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Variety In Life Quotes


"I love variety in my life." - Elisabetta Canalis

"I've always been a fan of or desired to or responded to variety. I like variety in life, so variety in work is a must." - Morgan Freeman

"Put variety in white." - Charles Webster Hawthorne

"I had a very exciting life in Italy, and I was doing lots of variety shows." - Moran Atias

"The joy of life is variety." - Samuel Johnson

"Variety 's the very spice of life." - William Cowper

"Subject has the variety of life." - Walter J. Phillips

"Variety, as they say, is the spice of life. For me, that counts tenfold in the world of music!" - Jason Graves

"Life being full of harsh realities, we seek relief from them in a variety of pleasing delusions." - Christian Nestell Bovee

"Variety is what I would recommend: As variety is the spice of life in food, so it is in exercise. Change it up. But most of all, don't overdo it." - Martina Navratilova

"The expression of divinity is in variety." - Sheri S Tepper

"The very variety arising from the union of numbers of individuals is the highest good which social life can confer, and this variety is undoubtedly lost in proportion to the degree of State interference." - Wilhelm Von Humboldt

"I think philosophy is all about lived experience, which is to say life in the streets, life in a variety of different contexts." - Cornel West

"Safety and certainty in oil lie in variety, and variety alone." - Winston Churchill

"Variety is the spice of life. We all want surprises." - Tony Robbins

"The leisure class is one in which individuals have sufficient economic security and sufficient leisure to find opportunity for a variety of satisfactions in life." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"The variety of genes on the planet in viruses exceeds, or is likely to exceed, that in all of the rest of life combined." - E O Wilson

"Day after day, night after night, my life at home is far from bright, but even home has more variety, than I can find in cafe society." - Franklin P. Adams

"The very essence of architecture consists of a variety and development reminiscent of natural organic life. This is the only true style in architecture" - Alvar Aalto

"The very essence of architecture consists of a variety and development reminiscent of natural organic life. This is the only true style in architecture." - Alvar Aalto

"Unity in variety is the plan of the universe." - Swami Vivekananda

"No pleasure lasts long unless there is variety in it." - Publilius Syrus

"There is a variety in tempers of good men." - Francis Atterbury

"The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety." - W Somerset Maugham

"The essence of the beautiful is unity in variety." - Felix Mendelssohn

"God is Unity, but always works in variety." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"The essence of beauty is unity in variety." - Felix Mendelssohn

"In my life outdoors, I've observed that animals of almost any variety will stand in a windy place rather than in a protected, windless area infested with biting insects. They would rather be annoyed by the wind than bitten." - Tim Cahill

"Beliefs can be roadways or roadblocks. A variety of beliefs can make life interesting and colorful." - James Van Praagh

"I was within and without. Simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"If variety is the spice of life, marriage is the big can of leftover Spam." - Johnny Carson

"In my Lucia's absence Life hangs upon me, and becomes a burden; I am ten times undone, while hope, and fear, And grief, and rage and love rise up at once, And with variety of pain distract me." - Joseph Addison

"We are educated to be amazed by the infinite variety of life forms in nature. We are, I believe, only at the beginning of being flabbergasted by its unity." - Lewis Thomas

"The simple act of recognizing diversity in corporate life helps us to connect the great variety of gifts that people bring to the work and service of the corporation." - Max De Pree

"No form of love is wrong, so long as it is love, and you yourself honour what you are doing. Love has an extraordinary variety of forms! And that is all that there is in life, it seems to me." - D H Lawrence

"Life appears in a vast variety and innumerable succession of individual forms, since the most salient character of the universe is just that it ceaselessly gives birth to living individuals." - Joseph Alexander Leighton

"The experience of democracy is like the experience of life itself-always changing, infinite in its variety, sometimes turbulent and all the more valuable for having been tested by adversity." - Jimmy Carter

"A cricketer's life is a life of splendid freedom, healthy effort, endless variety, and delightful good fellowship." - W. G. Grace

"And now, the Superstore - unequaled in size, unmatched in variety, unrivaled inconvenience." - Dave Barry

"There is need of variety in sex, but not in love." - Theodor Reik

"This account of him [Thomas More] developed as I wrote: what first attracted me was a person who could not be accused of any incapacity for life, who indeed seized life in great variety and almost greedy quantities, who nevertheless found something in himself without which life was valueless and when that was denied him was able to grasp his death." - Robert Bolt

