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Vampirism Quotes


"Did vampirism encourage Stockholm syndrome?" - MaryJanice Davidson

"Butchery is not the point of vampirism. Sex - domination and submission - is." - Camille Paglia

"When you consider the concept of vampirism, it is inherently part of a Western culture." - Park Chanwook

"It's only in modern times that we have come to glorify vampirism." - Guillermo Del Toro

"Say what you would about the dietary requirements, vampirism sure did do great things for the skin and body." - Nalini Singh

"Tell Allen I plead guilty to vampirism and other crimes against life. But I love him and nothing else cancels love." - William S Burroughs

"The vampire movies I embraced as a kid used vampirism as a metaphor that expressed deep sadness and a lot of human qualities." - Alexandra Cassavetes

"Death is the one predator we can't escape. But vampires have found the loophole so many of us crave. I think that's the allure of vampirism." - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"The Catholic Church sees voluntary vampirism as a kind of suicide. I tend to agree. Though the Pope also excommunicated all animators, unless we ceased raising the dead. Fine; I became Episcopalian." - Laurell K Hamilton

"There are two levels of vampirism: one is the regular vampire, which is just like it has always been; and then there's the super vampires, which are a new breed we've created." - Guillermo Del Toro

"The more romance novelists that are out there, making romanticized ideas of vampirism for the kids, the more people want to see a real action movie, putting the bad guys where they belong, as the bad guys, and looking for a hero to come along and defend our very souls." - Corey Feldman

"I don't live in L.A. on purpose because I don't wanna be immersed in that. I have to have a real life, with real people, in order to inform what I'm doing; otherwise, it just becomes the snake eating its own tail. Vampirism." - Alan Arkin

"Vampirism, for me, was a way to live in fantasy and have superpowers, but not just in a really perfect, happy, everything is great way. It's superpowers with a cost. It's having to be the villain, and what do you do about that." - Stephenie Meyer

"Sean Manchester is, unsurprisingly, very well read in both classical and more recent sources on vampires and vampirism, and cites them with great authority while taking the reader through a brief tour of vampire lore and mythology. This is a book I'd recommend to anybody with an interest in the author or vampires. The parts which deal with vampires are obviously based on years of substantial research and personal experience." - Joe Mcnally