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Value Of Time Quotes


"Wealthy people always know the exact value of their time." - Marshall Sylver

"The only value of wasted time is knowledge." - Monica Drake

"The accumulation of capital involves the the expansion of value over time." - David Harvey

"Time, the ultimate arbiter of what is of value in life..." - Aaron David Miller

"Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it." - Lord Chesterfield

"Borrow neither money nor time from your neighbor; both are of equal value." - Francis Quarles

"You are not born for fame if you don't know the value of time." - Luc De Clapiers

"This is the key to time management - to see the value of every moment." - Menachem Mendel Schneerson

"This is the key to time management - to see the value of every moment." - Menachem Mendel Schneerso

"We store in memory only images of value. The value may be lost over the passage of time, but that's the implacable judgment of feeling." - Patricia Hampl

"Unearned increment of value." - John Stuart Mill

"Value investors should completely exit a security by the time it reaches full value; owning overvalued securities is the realm of speculators." - Seth Klarman

"When we love something it is of value to us, and when something is of value to us we spend time with it, time enjoying it and time taking care of it...." - M Scott Peck

"As we grow old, our sense of the value of time becomes vivid. Nothing else, indeed, seems of any consequence." - William Hazlitt

"It is in time of peace that the value of life is fixed. The test of war reveals it." - Walter Lippmann

"A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life." - Charles Darwin

"I do think there is a value in the services of judges for long periods of time." - Sonia Sotomayor

"The value of a relationship is in direct proportion to the time that you invest in the relationship." - Brian Tracy

"There is a certain time of life, when we value a good stomach more than the mind ..." - Ninon de L'Enclos

"If time be a ring of gold, opportunity is the rich diamond that gives it both its value and glory." - John Flavel

"I spend most of my time alone, because I so value and thrive in the quiet. Heaven." - Anne Lamott

"A value strategy is of little use to the impatient investor since it usually takes time to pay off." - Seth Klarman

"Successful people understand the value of time. Once they commit to doing something, they would never cancel." - Raymond Arroyo

"The value of music is to be able to play one note at the right time in the right way." - Herbie Hancock

"One of my major objectives is to build a long-term enterprise, to build shareholder value over time." - N Robert Hammer

"I'll cheerfully confess to spending a lot of time playing completely disgusting computer games that have no redeeming social value." - James Gleick

"Excellent value relative to the week investment of time....To my mind, this is the definitive course on leadership." - William Wrigley, Jr.

"The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat." - Brigham Young

"You value the thing you are fighting for, but then you learn to value the time it takes to do it and the time you have off. Both of which are precious." - Mark Ruffalo

"Every experience is of value." - Oscar Wilde

"We need a sense of the value of time - that is, of the best way to divide one's time into one's various activities." - Arnold Bennett

"A value is valuable when the value of value is valuable to oneself." - Dayananda Saraswati

"Every time a value is born, existence takes on a new meaning; every time one dies, some part of that meaning passes away." - Joseph Wood Krutch

"Death gives meaning to our lives. It gives importance and value to time. Time would become meaningless if there were too much of it." - Ray Kurzweil

"I'm really kind of boring - I'd rather go to bed early and get up early because I really value my time off, my time away from work." - Mandy Moore

"A person that does not value your time will not value your advice." - Orrin Woodward

"What's valuable to me has become clearer as I've got older. To me, it's about the value of your time and your day and the value of the people you spend it with." - Brad Pitt

"I have an abiding faith in the fact that time will change the value of photographs. What you see today may be so familiar to everyone that they don't immediately appreciate or value it." - Rondal Partridge

"Surely there comes a time when counting the cost and paying the price aren't things to think about any more. All that matters is value - the ultimate value of what one does." - James Hilton

"If you don't value your time, neither will others." - Kim Garst

"What I value most next to eternity is time." - Sophie Swetchine

"I you don't value your time, no one else will." - Donna Brazile

"Employees will only add more value over time." - Sam Altman

"Linux is only free if your time has no value." - Jamie Zawinski

"Time only has value when it intersects with energy." - Jim Loehr

"As I get older, I increasingly value free time that's completely free of appointments. Time to think, time to reflect, time to just hang out with my wife and kids." - Joe Mansueto

"Until you value yourself, you won't value your time. Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it." - M Scott Peck

