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Using One's Talents Quotes


"We can't dwell upon another's ingratitude without using up our time and talents unprofitably." - Neal A Maxwell

"One's single greatest strength may be uncovering the hidden talents of another person." - Tom Rath

"One defeats a fanatic precisely by not being a fanatic oneself, but on the contrary by using one's intelligence." - George Orwell

"Always demanding the best of oneself, living with honor, devoting one's talents and gifts to the benefits of others - these are the measures of success that endure when material things have passed away." - Henry Ford

"To me, success is one's ability to keep the faith, develop his God-given talents, and be able to honestly say at the close of life, "the world is a better place because I have lived."" - Belle S. Spafford

"Talents constitute our very essence." - Charles Rollin

"Don't assume you have to be extraordinary to be used by God. You don't have to have exceptional gifts, talents, abilities, or connections. God specializes in using ordinary people whose limitations and weaknesses make them ideal showcases for His greatness and glory." - Nancy Leigh DeMoss

"We cannot hoard life as we can money. When a person tries to be a miser of his health, he usually makes himself miserable. Mental talents, if buried and not used, tend to deteriorate. Whoever would save his memory by not using it will lose it." - Ralph Washington Sockman

"A considreable portion of my high school trigonometry course was devoted to the solution of oblique triangles... I have still not had an excuse for using my talents for solving oblique triangles. If a professional mathematician never uses these dull techniques in a highly varied career, why must all high school students devote several weeks to the subject?" - John G. Kemeny

"If one's cause is supported by sound reasoning, there is no point in using violence. It is those who have no motive other than selfish desire and who cannot achieve their goal through logical reasoning who rely on force." - Dalai Lama

"Let us remember, too, that greatness is not always a matter of the scale of one's life, but of the quality of one's life. True greatness is not always tied to the scope of our tasks, but to the quality of how we carry out our tasks whatever they are. In that attitude, let us give our time, ourselves, and our talents to the things that really matter now, things which will still matter a thousand years from now." - Spencer W. Kimball

"A good character is, in all cases, the fruit of personal exertion. It is not inherited from parents; it is not created by external advantages; it is no necessary appendage of birth, wealth, talents, or station; but it is the result of one's own endeavors-the fruit and reward of good principles manifested in a course of virtuous and honorable action." - Josiah Johnson Hawes

"No man can discover his own talents." - Brendan Francis

"Joy is the zest that you get out of using your talents, your understanding, the totality of your being, for great aims...That's the kind of feeling that goes with creativity. That's why I say the courage to create. Creation does not come out of simply what you're born with. That must be united with your courage, both of which cause anxiety, but also great joy." - Rollo May

"I don't have a problem with someone using their talents to become successful, I just don't think the highest calling is success. Things like freedom and the expansion of knowledge are beyond success, beyond the personal. Personal success is not wrong, but it is limited in importance, and once you have enough of it it is a shame to keep striving for that, instead of for truth, beauty, or justice." - Richard Stallman

"Its always important to invest in young talents and the talents of tomorrow." - Delphine Arnault

"Non-violent resistance implies the very opposite of weakness. Defiance combined with non-retaliatory acceptance of repression from one's opponents is active, not passive. It requires strength, and there is nothing automatic or intuitive about the resoluteness required for using non-violent methods in political struggle and the quest for Truth." - Mahatma Gandhi

"A major danger in using highly abstractive methods in political philosophy is that one will succeed merely in generalizing one's own local prejudices and repackaging them as demands of reason. The study of history can help to counteract this natural human bias." - Raymond Geuss

"It should be pointed out that none of Cardew's works ever gave total freedom to the performer. The instructions were a guide which focused each individual's creative instinct on a problem to be solved - how to interpret a particular system of notation using one's own musical background and attitudes." - John Tilbury

