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Value Of Public Service Quotes


"The lasting value of our public service for God is measured by the depth of the intimacy of our private times of fellowship and oneness with Him." - Oswald Chambers

"I value public service and I'm relatively good at organizing political causes." - Bob Kerrey

"There is incredible value in being of service to others." - Elizabeth Berg

"I certainly feel a strong call of public service." - Chelsea Clinton

"The National Park Service today exemplifies one of the highest traditions of public service." - Stewart Udall

"Quality, service, cleanliness, and value." - Steve Ross

"Quality, service, cleanliness, and value." - Cavett Robert

"Public service is my motto." - Al Capone

"Reputation is a form of stored value that increases the likelihood of using a service.
" - Hooked

"Customer service will become the primary value added function of every business." - Bill Gates

"The public service needs lots of people, South Africa generally, needs lots of people." - Thabo Mbeki

"I'm extremely proud of my family's record of public service to Massachusetts and the nation." - Joseph P Kennedy Iii

"Every kind of service necessary to the public good becomes honorable by being necessary." - Albert Schweitzer

"Every profession does imply a trust for the service of the public." - Benjamin Whichcote

"There's never been a sense of public service about Donald Trump." - Mark Shields

"I've never ruled out the possibility of going back into public service." - Tony Blair

"We have to continue to confront the challenge of corruption within the public service." - Thabo Mbeki

"Really, a critical matter in the public service is radically to improve the quality of management." - Thabo Mbeki

"Congress is full of good, decent, smart people who have devoted their lives to public service." - Jonathan Haidt

"I started out in public service in 1998 after the Asian financial crisis of '97." - Benigno Aquino Iii

"Public service used to be the highest of callings, until people like Madame Voldemort vilified it." - Jennifer Granholm

"The injustice done to an individual is sometimes of service to the public." - Junius

"The lure of post-public service lobbying employment needs to be eliminated." - Jack Abramoff

"The notion that public service requires men and women of good character now seems quaint." - Elliott Abrams

"Public service does not necessarily mean service in the House of Commons, and public service is not synonymous with partisan political activity. It comes in a thousand colours, but the common denominator is: it's not about me - it's about we." - Michael Ignatieff

"Public service is good for you," - Jim Flaherty

"I was born into public service." - Janice Hahn

"That larger vision is certain to make clear the value in our own lives of service to others." - Lucy Larcom

"Our most important public service will always be the NHS. And I want to say something clear and unambiguous about the future of the health service." - Michael Gove

"The more we increase the active participation and partnership with young people, the better we serve them. ... And the more comprehensively we work with them as service partners, the more we increase our public value to the entire community." - Maria del Carmen Martinez-Bordiu y Franco

"There are all kinds of different forms of public service, but there's no form of public service that can make more difference for more people than partisan political activity." - Michael Ignatieff

"Better service for the customer is for the good of the public, and this is the true purpose of enterprise." - Konosuke Matsushita

"The long-continued and useful public service and eminent purity of character of the deceased ex-President will be remembered." - Ulysses S Grant

"As a matter of fact, even when I finished law school, I had no notion of public service then." - David Dinkins

"Public service is a part of who I am, having grown up in a family of politicians." - Harold Ford Jr

"I wish to be useful, and every kind of service necessary to the public good becomes honorable by being necessary. If the exigencies of my country demand a peculiar service, its claim to perform that service are imperious." - Nathan Hale

"The Internet, too, has strong attributes of a public good, and has undermined the "private good" attributes of old media. Internet service providers obviously can exclude people, but the actual content -the values, the ideas- can be shared with no loss of value for the consumer. It is also extremely inexpensive and easy to share material. Sharing is built into the culture and practices of the Web and has made it difficult for the subscription model to be effective." - Robert Waterman McChesney

"The public is not greatly interested in saving a little money on a purchase at the expense of service." - James Cash Penney

"It matters when public officials admit that their hearts have changed, but only in the service of changing actual policy." - Emily Raboteau

"I wish to be useful, and every kind of service necessary to the public good becomes honorable by being necessary." - Nathan Hale

"Public service and respect for ideas is a recurrent theme in both the American and Australian sides of my family." - Bill Drayton

"I've been so blessed to be part of a family that has dedicated its life to public service." - Jeb Bush

"Whatever you may think of Mrs. Clinton as a character, I think she believes quite strongly in public service." - Peter Jennings

"The idea of public service was instilled in me by watching my father, who shared that he was far more fulfilled in his public service than by his former lucrative corporate jobs." - Queen Noor of Jordan

