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Under Estimate Quotes


"Never under estimate a pretty little liar." - Sara Shepard

"We over estimate technology in the short term and under estimate technology in the long term." - Arthur C Clarke

"People like bonnets. I don't think you can under-estimate that." - Andrew Davies

"A man tends to over-estimate what he can do in one year...and under-estimate what he can do in five." - Theodore Wilhelm Engstrom

"Never under estimate the Power of the Mind. Persist in creating new thoughts to prevent falling back into negative patterns. It is an ongoing struggle and you have to commit to winning if you are to succeed." - Bob Proctor

"Markets are designed to allow individuals to look after their private needs and to pursue profit. It's really a great invention and I wouldn't under-estimate the value of that, but they're not designed to take care of social needs." - George Soros

"National governments are under paid, under staffed, and under talented." - Terence Mckenna

"There is no such thing as absolute value in this world. You can only estimate what a thing is worth to you." - Charles Dudley Warner

"Humility is the proper estimate of oneself." - Charles Spurgeon

"This nation under God" - Abraham Lincoln

"Equal Justice Under Law." - Anonymous

"...yet I think that we are inclined to under-estimate our own powers and to exaggerate the importance of the Jewish influence. Hand in hand with this goes the perfectly ridiculous and revolting tendency to make the Jews the general scapegoat for all the vices of our time..." - Houston Stewart Chamberlain

"There's almost 70 billion in square feet under construction in high rises in commercial, residential and light manufacturing. And we estimate about 30 billion square feet, and that's with a 'B,' is commercial, that we would just consider office space. To put that in perspective, that's a 5x5-foot cubicle for every man, woman and child in China." - James Chanos

"Not under man but under God and law." - Henry de Bracton

"Pursuit of knowledge under difficulties." - Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux

"In golf I am one under; one under a tree, one under a rock, and one under a bush." - Gerry Cheevers

"Relax. Nothing is under control." - Adi Da

"Difficulties melt away under tact." - Benjamin Disraeli

"He frosted under heavy guard." - Suzanne Collins

"Pursuit of Knowledge Under Difficulties" - Henry Brougham, 1st Baron Brougham and Vaux

"Expectations are resentments under construction." - Anne Lamott

"One under a tree, one under a bush, one under the water." - Lee Trevino

"Please say this gas bill is just an estimate" - Adolf Hitler

"The test of civilization is the estimate of woman." - George William Curtis

"The test of civilization is its estimate of women." - George William Curtis

"Humility is to make a right estimate of one's self." - Charles Spurgeon

"Most people over estimate others talents and underestimate their own." - Orrin Woodward

"Every individual forms his own estimate of himself and that basic estimate goes far toward determining what he becomes." - Norman Vincent Peale

"That we need help is easy to see every time we walk down the street. The experts confirm what the obscured view in front of us tells us. They estimate that 64% of adults in the United States are obese and that this percentage is growing. Even our children are being affected, as nearly every one in three American children under the age of 18 is overweight." - Jeff Schweitzer

"On a nationwide basis, I would guess that the various churches would have to pay annually an amount at least equal to the national debt. But it's impossible for me to make an exact estimate, because the churches hide their wealth in every way they can - deliberate falsification as to the value of property, registering it under phony names in order to obscure the fact that the Church owns the property." - Madalyn Murray O'Hair

"Everywhere you look for comparisons of life under anarchy and life under government, life under government is less violent." - Steven Pinker

"I know you even under the skin." - Aulus Persius Flaccus

"Vnder water, famine; under snow, bread." - George Herbert

"We cannot come to honour under Coverlet." - George Herbert

"Under attack, sentiments harden into dogma." - Mason Cooley

"Nothing is hidden under the sun." - Leonardo Da Vinci

"Under water, man becomes an archangel." - Jacques Yves Cousteau

"Nature is under control but not disturbed." - Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands

