar

"O You kings of halls and ends of halls, You will die within these walls, And I'll go, all down the row, Knockin' on Joe." - Nick Cave

"Well there are walls, that make a prison, many names that can bring hate. Yeah tear 'em down and ride 'em over." - Jackson C. Frank

"Oaks shall be rent; the Word shall shatter - Yea, on that fiery day, the Crown, Even the palace walls shall totter, And domes and spires come crashing down." - Heinrich Heine

"The laurel-tree grew large and strong, Its roots went searching deeply down; It split the marble walls of Wrong, And blossomed o'er the Despot's crown." - Richard Henry Horne

"The cold stream of visual impressions failed him now as if the eye were a cup that overflowed and let the rest run down its china walls unrecorded." - Virginia Woolf

"I'm hoping to knock down the walls and broaden the lane a little bit more for music that's pop music at the heart of it." - Santigold

"Being connected to the Internet means being vulnerable to coordinated actions that can knock down walls of secrecy and shatter mechanisms of control." - Jamais Cascio

"I consider myself a D.I.Y. home improvement guy. In a prior life, I completely gutted a house - redid the plumbing, wiring, moved sewage pipes, knocked down walls, everything." - Gary Locke

"I feel like everyone's starting to isolate, and that proves itself in a big context like Brexit, and Donald Trump potentially, and putting walls up and stopping people coming in." - Ruth Wilson

"Coming back to the topic of computer security, the TCP Wrapper is an example of such a safety net. I wrote it when my systems were under attack by someone who appeared to walk through walls." - Wietse Venema

"Tonight the city is full of morgues, and all the toilets are overflowing. There's shopping malls coming out of the walls, as we walk out among the manure. That's why I pay no mind." - Beck

"Be awfully nice to them going up, because you're gonna meet them all coming down." - Jimmy Durante

"Cold is our element and winter's air Brings voices as of lions coming down." - Wallace Stevens

"What is the scent of water?" "Renewal. The goodness of God coming down like dew." - Elizabeth Goudge

"I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings. Coming down is the hardest thing." - Tom Petty

"The ball was coming down like a butterfly with sore feet." - Jamie Redknapp

"My horse was in the lead, coming down the home stretch, but the caddie fell off." - Samuel Goldwyn

"The sun machine is coming down, and we're gonna have a party." - David Bowie

"Coming up with ideas is the easiest thing on earth. Putting them down is the hardest." - Rod Serling

"Managers focus on short-term goals versus opportunities or challenges coming down the road." - Adrian Gostick

"We are coming down from our pedestal and up from the laundry room." - Bella Abzug

"All the world's a stage ... and you better have a zoning variance or it's coming down." - William Shakespeare

"Everything was coming my way, but I was going down. I was painfully empty." - Lorraine Bracco

"I was on the stairs coming down when she let him in." - Lizzie Andrew Borden

"Vodka is tasteless going down, but it is memorable coming up." - Garrison Keillor

"There are no planes in the spiritual life; we are either going uphill or coming down." - Fulton J Sheen

"A motorcycle coming down from 30 feet at 70 mph gives you a terrible jolt." - Evel Knievel

"Coming down off crack is like the worst depression. The worst." - Ray Brown

"We may stop ourselves when going up, never when coming down." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"See me safe up: for in my coming down, I can shift for myself." - Thomas More

"I realized that it's all really one, that John Lennon was correct. We utilize the music to bring down the walls of Berlin, to bring up the force of compassion and forgiveness and kindness between Palestines, Hebrews. Bring down the walls here in San Diego, Tijuana, Cuba." - Carlos Santana

"Watch the walls come down, whether it's in the South or on Wall Street. When the walls come down, what do we find? More markets, more talent, more capital and growth. Which means that the race and sex discrimination stunt economic growth. It's not good for capitalism. It's not good for America's growth. And it's not morally right." - Jesse Jackson

"You think I'm pretty Without any make-up on You think I'm funny When I tell the puch line wrong I know you get me So I'll let my walls come down, down" - Katy Perry

"In many ways, history is marked as 'before' and 'after' Rosa Parks. She sat down in order that we all might stand up, and the walls of segregation came down." - Jesse Jackson

"We've got fuel prices coming down and good travel numbers coming out, so it's not surprising airline stocks are going up." - Andrew Sullivan

"I will protect your tax money! It won't be spent on Prime Minister and Governor houses. InshALLAH the day PTI government comes in power these walls of governor houses will be brought down. We will break these walls and make libraries and playgrounds for the public to use" - Imran Khan

"The wooden walls are the best walls of this kingdom." - Thomas Coventry

"Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moocow coming down along the road and this moocow that was coming down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo" - James Joyce

"Walls turned sideways are bridges." - Angela Davis

"Words will build no walls." - Plutarch

"Let's build bridges, not walls." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"Spikes, " he sighed. "Heads. Walls." - George R R Martin

