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Under The Ban Quotes


"I supported the assault weapon ban." - Mitt Romney

"If I had the power, I would ban leggings." - Jil Sander

"I have a letter from a police inspector, retired after some 30 years in rural Derbyshire, alerting me to the potential impact of a total ban on hunting on relationships between the police and the community in rural areas - a particularly significant consideration in current circumstances. Is it, I ask myself, sensible to divert valuable police time to enforce a ban on hunting when they are under so much pressure from violent crime?" - Hazel Byford, Baroness Byford

"We need to ban assault weapons. We need to ban the high-capacity clips and magazines. We need serious background information, system upgrade." - Michael Nutter

"There's not really a ban on the KIA bracelet specifically. There are regulations for wearing the uniform and specifically jewelry, and Marines are not allowed to wear bracelets. This falls under that spectrum. Now, the KIA bracelet will be lumped into the same category as the POW/MIA bracelets, which are approved for wear." - James F Amos

"I've stated my position, and that is that we do not need a contraption to play the game of golf. I would hope that we'd play under one set of rules, and those rules would include a ban on the long putter hooked to the body in some way, shape or form." - Arnold Palmer

"My argument is focused on the fact that a relatively small percentage of the world's Muslim countries are impacted by this order. Stated differently, this executive order is a singularly ineffective - in legal parlance, it would be called under-inclusive - form of a Muslim ban." - David B. Rivkin

"The ban on the burkini, which is basically a wetsuit, seems particularly ridiculous." - Mohsin Hamid

"If a bill to ban handguns came to the house floor, I would vote for it." - Pete Stark

"Impeach President Reagan retroactively for agreeing with Obama on the assault weapons ban." - John Fugelsang

"Certainly one cannot ban cross burning in the sanctity of his bedroom." - Antonin Scalia

"Calls to ban Muslims from entering the US are offensive and unconstitutional." - Mike Pence

"66 percent of Americans agree in a temporary ban of refugees entering the United States!" - Sean Hannity

"We should ban banks from risk-taking because society is going to pay the price." - Nassim Nicholas Taleb

"The ban on sports betting does exactly what Prohibition did. It makes criminals rich." - James Surowiecki

"Assault weapons ban reintroduced..." - Barack Obama

"While the Obama Department of Justice seems to favor pornographers over children and families, that will change under a Satorum Administration. I will ban all pornography. Especially gay pornography. Gay pornography is the reason people choose the gay lifestyle or what I call the deathstyle. If we got rid of that, homosexuality would be gone within a matter of months. This is one of only a few things I see eye to eye on with the Taliban." - Rick Santorum

"Although cohabitating same-sex couples are prohibited from jointly adopting children under Utah law as a result of the same-sex marriage ban, the record shows that nearly 3,000 Utah children are being raised by same-sex couples. Thus childrearing, a liberty closely related to the right to marry, is one exercised by same-sex and opposite-sex couples alike, as well as by single individuals." - Carlos F. Lucero

"I've got to think about what I'm going to say very carefully. There's two avenues of thought: Do you stop everyone going, ban all the artists coming in from Russia? But then you're really leaving the men and women who are gay and suffering under the antigay laws in an isolated situation. As a gay man, I can't leave those people on their own without going over there and supporting them. I don't know what's going to happen, but I've got to go." - Elton John

"Until the late-nineteenth-century the House of Commons maintained a formal ban on the reporting of its debates." - Clive Ponting

"I'd have all the cars made in the Carolinas, and I'd ban the ones made in China." - Hank Williams, Jr.

"Sexual intercourse began in 1963 ... / Between the end of the Chatterley ban/ and the Beatles first LP" - Philip Larkin

"The proposed ban on incitement to religious hatred makes no sense unless it involves a ban on the Koran itself; and that would be pretty absurd, when you consider that the Bill's intention is to fight Islamophobia." - Boris Johnson

"The First Amendment was designed to protect offensive speech, because nobody ever tries to ban the other kind." - Mike Godwin

"If they just reverse the division, ban the judges, and then it'll discourage other judges from ever doing this." - Roy Jones Jr.