"Timely service, like timely gifts, is doubled in value." - George Macdonald

"Service is taking action to create value for someone else." - Ron Kaufman

"I am providing a service that many people obviously value." - Matthew Lesko

"You want your customers to value your service." - Jeff Bezos

"Public employees contribute real value for the benefit of all citizens. Public-union bosses collect real money from all taxpayers for the benefit of a few." - Mark Mckinnon

"All of my high school male teachers were WWII and/or Korean War veterans. They taught my brothers and me the value of service to our country and reinforced what our dad had shown us about the meaning of service." - Oliver North

"The reward of service is more service." - Dwight L Moody

"My service solidified my respect for our freedom, and the struggle to preserve it. I know the cost of obtaining freedom, keeping it and the value of it." - Brad Wenstrup

"Knowledge is a public good and increases in value as the number of people possessing it increases." - John Wilbanks

"Study the public behavior of top stars and you can detect a keen attentiveness to brand value." - Peter Bart

"The kind of poet who founds and reconstitutes values is somebody like Yeats or Whitman - these are public value-founders." - Seamus Heaney

"Business is no longer a matter of profits alone. Profits must come through public confidence, and public confidence is given to any merchant in proportion to the service which he gives to the public." - James Cash Penney

"The great lesson of the Internet revolution is not that people never want personal service, just that they won't pay for personal service that does not add real value to the transaction." - David F. D'Alessandro

"That's a very critical phase in customer service because you can start to really understand what part of customer service has value to customers and what part is bothering customers." - Sanjay Kumar

"You are an uncut gemstone of priceless value. Cut and polish your potential with knowledge, skills and service and you will be in great demand throughout your life." - Denis Waitley

"Throughout my life, I've seen the difference that volunteering efforts can make in people's lives. I know the personal value of service as a local volunteer." - Jimmy Carter

"I'm just a citizen temporarily in public service." - Ronald Reagan

"My whole life has been dedicated to public service." - Leon Panetta

"I've found my sweet spot here in public service." - Tim Walberg

"Stopping bad things is a significant public service." - Ted Cruz

"I have had a career in public service." - Scott Mcclellan

"I have a lifelong devotion to public service." - Caroline Kennedy

"The public service is not a serial child-snatcher" - Anthony Douglas

"A Temple is one of the best ways of benefiting other living beings - it is the best form of public service." - Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

"I like to think of film-making not just as an act of personal self-aggrandisement but rather as an act of public service." - Alexander Payne

"The understanding which has driven New Labour's reform is to put the individual citizen - the patient, the parent, the pupil, the law abiding citizen - at the centre of each public service, with the service reformed to meet their individual requirements" - Tony Blair

"I urge the enactment of a civil service law so explicit and so strong that no partisan official will dare evade it, basing all rewards, promotions and salaries solely on merit, on loyalty and industry in the public service." - Arthur Capper

"One of the best lessons I learned early is that not everything in life is about you. It is about service. If you want trips and excessive gifts, then don't get into public service." - Sean Hannity

"Unlike those theists who at least pay lip service to science and scientific method, Johnson is out to convict science of fraud in the court of public opinion." - Victor J. Stenger

"Our citizens have the right to protection from the incompetency of public employees who hold their places solely as the reward of partisan service." - Grover Cleveland

"I have the consolation of having added nothing to my private fortune during my public service, and of retiring with hands clean as they are empty." - Thomas Jefferson

"The candidates we have in this campaign are... the most accomplished, in terms of public service, that we've had since 1960. One of them will be successful." - Hillary Clinton

"I was raised on the values of speaking up and making a positive difference in a very political family that believed in the importance of public service." - Scott Mcclellan

"In addition to fines, violators of decency standards could be required to air public service announcements serving educational and informational needs of children." - Charles W Pickering

"Enjoy your time in public service. It may well be one of the most interesting and challenging times of your life." - Donald Rumsfeld

"Small men, seeking great wealth or power, have too often and too long turned even the highest levels of public service into mere personal opportunity." - Barry Goldwater

"I just want to make sure that public service doesn't have to be an occupation, but it needs to be a way of life." - Wes Moore

"The House looks like more fun. It's like the Donahue show. The Senate is like one of those Sunday morning public service programs." - Phil Donahue

"I don't see life divided into public and private, secular and sacred. It's all an open place of service before our God." - Charles R Swindoll

"All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service," - Franklin D Roosevelt

"My deepest regret from my years in public service is the failure of the United States and the international community to act sooner to halt these crimes." - Madeleine Albright