"Walls don't fall without effort." - Neal Shusterman

"Do not cruise through red lights. Because if I'm coming the other way, I will run you down, for fun." - Jeremy Clarkson

"There were big geysers coming up where the shells were landing and there were bodies floating, face down, face up." - Elliot Johnson

"Down to my last dime and coming apart at the seams. I'm messed up in Mexico, living on refried dreams." - Tim Mcgraw

"Mama, put my guns in the ground, I can't shoot them anymore. That long black cloud is coming down." - Bob Dylan

"I walk around at 150-152 pounds to weigh 147 pounds. Other boxers weigh around 160-170 before coming down." - Floyd Mayweather Jr

"Neither Bernie Sanders, Hillary [Clinton], nor [Donald] Trump can stop the Wrath of God that is coming down on America." - Louis Farrakhan

"It is better for civilization to be going down the drain than to be coming up it." - Henry Allen

"Ain't she sweet? See her coming down the street! Now I ask you very confidentially, Ain't she sweet?" - Jack Yellen

"Group texts are the worst. They're like a terrible, technological snowball, coming down a mountain, and you can't stop it." - Jase Robertson

"George Bush taking credit for the wall coming down is like the rooster taking credit for the sun rising." - Al Gore

"I think the fact is that World Coming Down was just a really hard album for people to deal with." - Josh Silver

"Authors want their names down in history; I want to keep the smoke coming out of the chimney." - Mickey Spillane

"The sun is coming down to earth, and the fields and the waters shout to him golden shouts." - George Meredith

"It's really sad down there. Everyone's sitting around asking to help and BP won't let anybody do anything. People are coming down to help. People want to help." - Austin Nichols

"We are way more powerful when we turn to each other and not on each other, when we celebrate our diversity, focus on our commonality, and together tear down the mighty walls of injustice." - Cynthia Mckinney

"Art should exhilarate, and throw down the walls of circumstance on every side, awakening in the beholder the same sense of universal relation and power which the work evinced in the artist." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Rooms are a fixed size, which can't be altered without pulling down walls and building new ones. They should be unchanging in shape and proportions. But sometimes they do change depending on who's in them." - Aidan Chambers

"If a man, cautious, hides his limp, Somebody has to limp it! Things do it; the surroundings limp. House walls get scars, the car breaks down; matter, in drudgery, takes it up." - Robert Bly

"We give people fish. We teach them to fish. We tear down the walls that have been built up around the fish pond. And we figure out who polluted it." - Shane Claiborne

"once you laugh at you own weaknesses, you can move forward. Comedy breaks down walls. It opens up people. If you're good, you can fill up those openings with something positive. Mabye........ combat some the ugliness in the world." - Goldie Hawn

"You have those walls up all around you...Come a day you gonna want to tear them down brick by brick and gonna find that the cement is all hard. What you gonna do then?" - Jacqueline Woodson

"I can only build if I tear the walls down, even if it breaks me I won't let it make me frown, I'm falling but no matter how hard I hit the ground, I'll still smile" - Eyedea

"You were hidden behind walls of ice; no man had passed them; I broke them down and love leapt to love, and you lie here, my beautiful, love in the arms of its lover." - James M Barrie

"The greatest enemy of mankind is his ignorance of the inherent money power in all of us. When the realization of this comes to man, he will like Samson, push down the walls of his prison." - E.C. Riegel

"It was the night things changed, can you see it now? These walls that they put up to hold us back fell down It's a revolution, throw your hands up, 'cause we never gave in" - Taylor Swift

"I think some industries are so far behind the rest of humanity, in the way they see characters and cast shows. Once those walls get broken down, it changes everything." - Josh Groban

"I tend not to hang with 'the crowd' because I believe that at any given moment in history, the crowd is only standing somewhere because some lone, brave nutjob broke down the walls for them first." - Jim Goad

"Down the mountain walls From where pan's cavern is Intolerable music falls. Foul goat-head, brutal arm appear, Belly, shoulder, bum, Flash fishlike; nymphs and satyrs Copulate in the foam." - William Butler Yeats

"Information is the oxygen of the modern age. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders.... The Goliath of totalitarianism will be brought down by the David of the microchip." - Ronald Reagan

"When I cleared out Moscow apartment after stepping down as president, they found all kinds of wiring in the walls. It turned out that they had been spying on me all along." - Mikhail Gorbachev

"I have never understood, for example, how come a child can climb up on the roof, scale the TV antenna, and rescue the cat ... yet cannot walk down the hallway without grabbing both walls with his grubby hands for balance." - Erma Bombeck

"The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men." - Lyndon B Johnson

"The true professional makes art when he is not feeling good, if the studio is too cold or too warm or the walls are falling down. We are painters and we paint. If I were a sculptor, I'd sculpt." - Jack White

"There are designers who say, 'Oh! I see wallpaper and blue carpet.' I usually start by knocking down walls. 'You thought you just needed some new drapes? Well, guess what: That wall's gotta go.'" - Candice Olson

