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Underage Drinking Quotes


"With such compelling information, the question is why havent we been able to do more to prevent the crisis of underage drinking? The answer is: the alcohol industry." - Lucille Roybal-Allard

"With such compelling information, the question is why haven't we been able to do more to prevent the crisis of underage drinking? The answer is: the alcohol industry." - Lucille Roybal-Allard

"I got arrested for graffiti. I got arrested - a lot of, like, underage drinking, drunk in public, shoplifting, you know, your various, like, suburban arrests, I guess." - James Franco

"Craft brewers are committed to promoting the safe and moderate consumption of their beverage, and work closely with their communities to prevent underage drinking and alcohol abuse." - Sherwood Boehlert

"With such compelling information, the question is why haven't we been able to do more to prevent the crisis of underage drinking? The answer is: the alcohol industry." - Lucille Roybalallard

"Mr. Speaker, our Nation must no longer be complacent about underage drinking and its alarming consequences. We must bring this national public health crisis out of the shadow and into the bright light of a national priority." - Lucille Roybal-Allard

"What have you gotten me into?" I hissed at him. "Me? What have you gotten yourself into? Couldn't I have just picked you up at the police station for underage drinking, like most fathers?" - Richelle Mead

"Jenna Bush was cited for underage drinking in Austin Friday. Her dad warned her that too much partying at school could cost her a good career. At $400,000, he's making the lowest salary of any of his Yale classmates." - Argus Hamilton

"It is critical that parents and other trusted adults initiate conversations with kids about underage drinking well in advance of the first time they are faced with a decision regarding alcohol." - Xavier Becerra

"I don't want to get in a big, long discussion about right and wrong, but our company has been working on the issue of underage drinking and alcohol abuse for a long time. I've been outspoken about it." - Pete Coors

"Mr. Speaker, our Nation must no longer be complacent about underage drinking and its alarming consequences. We must bring this national public health crisis out of the shadow and into the bright light of a national priority." - Lucille Roybalallard

"Drawing and Drinking Coffe" - Gerard Way

"We have a drinking game in Australia, it's called drinking." - Jim Jefferies

"But Champagne is not drinking." - David Niven

"Drinking is the soldier's pleasure." - John Dryden

"Don't be drinking the Haterade." - Holly Black

"I am drinking the stars" - Dom Perignon

"I find drinking really helps." - Kevin Spacey

"Come quickly, I'm drinking stars." - Dom Perignon

"I don't think there's a single child who's ever benefitted from being arrested for marijuana or for underage drinking; this does not solve the problem. It makes worse problems because a) it puts them into the system, and b) it gives them a potential criminal record to have to deal with and it can have consequences for school." - Maia Szalavitz

"nobody ever stops drinking until the cost of drinking becomes higher than the cost of not drinking." - Isabelle Holland

"Drinking and driving is safer than either drinking or driving - and no one has ever died drinking, driving and juggling." - Lee Mack

"There is drinking in lots of the songs because there is drinking in life. Drinking stimulates the imagination." - Shane Macgowan

"I let my drinking do the talking." - Humphrey Bogart

"When you quit drinking you stop waiting." - Caroline Knapp

"Don't start drinking before the fifth song." - Terry Wogan

"You've been thinking and I've been drinking." - Huey Lewis

"You're drinking vintage Elvis Presley wine." - Elvis Costello

"It's solitary drinking that makes drunkards." - Nathanael West

"I'm drinking lots of herbal tea." - Cathy Freeman

"Drinking is not a spectator sport." - Jim Brosnan

"Drinking: something to do while getting drunk." - Peg Bracken

"Drinking is bad taste but tastes good." - Franklin P. Adams

"Be a coffee-drinking individual - espresso yourself!" - Anonymous

"What's drinking? A mere pause from thinking!" - Lord Byron

"The piano has been drinking, not me." - Tom Waits

"When animators weren't sleeping, they were drinking." - Joseph Barbera

"Drinking spirits cannot cause spiritual damage." - Jose Bergamin

"The New World is rated PG-13 (Parents strongly cautioned). There is some intense, bloodless violence and the beautiful underage lead actress (15-year-old Q'orianka Kilcher) may cause cardiac arrest among some viewers." - Manohla Dargis

"All other nations are drinking Ray Charles beer and we are drinking Barry Manilow." - Dave Barry

"It's quite true I'm not drinking anymore; however, I'm not drinking any less either." - W C Fields

"That wine drinking is more effete than beer drinking? No question." - Joseph Epstein

"There's an obvious romance to being the drinking writer. But if I'm drinking, I'm not writing." - Liz Brixius

"I hate the taste of alcohol. When I'm drinking, I'm drinking Red Bull." - Paris Hilton