"Put yourself on view. This brings your talents to light." - Baltasar Gracian

"As long as you have breath, someone needs your talents." - Joel Osteen

"Many talents preserve their precociousness right into old age." - Karl Kraus

"You don't want to be victimized by your lesser talents." - Gary Snyder

"I'm going to take my talents to South Beach." - Lebron James

"Life is not about discovering our talents; it is about pushing our talents to the limit and discovering our genius." - Robert Breault

"Choices lead to habits. Habits become talents. Talents are labeled gifts. You're not born this way, you get this way." - Seth Godin

"My coaching philosophy? Determine your players talents and give them every weapon to get the most from those talents." - Don Shula

"Will nodded toward Hadrian. "Look at the swords he's carrying. A man wearing one-maybe he knows how to use it, maybe not. A man carries two-he probably don't know nothing about swords, but he wants you to think he does. But a man carrying three swords-that's a lot of weight. No one's gonna haul that much steel around unless he makes a living using them." - Michael J. Sullivan

"How did we make the transition from using wood to using coal, from using coal to using oil, from using oil to using natural gas? How in God's name did we make that transition without a Federal Energy Agency?" - Milton Friedman

"Talents give a man a superiority far more agreeable than that which proceeds from riches, birth, or employments, which are all external. Talents constitute our very essence." - Charles Rollin

"True happiness involves the full use of one's power and talents." - John W Gardner

"Happiness is the utilization of one's talents along lines of excellence." - Aristotle

"Using adverbs is a mortal sin." - Elmore Leonard

"using parking meters as walking sticks." - Tom Waits

"I believe in using words, not fists." - Susan Sarandon

"His socks compelled one's attention without losing one's respect." - Hector Hugh Munro

"One exits with one's husband - one lives with one's lover." - Honore De Balzac

"One's favorite book is as elusive as one's favorite pudding." - E M Forster

"...marriage, they say, halves one's rights and doubles one's duties." - Louisa May Alcott

"Everything hangs on one's thinking." - Seneca the Younger

"Dedicate one's life to truth" - Juvenal

"This one's for Alaska Young!" - John Green

"One's conscience reproaches one much more stingingly for one's follies than one's crimes." - Geraldine Jewsbury

"To increase your level of self acceptance, think of your unique talents and abilities." - Brian Tracy

"Blending the talents of your team members is crucial to basketball success." - John Kundla

"A man must thank his defects, and stand in some terror of his talents." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Unless a man has the talents to make something of himself, freedom is an irksome burden." - Eric Hoffer

"Nature is the master of talents; genius is the master of nature." - J. G. Holland

"Everyone has special talents, and it is our duty to find ours and use them well." - John Templeton

"I have talents aplenty. Unfortunately, precious few of them have any redeeming social value." - David Letterman

"Our poets are men of talents who sing, and not the children of music." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"My view is not just to find young talents, it's to support them too." - Franca Sozzani

"If we are proud of our talents we betray our lack of gratitude to God." - John Calvin

"Great talents, by the rust of long disuse, Grow lethargic and shrink from what they were." - Ovid

"Where your talents and the needs of the world cross; there lies your vocation." - Aristotle

"Doing the difficult things that you've never done awakens the talents you never knew you had." - Robin S. Sharma

"It is not great talents God blesses so much as likeness to Jesus." - Charles Spurgeon

"My talents are in demand, and my unique gifts are appreciated by those around me." - Louise Hay

"Research shows that the happiest people are those who use their natural talents to the utmost." - T Harv Eker

"It was sometimes difficult to reconcile a man's talents with his personality." - Christopher Moore

"TVXQ has always chased after different music styles, and their members all have very strong talents." - Taeyang

"Few lack talent, but most people lack the vision and perseverance to develop their talents." - Orrin Woodward

"I don't have weird talents I'm just a weird person! And do impersonations." - Derek Holland

"Depression doesn't take away your talents - it just makes them harder to find." - Lady Gaga

"Hide not your talents, they for use were made. What's a sun-dial in the shade?" - Benjamin Franklin

"God has given you talents and opportunities. Seize them today - not tomorrow." - Laura Story

"Unhappiness lies in that gap between our talents and our expectations." - Sebastian Horsley