"While Secretary Rumsfeld and I have had our differences, he deserves Americans' respect and gratitude for his many years of public service." - John Mccain

"The Liberal Party of Canada has no monopoly on public service, we have no monopoly on virtue, and we have no monopoly on wisdom." - Michael Ignatieff

"The injustice done to an individual is sometimes of service to the public. Facts are apt to alarm us more than the most dangerous principles." - Junius

"One of the things I think I can bring to the presidency is to make government and public service cool again." - Barack Obama

"Arizonians are deeply proud of Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's service to this country. She will always be remembered by Arizonans and all Americans as an extraordinary public servant." - Jon Kyl

"I can assure you, public service is a stimulating, proud and lively enterprise. It is not just a way of life, it is a way to live fully." - Lee H Hamilton

"We recognised Urdu as the second official language and made it a medium of examination in all Bihar Public Service Commission tests." - Lalu Prasad Yadav

"I don't want to run for governor, but I don't think anyone should put public service out of the question because that's not what a good citizen does." - Warren Beatty

"When I launched my first campaign in 1999, I knew that the arc of my public service would have many chapters." - Jim Matheson

"You don't ever earn a right to stop doing anything if you feel there is an obligation to move in terms of public service." - Douglas Wilder

"Conscious of our many problems, I seek today to lay a foundation to our public policy. My fundamental purpose is to devote my term of office to raising the standard of public service in New Jersey." - Charles Edison

"Let me just say this, and I want to say this to the televison audience: I made my mistakes, but in all of my years of public life, I have never profited, never profited from public service" - Richard M. Nixon

"I am enormously honored to be one of the spokesmen of the New Age Womens Health Campaign, so you'll be seeing me in public service announcements and public appearances supporting the campaign." - Karen Duffy

"If you make the choice to serve the public, public service, then serve the public, not yourself." - Jack Abramoff

"As a radio personality, I'm a public servant, we all should be public servants in some way shape or form. I feel like my soul purpose is to be of service to others." - Charlamagne Tha God

"Accustomed to the veneer of noise, to the shibboleths of promotion, public relations, and market research, society is suspicious of those who value silence." - John Lahr

"Alabama citizens, like the vast majority of Americans, respect and value the meaning of decency, and appreciate public institutions that reflect the common values of our society." - Mike Rogers

"The things people say of a man do not alter a man. He is what he is. Public opinion is of no value whatsoever." - Oscar Wilde

"The extravagant expenditure of public money is an evil not to be measured by the value of that money to the people who are taxed for it." - Chester A Arthur

"For the sake of public discourse, for the demands of the free market, and for the value we place in citizen advocacy, Rush Limbaugh must go." - Christine Pelosi

"I think that opera in Europe is 30 years ahead of America. There is a broader range of material presented to the public. They value contemporary opera." - Robert Wilson

"The establishment of the National Park Service is justified by considerations of good administration, of the value of natural beauty as a National asset, and of the effectiveness of outdoor life and recreation in the production of good citizenship." - Theodore Roosevelt

"The government in business may waste time and money without rendering service. In the end the public pays in taxes. The corporation cannot waste or it will fall. It cannot make unfair rulings or give high-handed, expensive service, for there are not enough people willing to accept inferior service to make a volume of business that will pay dividends." - Henry Ford

"Honesty is not so much a credit as an absolute prerequisite to efficient service to the public. Unless a man is honest we have no right to keep him in public life, it matters not how brilliant his capacity, it hardly matters how great his power of doing good service on certain lines may be." - Theodore Roosevelt

"Our goal has been to more effectively promote the value of publicly-supported research at our universities, both to the Congress and to the general public." - Charles Vest

"Our goal has been to more effectively promote the value of publicly-supported research at our universities, both to the Congress and to the general public." - Charles M. Vest

"My main concern is meeting with public because my main commitment, main interest is promotion of human value, human affection, compassion and religious harmony." - Dalai Lama

"What we have to be judged by is the work we try to do. It's public service, not perfect service." - Jesse Jackson

"The American culture promotes personal responsibility, the dignity of work, the value of education, the merit of service, devotion to a purpose greater than self, and at the foundation, the pre-eminence of family." - Mitt Romney

"Unearned increment of value." - John Stuart Mill

"It is the service we are not obliged to give that people value most." - James Cash Penney

"The American public got to see for themselves every day, all day, how this trial progressed. There's a lot of value in the public being able to see how the system works." - Lance Ito

"Application of humility is service." - Radhanath Swami

"Social service that savours of patronage is not service." - Mahatma Gandhi

"I demand riches in definite terms; I have a definite plan for acquiring riches;I am engaged in carrying out my plan, and I am giving an equivalent,in useful service, of the value of those riches I demand." - Andrew Carnegie