"People talk about the Patriot Act that was passed immediately in the wake of September 11. What the Patriot Act did was break down the walls between the various agencies." - Robert Mueller

"It was not a religion that attacked us that September day. It was al-Qaeda. We will not sacrifice the liberties we cherish or hunker down behind walls of suspicion and mistrust." - Barack Obama

"I remember my daughter Deni coming along, and she was so pure and caring of everybody and everything. And somehow, this little being managed to get around all the obstacles - the gun turrets, the walls, the moats, the sentries - that were wrapped around my heart. My heart at that time needed her ... I think it's the best thing going, parenthood." - Woody Harrelson

"I was cutting and threading pipe in the tunnels to get water into the shower rooms for athletics. I was repairing old metal windows, fixing cement walls where rain was coming through, and drying out the maple gym floors in hopes of removing the warping." - Tom Baker

"My latest theory is that it's - well, I describe it as, like, being in an apartment with kind of thin walls. And in the apartment next door, they've got a radio tuned constantly on - tuned to a really cool radio station. It's on all the time. And you can just hear it coming through the wall all the time." - Nick Lowe

"I remember my daughter Deni coming along, and she was so pure and caring of everybody and everything. And somehow, this little being managed to get around all the obstacles - the gun turrets, the walls, the moats, the sentries - that were wrapped around my heart. My heart at that time needed her." - Woody Harrelson

"he looked around at the books on the walls, at their dark, worn spines, and he seemed to hear a strange, distant murmur coming from them. each of the closed books was a door, and behind it stirred shadows, voices, sounds, heading toward him from a deep, dark place." - Arturo Perez-Reverte

"I think we need to teach children the importance of others, and that they cannot grow in this world without taking in others. The more worlds they take in, these unique worlds, the more they can become. We need to teach them to trust others again, because we're all frightened to death of each other. We're building higher and higher walls, stronger and stronger locks. Tear down the walls! Every day I see how we're distrusting and it hurts." - Leo Buscaglia

"True love has nothing to do with liking someone, agreeing with him or her or being compatible. It is a love of unity, a love of seeing God wearing all the masks, and recognising itself in them all. With this love you can feel the walls of opposition come down naturally in the acknowledgement of deep connection. Not only do the walls of opposition fall, but love is felt for every human being and for life itself." - Adyashanti

"It's funny: By putting up walls, you think you're protecting yourself, but you get to live less. You're depriving yourself of so much if you're trying to be too aware of what you're putting out there. If you feel someone breaking those walls down, let them. Those are the people that you need to find in life, rather than people that you're just comfortable with." - Kristen Stewart

"When you're jealous, especially of someone else's art or creations you automatically put up these selfish walls that reinforce your stupid ideas. It's hard to pull those walls down and look at what you're hiding. Look at your own weakness and realize that the jealousy came from knowing that you're intimidated by someone else's work, and that when you compare it to your own, you fall short." - Joe Rogan

"One day, when we were coming back from school, we saw this big cloud of smoke coming up, and all these fire-trucks in the yard. The garage was burning down. I was 14, and we'd lost everything." - Valerie June

"Nobody's going to save you. No one's going to cut you down, cut the thorns thick around you. No one's going to storm the castle walls nor kiss awake your birth, climb down your hair, nor mount you onto the white steed. There is no one who will feed the yearning. Face it. You will have to do, do it yourself." - Gloria E. Anzald˙a

"Nobody's going to save you. No one's going to cut you down, cut the thorns thick around you. No one's going to storm the castle walls nor kiss awake your birth, climb down your hair, nor mount you onto the white steed. There is no one who will feed the yearning. Face it. You will have to do, do it yourself." - Gloria E. Anzald˙a

"Travel is like a university without walls." - Anita Roddick

"Fear builds walls to bar the light." - Baal Shem Tov

"Walls protect and walls limit. It is in the nature of walls that they should fall. That walls should fall is the consequence of blowing your own trumpet." - Jeanette Winterson

"I paint the walls with his blood." - Dmx

"Your fears are not walls, but hurdles." - Dan Millman

"Stop inviting walls into wide open spaces." - Buddy Wakefield

"It's amazing how willpower can build walls." - Yann Martel

"The information walls are completely crumbling." - Robert Greene

"Break, break the walls between the peoples." - Ludoviko Lazaro Zamenhof

"Gifts make their way through stone walls." - Proverbs

"The light of love sees no walls." - Suzy Kassem

"Walls have tongues, and hedges ears." - Jonathan Swift

"Old women can see through walls." - Federico Garcia Lorca

"I like to build bridges... not walls." - Oscar Arias Sanchez

"If we don't stop extending our troops all around the world in nation-building missions, we're going to have a serious problem coming down the road." - George W Bush

"When you are on a down swing, do not feel bad. Know the swing will change and things will get better.There are good times coming." - Bob Proctor



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