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Waiting At The Airport Quotes


"Waiting for inspiration is like standing at the airport waiting for a train." - Leigh Michaels

"Loving someone who doesn't love you is like waiting for a ship at the airport." - Zayn Malik

"Nobody ever thinks clearly at the airport." - Nicolas Cage

"When to arrive at the airport?: You should be at the airport already." - Dave Barry

"The first word you see at the airport is 'terminal'." - Beano Cook

"I seethe at the humiliation of airport security checks." - Tom Hodgkinson

"I got religion in the airport, my Lord. They caught me waiting on my baggage when I was bored." - Neil Young

"Well, you know, I think the American people are sacrificing now. I think they're waiting in airport lines longer than they've ever had before." - George W Bush

"Once while waiting at Auckland airport, Lange insisted on buying himself a newspaper and joined a queue at a newsstand. The woman in front of him turned around and said, Good God! Lange replied affably, No madam, you are mistaken. I have never made that claim." - David Lange

"I find solace in animals. I have got a stray dog at home called Candy. I picked it up while I was waiting at the airport one day. I always wanted to have a 'macho' dog but got this sweet little thing instead." - Randeep Hooda

"Terrorists hate Americans. Indians hate each other. A terrorist will blow up an airport. Indians like to work at the airport. That would be counter-productive." - Russell Peters

"Outdoors for me is walking from the car to the ticket desk at the airport" - Frank Zappa

"Of the paperbacks that you see at the airport, I am the most violent woman writer." - Chelsea Cain

"We butchered the force present at the airport, we are destroying them." - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

"I've never been lucky. The day my ship came in, I was at the airport." - Rodney Dangerfield

"I'm still trying to understand the wearing off high heels at the airport." - Godfrey

"We butchered the force present at the airport, we are destroying them." - Mohammed Saeed Alsahaf

"I always keep a plane on the pole at the airport." - Roger Penske

"Nobody is ever met at the airport when beginning a new adventure. It's just not done." - Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

"I have a feeling that when my ship comes in I'll be at the airport." - Charles M Schulz

"If you never miss a plane, you're spending too much time at the airport." - George Stigler

"People who say life is precious don't spend much time on line at the airport." - Dov Davidoff

"If you never miss a plane, you're spending too much time at the airport." - George Stigler

"Animals may be our friends, but they won't pick you up at the airport." - Bobcat Goldthwait

"I don't like getting patted down and taking off my shoes at the airport." - Rebecca Miller

"I'm constantly complimented for my voice, even by random people at the airport!" - Kabir Bedi

"But for every hour and a half on stage, you have a five hour long bus ride, waiting for five hours at the airport, five hours of interviews... I know, it's part of the job, but that doesn't imply I have to like it." - Andrew Eldritch

"With each reunion (we) had to learn each other all over again. There was always that nervous moment at the airport when I would stand there waiting for him to arrive, wondering, Will I still know him? Will he still know me?" - Elizabeth Gilbert

"It was almost noon when the plane touched down at the Triad airport on the outskirts of Greensboro. There was a hire car waiting for me; I waved my notepad at the dashboard to transmit my profile, then waited as the seating and controls rearranged themselves slightly, piezoelectric actuators humming. As I started to reverse out of the parking bay, the stereo began a soothing improvisation, flashing up a deadpan title: Music for Leaving Airports 11 June 2008." - Greg Egan

"J.F.K.-The Man and the Airport" - Anonymous

"They have a luggage store at the airport? I mean, how late do you have to be running? Don't worry honey just grab a pile of shit... we'll get a bag at the airport!" - Dave Attell

"I had arrived at the airport one hour early so that, in accordance with airline procedures, I could stand around." - Dave Barry

"When you are lying drunk at the airport you're Irish. When you win an Oscar you're British." - Brenda Fricker

"Since the national team doesn't have a stadium yet, they'll come to play here, at Sofia airport." - Ivan Slavkov

"The service at this airport restaurant is so bad I'm starting to panic that I'm a ghost." - Kristen Schaal

"So much better to write pen on paper; you can do it anywhere, say, while stuck at the airport." - Upamanyu Chatterjee

"When a man has seen the aerodynamic shape of a Caravelle jet at an airport, he doesn't need aerodynamic furniture." - Emilio Pucci