"The travel ban that was imposed by the [Donald Trump] administration is a very direct reverberation of 9/11." - Peter van Agtmael

"The federal and state governments should ban the use of taxpayer funds to support cloning and embryonic stem cell research." - Sandy Adams

"As a matter of history, the Fourteenth Amendment was not understood to ban segregation on the basis of race." - Cass Sunstein

"To drain the swamp of corruption in Washington, D.C., I started by impose ago five-year lobbying ban on white house officials, and a lifetime ban on lobbying for a foreign government." - Donald Trump

"Look at the growing number of people that want to ban football. Or ban anything that might hurt somebody. Too violent or too brutal or what have you. There's a segment of our adult population that's still children, still kids." - Rush Limbaugh

"The jury system puts a ban upon intelligence and honesty and a premium upon ignorance, stupidity and perjury." - Mark Twain

"Ban poetry. And make sure that anyone caught reading it is expelled from school. Then it will acquire the glamour." - Clive James

"What if I got hit by lightning while walking with an umbrella? Ban umbrellas! Fight the menace of lightning!" - Cory Doctorow

"We're bending the law as far as we can to ban an entirely new class of guns." - Rahm Emanuel

"If women took up arms to defend their reproductive rights, the GOP would ban assault rifles yesterday." - Steve Marmel

"If we're trying to protect the American public, we should not put in place a travel ban." - Barack Obama

"The jury system puts a ban upon intelligence and honesty, and a premium upon ignorance, stupidity, and perjury." - Mark Twain

"Americans may not always live up to the Bill of Rights, but Americans do not ban books." - Bradley A Smith

"Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson says he believes that same ruling that stopped the first version of the ban should still apply to the second version of the ban because it is basically the same ban. It is basically the same policy." - Rachel Maddow

"The so-called assault weapons ban is a hoax. It is a political appeal to the ignorant. The guns it supposedly banned have been illegal for 78 years. Did the ban make them 'more' illegal? The ban addresses only the appearance of weapons, not their operation." - David Mamet

"Liberals talk about how evil it is, and they talk about how deadly it is. They won't ban it. If it's so bad, if it's so deadly, if it's so dangerous, if it's so harmful, if it's so mean, why don't they ban it? Just ban the product." - Rush Limbaugh

"Twitter should ban my mother." - Frances Bean Cobain

"Sexual intercourse began in 1963 (which was rather late for me) - Between the end of the Chatterley ban and the Beatles first LP." - Philip Larkin

"The ban directly hampers the partys ability to spread its message and hamstrings voters seeking to inform themselves about the candidates and issues," - Thurgood Marshall

"The upright, honest-hearted man Who strives to do the best he can, Need never fear the church's ban Or hell's damnation." - Robert Burns

"Sexual intercourse began In nineteen sixty-three (Which was rather late for me)- Between the end of the Chatterley ban And the Beatles' first LP." - Philip Larkin

"I did write a letter to the archdiocese who'd banned the song, Only the Good Die Young, asking them to ban my next record." - Billy Joel

"The ban on assault weapons has decreased gun violence in Baltimore not one iota. That's because few, if any, of the shootings were done with assault weapons." - Gregory Kane

"I don't want to be shut out from the truth. If they ban books, they might as well lock us away from the world." - Rory Edwards

"Although the District of Columbiahas had a ban on handgun sale and possession since 1976, Washingtonresidents are held hostage by the lax gun laws of surroundingjurisdictions." - Josh Sugarmann

"I don't have a philosophical objection, necessarily, to a travel ban if that is the thing that is going to keep the American people safe." - Barack Obama

"I think if we ban certain religions, if we censor the Internet, I think that at that point the terrorists will have won." - Rand Paul

"Even though most people were disconnected from [travel ban], the moment amplified a fairly massive and somewhat irrational fear that exists in the populace at large." - Peter van Agtmael

"I would absolutely commit to holding a vote on the hunting ban - I think it is not proven to be in the interests of animal welfare whatsoever." - Andrea Leadsom

"The maximalist demand of a complete ban on weapons, and the 'incremental steps' towards disarmament are both jammed. Will advancing IHL help both of these processes?" - Jonathan Granoff

"I guess the majority of people who want to ban certain musicians are the ones who are so proud of everything America stands for." - Stephen Malkmus