"When Coleridge tried to define beauty, he returned always to one deep thought; beauty, he said, is unity in variety! Science is nothing else than the search to discover unity in the wild variety of nature,-or, more exactly, in the variety of our experience. Poetry, painting, the arts are the same search, in Coleridge's phrase, for unity in variety." - Jacob Bronowski

"Ive done a variety of projects in different areas of the entertainment industry." - Jodi Benson

"The heavens rejoice in motion, why should I Abjure my so much loved variety." - John Donne

"A variety in punishment is of utility, as well as a proportion." - George Washington

"Do' read Variety. Do' listen to gossip. Do' live in L.A., and write." - Robert Mark Kamen

"There is a grace in wild variety surpassing rule and order." - William Mason

"The mind that engages in subjects of too great variety becomes confused and weakened." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"A harem lacks variety compared to a woman with whom you are deeply in love." - Camillo Berneri

"We cannot possibly imagine the variety of contradictions in every heart." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Homologue. The same organ in different animals under every variety of form and function." - Richard Owen

"Man is not committed in detail by his biological constitution to any particular variety of behavior." - Ruth Benedict

"One should commit no stupidity twice, the variety of choice is, in the end, large enough." - Jean-Paul Sartre

"Variety is a positive requisite even in the character of our food." - John Ruskin

"Don't read Variety. Don't listen to gossip. Don't live in L.A., and write." - Robert Mark Kamen

"I think I've had more of a variety in what I've done than most actors" - John Turturro

"These people are interested in a wide variety of music, and that's what we're into." - Lester Bowie

"Ho! Mesmerized by the sheer variety of perceptions, beings wander endlessly astray in samsara's vicious cycle." - Jikme Lingpa

"The heavens rejoice in motion, why should I Abjure my so much loved variety." - John Donne

"I've done a variety of projects in different areas of the entertainment industry." - Jodi Benson

"I probably have traveled and walked into more variety stores than anybody in America." - Sam Walton

"I want to play a variety of different characters in different genres of film." - Victoria Justice

"I grew up in New York where there is such a different variety of people." - Selenis Leyva

"'Music Hop' in 1963 was my first hosting job of a variety program." - Alex Trebek

"Families homeschool for different reasons, in unique situations, using a variety of methods." - Lisa Whelchel

"I think I've had more of a variety in what I've done than most actors." - John Turturro

"For better or worse, in the 21st century, reality shows are the variety show." - Penn Jillette

"I have such a wide variety of tastes in things that I like musically." - John Oates

"The joy of life is variety; the tenderest love requires to be rekindled by intervals of absence." - Samuel Johnson

"All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow." - Leo Tolstoy

"Power immobilizes; it freezes with a single gesture-grandiose, terrible, theatrical, or finally, simply monotonous-the variety which is life." - Octavio Paz

"Variety, individuality, peculiarity, eccentricity and indeed crankiness are agreeable to the British mind; they make life more interesting." - Dorothy L Sayers

"To be healthy and happy, a person must live a life that includes a good variety of activities." - Nathan Eldon Tanner

"The greater the variety of intelligent life Don saw, the more he became sensitive to its presence." - Fritz Leiber

"The joy of life is variety; the tenderest love requires to be renewed by intervals of absence." - Samuel Johnson

"There is the life of the plankton in almost endless variety; there are the many kinds of fish, both surface and bottom living; there are the hosts of different invertebrate creatures on the sea-floor; and there are those almost grotesque forms of pelagic life in the oceans depths. Then there are the squids and cuttlefish, and the porpoises, dolphins and great whales." - Alister Hardy

"Routine shortens and variety lengthens time, and it is therefore in the power of men to do something to regulate its pace. A life with many landmarks, a life which is much subdivided when those subdivisions are not of the same kind, and when new and diverse interests, impressions, and labours follow each other in swift and distinct successions, seems the most long..." - William Edward Hartpole Lecky

"Life everywhere is in vast and endless variety. So it is with life eternal, that gift of God, constituting, in its length and breadth and height and depth, the reward of the righteous. The penitent, dying thief is not going into heaven like the triumphant, dying Paul." - Herrick Johnson

"We look at the dance to impart the sensation of living in an affirmation of life, to energize the spectator into keener awareness of the vigor, the mystery, the humor, the variety, and the wonder of life. This is the function of the American dance." - Martha Graham

"Journalism should be a celebration of life in all its vibrant, chaotic, exuberant variety. It calls people to come out to the circus. It's ruined by pretension and high-mindedness. Journalists are not there to pronounce absolution on a fallen world. They're not there to call us to a better life. They are there to show us who we are and how we live." - Michael Ignatieff

