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Value Other Lives Quotes


"We value some lives more than others." - Charlize Theron

"All lives have an equal value." - Melinda Gates

"Real value means people value-and creating value really means helping people choose better lives." - Oliver DeMille

"I hope to see a more diversified country, where people can view everyone as equal individuals, where people can start seeing our young black and brown boys and girls and valuing their lives as we would value other lives." - Tracy Martin

"Successful companies create value by providing products or services their customers value more highly than available alternatives. They do this while consuming fewer resources, leaving more resources available to satisfy other needs in society. Value creation involves making people's lives better. It is contributing to prosperity in society." - Charles Koch

"People's lives are often other than they seem to be on the surface. And sometimes, what's underneath and hidden is the best part of all, the part of real value." - Stan Barstow

"People's lives are often other than they seem to be on the surface. And sometimes, what's underneath and hidden is the best part of all, the part of real value." - Stan Barstow

"Other heights in other lives, God willing." - Robert Browning

"In the past we have tried to make a distinction between animals which we acknowledge have some value and other which, having none, can be liquidated when we wish. This standard must be abandoned. Everything that lives has value simply as a living thing, as one of the manifestations of the mystery that is life." - Albert Schweitzer

"The value of our lives is not determined by what we do for ourselves. The value of our lives is determined by what we do for others." - Simon Sinek

"American Lives Are Not More Important Than Other People's Lives" - Bob Avakian

"All lives have equal value. And so you say, 'why do poor children die when other children don't? Why do some people have enough nutrition or reasonable toilets and other people don't?' So those basic needs that, through innovation, actually it's very affordable to bring everyone." - Bill Gates

"The first good reason to write a book is to add value to people's lives." - Guy Kawasaki

"Money is one of the rewards you get for adding value to the lives of others." - Paul McKenna

"Most people are so stuck in their egos that everything revolves around me, me, and more me. But if you want to be rich in the truest sense of the word, it can't only be about you. It has to include adding value to other people's lives." - T Harv Eker

"At the present moment, in the prevailing situation, what is most essential is the cultivation of love. Losing love mankind has lost its humanness. Love is the Supreme human value. Truth, righteousness, peace and non-violence are other human values. Knowing these values, men are foolishly leading valueless lives." - Sathya Sai Baba

"The key to a great life lies in shifting your focus from accumulation to contribution. The old saying "He who gathers the most toys wins" needs to be replaced with "He who serves the most prospers". Remember, happiness is the by-product of a life spent adding value to other people's lives." - Robin S. Sharma

"We systematically overestimate the value of access to information and underestimate the value of access to each other." - Clay Shirky

"Value is a relative concept: the value of each action is determined by comparing it with other possible actions." - Garrett Hardin

"I think that humanity is at an all-time low in how we value life, especially among young Black people. We just don't really value each other's lives ." - Michael B Jordan

"We will never recognize the true value of our own lives until we affirm the value in the life of others." - Ronald Reagan

"Once a man recognizes himself as a being surrounded by other beings in this world and begins to respect his life and take it to the highest value, he becomes a thinking being. Then he values other lives and experiences them as part of his own life. With that, his goal is to help everyone take their life to the highest value; anything which limits or destroys a life is evil. That is morality. That is how men are related to the world around them." - Albert Schweitzer

"Mead's anthropology had many other red, white and blue- blooded virtues. One was the common anthropological conceit, out of which she made a career, to the effect that the ultimate value of studying other cultures was the use we could make of them to reconstruct our own - a heady kind of intellectual imperialism, as if the final meaning of others' lives was their significance for us." - Margaret Mead

"That larger vision is certain to make clear the value in our own lives of service to others." - Lucy Larcom

"Only he who has seen better days and lives to see better days again knows their full value." - Mark Twain

"The purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow." - R Buckminster Fuller

"It's not that I place less value on Palestinian lives, but that Chairman Arafat and his chums in Hamas do." - Mark Steyn

"Don't worry about trying to impress people... Just focus on how you can add value to their lives." - Hal Elrod

"I am sensitive to the value of faith and religion and spirituality in people's lives because I'm a journalist." - Peter Jennings

"The chief value of money lies in the fact that one lives in a world in which it is overestimated." - H L Mencken

"But I ask you, those of you who are with us all day, not to stress yourselves out because of us. When you do this, it feels as if you're denying any value at all that our lives may have-and that saps the spirit we need to soldier on. The hardest ordeal for us is the idea that we are causing grief for other people. We can put up with our own hardships okay, but the thought that our lives are the source of other people's unhappiness, that's plain unbearable." - Naoki Higashida