"If you don't need to quit drinking, you shouldn't quit drinking. I used to really love to drink, and especially living in London, it's just built for drinking..." - Tom Ford

"Oh, 'tis jesting, dancing, drinking Spins the heavy world around." - A E Housman

"Any man who eats dessert is not drinking enough." - Ernest Hemingway

"Drinking is a way of ending the day." - Ernest Hemingway

"Who cares how time advances? I am drinking ale today." - Edgar Allan Poe

"My advice to you... is to start drinking heavily." - John Belushi

"Drinking every night because we drink to my accomplishments." - Drake

"Beer drinking doesn't do half the harm of lovemaking." - Eden Phillpotts

"I am awake, I might as well be drinking" - Dan Thompson

"What was I drinking last night? Furniture polish?" - Paul O'Grady

"The Golden Globes are always fun because everyone's drinking." - Robert Pattinson

"When the going gets tough, the tough go drinking." - Bret Easton Ellis

"Drinking your own blood is the paradigm of recycling." - Gary Busey

"Don't mess with me, lady. I've been drinking with skeletons." - Mike Mignola

"Deep thinking in the ranks leads only to drinking." - William Overgard

"Do not spit gum in the drinking fountains." - Dave Barry

"All the damnable degrees Of drinking have you staggered through." - John Webster

"Drinking makes a person lose his inhibitions and give exhibitions" - Nancy Astor

"If people are not smoking, they'll probably be drinking more." - Michael Bloomberg

"Thirst comes with drinking when the wine is good." - Emile Augier

"A quote about drinking is a joy forever" - John Keats

"Drinking tequila is more about the journey than the destination" - Rainbow Rowell

"Appetite comes with eating.....but thirst goes away with drinking." - Francois Rabelais

"Work is the curse of the drinking class." - Oscar Wilde

"Is the circle of fifths a drinking game?" - Mike Burns

"I'm drinking doubles now that you're running around single again." - Willie Nelson

"We were just drinking some joint juice earlier." - Mac Miller

"I've been drinking. Now I'm going to drink some more." - Oliver Reed

"If you don't start drinking, I'm gonna leave." - George Thorogood

"If drinking don't kill me, her memory will." - George Jones

"People these days are thinking less and drinking more." - Eartha Kitt

"I have very poor and unhappy brains for drinking." - William Shakespeare

"Whales are drinking all our water and eating our sailors." - Maddox

"I started drinking Scotch just to be a man." - Adam Brody

"I ruined my health drinking to other people's." - Brendan Behan

"Drinking with women is as unnatural as scolding with 'em." - William Wycherley

"I regret starting drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and joining Facebook." - Berhan Ahmed

"I lost my one true love. I started drinking." - Bob Dylan

"I have never seen a thin person drinking Diet Coke." - Donald Trump

"The problem with drinking and driving is the mourning after." - Anonymous

"I'd stop drinking coffee, but I'm no quitter." - Anonymous

"This baby will be born with a drinking problem." - Bill Allred

"A very merry, dancing, drinking, Laughing, quaffing, and unthinkable time." - John Dryden

"Drinking can bring out a dude that has some issues." - Gabriel Iglesias

"Eating, drinking, and depression disorders are really thinking disorders." - Byron Katie

" this ocean of hours I'm all the time drinking..." - Bob Dylan

"Drinking is fun! It makes me feel horrible and sexy!" - Warren Ellis

"Whiskey is for drinking; water is for fighting over." - Mark Twain

"I'd rather have my kid smoking pot than drinking." - Tommy Chong

"I'm drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and greys." - L Ron Hubbard

"I'm gaining weight the right way: I'm drinking beer." - Johnny Damon

"Discouraging smoking and drinking is a left ideal." - Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero

"Which are you drinking? The water or the wave?" - John Fowles

"Drinking intensifies all your pressures and your needs." - Desi Arnaz

"Work is the curse of the drinking classes." - Oscar Wilde

"I admit to drinking it, but I did not swallow." - Kinky Friedman

"I am not drinking now but I cannot guarantee tomorrow." - Kelly Mcgillis

"I've stopped drinking, but only while I'm asleep." - George Best

"I tried to give up drugs by drinking." - Lou Reed

"Of all vices, drinking is the most incompatible with greatness." - Walter Scott

"It's not the drinking to be blamed, but the excess." - John Selden

"My kids probably started drinking coffee in their late teens." - Howard Schultz

"Melancholy, indeed, should be diverted by every means but drinking." - Samuel Johnson

"People don't stop eating, and they don't stop drinking coffee." - Magic Johnson

"I've been drinking and using since I was 13." - Jack Osbourne

"I drink eternally. For me it is an eternity of drinking, and a drinking up of eternity." - Francois Rabelais