"There are many people of cosmopolitan temperament who are not from the elites of their societies or the world; and while, for a variety of reasons, I think a cosmopolitan spirit does naturally go with city life, that's the life of a very large proportion of human beings today. And I don't think rural people can't be cosmopolitan, in my sense." - Kwame Anthony Appiah

"We are not here just to survive and live long .... We are here to live and know life in it's multi-dimensions, to know life in its richness, in all it's variety. And when a man lives multi-dimensionally, explores all possibilities available, never shrinks back from a challenge, goes, rushes to it, welcomes it, rises to the occasion then life becomes a flame, life blooms." - Rajneesh

"I thought about how unlikely it was I would ever meet any guy,fall in love, get married, have babies. Especially since I was going to spend the rest of my life in the cellar, where, in the not too distant future, I'd turn into a toadstool. I hoped I'd be the poisonous variety." - Susan Beth Pfeffer

"Following graduation from high school in 1948, I attended Harvard University where I became a physics major. Having grown up in a small town, I found Harvard to be an enormously enriching experience. Students in my class came from all walks of life and from a great variety of geographical locations." - David Lee

"In different hours, a man represents each of several of his ancestors, as if there were seven or eight of us rolled up in each man's skin, - seven or eight ancestors at least, and they constitute the variety of notes for that new piece of music which his life is." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Every word carries its own surprises and offers its own rewards to the reflective mind. Their amazing variety is a constant delight. I do not believe that I am alone in this-a fascination with words is shared by people in all countries and all walks of life." - George Armitage Miller

"To be individual, my friends, to be different from others, is the only way to become distinguished from the common herd. Let us be glad, therefore, that we differ from one another in form and in disposition. Variety is the spice of life, and we are various enough to enjoy one another's society; so let us be content." - L Frank Baum

"In different hours, a man represents each of several of his ancestors, as if there were seven or eight of us rolled up in each man's skin, - seven or eight ancestors at least, - and they constitute the variety of notes for that new piece of music which his life is." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Digressions, incontestably, are the sunshine, the life, the soul of reading! Take them out and one cold eternal winter would reign in every page. Restore them to the writer - he steps forth like a bridegroom, bids them all-hail, brings in variety and forbids the appetite to fail." - Laurence Sterne

"The really successful work in England tends to be working-class writers telling working-class stories. The film industry has been slow to wake up to that, for a variety of reasons. It still shocks me how few films are written or made in England about working-class life, given that those are the people who go to movies." - Stephen Daldry

"There are so many things in life that divide us, that separate us and tear us apart, be it race, religion, creed, socioeconomic level, nationality or any variety of other factors. But running is something that we all share in common." - Dean Karnazes

"When you've been brought up in variety, I think timing is always important in your life. If I'm ever late for anything, whether it's personal or business, I always apologise. 'I'm sorry I'm late,' and all that. And if somebody is late meeting me, I expect them to say 'I'm sorry I'm late.' It's just, shall we say, showbiz etiquette of my day." - Bruce Forsyth

"You can approach 'The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death' in a variety or combination of ways: as a startlingly eccentric hobby; as a series of unresolved murder mysteries; as the manifestation of one woman's peculiar psychic life; as a lesson in forensics; as a metaphor for the fate of women; as a photographic study." - Robert Gottlieb

"The other animals humans eat, use in science, hunt, trap, and exploit in a variety of ways, have a life of their own that is of importance to them apart from their utility to us. They are not only in the world, they are aware of it. What happens to them matters to them. Each has a life that fares better or worse for the one whose life it is." - Tom Regan

"No other practice will make one more attractive in conversation than to be well-read in a variety of subjects." - Gordon B Hinckley

"... Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, two publications read more faithfully in Hollywood than the Koran is in Mecca." - Jack Paar

"There is no arena in which vanity displays itself under such a variety of forms as in conversation." - Blaise Pascal

"I've been in show business for 50, no, 60 years. I was approached in school to join a variety act." - Kenny Baker

"Rumor had it that he was homosexual; in reality, in recent years, he was simply a garden-variety alcoholic." - Michel Houellebecq

"In general in New York, we all eat like kings. Insane quality, mind-blowing variety, at all price ranges." - Ira Glass

"To put it bluntly but fairly, anyone today who doubts that the variety of life on this planet was produced by a process of evolution is simply ignorant-inexcusably ignorant, in a world where three out of four people have learned to read and write." - Daniel Dennett

