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Waiting Game Quotes


"(Baseball) is a game with a lot of waiting in it; it is a game with increasingly heightened anticipation of increasingly limited action" - John Irving

"Doorbells are like a magic game, Or the grab-bag at a fair - You never know when you hear one ring Who may be waiting there." - Rachel Field

"All that was left for me was a terrible kind of paralysis, this waiting game, this heartbreak game." - Paula McLain

"Wake up, Carolee, the plane is waiting for us, we have to get to the game." - Al Davis

"And like I said, I didn't know him very well, but my ears perked up whenever I heard his name. I guess I wanted to hear something - anything - juicy. Not because I wanted to spread gossip. I just couldn't believe someone could be that good. If he was actually that good... wonderful. Great! But it became a personal game of mine. How long could I go on hearing nothing but good things about Clay Jensen? Normally, when a person has a stellar image, another person's waiting in the wings to tear them apart. They're waiting for that one fatal flaw to expose itself. But not with Clay." - Jay Asher

"It is a fine game to play - the game of politics - and it is well worth waiting for a good hand before really plunging." - Winston Churchill

"At the stair-foot Hephaistion was waiting. He happened to be there, as he happened to have a ball handy if Alexander wanted a game, or water if he was thirsty; not by calculation, but in a constant awareness by which no smallest trifle was missed. Now, when he came down the stairs with a shut mouth and blue lines under his eyes, Hephaistion received some mute signal he understood, and fell into step beside him." - Mary Renault

"If we wait for conditions to go from good to perfect, we'll just be waiting, waiting, waiting." - Bill Simon

"Expectations are resentment waiting to happen." - Anne Lamott

"When you quit drinking you stop waiting." - Caroline Knapp

"Just always be waiting for me." - James M Barrie

"Stop waiting for a producer. Produce yourself." - Marianne Williamson

"Sometimes waiting is the hardest thing." - Dean Koontz

"If you're not creating, you're waiting." - Kevin Pollak

"We're waiting for something to change into something worth waiting for" - Michael Tolcher

"Your life is already artful-waiting, just waiting, for you to make it art." - Toni Morrison

"Ah! my heart is weary waiting, Waiting for the May: Waiting for the pleasant rambles Where the fragrant hawthorn brambles, Where the woodbine alternating, Scent the dewy way; Ah! my heart is weary, waiting, Waiting for the May." - Denis Florence MacCarthy

"Today's game is always different from yesterday's game." - Red Smith

"Play the game, never let the game play you." - Tupac Shakur

"It's the old shell game." - Dan Rather

"One day I would be a better hand at the game. One day I would learn how to laugh. Pablo was waiting for me, and Mozart too." - Hermann Hesse

"Baseball is a game where you are always waiting, and then when something happens it's like turning a kaleidoscope when you were a kid." - Frederick Busch

"Doorbells are like a magic game, Or the grab-bag at a fair - You never know when you hear one ring Who may be waiting there." - Rachel Field

"There was a beauty here, refined from country pastures, a game of solitariness, of waiting, waiting for the pitcher to complete his gaze toward first base and throw his lightning, a game whose very taste, of spit and dust and grass and sweat and leather and sun, was America." - John Updike

"There was a beauty here bigger than the hurtling beauty of basketball, a beauty refined from country pastures, a game of solitariness, of waiting, waiting for the pitcher to complete his gaze toward first base and throw his lightning, a game whose very taste, of spit and dust and grass and sweat and leather and sun, was America." - John Updike

"Being on the tightrope is living; everything else is waiting." - Karl Wallenda

"Every nuclear bomb is an Auschwitz waiting to happen." - Patricia Marx

"The past is always waiting to entangle and deflect us." - Mason Cooley

"Our dreams are waiting for US... to come true!" - Mark Victor Hansen

"You weren't being punished. You were waiting for me." - Jean M Auel

"A prayerless person is a disaster waiting to happen." - D A Carson

"Sometimes waiting is the hardest thing of all." - Luanne Rice

"Don't keep that money waiting, it get impatient." - Fabolous

"The country we carry in our hearts is waiting." - Bruce Springsteen

"People are just waiting around to get certified" - Frank Zappa

"Time goes by slowly when you spend it waiting." - Jessi Kirby

"Waiting is worse than knowing. Grief rends the heart cleanly, that it may begin to heal; waiting shreds the spirit." - Morgan Llywelyn

"A flower without a stem, is beauty waiting to die. A heart without love, is a tear waiting to cry." - Octavio Paz

"Waiting makes wine better; but waiting makes man decay! Don't wait because you have no time! Move fast!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"If you're waiting for someone to believe in you, you'll be waiting forever. You must believe in yourself." - Cher

"Waiting time is not wasting time. Waiting patiently in expectation is the foundation of the spiritual life." - Henri Nouwen

"Waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. Useless and disappointing." ~ Sam (Hilary Duff), A Cinderella Story" - Hilary Duff

