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Vegan Cooking Quotes


"I enjoy cooking and baking. Alicia Silverstone's vegan cookbook is awesome." - Marylouise Parker

"I enjoy cooking and baking. Alicia Silverstone's vegan cookbook is awesome." - Mary-Louise Parker

"Vegan food is not only good for you, the animals, and the planet, but cooking vegan can be simple, easy, and fun." - Sharon Gannon

"Cooking well doesn't mean cooking fancy." - Julia Child

"I try to only eat animals that are vegan. I'm probably the opposite of a vegan." - Jim Gaffigan

"I don't like gourmet cooking or "this" cooking or "that" cooking. I like good cooking." - James Beard

"I don't like gourmet cooking or 'this' cooking or 'that' cooking. I like good cooking." - James Beard

"I became a vegan because I'm better than you" - Thom Yorke

"I'm a vegan, but I like to look good, too." - Andre Benjamin

"I like cooking, but I like other people cooking more." - David Wenham

"Never apologize for your cooking." - Julia Child

"Cooking is revolution and creation ..." - Simone De Beauvoir

"Cooking can be like foreplay." - Isabel Allende

"Cooking is the ultimate giving!" - Jamie Oliver

"Cooking can cure almost anything." - Michelle Dockery

"Cooking is always very romantic!" - Matthew Morrison

"I recently became vegan because I felt that as a Jewish lesbian, I wasn't part of a small enough minority. So now I'm a Jewish lesbian vegan." - Carol Leifer

"The gaunt, unhealthy vegan is the muffin vegan. Bread and fries and processed veggie dogs. It's like, 'Hello? Did you eat your vegetables?'" - Kris Carr

"Cooking is the art of adjustment." - Jacques Pepin

"Eating is the secret to good cooking." - Julia Child

"And cooking is about balance and harmony." - Nigella Lawson

"Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon" - H Jackson Brown Jr

"Writing is work and cooking is relaxing." - Diane Mott Davidson

"I studied cooking in Spain after college." - Jose Garces

"Cooking is the showy side of domesticity." - Adam Gopnik

"I guess I fell into cooking." - Bobby Flay

"I don't believe in low-fat cooking." - Nigella Lawson

"Italians allow anything in their cooking." - Jose Andres Puerta

"Cooking is exactly like making music." - Charlie Trotter

"I like being at home and cooking." - Shania Twain

"I look cooking! Particularly pad thai." - Tom Westonjones

"I studied cooking all through high school." - Liam Hemsworth

"My cooking is simply ingredients plus umami." - Nobu Matsuhisa

"Are you casting asparagus on my cooking?" - Curly Howard

"I try to stick to a vegan diet heavy on fruit and vegetables." - Clint Eastwood

"I do recommend the vegan diet because you wake up and feel great!" - Jennifer Lopez

"I'm a level 5 vegan, I don't eat anything that casts a shadow." - Matt Groening

"in eating ecology love murder vegan vegetarianism flesh eating is unprovoked murder." - Benjamin Franklin

"My best year of track competition was the first year I ate a vegan diet." - Carl Lewis

"I dream of a vegan world - that's where I want everything to go." - Gene Baur

"It costs us so little to go vegan. It costs animals so much if we don't." - Gary L Francione

"A vegan diet takes care of most of what we need to do." - Neal Barnard

"I think that veganism is a totally great choice with incredible benefits, but I don't think it's reasonable to expect other people to be vegan or to expect everybody to be vegan. You can proselytize all you want, but being vegan is a pretty intense choice for a lot of people. You can encourage people to eat vegan more, certainly, and I personally eat vegan quite often." - Adam Conover

"I enjoy cooking with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food I'm cooking." - Julia Child

"Cooking a dish is fine; cooking it under pressure is a completely different ballgame." - Gordon Ramsay

"When you hear bacon cooking....that sizzling sound isn't the fat cooking....that's applause." - Jim Gaffigan

"What is cooking? 'Cooking' is a loose term. It's understanding energy or the lack thereof," - Homaro Cantu

"What is cooking? 'Cooking' is a loose term. It's understanding energy or the lack thereof." - Homaro Cantu

"I love cooking. Not for myself alone. Cooking is about giving." - Christine Lagarde

"The history of cooking is my passion, and cooking is my passion." - Jose Andres Puerta

"I sometimes think the chef end of cooking is not the real end of cooking. Cooking is all about homes and gardens, it doesn't happen in restaurants" - Delia Smith

"I like health-conscious cooking, but growing up in the South, I do love southern cooking; southern France, southern Italy, southern Spain. I love southern cooking." - Clarence Clemons

"I sometimes think the chef end of cooking is not the real end of cooking. Cooking is all about homes and gardens, it doesn't happen in restaurants." - Delia Smith

"I've been vegan for about 10 and a half years. It's been all good. I'm obviously much healthier" - Woody Harrelson