"Fortunately, God made all varieties of people with a wide variety of interests and abilities. He has called people of every race and color who have been hurt by life in every manner imaginable. Even the scars of past abuse and injury can be the means of bringing healing to another. What wonderful opportunities to make disciples!" - Charles R Swindoll

"Belonging to a group can provide the child with a variety of resources that an individual friendship often cannot-a sense of collective participation, experience with organizational roles, and group support in the enterprise of growing up. Groups also pose for the child some of the most acute problems of social life-of inclusion and exclusion, conformity and independence." - Zick Rubin

"One of the interesting things about being in public life is there are constantly these pressures being placed on you from different sides. To be effective, you have to be able to listen to a variety of points of view, synthesize viewpoints." - Barack Obama

"The banishment for life of Pete Rose from baseball is a sad end if a sorry episode. One of the game's greatest players has engaged in a variety of acts which have stained the game, and he must now live with the consequences of those acts. There is absolutely no deal for reinstatement." - A Bartlett Giamatti

"Yet high over the city our line of yellow windows must have contributed their share of human secrecy to the casual watcher in the darkening streets, and I was him too, looking up and wondering. I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life." - F Scott Fitzgerald

"He had thought love as a policy made a lot of sense for those who could manage it, and anyone who could manage it belonged in religious life. The rest of us have to struggle with more ordinary love, the common or garden variety: love as a crippling condition. Love as a syndrome." - Gregory Maguire

"Powerful people come from all walks of life and leave their mark upon the world in a variety of ways. But one thing is common to them all. They move through the world with pure vitality. It is as though all their switches have been turned on." - Chris Kilham

"I decided that life rationally considered seemed pointless and futile, but it is still interesting in a variety of ways, including the study of science. So why not carry on, following the path of scientific hedonism? Besides, I did not have the courage for the more rational procedure of suicide." - Robert S. Mulliken

"It is impressive to see a person who has been battered by life in many ways, who is torn by a variety of unsolved problems, who may be alienated from many aspects of the self-but who is still fighting, still struggling, still striving to find the path to a fulfilling existence, moved by the wisdom of knowing, "I am more than my problems."" - Nathaniel Branden

"I think I would just get bored to be honest. Ask any human being if they want to stay in exactly the same job for thirty years they say "No!" The ultimate cliche, 'Variety is the spice of life', is sadly true." - Doc Brown

"Were I to pray for a taste which should stand me in good stead under every variety of circumstances and be a source of happiness and a cheerfulness to me during life and a shield against its ills, however things might go amiss and the world frown upon me, it would be a taste for reading." - John Herschel

"I've always been a city person - London boy - and New York is just incredible. It has what London has but almost more in terms of variety, culture, social life, everything. I just like walking the streets and feeling the energy and the vibe." - Frank Lampard

"I would hope that my readers feel a sense of awe at the quality of human endurance, at the endurance of love in the face of a variety of difficulties; that the quotidian life is not always easy, and is something worthy of respect." - Elizabeth Strout

"When we read the best nineteenth- and twentieth-century novelists, we soon realize that they are trying in a variety of ways to establish a definition of human nature, to justify the continuation of life as well as the writing of novels." - Saul Bellow

"Most research into life's murky origin has been carried out by chemists. They've tried a variety of approaches in their attempts to recreate the first steps on the road to life, but little progress has been made. Perhaps that is no surprise, given life's stupendous complexity." - Paul Davies

"Heavenly Father has assigned us to a great variety of stations to strengthen and, when needed, to lead travelers to safety. Our most important and powerful assignments are in the family. They are important because the family has the opportunity at the start of a child's life to put feet firmly on the path home." - Henry B Eyring

"I've tried open-ended jobs and found myself incredibly unhappy. I don't like the monomania of showing up every day and doing the same thing. I don't know where my next cheque is coming from, I don't know where my next job is coming from, I have really sketchy health insurance, but I need variety in my life." - Julie Klausner

"I loved 'Autograph;' it wasn't a movie. I saw life in it, but it got acclaim, and masses didn't like it. 'Sambho Siva Sambho' released at the wrong time. Heard people saying I'm doing cliched comedy, but I don't care; what matters is it should work with a larger audience, and it's happening. I'm trying a variety, and the result isn't disappointing." - Ravi Teja