"One night I was in the players' parking lot at the Fleet Center in my Celtics warm-ups about a half hour before a game, waiting for one of my dealers to come up from Fall River, because if I didn't get my stuff I was too sick to even go through the pre-game layup line, never mind actually play in the game." - Chris Herren

"Get the winners into the game." - Bear Bryant

"The game isn't over till it's over." - Yogi Berra

"Life is a zero sum game." - George Carlin

"You have got to love the game." - Lionel Messi

"The game cannot be won, only played." - Will Smith

"Play against the Game, not your opponent." - Bud Wilkinson

"Play the game with a smile." - Earl Monroe

"Half this game is 90 percent mental." - Danny Ozark

"The money game is not like any other game. You cannot choose whether you'll play, for the money game is the only game in town." - Venita VanCaspel

"Instead of playing the game "Making Life Wonderful", we often play the game called "Who's Right". Do you know that game? It's a game where everybody loses." - Marshall B. Rosenberg

"Half the game is 90% mental." - Yogi Berra

"Results, are the name of the game..." - Jim Rohn

"Politics is a game requiring great coolness." - John A. Macdonald

"Business is more exciting than any game." - Kitty O'Neill Collins

"Treat your life like a game." - Ray Dalio

"I love the game of baseball." - Nomar Garciaparra

"We're all sinking in the same boat here. We're all bored and desperate and waiting for something to happen. Waiting for life to get better. Waiting for things to change. Waiting for that one person to finally notice us. We're all waiting. But we also need to realize that we all have the power to make those changes for ourselves." - Susane Colasanti

"Trading is a waiting game. You sit, you wait, and you make a lot of money all at once. Profits come in bunches. The trick when going sideways between home runs is not to lose too much in between." - Michael Covel

"I am quite sure they are a little bit angry, they want revenge. I think they've wanted that since Monday morning. They look forward to the game, they've been waiting several days now so the players will react very well." - Sven-Goran Eriksson

"Everybody was waiting for Chelsea not to win every game and one day when we lose there will be a holiday in the country. But we are ready for that." - Jose Mourinho

"Who doesn't love Game of Thrones? Sons of Anarchy is funny and thug-ish. I love Shameless. I just sit with my hat tipped, waiting for something to happen, more than going out after the shows." - Gavin Rossdale

"Working in television, many times you read a script, you work on the pilot, and then you play the waiting game to see if you're able to make it a series." - Mena Suvari

"[Malcolm Subban] is probably winning the battle cause we had a couple skates together and I didn't score too much on him. So I guess I'll say that I'm waiting for the game to score on him." - P. K. Subban

"I'm not a fearful person, but I'm a pretty pessimistic person. So some of my best times are waiting, anticipating. That's the way it always has been with me, whether anticipating a ball game, anticipating a relationship." - John Edgar Wideman

"Getting some time away to be active, work out, do yoga is definitely a necessity in life. These activities help me relieve stress and center my mind when I'm playing the waiting game after an audition." - Allen Evangelista

"I actually signed on to do 'On the Road' before we started on 'Tron,' but we were in flux for a while, just sort of playing the waiting game, trying to get the right budget and the right cast." - Garrett Hedlund

"Gotham Games called me, and I could not be more thrilled. I've been waiting to be in a video game forever, so when they called there was no hesitation." - Cindy Margolis

"A star can win any game; a team can win every game." - Jack Ramsay

"Golf is just a game - and an idiotic game most of the time." - Mark Calcavecchia

"Prepare for every game like you just lost your last game." - Lon Kruger

"I have a plan of action, but the game is a game of adjustments." - Mike Krzyzewski

"When you watch the game, be a student of the game." - Don Meyer

"Italians can't win the game against you, but you can lose the game against the Italians." - Johan Cruijff

"Any game where a man 60 can beat a man 30 ain't no game." - Burt Shotton

"You play to win the game...Hello. You play to win the game." - Herman Edwards

"We came out to get Game 1 but we also want to get Game 2" - Marcus Camby

"You watch the game, you don't see Busquets. You watch Busquets, you see the whole game." - Vicente Del Bosque

"My first experience with film was through a still camera. I would sit, very much against my will, with my father in the game reserve, watching some elephant or rhino or whatever, through a 400 millimeter lens and wait, and waiting and waiting." - Gavid Hood

"You are waiting for something good to come; but you know, if the life is also waiting, then nothing will happen, nothing will come!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"nothing yet. I've been waiting." "for what?" she made no response. she could not tell him that she had been waiting for him." - Milan Kundera

"I think that my IQ level grew as a player. I think that I [run] the game a little bit better. I'm waiting for the game to come to me, and I'm picking and choosing my spots instead of just going out there and just doing whatever because I don't have to do that with this team." - Derrick Rose

"Football is an honest game. It's true to life. It's a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life." - Joe Namath

"I play every game like it's my last game. All that matters is that you go out there and play every game as if it was your last." - Allen Iverson

"All things come to him who waits - provided he knows what he is waiting for." - Woodrow Wilson