"The more laws that governments pass, the less individual freedom there is. Any student of history will tell you that. Totalitarian countries ban pretty much everything." - Bill O'Reilly

"Lacking its own ingenuity, the parasite fears the visionary. What it cannot plagiarize, it seeks to censor. What it cannot regulate, it seeks to ban." - Andrew Ryan

"The more laws that governments pass, the less individual freedom there is. Any student of history will tell you that. Totalitarian countries ban pretty much everything." - Bill Oreilly

"I believe one day a 'ban on gay marriage' will sound totally ridiculous. In the meantime, I will continue to speak out for equality for all of us." - Ellen Degeneres

"In every cry of every man, In every infant's cry of fear, In every voice, in every ban, The mind-forg'd manacles I hear." - William Blake

"If some of those people who wanted to ban Beethoven's music could hear the music that's being played today, wow, what would they do, man?" - Smokey Robinson

"Americans have an extraordinary love-hate relationship with the rich culture they've created. They buy, watch and read it even as they ban, block and condemn it." - Jon Katz

"Don't quote me on this, but if they ever manage to ban beer advertising in baseball you can kiss the national pastime goodbye." - Roger Maris

"[On gay ban in the military:] Heroism, I believe, is a trait that does not know race, color, creed, sex, or sexual orientation." - Dianne Feinstein

"In the next election, can we vote to ban those ribbon things that kind of keep clothing on hangers but really just hang out of your armpits?" - Olivia Wilde

"[Not achieving a nuclear test ban] would have to be classed as the greatest disappointment of any administration of any decade, of any time and of any party." - Dwight D Eisenhower

"The digital world is developing with such force and such a pace that you simply can't ban or control it. People want to be globally connected." - Elif Safak

"Low oil prices played a part in a major move by Congress voting to end the 40-year-old ban on exporting American crude oil." - Ari Shapiro

"We ought to ban hunting, I suggest, if there isn't a purpose other than sport or fun. That should be against the law. It's time now." - Cass Sunstein

"In every cry of every Man, In every Infant's cry of fear, In every voice, in every ban, The mind-forg'd manacles I hear." - William Blake

"Many other countries have already banned human cloning, and there are efforts at the UN to make such a ban universal." - Leon Kass

"In Cleveland there is legislation moving forward to ban people from wearing pants that fit too low. However, there is lots of opposition from the plumber' union." - Conan Obrien

"Surely, sport is not fundamentally about the safety of athletes. If it were, we'd probably have to ban professional football, right after boxing." - Alice Dreger

"As a liberal, I would hesitate to propose a blanket ban on any style of dress because of the implications for individual liberty and freedom of choice." - Richard Dawkins

"I was the first to win a major with a belly putter, and I've spent hours practicing that way, so I hope they don't ban anchoring." - Keegan Bradley

"In Cleveland there is legislation moving forward to ban people from wearing pants that fit too low. However, there is lots of opposition from the plumber' union." - Conan O'Brien

"I don't need arms, and neither does anyone else... At the very least, a ban would prevent fights from turning deadly." - Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva

"We ought to ban hunting, I suggest, if there isn't a purpose other than sport and fun. That should be against the law. It's time now." - Cass Sunstein

"Yesterday Senator John Kerry changed his mind and now supports the ban on gay marriages. I'm telling you this guy has more positions than Paris Hilton." - David Letterman

"According to what we've been seeing recently in the area where the terrorists control, where they ban people from going to schools, ban young men from shaving their beards, and women have to be covered from head to toe, and let's say in brief they live the Taliban style in Afghanistan, completely the same style." - Bashar al-Assad

"He invited people to sign a petition that demanded either strict control of, or a total ban on, dihydrogen monoxide.... Yes, 86 percent of the passersby voted to ban water (H2O) from the environment. Maybe that's what really happened to all the water on Mars." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"When did banning anything, ever work? I mean, we banned liquor once in this country, oh, that worked like a charm, didn't it, folks? You couldn't find a drink in the roaring 20's, could ya? See that's the problem with the banning thing! I say why stop there, let's not ban guns, I know, let's ban crime!" - Brad Stine

