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Vatican Ii Quotes


"Vatican II declares the Church... as necessary for salvation." - Francis Arinze

"The saying of Vatican II is above all, 'Conscience is supreme.'" - Dorothy Day

"Overseas, church, Vatican You at a stand still mannequin" - Nicki Minaj

"We're Vatican assassins. How complicated can it be?" - Charlie Sheen

"Vatican II was a force that seized the mind of the Roman Catholic Church and carried it across centuries from the 13th to the 20th." - Lance Morrow

"His name is Rufus II-but the II is silent." - Winston Churchill

"For Catholics before Vatican II, the land of the free was pre-eminently the land of Sister Says-except, of course, for Sister, for whom it was the land of Father Says." - Wilfrid Sheed

"At Vatican Council II, one dissenting Roman Catholic theologian declared: "Yes, the Bible says "Be fruitful and multiply," but that was when the population was two per square world." - Israel Shenker

"At Vatican Council II, one dissenting Roman Catholic theologian declared: Yes, the Bible says 'Be fruitful and multiply,' but that was when the population was two per square world." - Israel Shenker

"The changes in the Catholic Church since Vatican II can certainly be scanned in terms of this long retreat from the sacred which has followed the inception of consciousness into the human species." - Julian Jaynes

"It was in that bubble after Vatican II when it seemed like the best time ever to grow up Catholic. It was a time when the church was so connected to the world." - Rob Sheffield

"I think if the Vatican is smart, someday they'll collect my work." - Andres Serrano

"World War II was a must win." - Marv Levy

"World War II proves there's no God." - Penn Jillette

"The hope is that papal calls for a New Pentecost, which go back to St. John XXIII, and papal calls for a New Evangelization, which go back to Vatican II and especially to St. John Paul II, can come together. Pope Francis' vision is to bring together the reality of a New Pentecost with the urgency of a New Evangelization." - Ralph Martin

"News conference in Chicago, where he apologized for the above statement, which was accepted by the Vatican. (11 August 1966)" - John Lennon

"After September 11th, freedom of speech in America has become a topic that's touchier than a Vatican summer camp." - Dennis Miller

"Today Satan rules the world. The masses no longer believe in God. And, yes, Satan is in the Vatican." - Gabriele Amorth

"I don't live in the papal residence. I live in a simple apartment behind the Vatican gas station." - Pope Francis

"Why would our president close the embassy to the Vatican? Hopefully, it is not retribution for Catholic organizations opposing Obamacare." - Jeb Bush

"That married couples can live together day after day is a miracle that the Vatican has overlooked." - Bill Cosby

"It is necessary to reaffirm our solid opposition to any direct offense against life, especially when innocent and defenseless, and the unborn child in its mother's womb is the quintessence of innocence. Let us remember the words of Vatican Council II: 'Therefore from the moment of its conception life must be guarded with the greatest care while abortion and infanticide are unspeakable crimes.'" - Pope Francis

"One of the promising indications of a renewal in the Church's missionary consciousness in recent decades, has been the growing desire of many lay men and women [...] to cooperate generously in the 'missio ad gentes.' As Vatican Council II stressed, the work of evangelization is a fundamental duty incumbent upon the whole People of God." - Pope Benedict Xvi

"We grow up as natural optimists as Americans. Catholic priests were so hopeful as we watched the Vatican II experience. Yet, it's a punch in the belly to see what has happened in the church and the world. Dualistic thinking seems to have taken over the church and our politics to a really neurotic degree." - Richard Rohr

"Before Vatican II, in theology, as in other areas, the discipline was fixed. After the council there has been a revolution - a chaotic revolution - with free discussion on everything. There is now no common theology or philosophy as there was before." - Godfried Danneels

"It was before Vatican II and the liberalization of church doctrine. You weren't meant to eat meat on Friday in deference to Christ, who died on Friday. If you did, you went to hell, . . That way, Hitler would be in hell alongside someone who ate meat on Friday. I thought there was no justice there." - Christopher Durang