"We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls." - Anais Nin

"We touch other people's lives simply by existing." - J K Rowling

"Your life will become better by making other lives better." - Will Smith

"We touch other peoples lives simply by existing." - J K Rowling

"If your lives connect with other people you have influence." - Johnny Hunt

"I get to be creative and touch other people's lives." - Lisa Vidal

"I like poking my nose into other people's lives." - Helen Garner

"I read to see myself in other people's lives." - Stephen Sondheim

"There are other Annapurnas in the lives of men." - Maurice Herzog

"Every time we choose action over ease or labor over rest, we develop an increasing level of self-worth, self-respect and self-confidence. In the final analysis, it is how we feel about ourselves that provides the greatest reward from any activity. It is not what we get that makes us valuable, it is what we become in the process of doing that brings value into our lives. It is activity that converts human dreams into human reality, and that conversion from idea into actuality gives us a personal value that can come from no other source." - Jim Rohn

"My greatest influences are actually probably a set of different teachers. And these teachers, most prominently at my high school, but also a few others, helped kind of instill in me, thinking thoughts about how life is meaningful in terms of how we all kind of live in a network of people and how you interact with those people is part of what makes life essentially meaningful and then kind of concepts to think about, how do you add value to other people's lives? How do they add value to yours? And how do you kind of form a community together in the network?" - Reid Hoffman

"Reflect that life, like every other blessing, Derives its value from its use alone." - Samuel Johnson

"We're over-delivering value against other choices I think consumers can get." - Don Mattrick

"For every day we don't unlock our own value, we remain plugged into our other identity." - Chris Brogan

"I am but a gatherer and disposer of other men's stuff, at my best value." - Henry Wotton

"Reflect that life, like every other blessing, Derives its value from its use alone." - Samuel Johnson

"You earn influence by giving value and attention to other people. BE USEFUL!" - Laura Fitton

"The value of a man can only be measured with regard to other men." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Money possesses no value to the state other than that given to it by circulation." - Abraham Lincoln

"Once you adopt a value-investment strategy, any other investment behavior starts to seem like gambling." - Seth Klarman

"The way people behave towards each other is a measure of their value as human beings." - Lynne Truss

"Your value is in yourself; the other stuff will come and go." - Lupita Nyong'o

"The value of other people is that they have something unique to offer." - Zygmunt Bauman

"The alchemists in their search for gold discovered many other things of greater value." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"When California provides the same value as other locations, I'd gladly shoot all my pictures here." - Joel Silver

"I value unity because I believe we learn truth from each other in this process." - Rowan Williams

"The concept of individual rights is so prodigious a feat of political thinking that few men grasp it fully - and two hundred years have not been enough for other countries to understand it. But this is the concept to which we owe our lives - the concept which made it possible for us to bring into reality everything of value that any of us did or will achieve or experience." - Ayn Rand

"Art is individualism, and individualism is a disturbing and disintegrating force. There lies its immense value. For what it seeks is to disturb monotony of type, slavery of custom, tyranny of habit, and the reduction of man to the level of a machine. It seeks to show new perspectives and other choices. It is a way to help expand and liberate the consciousness; our experiences, understandings, imaginings, options and thereby our lives." - Oscar Wilde

"Glory consists of two parts: the one in setting too great a value upon ourselves, and the other in setting too little a value upon others." - Michel De Montaigne

"In other words, the percentage change in book value in any given year is likely to be reasonably close to that year's change in intrinsic value." - Warren Buffett

"Money is a function of value creation. The more value you create for other people, the higher the sales of your organization." - Robin S. Sharma

"He had two lives: one, open, seen and known by all who cared to know, full of relative truth and of relative falsehood, exactly like the lives of his friends and acquaintances; and another life running its course in secret. And through some strange, perhaps accidental, conjunction of circumstances, everything that was essential, of interest and of value to him, everything in which he was sincere and did not deceive himself, everything that made the kernel of his life, was hidden from other people." - Anton Chekhov

"Writing fiction is a good way to inhabit other minds, if not other lives." - Sheila Heti

"There are other men, and other lives, and time still to be." - J R R Tolkien

"Books are not about passing the time. They're about other lives. Other worlds." - Alan Bennett

"The rapid proliferation of cell phones in Afghanistan proves that anything that adds value to people's lives spreads like brushfire - and commerce is certainly a force that could add value for Afghanis." - Iqbal Quadir

"In every aspect of our lives, we are always asking ourselves, How am I of value? What is my worth? Yet I believe that worthiness is our birthright." - Oprah Winfrey

"Mindful and creative, a child who has neither a past, nor examples to follow, nor value judgments, simply lives, speaks and plays in freedom." - Arnaud Desjardins

"The value of getting to your goals lives not in reaching the goal but what the talents/strengths/capabilities the journey reveals to you." - Robin S. Sharma

"Every sentient being values her/his life even if no one else does. That is what is meant by saying that the lives of all have inherent value." - Gary L Francione