"I think it's important as a performer, no matter where I travel, if I run into someone at the airport or I'm having a conversation on an airplane, run into someone on the sidewalk, or you're waiting on a long line and you start talking to somebody, who doesn't really share a lot of your same views, but then you come to commonality, I think that's very very important as well." - Reggie Watts

"Anything that keeps you happy and writing is part of my writing ritual: I like music, so I tend to have it playing in the background. But if I'm interested, I can write in an airport waiting areas." - Neil Gaiman

"Today we slaughtered them in the airport. They are out of Saddam International Airport" - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

"Whether I'm at the hangar or at the airport or on an airplane, I get respect. And that's the best part of my day." - Gordon Bethune

"I always eat a meal at home before I leave for the airport, so I only eat the soup and salad on the plane." - Nobu Matsuhisa

"The bravest thing I've ever done is fly to New York. I'm simply terrified of aeroplanes - I am the woman you see weeping at the airport." - Samantha Bond

"If you stand with the Customs and Border Protection officers who staff the passport booths at Dulles airport near the nation's capital, their task seems daunting." - David K Shipler

"We have crushed the whole force which dared to venture there. They were on the runway at Saddam International Airport. That force was crushed" - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

"At the airport if you refuse to be patted down, they arrest you. And what's the first thing they do when they arrest you? They pat you down." - Jay Leno

"The good thing about being stuck at the airport for an extra hour, is that it gives you a chance to give weary travelers surprise massages." - Eugene Mirman

"When someone's running late through an airport, I hope they miss their flight so they can meet the love of their life at the duty free shop." - Dane Cook

"Why do we go through all the nonsense with security at our airport? It's not because the Catholic Church is falling apart." - Michael T. Flynn

"Anywhere I go, there is always an incredible crowd that follows me. In Rome, as I land at the airport, even the men kiss me. I love Rome." - Muhammad Ali

"Baby wipes are great for everything! For wiping babies' butts, as an eye-makeup remover, to wipe the counter, to clean my hands at the airport, just everything." - Bethenny Frankel

"I go to the airport and I've had everything taken away from me because of the terrorists. People haven't realized yet, though, that we are at war." - Victoria Toensing

"Switzerland still has a huge share of the watch market, all advertised at the airport on illuminated hoardings. Gosh, they are ugly." - Simon Hoggart

"I wake up 5 a.m. some mornings and hear the planes coming in at National Airport and I think they are bombing me." - Lyndon B Johnson

"Airport take their own commercial decisions on their ownership structure. But this must not be at the expense of exploiting airlines through higher charges" - Giovanni Bisignani

"I'm a little disappointed I didn't get fiddled with by a TSA agent at the airport. I feel unwanted. Maybe next time." - William Regal

"Gough never pretended to perfection or to sainthood - well, hardly ever. Although when he set off the metal detector at airport security, he would blame his aura." - William Faulkner

"It was either me or Confucius that said the journey of a thousand miles begins with a vicious ass raping at airport security." - Doug Stanhope

"When I'm lying drunk at an airport the press call me Irish... but when I win an Oscar, I'm classified as British." - Brenda Fricker

"I'm obsessed with Nicholas Sparks. I've literally read every single book, because every time I travel, at the airport, I always buy a new Nicholas Sparks book." - Emma Roberts

"I enjoy popping in to World Duty Free at the airport and trying out perfumes - I can never resist a new scent." - Lisa Snowdon

"Having to wander through a maze of ropes at an airport or bank even when you are the only person in line." - Rich Hall

"The neurotic circles ceaselessly above a fogged-in airport." - Mignon Mclaughlin

"Tel-Aviv airport is still the only airport in the world where each passenger is met by ten relatives." - George Mikes

"The problems that are arising at Johannesburg International Airport are because of the growth of volume, not because of inefficiencies at the Airport. But, the growth in movement of goods by air means that cargo capacity needs to be improved. And I am quite certain that we will do it." - Thabo Mbeki

"Although it's not something I'm particularly proud of, I'm willing to admit that, in addition to whiling away the long stretches of time in the air and waiting in airport lounges reading the 'New Yorker' and 'New York Times' on my Kindle, I've picked up the occasional tabloid magazine." - Derek Blasberg

"Happiness is actually found in simple things, such as taking my nephew around the island by bicycle or seeing the stars at night. We go to coffee shops or see airplanes land at the airport." - Andrea Hirata