"I think that we should ban so-called junk guns. I think we should ban assault weapons like the weapons used here [in Fort Worth], yes. I think that the kinds of weapons that have no legitimate use for hunting or the kind of weapon that a homeowner would use, I think they should be banned, yes, those kind of weapons." - Al Gore

"The reality is that if you - let's say you just pulled encryption. Let's ban it. Let's you and I ban it tomorrow. And so we sit in Congress and we say, thou shalt not have encryption. What happens then? Well, I would argue that the bad guys will use encryption from non-American companies, because they're pretty smart." - Tim Cook

"In Britian we have a free press. It's not a pretty press, but it's free. The people who can't bear the Daily Mail, they say: 'you should ban it'. No no, no no, you don't ban it... you don't buy it." - Ian Hislop

"A New York City judge struck down a proposed law to ban sodas larger than 16 ounces. I think Mayor Bloomberg should spend his time trying to improve stuff like education. New York needs a better education system if kids didn't figure out they could get around the 16-ounce soda ban by simply purchasing two 12-ounce sodas." - Craig Ferguson

"No Congress ever has seen fit to amend the Constitution to address any issue related to marriage. No Constitutional Amendment was needed to ban polygamy or bigamy, nor was a Constitutional Amendment needed to set a uniform age of majority to ban child marriages." - Judy Biggert

"Several countries - among them Austria, Costa Rica, Denmark, Finland, India, Israel and Sweden - ban or severely restrict the use of wild animals in circuses. In Brazil, a movement to ban wild animals from circuses started after hungry lions managed to grab and devour a small boy." - Peter Singer

"I lived under the Nazis and under the Communists." - Gyorgy Ligeti

"Until we can ban all of them [firearms], then we might as well ban none." - Howard Metzenbaum

"Ok to ban smoking from workplaces, but not to ban smoking." - Mike Huckabee

"I support a total ban on handgun ownership for anyone under eighteen. Uzis should be absolutely banned from entering this country. Automatic weapons of any kind should not be for sale in America. For that matter, toy Uzis should not be available for kids, either. There would be a minimum seven-day waiting period between applying for a gun permit and obtaining a gun." - Joycelyn Elders

"One under a tree, one under a bush, one under the water." - Lee Trevino

"The fights I fought... cost a lot -the fight for the assault-weapons ban cost 20 members their seats in Congress. The NRA is the reason the Republicans control the House." - William J Clinton

"The main reason we are held hostage by the most destructive technology on earth is simple: the complete lack of international resolve to ban nuclear weapons and banish them from the arsenals of the world." - C. G. Weeramantry

"The one bonus of not lifting the ban on gays in the military is that the next time the government mandates a draft we can all declare homosexuality instead of running off to Canada." - Lorne Bloch

"The real issues I don't think most people touch. The Clinton jokes are all about Monica Lewinsky and all that stuff and not about the important things, like the fact that he wouldn't ban landmines." - Tom Lehrer

"Judge Laurence Silberman explains the origins of his ruling against the ban on handguns in Washington, D.C. He explains, 'It wasn't a right to bear arms granted by the Constitution, it was a right that was protected by the Constitution.'" - Laurence Silberman

"A dangerous book will always be in danger from those it threatens with the demand that they question their assumptions. They'd rather hang on to the assumptions and ban the book." - Ursula K Le Guin

"Gatewood Galbraith was a good friend, and a tireless advocate for the repeal of the ridiculous ban on hemp & marijuana. His book "The Last Free Man Standing" says it all." - Willie Nelson

"If you ban them in the future, the number of these high-capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won't be any more available." - Diana Degette

"Gatewood Galbraith was a good friend, and a tireless advocate for the repeal of the ridiculous ban on hemp & marijuana. His book 'The Last Free Man Standing' says it all." - Willie Nelson

"On the larger issue of the travel ban, our friend Charles Krauthammer of The Washington Post I think put it pretty well. I'm not sure it's illegal, but it's extremely stupid." - David Brooks

"[Bob Ferguson] won that huge ruling against the first version of the Muslim ban that resulted in it being stopped dead in the Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals." - Rachel Maddow