"Without death, our lives would have no meaning. Death frames our end for us and also puts a value on things." - Richard Leider

"What matters is the value we"ve created in our lives, the people we"ve made happy and how much we"ve grown as people." - Daisaku Ikeda

"We miss extra bits of knowledge that can add value to our lives. We sort of lack empathy because we're multitasking all the time." - Kim Stolz

"Throughout my life, I've seen the difference that volunteering efforts can make in people's lives. I know the personal value of service as a local volunteer." - Jimmy Carter

"One life totally devoted to God is of more value to Him than one hundred lives which have been simply awakened by His Spirit." - Oswald Chambers

"Gardening can become a spiritual exercise, teaching us discernment as we eliminate the weeds from our lives, giving what we value room to grow." - Diane Dreher

"We share in the certainty that people labeled with mental illness are first and above all, human beings. Our lives are precious and are of infinite value." - Patricia Deegan

"What matters is the value we've created in our lives, the people we've made happy and how much we've grown as people." - Daisaku Ikeda

"Value our lives because we never know what day or what time itll be over, ... Rich, famous, whatever, it just makes you appreciate just seeing today." - Ludacris

"Every sentient being values her/his life even if no one else does. That is what is meant by saying that the lives of all have inherent value." - Gary L Francione

"I am continually trying to find meaning in the world. If we cannot find some ultimate significance or value in our lives, we fall very easily into despair." - Karen Armstrong

"We have to fight for something. It has to cost us. Our lives, our faith, have to cost us something; otherwise we're left to question its value." - Martin Sheen

"Our lives are made up of thousands of everyday choices. Over the years these little choices will be bundled together and show clearly what we value." - Boyd K. Packer

"I'm happy that I have brought laughter because I have been shown by many the value of it in so many lives, in so many ways." - Lucille Ball

"We many times sell ourselves short, not only in relationships but throughout our own lives. Hopefully, we come around at some point and realize our own value." - Jennifer Nettles

"It is apparent, if you go back through our history, that the grand juries of the criminal justice system do not value black lives." - William Lacy Clay Jr

"Death gives meaning to our lives. It gives importance and value to time. Time would become meaningless if there were too much of it." - Ray Kurzweil

"The effects of human rights education can be dramatic in awakening people to the value and power of their own lives, as shown in the following stories." - Daisaku Ikeda

"If you create incredible value and information for others that can change their lives - and you always stay focused on that service - the financial success will follow." - Brendon Burchard

"As a former career intelligence professional, I have a profound appreciation for the value of intelligence. Intelligence disrupts terrorist plots and thwarts attacks. Intelligence saves lives." - John O Brennan

"Man lives two lives, woe, were it otherwise! One is seized by death, the other one, his honor, remains." - Franz Grillparzer

"A man who lives unrelated to other human beings dies. But a man who lives unrelated to himself also dies." - Anais Nin

"This is a very fickle business. It's really about how much you value the other things in your life. I still value too many other things more than I do fame." - George Michael

"Interest in the lives of others, the high evaluation of these lives, what are they but the overflow of the interest a man finds in himself, the value he attributes to his own being?." - Sherwood Anderson

"Our best hope for the future [...] lies in an appreciation of the fact that, even if we don't empathize with distant strangers, their lives have the same value as the lives of those we love." - Paul Bloom

"Companies can add value and simultaneously promote themselves if their product or service truly improves the lives of their customers. I mean really improve lives, not wishful thinking, rationalization. That's the acid test." - Guy Kawasaki

"It is crucial that we realize the great value of human existence, the opportunity and the potential that our brief lives afford us. It is only as humans that we have the possibility of implementing changes in our lives." - Dalai Lama

"He lives long that lives well, and time misspent is not lived, but lost. Besides God is better than His promise, if He takes from him a long lease, and gives him a freehold of greater value." - Thomas Fuller

"Our best hope for the future [...] lies in an appreciation of the fact that, even if we do' empathize with distant strangers, their lives have the same value as the lives of those we love." - Paul Bloom

"Our lives are ruled by impermanence. The challenge is how to create something of enduring value within the context of our impermanent lives. Soka Gakkai Great thoughts reduced to practice become great acts." - William Hazlitt

"My politics, and my religion as well, are based entirely on the loveliness and value of ordinary human lives. The creaky apparatus called politics shelters or oppresses or threatens these lives, and is therefore of interest." - Marilynne Robinson

"Love is to recognize that the other person is a person, is precious, is important and has value." - Jean Vanier

"I think mostly the commodifying comes after I've done something that has some other value to me." - Tao Lin

"I think love can save the world. When we love, we completely recognize the value of the other." - Anne Rice

"We all have the right to call each other names. Rudeness is a deeply held constitutional value." - Barney Frank