"The value of time, that is of being a little ahead of your opponent, often provides greater advantage than superior numbers or greater resources." - Sun Tzu

"Time is of more value than type, and the wear and tear of the temper than an extra page of index." - Rachel Harriette Busk

"Homeopathy is insignificant as an act of healing, but of great value as criticism on the hygeia or medical practice of the time." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"A sense of the value of time... is an essential preliminary to efficient work; it is the only method of avoiding hurry." - Arnold Bennett

"The 10% between 90% done to 100% done takes most of the time, causes most of the stress, but is all of the value." - Aaron Levie

"As nothing truly valuable can be attained without industry, so there can be no persevering industry without a deep sense of the value of time." - Lydia Sigourney

"We miss extra bits of knowledge that can add value to our lives. We sort of lack empathy because we're multitasking all the time." - Kim Stolz

"In an efficient market at any point in time the actual price of a security will be a good estimate of its intrinsic value." - Eugene Fama

"CLOCK, n. A machine of great moral value to man, allaying his concern for the future by reminding him what a lot of time remains to him." - Ambrose Bierce

"In an efficient market, at any point in time, the actual price of a security will be a good estimate of its intrinsic value." - Eugene Fama

"All myths that are something more than fancies gain rather than lose in value with time, by reason of the accretions of human experience." - Richard Le Gallienne

"What makes a publishing house great? The easy answer is the consistency with which it produces books of value over a lengthy period of time." - Robert Gottlieb

"I regard it as a waste of time to think only of selling: one forgets one's art and exaggerates one's value." - Camille Pissarro

"Don't think of cost. Think of value." - John Spence

"Seriousness is an accident of time. It consists of putting too high a value on time. In eternity there is no time. Eternity is a moment, just long enough for a joke" - Hermann Hesse

"It is fatally easy for Western folk, who have discarded chastity as a value for themselves, to suppose that it can have no value for anyone else. At the same time as Californians try to re-invent celibacy, by which they seem to mean perverse restraint, the rest of us call societies which place a high value on chastity backward." - Germaine Greer

"Information and communications technology unlocks the value of time, allowing and enabling multi-tasking, multi-channels, multi-this and multi-that." - Li Ka-shing

"You need to spend all of your time and energy on creating something that actually brings value to the people you're asking for money!" - Gary Vaynerchuk

"The laboring man and the artificer knows what every hour of his time is worth, and parts not with it but for the full value." - Edward Hyde, 1st Earl of Clarendon

"If you get the best people on your team, you've got plenty of time to do the things you like to do and can add more value to." - Jack Welch

"Concentrate on the correct movements each time you exercise, lest you do them improperly and thus lose all the vital benefits of their value." - Joseph Pilates

"O God, impress upon me the value of time, and give regulation to all my thoughts and to all my movements." - Thomas Chalmers

"I know of no long-time practitioner who regrets adhering to a value philosophy; few investors who embrace the fundamental principles ever abandon this investment approach for another" - Seth Klarman

"Money is of value for what it buys, and in love it buys time, place, intimacy, comfort, and a private corner alone." - Mae West

"Literature is well enough, as a time-passer, and for the improvement and general elevation and purification of mankind, but it has no practical value." - Mark Twain

"We only store in memory images of value. To write about one's life is to live it twice, and the second time is both spiritual and historical." - Patricia Hampl

"Only free time, imagination, creativity, and an ability to disappear will help you deliver value that nobody ever delivered before in the history of mankind." - James Altucher

"You shouldn't own common stocks if a 50 per cent decrease in their value in a short period of time would cause you acute distress." - Warren Buffett

"The social value of a poem is proved not by marketing or reviews but by enduring resonance, a process that occurs as a response over time by humanity." - Vanna Bonta

"So it's worth some real up front time to think through the long term value and the defensibility of the business." - Sam Altman

"The entropy of an isolated system not in equilibrium will tend to increase over time, approaching a maximum value at equilibrium." - Rudolf Clausius

"A wise man will make haste to forgive, because he knows the true value of time, and will not suffer it to pass away in unnecessary pain." - Samuel Johnson

"The value of things is not the time they last, but the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforgettable moments and unique people!" - Fernando Pessoa

"As an athlete, I understood the value of my health insurance. I knew that in my profession, injuries were common and could happen at any time." - Magic Johnson