"I quit drinking, and I figure if I go to ten Yankee games this year without drinking I'll save $32,000." - Artie Lange

"The only thing worse for smoking than drinking is quitting drinking. Because then it's the only thing you can do." - Jay Mcinerney

"Sensible people advise against drinking on an empty stomach, but to my mind it is the best sort of drinking." - Tom Hodgkinson

"I quit drinking, so I can think clear. When you have chop trouble, drinking doesn't help the healing process." - Freddie Hubbard

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. It's not like the sheep was underage." - Colin Mochrie

"This is a good time to ask apologists for the Islamic regime, who degrades Islam? Who imposes stoning, forced marriage of underage girls and flogging for not wearing the veil? Do such practices represent Iran's ancient history and culture, its ethnic and religious diversity? Its centuries of sensual and subversive poetry?" - Azar Nafisi

"Photo shoots for underage girls are like letting an ant walk around with honey." - Janice Dickinson

"You do not need to be an expert, or even particularly interested in wine, in order to enjoy drinking it. But tasting is not the same as drinking. Drinking pleases, mellows, loosens the tongue and inhibitions; drinking wine with food is healthy and natural; drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures." - Michael Broadbent

"I do sing about drinking, but it's in a party way. I don't sing about drinking in a drowning-my-sorrows way, like in George Jones's "If Drinking Don't Kill Me (Her Memory Will)."" - Kenny Chesney

"Simon Gray, I decided when I first witnessed this frog into prince transformation, did not have a drinking problem. He had a drinking solution." - Stephen Fry

"Drinking was a big help with me making music, because drinking gives you courage. But it also makes you reckless, and that's the trouble." - Robert Wyatt

"I don't know if my wife left me because of my drinking or I started drinking 'cause my wife left me." - Nicolas Cage

"I don't like people who drink decaf coffee it's like what. Why you drinking it? Like it taste so good? That's like drinking non alcoholic vodka." - Chelsea Handler

"If drinking is interfering with your work, you're probably a heavy drinker. If work is interfering with your drinking, you're probably an alcoholic." - Anonymous

"Well, I stopped drinking. That was actually a big deal. I didn't go through any harrowing rock-bottom experience. I just made a decision to stop drinking." - Josh Radnor

"I think we should stop drinking bottled water. There's no need to be drinking it if you're living in western communities." - Cate Blanchett

"When I was 20, I was drinking. When I was 30, I was drinking more, and at 40, way too much." - Del Shannon

"If you don't think you've got the blues, just keep living, and if you don't think you're drunk, just keep drinking what you're drinking." - Buddy Guy

"Zero-tolerance on drinking and driving - meaning no drinking at all before driving - is a collective punishment that, in essence, only affects responsible adults who follow the law." - David Harsanyi

"I like older boys, but they think, 'She's underage.' I'd love to have somebody in mind when I sing." - Mandy Moore

"Health - what my friends are always drinking to before they fall down." - Phyllis Diller

"Drinking makes uninteresting people matter less and late at night, matter not at all." - Lillian Hellman

"Brewers enjoy working to make beer as much as drinking beer instead of working." - Hal Foster

"We are a water-drinking people, and we are allowing every brook to be defiled." - George Bird Grinnell

"Champagne is the only drink that leaves a woman still beautiful after drinking it." - Madame de Pompadour

"If God forbade drinking, would He have made wine so good?" - Cardinal Richelieu

"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of life's most civilized pleasures." - Michael Broadbent

"Drinking beer doesn't make you fat, it makes you lean...Against bars, tables, chairs, and poles." - Gerard Way

"Let there be dancing in the streets, drinking in the saloons, and necking in the parlor." - Groucho Marx

"I'm dealing with my drinking problem and I have a reputation for getting things done." - Brian Clough

"To quit between tee and green is more habit-forming than drinking a highball before breakfast." - Sam Snead

"The drinking man is never less himself than during his sober intervals." - Charles Lamb

"Now is the time for drinking; now the time to beat the earth with unfettered foot." - Horace

"The man that isn't jolly after drinking is just a drivelling idiot, to my thinking." - Euripides

"The more necessary it becomes to stop drinking, the more impossible it becomes to stop." - Jeffrey Bernard

"Lately I been drinking like there's a message in a bottle" - Drake

"What am I drinking? NyQuil on the rocks, for when you're feeling sick but sociable." - Mitch Hedberg

"There are only three things worthwhile - fighting, drinking, and making love." - Katharine Fullerton Gerould

"The only way to really have safe sex is to abstain. From drinking." - Wendy Liebman

"If liking Katy Perry and drinking margaritas is gay, then who wants to be straight?!" - James Franco



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