"At my wedding, I was dancing so furiously that I fell hard on my kneecaps. The next morning, my knees were so swollen that I had to get a wheelchair at the airport to go on my honeymoon." - Casey Wilson

"I think arriving at or departing from any airport in America is just horrendous these days." - Roger Moore

"At the Apple store, the people waiting in line for the iPhone 6 were trampled by the people waiting for the iPhone 7." - David Letterman

"The day that I can land at the airport in Baghdad and ride in an unarmed car down the highway to the Green Zone is the day that I'll start considering withdrawals from Iraq." - John Mccain

"It takes one asshole to ruin the whole thing. That's it. One. The problem with the world is one asshole comes up with a really bad idea and now we're all taking our shoes off at the airport." - Steven Soderbergh

"The TSA tears through your bags at the airport and the NSA watches what books you buy and what you say over the telephone and online. It doesn't feel like anything is private anymore." - Sandra Cisneros

"Sometimes, when you go to airport and look at the people, you see the worst looks - but the worst looks can give you more ideas than the best looks." - Carine Roitfeld

"The next time you see a Muslim or Sikh at the airport, don't judge us - sympathize with us. Understand our humiliation every time we're pulled to the side for additional screenings simply because of who we are." - Debbie Almontaser

"Frank once slipped something into the pocket of a luggage handler at the airport and said: "Have a drink on me." The luggage handler later found out it was a tea bag." - Frank Carson

"The gap between rich and poor is widening dramatically. There's a hangar at the Cairo airport for private jets, billionaires are on the Forbes list, and Egypt's annual per-capita income is two thousand dollars. How can you sustain that?" - Mohamed Elbaradei

"I met Sable when she was 15 and I was 18. I sent her home to New York while we carried on the tour. When we got back the police were looking for her at the airport and everywhere!" - Johnny Thunders

"They love a brown rice stir-fry, but they also love their 'Coke of the week...My daughter gravitates toward fresh fruit and raw nuts but will inhale a bag of hot Cheetos at the airport. It's all about balance." - Gwyneth Paltrow

"I just want to live like a full-time tourist, to show up at the airport, pick a destination, walk up to the counter and say, 'Do you have any first-class seats?'" - Edgerrin James

"I had run into Kari Lizer at an airport, I think, and she said, "Would you come on the show [ The New Adventures Of Old Christine]?" And I said, "God. Absolutely."" - Eric Mccormack

"I, like every other stupid American, assumed the kangaroos would meet us at the airport and they would want to hug us as much as we wanted to hug them." - Kristen Bell

"My grandmother would shanghai pilots at the Havana airport so they'd bring me cartons of mango baby food - the only kind I'd eat. I learned to eat peach later. And in every carton, she'd slip in a Cuban record." - Gloria Estefan

"I've been enjoying 'Life on the Mississippi' by Mark Twain that I picked up at the airport randomly. It's very witty and interesting to read about his time as a steamboat pilot." - Roman Coppola

"Yeah, people following me down the street and at the airport and all that. I can't imagine what it must be like for people who are, you know, actually famous." - Ellen Page

"Airport security is a particular bugbear. At the risk of sounding like a grumpy old man, while I can see that averting terrorism is manifestly important, the measures taken seem, simultaneously, absurd." - James Purefoy

"Sometimes airport security people recognize me. I'll go through the whole screening process and at the end they'll go, 'Hey, man, I really like your work.' That's so cool." - Reggie Watts

"The guy that picked me up at the airport in 1985 when I was out in L.A. for my first audition was selling a script. I was a nobody coming off a plane to read for a new show." - Scott Bakula

"I always like to arrive at the airport early to enjoy breakfast and lounge about so that when I get on the plane all my travel fever has disappeared." - Julian Fellowes

"I buy Coppertone Water Babies in abundance at the airport, SPF 60 or 70. I like being pale; I like looking like a creature from the dead world. I like looking like a ghost." - Jennifer Stone

"I like to go to the airport looking stylish - you never know who you'll run into. Sometimes I have fans at the airports. I never want to be bummy looking." - Theophilus London

"I would vote for Bush if for no other reason than to be at the airport waving off all the people who say they are going to London if he wins again. Someone has got to stay behind." - Tom Wolfe

"I like to go to the airport looking stylish - you never know who youll run into. Sometimes I have fans at the airports. I never want to be bummy looking." - Theophilus London