"The good will is all - and all the talents are ways to fulfill it." - Abraham Isaac Kook

"Unused talents gives you no advantage over someone who has no talent at all." - Mark Twain

"Find your own 'sweet spot'. Take your talents and enjoy them, share them, expand them." - Kofi Awoonor

"What did you do with the time and talents i gave you? God's question..." - Hillary Clinton

"If you are too busy to develop your talents, you are too busy." - Julia Cameron

"The talents of an artist, small or large, are God-given... They are a sacred trust." - Paul Robeson

"You cannot take credit for your talents. It is what you do with them that counts." - Madeleine L'Engle

"It is not so much great talents that God blesses, as great likeness to Christ." - Robert Murray M'Cheyne

"Storytelling was the most honored of all talents, for it benefited everyone." - Stephenie Meyer

"All kids have tremendous talents - and we squander them pretty ruthlessly." - Ken Robinson

"The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do." - Thomas Jefferson

"All our talents increase in the using, and every faculty, both good and bad, strengthens by exercise." - Anne Bronte

"Using words to describe magic is like using a screwdriver to cut roast beef." - Tom Robbins

"Storybook happiness involves every form of pleasant thumb-twiddling; true happiness involves the full use of one's powers and talents." - John W Gardner

"Today I find it's extremely hard to launch one's brand, and that's also why we are helping these young talents." - Delphine Arnault

"To renounce freedom is to renounce one's humanity, one's rights as a man and equally one's duties." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"The greatest of people in society carve niches that represent the unique expression of their combinations of talents. If everyone had the luxury of expressing the unique combination of talents in this world, our society would be transofrmed over night." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"It is not what talents or genius a man has, but how he is to his talents, that constitutes friendship and character. The man thatstands by himself, the universe stands by him also." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Your talents are worth your devotion. Stop saying you don't have time or it might not make money. Your talents are another form of oxygen you need to breathe in this lifetime." - Tama J. Kieves

"I am happy that I am a unique individual, endowed with unique talents and abilities. I never spend my precious time and energy comparing my talents with those of others." - Laurence Boldt

"When you are in school, your talents are without number, and your promise is boundless...But at a certain point, you begin to feel your talents dropping away, like feathers from a molting bird." - Sarah Shun-lien Bynum

"I realized in that moment that physically speaking my talents were well beyond Joe [Namath's] talents. So then I realized, 'What am I doing here? This doesn't make sense because it's always going to be about Joe.'" - John Riggins

"God has given us our talents, not to copy the talents of others, but rather to use our brains and imagination in order to obtain the revelation of true beauty." - Louis Comfort Tiffany

"The letter I received said you had need of my particular talents, but I must confess that I have so many talents that I am not sure which one you require." - Cassandra Clare

"Life is a journey. Part of that journey is not just using your talents, but trying to decide what is your gift and then directing your talents to support your gift so you can soar to new heights." - Daniel Burrus

"Life is a journey. Part of that journey is not just using your talents, but trying to decide what is your gift and then directing your talents to support your gift so you can soar to new heights." - Daniel Burrus

"Seeing within changes one's outer vision." - Joseph Chilton Pearce

"Spring passes and one remembers one's innocence." - Yoko Ono

"One's weakness should not ever be revealed." - Chanakya

"Defect in one's limb ruins a man." - Chanakya

"One must be one's own inspiration." - Tegla Loroupe

"Hoarding one's hurts hurts only the hoarder." - Malcolm Forbes

"Today's competitiveness, so much imposed from without, is exhausting, not exhilarating; is unending-a part of one's social life, one's solitude, one's sleep, one's sleeplessness." - Louis Kronenberger

"How sweet to die after one's enemies." - Pierre Corneille

"One must make one's own mistakes" - Agatha Christie

"No problem, Goth Boy. First one's free." - Lilith Saintcrow

"One cannot apologize for one's nature." - Matthew J. Kirby

"Genius: the ability to prolong one's childhood." - H L Mencken

"As one's gifts increase, his friends decrease." - Khalil Gibran

"One is punished best for one's virtues." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"No one's trying to get with jugglers." - Aziz Ansari