"While gambling addiction can be a social justice reason for some to ban gambling, the economic evidence suggests that the social and economic costs of gambling are $3 to the taxpayers for every $1 in benefits" - John Warren Kindt

"I'd ban all automobiles from the central part of the city. You see, the automobile was just a passing fad. It's got to go. It's got to go a long way from here." - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

"There is a glaring reason that the necessary total ban on nontherapeutic use of antibiotics hasn't happened: The factory farm industry, allied with the pharmaceutical industry, has more power than public-health professionals." - Jonathan Safran Foer

"Waco was supposed to be a way for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and the Clinton administration to prove the need for a ban on so-called assault weapons." - Steve Stockman

"The Defense Department's plan to ban newspaper reporters from pool coverage of military operations is incredible. It reveals the administration to be out of touch with journalism, reality and the First Amendment." - Arthur Ochs Sulzberger

"I am willing to consider powers which would ban known hooligans from rallies and marches and I will look into the powers the police already have to force the removal of face coverings and balaclavas." - Theresa May

"The Commissioner was correct to ban Mr. Sterling from all official NBA business, to levy the stiffest allowable fine, and we will support his recommendation to press for Mr. Sterling to relinquish his ownership of the Los Angeles Clippers franchise." - Jerry Reinsdorf

"You must ban together with other women of like mind and for the first time find fellowship, womanship, without the need to compete, without having to climb to the top over each other." - Frederick Lenz

"We have to start with a ban on the manufacturing and import of handguns. From there we register the guns which are currently owned, and follow that with additional bans and acquisitions of handguns and rifles with no sporting purpose." - Major Owens

"The cultural ban on having sex with your friends is an inevitable offshoot of a societal belief that the only acceptable reason to have sex is to lead to a monogamous marriagelike relationship." - Dossie Easton

"If I could have gotten 51 votes in the Senate of the United States for an outright ban, picking up every one of them... 'Mr. and Mrs. America, turn 'em all in,' I would have done it." - Dianne Feinstein

"We cannot and will not ban the creation of violent video games. But, we can prevent the distribution of these disturbing games to children, where their effects can be negative" - Herb Kohl

"You listen to all the [Barack] Obama intelligence officials all saying ISIS will infiltrate that [immigrants] population. We have so many majority-Muslim countries that are not impacted, but the media insists on calling this a Muslim ban." - Sean Hannity

"In 2002 the [George] Bush administration effectively put an end to negotiations of an agreement which would have established inspection procedures to ensure or to monitor compliance with the existing legal ban on biological weapons." - John Burroughs

"Donald Trump seems to think it is within his rights to trample the First Amendment, to disdain the press, to punish protesters or flag-burners, to ban ethnic categories of immigrants, and so on." - David Remnick

"I think if Russia is really an honest signatory to the chemical weapons ban, if Syria wants to be, ultimately someone has to be responsible for killing civilians. And that's the hard part out of this." - Rand Paul

"The Department of Agriculture announced that it will ban six new strains of E. coli. Which explains why the hot dog vendor outside my building is now just selling napkins." - Jimmy Fallon

"The bill would ban human cloning, and any attempts at human cloning, for both reproductive purposes and medical research. Also forbidden is the importing of cloned embryos or products made from them." - Ken Calvert

"Here's a thought: what if we ban the word 'healthy food' from our culinary vocabulary? I'm not talking about banning foods that are considered healthy. I'm talking about changing the way we think about food overall." - Marcus Samuelsson

"I've come to the conclusion that military style weapons really don't have any place in our society. We ought to reinstate the assault weapons ban that served us well for 10 years from 1994 to 2004." - Mark Udall

"We cannot and will not ban the creation of violent video games. But, we can prevent the distribution of these disturbing games to children, where their effects can be negative." - Herb Kohl

"Earmarks have become a symbol of a Congress that has broken faith with the people. This earmark ban shows the American people we are listening and we are dead serious about ending business as usual in Washington." - John Boehner

"My point is this, the Government made this decision to ban totally beef exports into Indonesia, even to compliant abattoirs and this will have enormous consequences for the beef cattle industry across Australia." - Julie Bishop