"Every time I get an autograph, I feel like I'm taking home a little piece of that star. What drives me is the intrinsic value." - Joshua Morrow

"Only the ephemeral is of lasting value." - Eugene Ionesco

"Labor is the true standard of value." - Abraham Lincoln

"All propositions are of equal value." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"Knowledge is of more value than gold" - Solomon

"There remains an experience of incomparable value." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Freedom is a possession of inestimable value." - Cicero

"I'm in the business of value judgments ." - Tucker Carlson

"Experience is the thing of supreme value"." - Henry Ford

"Nothing of value comes without being earned." - Michael Jordan

"Every second is of infinite value." - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

"Don't underestimate the value of Doing Nothing" - A A Milne

"Utility alone is the cause of value." - Eric Roll, Baron Roll of Ipsden

"Information: the negative reciprocal value of probability." - Claude Elwood Shannon

"History is only a value of relation." - Henry Adams

"Gold is the corpse of value..." - Neal Stephenson

"What is the value of your existence?" - Stephen Evans

"Freedom is a possession of inestimable value." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Information: the negative reciprocal value of probability." - Claude Shannon

"Daily vitamins are of no value." - Michael Specter

"I don't value prizes of any sort." - David Hockney

"Never underestimate the value of cold cash." - Gregory Nunn

"Money is an echo of value." - Bob Burg

"People value honesty. They value integrity. They value competence and courage and all those kinds of things." - Richard A. Kidd

"Oklahomans value our children and our seniors. Oklahomans value traditions of faith. Oklahomans value our heroes, our veterans. Oklahomans value innovation and the creative arts." - Brad Henry

"Value investing doesn't always work. The market doesn't always agree with you. Over time, value is roughly the way the market prices stocks, but over the short term, which sometimes can be as long as two or three years, there are periods when it doesn't work. And that is a very good thing. The fact that our value approach doesn't work over periods of time is precisely the reason why it continues to work over the long term." - Joel Greenblatt

"The value of ourselves is but the value of our melancholy and our disquiet." - Maurice Maeterlinck

"I think we"ve been oversold the value of more and undersold the value of less." - Greg McKeown

"I think we've been oversold the value of more and undersold the value of less." - Greg McKeown

"The value of assets often increases exponentially while the value of your labor only increases incrementally." - Robert Kiyosaki

"You can argue that the Terminator movies reboot their world each time they go back in time, but that doesn't negate the value of Terminator 1 and 2. So I don't really feel that way." - David Hayter

"The product of mental labor - science - always stands far below its value, because the labor-time necessary to reproduce it has no relation at all to the labor-time required for its original production." - Karl Marx

"Use book value as a starting point to try and establish the value of the enterprise." - Walter Schloss

"When a man realizes the value of his woman, he adds value to himself." - Unknown

"The circulation of capital realizes value, while living labour creates value." - Karl Marx

"Exchange value forms the substance of money, and exchange value is wealth." - Karl Marx

"The circulation of capital realizes value , while living labour creates value ." - Karl Marx

"The value of the work we do is the value we give to it." - Christopher Moore

"The rate of interest acts as a link between income-value and capital-value." - Irving Fisher

"More things to remember: 7) The value of time; 8) The pleasure of working; 9) The obligation of duty; 10) The power of kindness; 11) The wisdom of economy; 12) The virtue of patience." - Marshall Field

"More things to remember: 7) The value of time; 8) The pleasure of working; 9) The obligation of duty; 10) The power of kindness; 11) The wisdom of economy; 12) The virtue of patience." - Marshall Field

"I am a socialist and at the same time clear about a certain number of values ... family values, environmental values, the value of succeeding at school, the value of merit and respect for work. To me these are not incompatible with being of the left." - Segolene Royal

"We get paid for bringing value to the marketplace. It takes time,... but we get paid for the value, not the time." - Jim Rohn

"I was an arden Hayes man, but that was natural, for I was pretty young at the time, I have since convinced myself that the political opinioins of a nation are of next to no value, in any case, but that what little rag of value they posess is to be found among the old, rather than among the young." - Mark Twain

"Jesus Christ is the outstanding personality of our time. Every act and word of Jesus has value for us. He became the light of the world. Why shouldn't I, a Jew, be proud of that?" - Sholem Asch