"Waiting is still an occupation. It is having nothing to wait for that is terrible." - Cesare Pavese

"Everything I was I carry with me, everything I will belies waiting on the road ahead." - Ma Jian

"It's about pursuing it rather than waiting to see what comes along." - Christian Bale

"But the waiting time, my brothers, Is the hardest time of all." - Sarah Doudney

"Apprehension, uncertainty, waiting, expectation, fear of surprise, do a patient more harm than any exertion." - Florence Nightingale

"Just keep coming home to yourself, you are the one who you've been waiting for." - Byron Katie

"Waiting in line is a great opportunity to meet people, daydream, or play." - Patch Adams

"Feeling a little bit alive is a lot better than just waiting to die." - Robert De Niro

"The philosophy of waiting is sustained by all the oracles of the universe." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Worrying is stupid. it's like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain." - Wiz Khalifa

"There is a genius in every man and woman, waiting to be brought forth." - Wallace D. Wattles

"We are waiting for the next moment to contain what this moment does not." - Tara Brach

"It's so much better to hand over a finished book than having all these people waiting." - Ernest Cline

"We're waiting for a ship to come in that never went out." - Luci Swindoll

"I'm having a nice cold pint and waiting for this to blow over." - Jeremy Clarkson

"There are rhythms in the world waiting for words to be written to them." - Patricia Garfield

"Youth lives in an atmosphere of energy waiting to make contact." - Hallie Flanagan

"The average person spends two weeks over their lifetime waiting for the traffic light to change." - Tom Waits

"Dreams are never just dreams, they are reality waiting to happen." - Sarah Burton

"You are a world unto yourself just waiting to be formed." - Tyler Kent

"One good deed dying tongueless Slaughters a thousand waiting upon that. Our praises are our wages." - William Shakespeare

"I don't care how wonderful heaven is, I won't be content waiting thirty years for you." - Jason F. Wright

"Life is about creating new opportunities, not waiting for them to come to you." - Salma Hayek

"The extraordinary is waiting quietly beneath the skin of all that is ordinary." - Mark Nepo

"Don't waste your life waiting until everything is perfect before you start enjoying it." - Joyce Meyer

"It was the patient, cut-flower sound of a man who is waiting to die." - Patrick Rothfuss

"Music is everywhere. It's in the air between us, waiting to be sung." - David Levithan

"He's quiet then. We lie next to each other, twin corpses waiting for burial." - Holly Black

"Life is a Mystery, not a problem waiting to be solved." - Albert Einstein

"Instead of waiting for perfection, run with what you've got, and fix it as you go." - Paul Arden

"Don't tell them too much about your soul. They're waiting for just that." - Jack Kerouac

"I can't go all my life waiting to catch you between husbands." - Margaret Mitchell

"And sure enough, even waiting will end...if you can just wait long enough." - William Faulkner

"Sitting and waiting for something to happen was the worst kind of torture." - Sara Zarr

"If we wait until we're ready, we'll be waiting for the rest of our lives." - Daniel Handler

"We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting" - Khalil Gibran

"Waiting. Like it or not, it's a skill all spies have to master eventually." - Ally Carter

"I'm waiting for the day when Rush Limbaugh's pharmacist writes a book." - Carl Hiaasen

"I am a lady young in beauty waiting Until my truelove comes, and then we kiss." - John Crowe Ransom

"I must just think aloud, so as not to keep the public waiting." - Isabel Burton

"The better world we want is coming, it's just waiting for us to stop at nothing." - Jason Russell

"The more powerless people are, the longer they are kept waiting." - Mason Cooley

"We'll grow old waiting." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"Strength comes from waiting." - Jose Marti

"Women have always been seen as waiting: waited to be asked, waiting for our menses, in fear lest they do or do not come, waiting for men to come home from wars, or from work, waiting for children to grow up, or for the birth of a new child, or for menopause." - Adrienne Rich

"Oh yeah, waiting sucks." - Emma Stone

"Real worship involves waiting." - Iris Murdoch

"No individual can win a game by himself." - Pele

"Love the game of baseball and baseball will love you." - Babe Ruth

"No one ever won a game by resigning." - Savielly Tartakower

"Stay in the game until the end of time." - Tupac Shakur

"Life is the game that must be played." - Edwin Arlington Robinson

"Golf is not, and never has been, a fair game." - Jack Nicklaus

"Golf is a non-violent game played violently from within." - Bob Toski

"I don't like the glamour. I just like the game." - Ben Hogan

"The game lends itself to fantasies about our abilities." - Peter Alliss

"In golf, humiliations are the essence of the game." - Alistair Cooke

"He who controlleth the backboard, controlleth the game." - Adolph Rupp

"The ball is round, the game is long." - Bjorn Borg

"The kid looks good in his first game." - Gordie Howe

"War is the only game in which both sides lose." - Walter Scott

"When the game is over, it is really just beginning." - Jerry Kramer

"Play every game as if it's your last one" - Guy Lafleur



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