"The better world we want is coming, it's just waiting for us to stop at nothing." - Jason Russell

"What wants to live in you may be the end of a long loneliness." - Elizabeth Lesser

"At seventeen dreams DO satisfy because you think the realities are waiting for you farther on." - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"A man sits in his car at the traffic lights, waiting for them to go green." - Michael Frayn

"Ten men waiting for me at the door? Send one of them home, I'm tired." - Mae West

"Sometimes I'm dragging my ass out to the airport at 8 a.m. on a Saturday and I'm wondering why I'm doing this, but once I walk on stage I know why...because I'm addicted." - Bill Maher

"People want to say there isn't racial profiling at the airport, but let's be honest. If you first name is Mohammed, and your last name isn't Ali, leave a little extra time." - Jay Leno

"Search for the truth. I tell you things and I always ask you to verify what I say. I told you yesterday that there was an attack and a retreat at Saddam's airport." - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

"Every role I've played, that could've happened. It's nice, it happens, but it is rather disconcerting when a young child comes up to at the airport and starts doing your lines, it happens" - Michael York

"Airport Cars UK are always helpful and on time when we go on holiday. They have also done themselves proud with the executive people carriers at my sister-in-law's wedding" - Shane Richie

"I have this great fear of Mexico City. I won't go to Mexico City unless someone meets me at the airport and is with me. I just feel very vulnerable there." - Sandra Cisneros

"Every role I've played, that could've happened. It's nice, it happens, but it is rather disconcerting when a young child comes up to at the airport and starts doing your lines, it happens." - Michael York

"Search for the truth. I tell you things and I always ask you to verify what I say. I told you yesterday that there was an attack and a retreat at Saddam's airport." - Mohammed Saeed Alsahaf

"I've always been very good at convincing people. For instance, if I arrive in an airport and I'm in economy, I can always convince the guy to put me in first class." - Emmanuelle Seigner

"I watch children a great deal; their idea is that rules are always negotiable, whereas you absolutely cannot joke at the airport about your toothpaste, and you cannot rollerblade in Grand Central Station. I keep running up against these things." - Natalie Jeremijenko

"Yes, Heathrow is the U.K.'s busiest airport, but new runways or a new airport are not the answer. It is far better to focus on improving capacity." - Zac Goldsmith

"When I go through the airport and see white women walking through the airport barefooted, like athlete's feet don't exist, there's something wrong." - Dick Gregory

"Some girls love to go to the airport and have 50 paparazzi on them. I go to the airport and have a mental breakdown." - Megan Fox

"If you're waiting with God, waiting is okay. If you're always waiting on God, you'll be frustrated. God never seems to work at the speed that we want Him to." - Louie Giglio

"Godot is whatever it is in life that you are waiting for: 'I'm waiting to win the lottery. I'm waiting to fall in love'. For me, as a child, it was Christmas. At least that eventually came." - Ian Mckellen

"found myself in Zurich Airport. I'd done a TV show, oddly enough, with Mavis Staples. That's the way they do it in Switzerland. And I'd had a bit of a late night with members of her band. And I was - my flight was delayed. And I was sitting in the airport, and I just came up with the idea. And by the time, we landed at Heathrow, I'd pretty much sort of got it." - Nick Lowe

"Waiting for the end, boys, waiting for the end." - William Empson

"The night is still waiting." - Dejan Stojanovic

"The force that was in the airport, this force was destroyed." - Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf

"Airport carpets are so much richer to both the senses and the intellect." - George Pendle

"You knew you were an Arab if your ride form the airport was two dozen people." - Mohja Kahf

"Hey John, I got a question! You need a ride to the airport?" - David Letterman

"Today we are visitors to the airport, tomorrow we will come here as travellers." - Mahmoud Abbas

"Just got back from a pleasure trip: I took my mother-in-law to the airport." - Henny Youngman

"I get pretty much all the exercise I need walking down airport concourses carrying bags." - Guy Clark

"I look suspicious if I dress in sort of benign clothes, going to the airport." - Ariel Pink

"In China, when you get to the airport everyone be talking in American slang." - Ike Turner

"The airport paparazzi kind of wigs me out a little bit." - Carly Rae Jepsen

"I fell for MUJI socks at their store in N.Y.C.'s JFK airport, and now I get them in bundles." - Vincent Piazza