"To get all there is out of living, we must employ our time wisely, never being in too much of a hurry to stop and sip life, but never losing our sense of the enormous value of a minute." - Robert Updegraff

"The value of science is not simply what the next model of the iPod you will buy next week, but its real value comes about when it's time to distinguish reality from everything else. And to be scientifically literate is to be trained in what it is, to recognize your own frailty as a data-taking device." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"Nobody in my family or in my neighborhood used the language that they used at the University of Chicago. I remember the first time I heard the word "value" repeated again and again by my professor. Value to me was the price of a frying pan." - Cornel West

"Value investing requires a great deal of hard work, unusually strict discipline, and a long-term investment horizon. Few are willing and able to devote sufficient time and effort to become value investors, and only a fraction of those have the proper mind-set to succeed." - Seth Klarman

"Work efficiently during office hours and leave on time. Give the required time to your family, friends & have proper rest. Value has a value only if its value is valued." - Brian Dyson

"As a scientist I must be mindful of the past; all too often it has happened that matters of great value to science were overlooked because the new phenomenon did not fit the accepted scientific outlook of the time." - J. Allen Hynek

"In every domain of art, a work that corresponds to the need of its day carries a message of social and cultural value. It is the artist who crystallizes his age ... who fixes his time in history." - Edgard Varese

"As we advance in life, we acquire a keener sense of the value of time. Nothing else, indeed, seems of any consequence; and we become misers in this respect." - William Hazlitt

"The time indeed is at hand when systematic lectures on food will be part of medical education, when the value of feeding in disease is admitted to be as important as the administration of medicines." - John Milner Fothergill

"I have vanity and greed enough for one person. But at the same time, I feel in my bones you lose a lot of life's value if you don't see yourself as a member of the family of man." - Ralph Waite

"There are a set of malicious, prating, prudent gossips, both male and female, who murder characters to kill time; and will rob a young fellow of his good name before he has years to know the value of it." - Richard Brinsley Sheridan

"Freedom is the one value conservatives place above all others, yet time and again, their ideal of freedom ignores the growing imbalance of power in our society that's eroding the freedoms of most people." - Robert Reich

"Overall, one of the things that excites me most about self-publishing is that the highest-value use of my time in promoting the books will be found in writing more of them." - Barry Eisler

"We need the value and the beauty of democracy, and the beauty of pluralism is there's a free exchange of ideas. Nobody is right all the time. I'm not right all the time. I don't agree with anybody all the time, and I don't even agree with myself all the time." - Rick Warren

"Opportunity in war is usually of greater value than bravery... Terrain is often of more value than bravery... Bravery is of more value than numbers." - Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus

"The most important thing about the first sale is for the very first time in your life something written has value and proven value because somebody has given you money for the words that you've written, and that's terribly important, it's a tremendous boon to the ego, to your sense of self-reliance, to your feeling about your own talent." - Rod Serling

"What do you mean by meant? Given the final futility of our struggle, is the fleeting jolt of meaning that art gives us valuable? Or is it the only value passing time as comfortably as possible?" - John Green

"He that hopes to look back hereafter with satisfaction upon past years must learn to know the present value of single minutes, and endeavour to let no particle of time fall useless to the ground." - Samuel Johnson

"The unknown future rolls toward us. I face it, for the first time, with a sense of hope. Because if a machine, a Terminator, can learn the value of human life, maybe we can too." - Sarah Connor

"To aspiring writers, I say : Don't give up. Storytelling has been an integral part of the human condition since the beginning of time. Don't let anyone tell you your dreams don't have value. They do." - Beverly Jenkins

"I try to spend a little bit of time on my knees every day, but it all begins for me with cherishing the dignity, the worth, the value of every human life." - Mike Pence

"In a time when nothing is more certain than change, the commitment of two people to one another has become difficult and rare. Yet, by its scarcity, the beauty and value of this exchange have only been enhanced." - Robert Sexton

"Priestly celibacy has been guarded by the Church for centuries as a brilliant jewel, and retains its value undiminished even in our time when the outlook of men and the state of the world have undergone such profound changes." - Pope Paul Vi

"It is of practical value to learn to like yourself. Since you must spend so much time with yourself you might as well get some satisfaction out of the relationship." - Norman Vincent Peale



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