"Look for happiness under your own roof." - Gretchen Rubin

"Don't put eggs under dead chickens." - Howard G. Hendricks

"Great fear is concealed under daring." - F L Lucas

"Nothing can grow under big trees." - Constantin Brancusi

"There is nothing new under the sun." - Jon Meacham

"Love is the law, love under will." - Aleister Crowley

"everyone is naked... under their clothes." - Ashley Purdy

"We had no domestic attacks under Bush," - Rudy Giuliani

"Love is stealthy hiding under ribs." - Veda Hille

"Why are most chess masters under 30?" - Mark Zuckerberg

"there is evil everywhere under the sun." - Agatha Christie

"Over-niceness may be under-niceness." - Samuel Richardson

"Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom with encouragement." - Donald Laird

"Reason dies collapsing under its own load." - Bill Mallonee

"Under the storms, sun becomes a god!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Under every deep a lower deep opens." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Under no circumstances should you lose hope." - Dalai Lama

"No one is responsible under liberalism." - David Horowitz

"All criminals turn preachers under the gallows." - Proverbs

"I'm not living under false delusions myself." - Rush Limbaugh

"Under no circumstances trust a lean cook." - Iain Hewitson

"Chorus: Under every stone lurks a politician." - Aristophanes

"Under each formula lies a corpse." - Emil Cioran

"A library is infinity under a roof." - Gail Carson Levine

"The truth is dark under your eyelids." - Charles Simic

"The mainstream is always under attack." - Bill Gates

"Anyone will say anything under torture." - George Galloway

"Nature is under control but not disturbed." - Beatrix Queen Of The Net

"Think it over, think it under." - A A Milne

"Africa suffered under European dominance for centuries." - Jacob Zuma

"Adults under threat feel like children." - Martha Beck

"The American dream is under assault." - James A Forbes

"I quite like being under the radar." - Alexander Hanson

"My parents think I'm better under pressure." - Tori Amos

"Under each formula lies a corpse." - Emile M Cioran

"Some guys just slip under the radar." - Victor Cruz

"No one can live under degradation." - Walid Jumblatt

"Great fear is concealed under daring." - Lucan

"Under the skin, intense fires burn." - Charles De Lint

"A lawn is nature under totalitarian rule." - Michael Pollan

"I've always been under the radar." - Buddy Rice

"I do really well under pressure." - Molly Sims

"I don't do interviews under false pretenses." - Tom Stoppard

"I put myself under immense pressure." - Jaime Winstone

"I like to fly under the radar." - Lynsi Torres

"I try to stay under the radar." - Jason Patric

"Anybody in television lives under grinding deadlines." - Matt Stone

"...the contribution of greenhouse gases to the Vostok temperature changes can be...between a lower estimate of 40% and a higher estimate of 65%." - Claude Lorius

"The most beautiful thing under the sun is being under the sun." - Christa Wolf

"Under government ownership corruption can flourish just as rankly as under private ownership." - Theodore Roosevelt

"Under the law, even the best failed. Under grace, even the worst can be saved!" - Joseph Prince

"I don't fold under pressure, great athletes perform better under pressure, so put pressure on me." - Floyd Mayweather Jr

"Most small businesses failed because the owner was under skilled, not under capitalized." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Under capitalism man exploits man; under socialism the reverse is true." - Will Rogers

"We all started under the sun and finished under the lights." - Maria Sharapova

"A weak mind sinks under prosperity, as well as under adversity." - Julius Charles Hare

"I'm used to being under pressure... luckily I perform well under pressure." - Paige VanZant

"Your jobs come back under a Trump administration. Your income goes up under a Trump administration." - Donald Trump

"Under capitalism man exploits man; under socialism the reverse is true." - Proverbs

"Those who sleep under a quilt, sleep under a blanket of love." - Anonymous

"That's a lot of hard work gone under the water, under the bridge." - Phil Brown

"We had no domestic attacks under Bush. We've had one under Obama." - Rudy Giuliani

"Under Capitalism, man exploits man. Under Communism, it's exactly the opposite." - Proverbs

"To be under occupation, to be under siege, is not a good inspiration for poetry." - Mahmoud Darwish

"Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"If you start throwing hedgehogs under me, I shall throw a couple of porcupines under you." - Nikita Khrushchev

"22 million new jobs under President Clinton. 3 million lost under Bush." - Sidney Blumenthal

"Hollywood is a place where they place you under contract instead of under observation." - Walter Winchell

"I've been with Under Armour for a while now. I mean, I love Under Armour." - Sloane Stephens

"If Spain goes under, Italy will come under even more scrutiny." - Mario Monti

"The average estimate themselves by what they do, the above average by what they are." - Friedrich Schiller

"It shames the average man to be valued below his own estimate of his worth." - Mark Twain

"The greatest of all gifts is the power to estimate things at their true worth" - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"If we estimate dignity by immediate usefulness, agriculture is undoubtedly the first and noblest science." - Samuel Johnson

"We estimate the wisdom of nations by seeing what they did with their surplus capital." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"None of us can estimate what we do when we do it from instinct." - Luigi Pirandello

"We estimate, and this isn't an estimation, that Greta Waitz is 80 seconds behind" - David Coleman

"No one at this time can duly estimate the importance of Mrs Marcet's scientific works." - Mary Somerville

"Good luck is a lazy man's estimate of a worker's success." - Anonymous

"Think highly of yourself, for the world takes you at your own estimate." - Anonymous

"If the world despises hypocrites, what must be the estimate of them in heaven?" - Madame Roland

"The rabble estimate few things according to their real value, most things according to their prejudices." - Cicero

"We cannot of ourselves estimate the degree of our success in what we strive for." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton

"Attempts to estimate the impacts of climate change continue to be highly speculative." - William Nordhaus

"The poor never estimate as a virtue the generosity of the rich." - Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach

"Given the credible estimate that we've spent $1 trillion on anti-terrorism security" - Bruce Schneier

"Think highly of yourself because the world takes you at your own estimate." - Kurt Hahn

"The vulgar herd estimate friendship by its advantages. [Lat., Vulgus amicitias utilitate probat.]" - Ovid

"Like building a house, travel always costs more than you estimate." - Ilka Chase

"I spent seven hours in a beauty shop... and that was for the estimate." - Phyllis Diller

"With difficulty he is beaten who can estimate his own forces and those of his enemy." - Niccolo Machiavelli

"In many cases hate a person is rooted in the involuntary estimate of its virtues." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"P.T. Barnum said a sucker is born every minute, but his estimate was laughably low." - Jonathan Gruber

"The only way you can estimate environmental influences is by measuring them." - Richard Bentall

"She was at the beauty shop for two hours. That was only for the estimate." - Henny Youngman

"Medical experts now estimate that 80 percent of diseases are directly linked to frantic living." - Doris Janzen Longacre

"We cannot of ourselves estimate the degree of our success in what we strive for." - Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton

"The rabble estimate few things according to their real value, most things according to their prejudices." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"For an intelligent estimate of your technique go to another artist working in the same medium." - Walter J. Phillips

"To have a right estimate of a man's character, we must see him in misfortune." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Make a true estimate of your own ability, then raise it ten per cent." - Norman Vincent Peale

"Who can estimate the wealth of worth caged in a little child?" - Evangeline Booth

"And when is there time to remember, to sift, to weigh, to estimate, to total?" - Tillie Olsen

"The main thing is you have to be under the protection of spirituality, under the protection of morality, under the protection of divine laws. If you're not under that protection, you can get caught up into anything." - Nirmala Srivastava

"Under conditions of peace the warlike man attacks himself." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Seldom do people discern eloquence under a threadbare cloak" - Juvenal

"An artist must not feel under any constraint." - Henri Matisse

"The filth under the white snow, the sunne discovers." - George Herbert

"We would always be under The Pentagon's protective umbrella" - Omar Torrijos

"Your heart is smothering under your small ambitions." - Timothy Keller

"My head's under water but I'm breathing fine" - John Legend

"In the dictionary under redundant it says see redundant." - Robin Williams



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