"Future is about creating value. If we have tools to empower each other, more possibility is reality." - Jessica Jackley

"Productivity = creating value and delivering it to people. All other busywork is unproductive fluff and should be minimized." - Steve Pavlina

"People who other people value get job offers, they get opportunities, and they get encouragement all because they are valued." - Andy Andrews

"The notion that human life has greater value than any other form of life is both unjustifiable and arrogant." - Wei Wu Wei

"Life is sacred, that is to say, it is the supreme value, to which all other values are subordinate." - Albert Einstein

"I wear two hats. The one is business and increasing my shareholders' value; the other is social responsibility." - Guler Sabanci

"I try stuff. I synthesize what's of value with some of the other things I have at my disposal." - Herbie Hancock

"If you love a book you tend not to follow its surface value, you follow the other things in it." - Danny Boyle

"Despite the value of open data, most labs make no systematic effort to share data with other scientists." - Michael Nielsen

"When screening engineers from other companies, its smart to value engineers from great companies more than those from mediocre companies." - Ben Horowitz

"There is no greater enjoyment than that of sharing something. Have you given something to somebody? That`s why people enjoy giving gifts so much. It is a sheer delight. When you give something to somebody - maybe valueless, may not be of much value - but just the way, just the gesture that you give, satisfies tremendously. Just think of a person whose whole life is a gift! whose every moment is a sharing - he lives in heaven. There is no other heaven than that." - Rajneesh

"If, as I believe, the ends of men are many, and not all of them are in principle compatible with each other, then the possibility of conflict-and of tragedy-can never wholly be eliminated from human life, either personal or social. The necessity of choosing between absolute claims is then an inescapable characteristic of the human condition. This gives its value to freedom as Acton conceived of it-as an end in itself, and not as a temporary need, arising out of our confused notions and irrational and disordered lives, a predicament which a panacea could one day put right" - Isaiah Berlin

"Every person needs to feel significant. We want our lives to count. We yearn to believe that in some way we are important and that hunger for significance-a drive as intense as our need for oxygen-doesn't come from pride or ego. It comes from God because he wants each of us to understand how important we are. ... We must seek our roots, our origin, and our destiny so that we can know our present value. ..... ...We can help each other realize that we are persons of significance being made in the image of God." - R C Sproul

"If one has a good disposition, what other virtue is needed? If a man has fame, what is the value of other ornamentation?" - Chanakya

"We live our lives from A-Z, but forget the other 24 letters in between." - Timothy Leary

"a personality devoted uniquely to its own development absorbs other lives." - Georgette Leblanc

"That's why I'm a success, it's because I don't middle in other people's lives." - Melanie Marquez

"I love feeling the rhythm of other people's lives. It's like traveling." - Banana Yoshimoto

"No other species lives with regret over past events, or makes deliberate plans for future ones." - Daniel Levitin

"Think how many blameless lives are brightened by the blazing indiscretions of other people." - Saki

"Perfection is not necessary to make a real and lasting difference to other people's lives." - J K Rowling

"What else can matter to us, other than how our lives feel from the inside?" - Robert Nozick

"We find greater lightness & ease in our lives as we increasingly care for ourselves & other beings." - Sharon Salzberg

"A business is simply an idea to make other people's lives better." - Richard Branson

"The major justification for a life is the happiness and reward it brings to other lives." - Anonymous

"A novelist is a person who lives in other people's skins." - E L Doctorow

"When we think of other people as our center and fulfillment, we live frustrated lives." - Mary E. DeMuth

"The thought that our lives are the source of other people's unhappiness, that's plain unbearable." - Naoki Higashida

"Fear Allah, for He alone lives; all other things are liable to perish." - Umar

"We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honour." - Thomas Jefferson

"Think how many blameless lives are brightened by the blazing indiscretions of other people." - Hector Hugh Munro

"We can choose to make our love for each other what our lives are really about." - Werner Erhard

"We can't live other people's lives for them. Even if we love them." - Kristin Hannah

"I take what isn't mine and I covet other people's lives." - Chris Killip

"You are not a success until you start changing other lives permanently." - Chris Oyakhilome

"Poems are other people's snapshots in which we see our own lives." - Charles Simic

"The human race is inquisitive about other people's lives, but negligent to correct their own." - Saint Augustine

"Liberals love to strike generous, humanitarian poses with other people's lives." - Ann Coulter

"I try to help other people get through difficult times in their own lives." - Joshua Radin

"We should just thank each other for our time. For the rest of our lives." - Tom Hiddleston

"Half of the world knows not how the other half lives." - George Herbert

"One half of the world knows not how the other half lives." - Proverbs

"A leader is someone who helps improve the lives of other people." - Sam Ervin

"This is what we bear, I thought, the nearness of other lives." - Jesse Ball



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