"Once I learned how to be a healthy vegan by eating the right foods my performance improved dramatically." - Brendan Brazier

"I am a vegan out of my love and respect for animals, as well as respect for myself." - Davey Havok

"You don't have to become a vegan. You can become a plant-passionate, plant-inspired bean lover!" - Kris Carr

"I'm not a true vegan." - Anthony Kiedis

"I'm a vegan, but you can be really unhealthy as a vegan, too. Vegan just means that you don't use animal products, so you don't wear leather, you don't wear wool, and you don't eat animal products. But you can eat French fries and stuff like that all day long." - Emily Deschanel

"80% of Italian cooking is done in a saute pan." - Marcella Hazan

"If you're cooking food, you don't have to count calories." - Michael Pollan

"Pornography and cooking shows have created two new spectator sports." - Mason Cooley

"People are cooking less but obsessing about it more." - Dougie Poynter

"Happiness is German engineering, Italian cooking, and Belgian chocolate." - Patricia Briggs

"The smell of cooking food is often a calming one." - Daniel Handler

"Growth springs from better recipes, not just from more cooking." - Paul Romer

"Huh - Why is Max in the kitchen?" Dr.Martinez: "We're cooking." Gazzy: "She's just keeping you company, right?" Dr.Martinez: "No, she's cooking." Nudge: "" Max: "Yes, I'm cooking food, and it's great, and you're going to eat it, you twerps!" - James Patterson

"Home cooking. Where many a man thinks his wife is." - Jimmy Durante

"Cooking is an art, but you eat it too." - Marcella Hazan

"Cooking like everything else in France is logic and fashion." - Gertrude Stein

"Lawyers make their cake by cooking up other people's troubles." - Margaret Deland

"Her cooking suggested she had attended the Cordon Noir." - Leo Rosten

"It's the company, not the cooking, that makes a meal." - Kirby Larson

"I got into cooking out of self-defense." - Mark Bittman

"I think careful cooking is love, don't you?" - Julia Child

"The mere smell of cooking can evoke a whole civilization." - Fernand Braudel

"The stock market has spoiled more appetites than bad cooking." - Will Rogers

"Conservatives claim [Hillary] Clinton campaign involved in satanic 'spirit cooking'." - Bill Maher

"I don't even butter my bread. I consider that cooking." - Katherine Cebrian

"Home cooking: where many a man thinks his wife is." - Anonymous

"In the art game we do our own cooking." - Sara Genn

"I spent several years cooking on a line." - Jose Garces

"I just get all jacked up when we start cooking." - Terry Kath

"I like eating, cooking and shopping. It all goes together." - Kyle Maclachlan

"You don't come into cooking to get rich." - Gordon Ramsay

"I love showing my personality in my cooking." - Roy Yamaguchi

"I need my fill of Indian home cooking." - Waris Ahluwalia

"Cooking skills aside, my mother is an exceptional nurturer." - Jami Attenberg

"Certainly, cooking for oneself reveals man at his weirdest." - Laurie Colwin

"I love cooking. I'm in the restaurant business." - Bill Rancic

"I had always been told cooking was a servant's job." - Michael Mina

"My poor cooking is legendary among my friends." - Lesley Nicol

"I started cooking out of middle school depression." - Zac Posen

"Gelatins are one of most unbelievable areas in cooking today." - Jose Andres Puerta

"American cooking is one of the unknown cuisines in America." - Jose Andres Puerta

"I love crafting and cooking, doing all of that." - Tori Spelling

"When a play is really cooking, there's nothing like it." - Ciaran Hinds

"I have a cooking show that's coming on that I did in Albany. It will be on The Cooking Channel" - Dom Deluise

"Cooking is at once child's play and adult joy. And cooking done with care is an act of love." - Craig Claiborne

"I cook everything. I love Mediterranean cooking, I love Asian cooking. I do lots of Japanese noodles." - Ted Allen

"It's not like I'm cooking! I'm breastfeeding - I feel like that's the best cooking I could do." - Marcia Cross

"I have a cooking show that's coming on that I did in Albany. It will be on The Cooking Channel." - Dom Deluise

"Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It's about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity." - Guy Fieri

"Monogamous musicians are like vegan hockey players." - Rob Sheffield

"Leandros's favorite place had turned out not to be vegetarian, but vegan, which was for people who preferred their suicide slow." - Rob Thurman

"Vegan With A Vengeance is on my kitchen shelf. This fun and creative book is delicious for people like me, who do' eat pets." - Joan Jett

"I would love to make @BarackObama vegan." - Courtney Stodden

"There is nothing more 'elitist' than thinking our palate pleasure can ever justify a second of suffering or a single death. Please go vegan." - Gary L Francione

"I have a dog as well, and I'm not a vegan or anything. But I needlepoint and I have a cat, so it's not boding well." - Emmy Rossum

"Being vegan is a glorious adventure. It touches every aspect of my life - my relationships, how I relate to the world" - Victoria Moran