"One must know one's own secret." - Swami Nithyananda

"That which is painful sharpens one's love." - Andrew Davidson

"The truth is often one's best shield." - James Rollins

"Each one's destiny cannot be altered." - Zhuangzi

"One's ribs shouldn't be prison bars." - David Mitchell

"Administrators need to shift from being controllers to enablers, so as to liberate the energies and talents of the teachers." - Steve Denning

"Talents, to strike the eye of posterity, should be concentrated. Rays, powerless while they are scattered, burn in a point." - Robert Aris Willmott

"One of my favourite messages about The Pirate Fairy is that the story is about appreciating your own talents." - Christina Hendricks

"There is, in all great poets, a wisdom of humanity which is superior to any talents they exercise." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"At the intersection where your gifts, talents, and abilities meet a human need; therein you will discover your purpose" - Aristotle

"Among her other talents were forgetting what she did not like and ignoring what she preferred not to see." - Anna Godbersen

"If we start without confidence, we have already lost half the battle and we bury our talents." - Pope Francis

"No other person ever has, or ever will have, the unique blend of talents, strengths, and perspective that you have." - Marie Forleo

"Dear young people, put your talents at the service of the Gospel, with creativity and boundless charity." - Pope Francis

"My parents taught me that racial prejudice is a sin, one that robs the world of great minds and talents." - Edward Brooke

"The barriers are not erected which can say to aspiring talents and industry, "Thus far and no farther." - Ludwig Van Beethoven

"Management problems are not respecters of the company organization, nor of the talents of the people appointed to solve them." - Anthony Stafford Beer

"Passion requires focused direction, and that direction must come from three other areas: your purpose, your talents, and your needs." - Steve Pavlina

"Nature has concealed at the bottom of our minds talents and abilities of which we are not aware." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Use the talents God has given you to make the world better for your having been in it." - Robert Collier

"Unfounded fears about your competence and abilities can cripple your unique talents and gifts, which are waiting to be released." - Dan Miller

"Make a strong and permanent commitment to invest your talents only in pursuits that deserve your best efforts." - Nido R Qubein

"Life is about using the whole box of crayons." - RuPaul

"Poetry is the art of using language to transcend language," - Laurence Overmire

"Do everything by hand, even when using the computer." - Hayao Miyazaki

"The value of a good idea is in using it." - Thomas A Edison

"Started using Google+ while I was living in space." - Ronald J. Garan, Jr.

"If brute force doesn't work, you aren't using enough" - Sherrilyn Kenyon

"Tactics is the art of using troops in battle; strategy is the art of using battles to win the war" - Carl Von Clausewitz

"But I quite like the way you can talk about science without necessarily using mathematics, but using metaphors instead." - Scarlett Thomas

"Know what [drug] you're using, decide just why you're using it, and you can have a rich experience." - Alexander Shulgin

"Using one's imagination to the fullest is necessary for a happy life." - Claire Trevor

"Creative work is play. It is free speculation using materials of one's chosen form." - Stephen Nachmanovitch

"If you ain't using all the talents God provided you with For the betterment of Man, understand, You ain't nothing but a waste." - Talib Kweli

"By expressing our unique talents and using them to serve others, we will experience unlimited love, abundance, and true fulfillment in our lives." - Deepak Chopra

"Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them." - Thomas Kinkade

"To know one's self is wisdom, but to know one's neighbor is genius." - Minna Antrim

"One can mistrust one's own senses, but not one's own belief." - Ludwig Wittgenstein

"How much harder it is to bear one's splendor than one's miseries!" - Douglas Harding

"One should never risk one's whole fortune unless supported by one's entire forces." - Niccolo Machiavelli

"The only problem is whether one adds life to one's years or years to one's life." - Ursula Parrott

"Being civilized means that one keeps one's words unrelated to one's thoughts, when necessary." - Ursula Parrott



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