"the one for whom the sun shines.. -Ramses II" - Michelle Moran

"We're still eating the leftovers of World War II." - Vandana Shiva

"I think Queen Elisabeth II is a charming woman." - Malcolm Muggeridge

"I was a lieutenant in World War II." - John Eisenhower

"Bad Boys II has knocked everyone's socks off." - Joe Pantoliano

"After World War II, the major estates really did collapse." - Hugh Bonneville

"One time when I was visiting The Vatican I got the Pope really drunk, and then while he was sleeping I put his hand in the holy water." - Greg Benson

"Spring, the Raphael of the northern earth, stood already out of doors, and covered all apartments of our Vatican with his pictures." - Jean Paul

"I have a diplomatic passport for India, diplomatic passport for Albania. I have Vatican passport and to America, I can go any time." - Mother Teresa

"What I don't like about America is not necessarily an American thing; it's a capitalist thing. This is the Vatican of capitalism." - Aleksandar Hemon

"For two people in a marriage to live together day after day is unquestionably the one miracle the Vatican has overlooked." - Bill Cosby

"It was a dark place, with malodorous chambers, miserable food, and a lobby ceiling decorated with as much gilt and gesso as the Vatican chapels." - John Cheever

"The Vatican takes your breath away." - Joe Elliott

"Why should Americans care about the Nazi back story in World War II? If you don't have the Nazi back story in World War II, World War II is simply not comprehensible." - Peter Bergen

"Vatican City is a bit overrated in my opinion - no offence to the Vatican." - Ed Stoppard

"Saint John Paul II, pray for us and especially for our youth." - Pope Francis

"I started working at Apple about 18 months after I bought my Apple II" - Andy Hertzfeld

"The Apple II was not designed like an ordinary product. It used crazy tricks everywhere" - Andy Hertzfeld

"Bob says hello," He told the stars. The Argo II sailed into the night." - Rick Riordan

"Sidney Godophin, said Charles (II), is never in the way and never out of the way." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"A common lament of the World War II generation is the absence today of personal responsibility" - Tom Brokaw

"Then came Act II, you seemed to change and acted strange, and why I'll never know." - Elvis Presley

"Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II" - William Blum

"Look at World War II, at Hitler's cruelty. The more cruelty, the more enthusiasm for revolution." - Mao Zedong

"Without good grammar, the United States would have lost World War II." - Dave Barry

"Rejected names for World War II: 'Global Super Killfest', 'Germaniacal Japandamonium', 'World War 1: New Moon'." - Dana Gould

"John Paul II was one of the greatest men of the last century. Perhaps the greatest." - Henry A Kissinger

"I was trying to do like a Spaghetti Western but using World War II iconography." - Quentin Tarantino

"The terrorists today are much the same as those we fought in WW II." - Bruce Willis

"Life was simple before World War II. After that, we had systems." - Grace Hopper

"World War II synchronizes things for a lot of people. There's a kind of wakeup call." - Anne Waldman

"The greatest crime since World War II has been U.S. foreign policy." - Ramsey Clark

"King Charles II liked women's company and well as making love to them." - Antonia Fraser

"World War II had a very important impact on the development of technology, as a whole." - Barry Commoner

"Even I had no opportunity to conduct very many concerts after World War II." - Kurt Masur

"II know a little about Greek mythology. It's not that far away from the Nordic mythology." - Mads Mikkelsen

"I'm manic-depressive, technically bi-polar II with many borderline features." - Kate Braverman

"Registration is a World War II response, and we need a 1980 solution." - Patricia Schroeder

"In fact, Cannonball Run II. I used to pick that as the worst movie ever made." - Gene Siskel

"World War II was the last government program that really worked." - George Will

"After the Apple II was introduced, then came the Commodore and the Tandy TRS-80." - Steve Wozniak

"If Roosevelt didn't have World War II, he never would have had a third term." - Robert Dallek

"After World War II, the winds of nationalism and anti-colonialism blew through the developing world." - Stephen Kinzer

"World War II brought the Greatest Generation together. Vietnam tore the Baby Boomers apart." - Jim Webb