"The hardest part about being vegan is shoes. I mean, really, that's the only difficult part, finding shoes that don't have leather on them." - Lisa Edelstein

"Being vegan is a glorious adventure. It touches every aspect of my life - my relationships, how I relate to the world." - Victoria Moran

"Being vegan is not the key to immortality. We're all going to get sick and die. But to know you're living without harming? That's the loveliest feeling." - Victoria Moran

"I have not really experienced any significant conflict with anyone in regard to my choice to be vegan, although going out to eat is hard sometimes." - Daniel Johns

"I'm a big lover of fish. Cooking fish is so much more difficult than cooking protein meats, because there are no temperatures in the medium, rare, well done cooking a stunning sea bass or a scallop." - Gordon Ramsay

"Cooking, I mean, food, cooking foods is just everything that I do from morning to night. It's how I choose to live my life: through cooking, people that are in food culture. And I love it." - Rene Redzepi

"The cool thing is that now that people have made this evolution where cooking is cool, people are doing it on weekends, they're doing their own challenges. It's back to cooking. And it's real cooking." - Emeril Lagasse

"Mastering the Art of French Cooking... doesn't mean it has to be fancy cooking, although it can be as elaborate as you wish." - Julia Child

"The bible of cooking. The all-time argument ender. Early in my cooking career, I wielded my Larousse like a weapon and it never let me down." - Anthony Bourdain

"If you watch cooking shows on cable, they have lots of British people. Because when you think good cooking, you immediately think Britain." - Craig Ferguson

"Most of cooking is the labor of chopping. Give yourself a break. Pretend you're on a cooking show and have all your ingredients lined up for you." - Padma Lakshmi

"You can't please everyone, especially if you're doing very radical things at the vanguard of cooking. That's life; it's a polemic I've lived with since I started cooking." - Ferran Adria

"Everyone could use instructions on every aspect of cooking: pantry, storage, refrigeration, cooking, what to buy. Everyone that I come into contact with could use help." - Geoffrey Zakarian

"I have a lot of cooking tools. In fact I have a whole drawer full of knives. Cooking tools, especially cutlery, are my toys." - Martin Yan

"I'm not cooking every day anymore, and that's the biggest withdrawal. Cooking is honest work. Now I don't know how to measure myself." - David Chang

"I believe what makes cooking in Las Vegas different from cooking in most other cities are the guests that dine with you in Las Vegas." - Michael Mina

"There's no media training. In cooking school, there's not even manager training. You learn the fundamentals of cooking. Everything else is learning by doing." - Rene Redzepi

"I love to talk about cooking and recipes, but I love as much talking about how food and cooking can change the world." - Jose Andres Puerta

"I would definitely be interested in doing a cooking show or something related to cooking, and I think probably most immediately, I would do a cookbook." - Keshia Knight Pulliam

"I find cooking very therapeutic. As a creative person, I relish cooking because it's such a creative process. You can cook anything out of anything." - Shilpa Shetty

"I wish I had a little more joy of cooking - because mostly I have anxiety of cooking. I'm so proud when things come out well." - Maura Tierney

"What Ive been developing is a vegan fast food chain and vegan food markets." - Heather Mills

"The primary benefit of a vegan diet is that the removal of animal products usually necessitates a higher amount of nutrient-rich plant produce. The cons of a vegan diet could be the inclusion of too much heavily processed food, including seitan and isolated soy protein, flour, sweeteners and oils." - Joel Fuhrman

"I'm a vegan. I lost 150 pounds because of being a vegan." - Mike Tyson

"I'm a vegan, but you can be really unhealthy as a vegan, too." - Emily Deschanel

"What I've been developing is a vegan fast food chain and vegan food markets." - Heather Mills

"Bad cooking is responsible for more trouble at sea than all other things put together." - Thomas Fleming Day

"Governing a great nation is like cooking a small fish, too much handling will spoil it." - Laozi

"Don't ever admit you know a thing about cooking or it'll be used against you ..." - Rebecca Wells

"[On cooking:] What you keep out is as significant as what you put in." - Marcella Hazan

"There's something sexy in cooking for a man who likes my food. Am I growing up?" - Joseph Boyden

"Living alone is good for privacy, bad for full-scale cooking and moving heavy furniture." - Mason Cooley

"Color is like cooking. The cook puts in more or less salt, that's the difference!" - Josef Albers

"In all professions without doubt, but certainly in cooking one is a student all his life." - Fernand Point

"To barbecue is a way of life rather than a desirable method of cooking." - Clement Freud

"What is literature compared with cooking? The one is shadow, the other is substance." - E V Lucas

"Rule a kingdom as though you were cooking a small fish - don't overdo it." - Laozi

"We believed in our grandmother's cooking more fervently than we believed in God." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"My two rules of cooking: keep it fresh and keep it simple." - Michael Isabella

"I got off the plane - I was walking and cooking at the same time." - Gabriel Iglesias



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