"If we are really serious about preventing another crisis like the 2008 meltdown, we should simply ban complex financial instruments unless they can be unambiguously shown to benefit society in the long run." - Hajoon Chang

"I am a Colorado native, and, no, I did not vote for the anti-gay amendment or the same-sex marriage ban, and I am not a member of a militia." - Connie Willis

"When President Obama first unveiled his gun control proposals recommending a ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and better background checks, there seemed to be momentum behind the effort. But then the proposals ran into a wall." - Robert Dallek

"I don't think people are reacting primarily to the danger of the sport. There are many other activities that are truly dangerous that we have no inclination to ban." - Jonathan Gottschall

"The response by agribusiness interests has been to back laws that ban animal advocates from taking pictures or videos at these facilities, and ban the media from publishing any that are taken. The laws also make it a crime for animal advocates to seek employment at animal enterprises without disclosing their intentions. Media coverage of the legislative fights is overwhelmingly negative for agriculture interests. The impression left among consumers is that the proponents had something to hide." - Wayne Pacelle

"Undercover investigations threw back the curtain on the systemic exploitation of animals on factory farms. The response by agribusiness interests has been to back laws that ban animal advocates from taking pictures or videos at these facilities, and ban the media from publishing any that are taken. The laws also make it a crime for animal advocates to seek employment at animal enterprises without disclosing their intentions." - Wayne Pacelle

"The ban is completely out of my hands. And I think in most people's minds, even if it's unrealistic to them, it's one that I left myself with no choice on." - Lance Armstrong

"Let them be reassured, it has never been one of our intentions to ban religion in society, but solely to protect the national education system from any conspicuous display of religious affiliation." - Jean-Pierre Raffarin

"Religion promotes the hatred and spite against gays. From my point of view, I would ban religion completely. Organised religion doesn't seem to work. It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate." - Elton John

"It's red hot, mate. I hate to think of this sort of book getting in the wrong hands. As soon as I've finished this, I shall recommend they ban it." - Tony Hancock

"I shortly will introduce legislation banning the sale, manufacture or possession of handguns (with exceptions for law enforcement and licensed target clubs)... . It is time to act. We cannot go on like this. Ban them!" - John Chafee

"When observers look back 50 years from now, the arguments supporting Florida's ban on same-sex marriage, though just as sincerely held [as views of those who were opposed to interracial marriage], will again seem an obvious pretext for discrimination." - Robert Lewis Hinkle

"I can't say that only the citizens litter. I must say that I have also been wrong in doing this. We need to ban plastics and be a little careful with garbage." - Shahrukh Khan

"After Donald Trump`s ban all Muslims proposal, candidate Jeb Bush reacted by calling Mr. Trump unhinged. However, that would be the same Jeb Bush who says we should only allow refugees into this country who are Christians." - Rachel Maddow

"If I were the commissioner of all sports media I would issue an immediate ban on three-person announcing teams on telecasts of live sporting events. In almost all cases three is one voice too many." - Al Bernstein

"Accordingly, it is not a Muslim ban at all, but a suspension of entrants from seven countries with conditions on the ground that both promote terrorism and make effective vetting impossible." - David B. Rivkin

"By contrast, poll taxes were very effective in excluding blacks, as well as impacting many poor whites; in legal parlance, they were overly inclusive but nevertheless served their intended discriminatory purpose. This [Muslim ban] is fundamentally not the case here." - David B. Rivkin

"It didn't happen in the 70s. So I had a whole decade when I was writing these books and maybe there was a little bit here or there but there was no big effort to ban books." - Judy Blume

"My advice would be to whoever is going after judges by name, whether it's the president or anybody else, I think it's a terrible idea. I don't think it's a very smart thing to do a Muslim ban." - Alex Kozinski

"There comes a time where next to everyone will resort to techniques that enhance cognitive, mental including emotive, physical, and other capacities. When this has happened, if not before, the ban on doping in sport will have been lifted." - Torbjorn Tannsjo

"It's no surprise to say I oppose the ban [of Donald Trump].If we only allow free speech for those we already agree with, is that free speech at all?" - Edward Leigh

"Note to our readers - Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist, birther and bully who was repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims - 1.6 million members of an entire religion - from entering the U.S." - Ryan Grim



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