"I had the first integrated Army band in World War II." - Dave Brubeck

"I am flatly opposed to appointment of an ambassador to the Vatican. Whatever advantages it might have in Rome - and I'm not convinced of these - they would be more than offset by the divisive effect at home." - John F Kennedy

"Once you go Vatican, you never go back again." - Homer

"In 1954, Pope Pius XI, of all people, sent some Vatican delegates on a trip to Libya with these written instructions: "Do NOT think that you are going among Infidels. Muslims attain salvation, too. The ways of Providence are infinite." - Elizabeth Gilbert

"In ten Muslim countries you can get the death penalty just for being gay. If they were chopping the heads off of gay people in the Vatican, wouldn't there be a greater outcry among liberals?" - Bill Maher

"The love I felt for her on that train ride had a capital and provinces, parishes and a Vatican, an orange planet and many sullen moons - it was systemic and it was complete." - Gary Shteyngart

"The Vatican is a dagger in the heart of Italy." - Thomas Paine

"There was only one decline in church attendance, and that was in the late 1960s when the Vatican said it was not a sin to miss Mass. They said Catholics could act like Protestants, and so they did." - Rodney Stark

"All he said was that we're all free if we pursue spirit. That's all he said. He didn't say let's set up a Vatican Concil. He didn't say, Martin Luther, you need to put our demands on the door." - Frederick Lenz

"When I read the documents relative to the Modernism, as it was defined by Saint Pius X, and when I compare them to the documents of the II Vatican Council, I cannot help being bewildered. For what was condemned as heresy in 1906 was proclaimed as what is and should be from now on the doctrine and method of the Church. In other words, the modernists of 1906 were, somewhat, precursors to me. My masters were part of them. My parents taught me Modernism. How could Saint Pius X reject those that now seem to be my precursors?" - Jean Guitton

"President Bush paid homage Wednesday to World War II veterans of Normandy at the D-Day Memorial. Later that night, his twin daughters paid a special tribute to World War II veterans of the Pacific. They each downed two kamikazes." - Argus Hamilton

"For thousands of years, most marriages were in Stage I-survival-focused. After World War II, marriages increasingly flirted with Stage II-a self-fulfillment focus... Love's definition is in a transition." - Warren Farrell

"I have no patience with anyone born after World War II. You have to explain everything to these people." - Selma Diamond

"It is satisfying for the descendant of a dissident refugee from Elizabeth I to present his credentials to Elizabeth II." - Kingman Brewster Jr

"And of course there is so much of World War II that is documented that we never have seen" - Oliver North

"Barack Obama II is born in the Kapiolani Medical Center in Honolulu. His birth is recorded in two local newspapers." - Dinesh D'Souza

"This is not a must-win; World War II was a must-win (Referring to the Super Bowl)" - Marv Levy

"my greatest problem was stamps, envelopes, paper and wine, with the world on the edge of World War II." - Charles Bukowski

"And there I was, pretty as heck, brown eyes, a few freckles, fashion challenged, and a bad attitude. Max II." - James Patterson

"I was in psychological warfare in World War II, so I know psychological warfare when I see it." - Stefan Heym

"I realize it is normal to argue. I almost missed World War II watching my parents fight." - Phyllis Diller

"The Queen Elizabeth II provides vast amounts of entertainment for an age that has forgotten how to amuse itself unaided." - Hans Koning

"We lived through a relatively golden age between the end of World War II and Sept. 11, 2001." - Amos Oz

"I loved World War II. I didn't want the war to end. I wanted the war to go on forever." - Russ Meyer

"I have left Act I, for involution And Act II. There, mired in complexity I cannot write Act III." - Eugene Mccarthy

"The singular multiplicity of this universe draws my deepest attention. It is a thing of ultimate beauty. Leto II" - Frank Herbert

"My father and all my uncles on both sides served in the military in World War II and Korea." - Darrell Issa

"It's kind of a terrible irony, in a way, that the solution to America's problems was World War II." - William Oneill

"When World War II started on September 1, 1939, the German army contained 3.74 million soldiers and 103 divisions." - John Mearsheimer