"I'm one of those passengers who arrives at the airport five or six hours early so I can throw back a few drinks and muster up the courage to board the plane. Apparently I'm not alone because I've never been in an empty airport bar. I don't care what time you get there. Even at 8:00 a.m. you have to fight your way to the bar. At that hour, everyone drinks Bloody Marys so no one can tell it's booze- at least until they fall off their chair." - Bob Newhart

"The Divine is constantly waiting at your doorstep to move in if only you allow the necessary space." - Jaggi Vasudev

"At the door of life by the gate of breath, There are worse things waiting for men than death." - Algernon Charles Swinburne

"I've spent a life time waiting for the right time, now that you're near, the time is here at last." - Elvis Presley

"I hated skiing or any other sport where there was an ambulance waiting at the bottom of the hill." - Erma Bombeck

"At first flash of Eden, We race down to the sea. Standing there on Freedom's shore. Waiting for the sun..." - Jim Morrison

"Historically, Heathrow has been something of a joke, outweighed by its excellent connections. We have to aspire to having an airport at Heathrow with two runways which is a world-class airport. It's a big challenge." - Philip Hammond

"It's as if we spend our entire lives avoiding Jell-O but it is always there at the end, waiting." - John Grisham

"Faith,Waiting in the heart of a seed, Promises a miracle of life which cannot prove at once." - Kabir

"Outside the ring of dancing warriors with spears and axes stood wolves at a respectful distance, watching and waiting." - J R R Tolkien

"God is standing at the door of every heart. Call Him. He is waiting to come in." - Mata Amritanandamayi

"Somehow difficulties are easier to endure when you know your dream is waiting for you at the end." - Lisa Mangum

"Nagiko, I am waiting for you. Meet me at the library. Any library. Every library. Yours, Jerome." - Peter Greenaway

"The door', replied Maimie, 'will always, always be open, and mother will always be waiting at it for me." - James M Barrie

"I am still waiting for the day that they say, 'Time's up, Blanco. Back to your shift at Walmart.'" - Benny Blanco

"With me, traveling for work is arriving at the airport, checking into the hotel, leaving the hotel the next morning at 4 or 5 to do something like 'The Jimmy and Jackie Captain Crazy Morning Zoo,' doing a bunch of those in a row, then going back to the hotel, and then finally going to the club." - Gilbert Gottfried

"You ever say a phrase you say all the time at the wrong time, feel like a complete idiot? Something like, 'You, too. You, too.' I was getting out of the cab at the airport, and the driver goes, 'Hey, have a nice flight.' 'You, too. You, too. You have a nice flight, too - in case you ever fly some day." - Brian Regan

"Everything I do, I go to black people. If I have a problem at the airport, I'll go to the black ticket agent. I hope they notice me because I'll get better service. If I'm at a restaurant, I look for the black waiter. Rent-a-Car, give you the upgrade." - Gary Owen

"Say, I was on The Craig Kilbourne Show and the next day I flew to Minneapolis. I was at the airport and a guy came up. He said, 'Dude, I saw you on TV last night.' But he did not say whether or not he thought I was good, he just confirmed that I was on television. So I turned my head away from him for about a minute, then I turned it back. I said, 'Dude, I saw you at the airport about a minute ago. And you were good.'" - Mitch Hedberg

"I like to watch people. For example, people at the airport... What is interesting about them is that they dont know what they are like. People at airports are the most brilliant actors in the world, because their attention is elsewhere, and they are idiosyncratic. I like to imitate people. I walk behind them and imitate their backs." - Karen Black

"After Lockerbie, everyone thought, now we've learned the lesson of how to be proactive instead of being reactive. Unfortunately, September 11 came and we know the result. Thousands of people lost their lives. Security totally failed, not at one airport, at three different airports around the country." - Isaac Yeffet

"In Heathrow a vast chunk of memory detached itself from a blank bowl of airport sky and fell on him. He vomited into a blue plastic container without breaking stride. When he arrived at the counter at the end of corridor, he changed his ticket." - William Gibson

"She was standing in the airport of Copenhagen, staring at a doorway, trying to figure out if it was (a) a bathroom and (b) what kind of bathroom it was. The door merely said H. Was she an H? Was H "hers"? It could just as easily be "his". Or "Helicopter Room: Not a Bathroom at All" - Maureen Johnson



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