"A Heavenly Master governs all the world as Sovereign of the universe. We are astonished at Him by reason of His perfection, we honor Him and fall down before Him because of His unlimited power. From blind physical necessity, which is always and everywhere the same, no variety adhering to time and place could evolve, and all variety of created objects which represent order and life in the universe could happen only by the willful reasoning of its original Creator, Whom I call the Lord God." - Isaac Newton

"no form of love is wrong, so long as it is love, and you yourself honour what you are doing. Love has an extraordinary variety of forms! And that is all there is in life, it seems to me. But I grant you, if you deny the variety of love you deny love altogether. If you try to specialize love into one set of accepted feelings, you wound the very soul of love. Love must be multi-form, else it is just tyranny, just death" - D H Lawrence

"Landscapes of great wonder and beauty lie under our feet and all around us. They are discovered in tunnels in the ground, the heart of flowers, the hollows of trees, fresh-water ponds, seaweed jungles between tides, and even drops of water. Life in these hidden worlds is more startling in reality than anything we can imagine. How could this earth of ours, which is only a speck in the heavens, have so much variety of life, so many curious and exciting creatures?" - Walt Disney

"While they came from a variety of religious backgrounds and held a wide variety of religious beliefs, each of our presidents in his own way has placed a special trust in God." - John F Kennedy

"The notion of the infinite variety of detail and the multiplicity of forms is a pleasing one; in complexity are the fringes of beauty, and in variety are generosity and exuberance." - Annie Dillard

"Plants, again, inasmuch as they are without locomotion, present no great variety in their heterogeneous pacts. For, when the functions are but few, few also are the organs required to effect them. ... Animals, however, that not only live but perceive, present a great multiformity of pacts, and this diversity is greater in some animals than in others, being most varied in those to whose share has fallen not mere life but life of high degree. Now such an animal is man." - Aristotle

"I like to define biology as the history of the earth and all its life past, present, and future. To understand biology is to understand that all life is linked to the earth from which it came; it is to understand that the stream of life, flowing out of the dim past into the uncertain future, is in reality a unified force, though composed of an infinite number and variety of separate lives." - Rachel Carson

"Losers have tons of variety. Champions just take pride in learning to hit the same old boring winning shots." - Vic Braden

"Variety of form and brilliancy of color in the object presented to patients are an actual means of recovery." - Florence Nightingale

"When you are doing work of value, people will support you in a variety of ways, not just money." - Toby Hemenway

"Happiness, in one sense, is a function of how closely our world conforms to the infinite variety of human preference." - Malcolm Gladwell

"My only preference is to have a lot of variety and diversity in the material that I work on." - Tony Shalhoub

"New-born desires, after all, have inexplicable charms, and all the pleasure of love is in variety." - Moliere

"Unspeakable is the variety of form and immeasurable the diversity of beauty, but in all is the seal of unity." - Aleister Crowley

"Nature varies the seed according to the variety of the things she desires to produce in the world." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Books, in all their variety, offer the human intellect the means whereby civilisation may be carried triumphantly forward." - Winston Churchill

"To display his eternal attributes in their inexhaustible variety, the Lord made the green fields of time and space." - Jami

"I try my best to find variety in what I'm doing, but there's a lot out there that's the same." - Michael Fassbender

"Men at an earlier age, get the feminine aspects of them wrung out in a variety of ways." - Peter Buffett

"Splitting and gradual divergence of genera is exemplified very well and in a large variety of organisms." - George G. Simpson

"Nothing is more certain than uncertainties: / Fortune is full of fresh variety; / Constant in nothing but inconstancy." - Richard Barnfield

"Nowhere in the world can you find a wider variety of empty calories than at any American convenience store." - Bradley Denton

"Well, I loved variety in television, I loved sketch comedy. At 'Saturday Night Live,' I stayed almost seven years." - Dana Carvey

"Explicit material is available in a variety of forums - from popular music to television to the Internet." - Tipper Gore

"It sounds corny, but I consider myself an old-fashioned entertainer. I could have been in variety." - Suzi Quatro

"Aside from the obvious chocolate cookies and ice cream, chocolate can be used in a variety of ways for desserts." - Marcus Samuelsson

"I've had nothing to do with the intelligence world since I left it, in any shade or variety." - John Le Carre

"Basically, though, I believe in eating well, not eating too much but eating a variety of foods." - Joan Collins

"As a citizen of the post-historical variety, I am in continual mourning and prepared for worse." - Kate Braverman

"I held a variety of jobs - most notably ten years working in universities - and kept on writing." - Thomas Perry

"Day is like day as two beads in a rosary, unless changes of weather form the only variety." - Henryk Sienkiewicz



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