"We've actually eliminated Type II polio in the world, at least as far as we can tell." - Seth Berkley

"The modern assault on the environment began about 50 years ago, during and immediately after World War II." - Barry Commoner

"The advent of electronically synthesized sound after World War II has unquestionably had enormous influence on music in general." - George Crumb

"I started photographing people on the street during World War II. I used a little box Brownie. Nothing too expensive." - Bill Cunningham

"We owe our World War II veterans - and all our veterans - a debt we can never fully repay." - Doc Hastings

"I was a little girl in World War II and I'm used to being freed by Americans." - Madeleine Albright

"After World War II society had to settle back for a moment before it picked up the 20th century." - Stella Blum

"And of course there is so much of World War II that is documented that we never have seen." - Oliver North

"I actually picked up copies of Decline I and II at a flea market once. I walked out without paying." - Penelope Spheeris

"Kids flew B-17s in daylight bombing raids over Germany in World War II. Kids fought in Korea and Vietnam." - Dan Jenkins

"I did frequently refer to my war record in World War II, but not in any flamboyant way." - George Mcgovern

"That sense of what happened in Europe in World War II has shaped a lot of my views." - Paul Wolfowitz

"World War II broke out in 1939, and many people credit that war with saving the economy." - Robert Kiyosaki

"It is an astonishing thing that historians will look back and puzzle over, that in the 21st century, American women were such hunted creatures. Even as Republicans try to wrestle women into chastity belts, the Vatican is trying to muzzle American nuns." - Maureen Dowd

"Samhain had its origins, like many modern holidays or celebrations, in pagan times. As the sidhe-seers had been inclined to erect churches and abbeys on their sacred sites, the Vatican had been wont to "Christianize" ancient, pagan celebrations in an if-you-ca'-beat-them-and-do'-wantto- join-them-rename-it-and-pretend-it-was-yours-all-along campaign." - Karen Marie Moning

"Despite Langdon's six-foot frame and athletic build, Anderson saw none of the cold, hardened edge he expected from a man famous for surviving an explosion at the Vatican and a manhunt in Paris. This guy eluded the French loafers? He looked more like someone Anderson would expect to find hearthside in some Ivy League library reading Dostoyevsky." - Dan Brown

"The fact that the Vatican is concluding a treaty with the new Germany means the acknowledgement of the National Socialist state by the Catholic Church. This treaty shows the whole world clearly and unequivocally that the assertion that National Socialism is hostile to religion is a lie." - Adolf Hitler

"Benito Mussolini had barely seized power in Italy before the Vatican made an official treaty with him. . . . Catholicism became the only recognized religion in Italy . . . and in return urged its followers to vote for Mussolini's party. Pope Pius XI described [Mussolini] as 'a man sent by providence.' . . . Across southern Europe, the church was a reliable ally in the instatement of fascist regimes. . . ." - Christopher Hitchens

"You know, ISIS, their [Vatican] primary trophy. Very few people know this. Nobody even believed it." - Donald Trump

"If animals had a Pope, Major Thompson said to me, their Vatican would be in London. And if by some dire submarine cataclysm that noble vessel, Great Britain, were to be shipwrecked and start to founder, believe me, there would surely be somebody in Westminster to cry from the top of the Tower: Dogs first!" - Pierre Daninos

"It's art, just look at it as art. Yeah, it's disgusting, but that's never gonna happen. Go to the Vatican and look at some of the artwork there. Woah! That's real, representing something that could happen. Monsters are never gonna come ripping out of your body." - George Fisher

"Billy Graham, for example, has stated that it's likely there are other life forms out there. His take on it is that we should regard them as children of God, even as humanity is. The Vatican came out with a similar statement three or four years ago." - Steven M. Greer

"Today, Angelina Jolie met with Pope Francis at the Vatican. Long story short: She adopted him." - Conan O'Brien

"If you hack the Vatican server, have you tampered in God's domain?" - Aaron Allston