"Without denying the value of scientific endeavor, there is a striking absurdity in committing billions to reach the moon where no people live, while only a fraction of that amount is appropriated to service the densely populated slums." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

"What he has done for women is final: he gave to their service the best powers of his mind and the best years of his life. His death consecrates the gift: it can never lessen its value." - Millicent Fawcett

"If you think of the product as a service, then the separate parts make no sense - the point of a product is to offer great experiences to its owner, which means that it offers a service. And that experience, that service, comprises the totality of its parts: The whole is indeed made up of all of the parts. The real value of a product consists of far more than the product's components." - Donald A. Norman

"Companies can add value and simultaneously promote themselves if their product or service truly improves the lives of their customers. I mean really improve lives, not wishful thinking, rationalization. That's the acid test." - Guy Kawasaki

"What's Your Purple Goldfish? busts a myth and reveals a simple truth about customer service. Stan uncovers the recipe for creating signature added value that increases customer satisfaction and drives positive word of mouth." - Barry Moltz

"Organizations that remain vital show their new employees that they are needed. At the same time, they never forget the value of their long-service employees. And they always give both a second chance." - Anonymous

"This merger is a logical next step that creates substantial value for customers and stockholders of both AT&T and BellSouth. It will benefit customers through new services and expanded service capabilities." - Edward Whitacre Jr

"As we battle the high price of fuel, cost efficiency will continue to be a top priority not only for airlines but for every partner in the value chain including airports and air navigation service providers." - Giovanni Bisignani

"This merger is a logical next step that creates substantial value for customers and stockholders of both AT&T and BellSouth. It will benefit customers through new services and expanded service capabilities." - Edward Whitacre Jr

"We at Sun Cellular will definitely continue our consistent business policy of offering the best value for consumers' money. Yes, we shall offer the most affordable but reliable service." - John Gokongwei

"A garden is a public service and having one a public duty. It is a man's contribution to the community." - Richardson Wright

"The value of all service lies in the spirit in which you serve and not in the importance or magnitude of the service. Even the lowliest task or deed is made holy, joyous, and prosperous when it is filled with love." - Charles Fillmore

"Kindness and friendliness become aspects of personalized service or of public relations of big firms, rationalized to further the sale of something. With anonymous insincerity, the Successful Person thus makes an instrument of his own appearance and personality." - C Wright Mills

"Now, if you want to get rich, you have only to produce a product or service that will give people greater use value than the price you charge for it. How rich you get will be determined by the number of people to whom you can sell the product or service." - Earl Nightingale

"And the American public was able to make up their own mind whether this verdict was a just verdict or not. So I think there's a lot of value in the public being able to see how the system works or doesn't work, so I think there's a definite value there." - Lance Ito

"The genius of the tradition as it has developed in America is the unique combination of giving and voluntary service in behalf of independent organizations and institutions devoted to the public interest." - Robert L. Payton

"Senator Kennedy inspired so many with his decades of service, so I can't think of a more fitting tribute then working to educate and motivate future generations of citizens and public servants alike." - Hillary Clinton

"Public-Private Partnership in financing, service delivery and provision of workspaces and training of trainers must be promoted to meet the demand and supply gap in the field of skill development." - M. M. Pallam Raju

"Public-Private Partnership in financing, service delivery and provision of workspaces and training of trainers must be promoted to meet the demand and supply gap in the field of skill development." - Pallam Raju

"Restricting access to such a basic health care service, which 99% of sexually experienced American women have used and 62% of American women are using right now, is out of touch with public sentiment." - Sandra Fluke

"The government and the church are two different realms of service, and those in political office have to face a subtle but important difference between the implementation of the high ideals of religious faith and public duty." - Jimmy Carter

"I believe Moses was 80 when God first commissioned him for public service." - Ronald Reagan

"AT&T will not block access to the public Internet or degrade service, period." - Edward Whitacre Jr

"Being an entertainer, especially in times like these, is really a public service." - Linda Ronstadt

"There's no greater challenge and there is no greater honor than to be in public service." - Condoleezza Rice

"In a profession, members are only partly guided by service to the public." - Clay Shirky

"It's been a great honor for me to spend my career in public service." - Samuel Alito

"I think that Americans are very grateful to the Bush family for their public service." - Kellyanne Conway

"I consider a decent respect for Christianity among the best recommendations for public service." - John Adams

"If I have done the public any service, it is due to my patient thought." - Isaac Newton



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