"When I moved to Seattle in fourth grade, I joined the Seattle Girls' Choir. It's a world-class choir, and we competed, toured Europe, and went and sang at the Vatican, so it was a really awesome experience to have that young." - Bonnie Mckee

"The Vatican has tried to condemn 'The Magdalene Sisters' as a pack of lies and that I've made it all up - I wish I was that good a dramatist - and in terms of public relations, that was the daftest thing they ever did." - Peter Mullan

"It was the basilica of gossip, the Vatican of inside dope." - Robert Hughes

"However, there is a fundamental difference between the issue related to Japan's history and our negotiations with China. What is it all about? The Japanese issue resulted from World War II and is stipulated in the international instruments on the outcomes of World War II, while our discussions on border issues with our Chinese counterparts have nothing to do with World War II or any other military conflicts. This is the first, or rather, I should say, the second point." - Vladimir Putin

"I actually thought that the idea of doing a World War II movie in the guise of a spaghetti western would just be an interesting way to tackle it. Just even the way that the spaghetti westerns tackled the history of the Old West, I thought it could be a neat thing to do that with World War II, but just as opposed to using cowboy iconography, using World War II iconography as kind of the jumping-off point." - Quentin Tarantino

"Since the end of the World War II, the United States has fought three "small" wars...we lost all three of them and for the same reason-hubris." - Andrew Greeley

"I reckon that the Bailey Bridge and the bulldozer were the greatest advances in military engineering in the years between World War I and World War II." - Christopher Vokes

"O God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains!" - Cassio (Act II, Scene iii)" - William Shakespeare

"But as Shakespeare's Richard II boasts, "Not all the water in the rough rude sea/Can wash the balm off from an anointed king." - Leanda de Lisle

"Personally I believe that the courses we followed for some years after World War II were enlightened, surprisingly imaginative and extremely effective." - David Bruce

"I loved the Godfather. I thought that was the best interpretation of our life that I've ever seen. Godfather I and Godfather II - the other one stunk." - Sammy Gravano

"Recent studies have revealed that children 8-10 years old are being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure at an alarming rate" - Lee Haney

"My own family and thousands of other Japanese Americans were interned during World War II. It took our nation over 40 years to apologize" - Michael M Honda

"I was a grad student at UC Berkeley when I bought my Apple II and it suddenly because a lot more interesting than school" - Andy Hertzfeld

"I loved the Godfather. I thought that was the best interpretation of our life that Ive ever seen. Godfather I and Godfather II - the other one stunk." - Sammy Gravano

"We experienced similiar fears in the 1880s, at the end of World War I and II. And we ran out in the 1970s." - Daniel Yergin

"The work of Henry James has always seemed divisible by a simple dynastic arrangement into three reigns: James I, James II, and the Old Pretender" - Philip Guedalla

"The current situation of the earthquake, tsunami and the nuclear plants is in a way the most severe crisis in the 65 years since World War II." - Naoto Kan

"German people get very uptight if you mention World War II. Germans today feel that what's past is past, new generations don't really remember it." - Donna Summer

"The sort of commercial parameters of classical music changed after the [World War II] , and the whole industry became more backward-looking." - Esa-Pekka Salonen

"How, then, can the feds justify favoring sons of Hispanics over sons of white Americans who fought in World War II or Vietnam?" - Pat Buchanan

"It takes five years to design a new car in this country. Heck, we won World War II in four years." - Ross Perot

"He was utterly without ambition [Chas. II.]. He detested business, and would sooner have abdicated his crown than have undergone the trouble of really directing the administration." - Thomas B. Macaulay

"My invite must have gotten lost in the mail," she said venomously. "But I don't mind crashing this party. -Maximum Ride talking to Max II" - James Patterson

"Did it [cocaine] for about eight years. Not a terribly long time to be an addict I guess, but it is longer than World War II." - Stephen King

"The perfect fascist state needs to operate in conditions of perpetual warfare. Have you ever noticed how the world has been in constant crisis since World War II?" - Grant Morrison

"For the average person, all problems date to World War II; for the more informed, to World War I; for the genuine historian, to the French Revolution." - Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn



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