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Undemocratic Quotes


"We must not demonstrate any arrogance, and we must refrain from any irrational or undemocratic behavior." - Chen Shui-bian

"Force, violence, pressure, or compulsion with a view to conformity, are both uncivilized and undemocratic" - Mahatma Gandhi

"If democracy brings an undemocratic group to power, is that a victory for democracy?" - Richard Engel

"We must not demonstrate any arrogance, and we must refrain from any irrational or undemocratic behavior." - Chen Shuibian

"The main division in the world is between democratic and undemocratic countries." - Michael Mandelbaum

"I dislike Communism because it is undemocratic, and capitalism because it favors exploitation." - Bertrand Russell

"Popular congresses are the only means to achieve popular democracy. Any system of government other than popular congresses is undemocratic." - Muammar al-Gaddafi

"The skeptical relativist attempt to mandate a naked public square is undemocratic. It is also a danger to democracy." - Henry Hyde

"Democracy sometimes appears paralyzed by those who take advantage of its freedoms in order to abuse them for undemocratic ends." - David Pryce-Jones

"Popular congresses are the only means to achieve popular democracy. Any system of government other than popular congresses is undemocratic." - Muammar Gaddafi

"The Palestinians are a despotic, undemocratic grouping which promotes a religious war against Israel, a democracy, through terror." - Melanie Phillips

"I'm always amazed at the American practice of allowing one party to a homosexual act to remain passive-it's so undemocratic. Sexmust be mutual." - W H Auden

"If the region truly becomes democratic, an undemocratic bit of earth would remain here. It's hard to imagine that the world, especially the Arab world, would tolerate this." - Tom Segev

"Profit sharing in the form of stock distributions to workers would help to democratize the ownership of America's vast corporate wealth which is today appallingly undemocratic and unhealthy." - Walter Reuther

"The idea that the GLC should be abolished at a stroke is ill though out, undemocratic and will cost the people of London dear." - Ken Livingstone

"Love, it turns out, is as undemocratic as money, so it accumulates around people who have plenty of it already: the sane, the healthy, the lovable." - Nick Hornby

"Down to the present day the luminous image of democracy has often served as a pretext for the most undemocratic actions." - Randal Marlin

"Leaders today are isolated by phalanxes of body guards. It's profoundly undemocratic, the way they have used terrorism as a means to protect themselves." - Robert Harris

"Since Israel is a democratic state surrounded by essentially undemocratic states which have sworn her destruction, those interested in democracy everywhere must support Israel's existence." - Bayard Rustin

"If education does not create a need for the best in life, then we are stuck in an undemocratic, rigid caste society." - Sargent Shriver

"Modern Americans suffer from a fear of judging. Passing judgment on the behavior of fellow human beings is considered an act of medieval, undemocratic intolerance." - Lewis B Smedes

"We have to withdraw from this undemocratic institution and ensure that these people no longer have any influence on British affairs. We would like to see other European nations do the same thing. I think that will happen." - Steve Blake

"For undemocratic reasons and for motives not of State, they arrive at their conclusions, largely inarticulate. Being void of self-expression they confide their views to none; but sometimes in a smoking room, one learns why things were done." - Rudyard Kipling

"There can be no clearer indication of how undemocratic the way we finance campaigns is than the fact that only one-quarter of 1% donate $200 or more, and only one-tenth of 1% gives $1,000 or more." - Arianna Huffington

"This traditionally happens in Russia and in every other undemocratic country as well - the quest for a scapegoat won't be long, either. The easiest way to find a scapegoat is to ascribe that role to former governments." - Garry Kasparov

"Socialism is a fundamentally different social system where the world's resources are not controlled by a greedy, undemocratic oligarchy. This is not the same as the capitalist welfare states that have existed in some European countries." - Kshama Sawant

"For undemocratic reasons and for motives not of State, They arrive at their conclusions-largely inarticulate. Being void of self-expression they confide their views to none: But sometimes in a smoking-room, one learns why things were done." - Rudyard Kipling

"As trans advocacy has institutionalized and developed, the context of the undemocratic nature of US non-profits and the ways that white, wealthy individuals can intensely influence the directions of advocacy have increasingly come to the surface for trans activists." - Dean Spade

"I'd shrink government in a minute, if I could shrink GM, Bank of America, and all these immoral corporations that operate by an undemocratic code, with no soul and no conscience." - Jerry Brown

"You cannot be democratic one day, and undemocratic on another. It is a state of mind, it is a way of living, and it is an essence of action." - Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj

"It is entirely undemocratic to continue these burdens on the people for years and years after the requirements of protection have been met and the representatives of these industries have become incrusted with wealth." - John Griffin Carlisle

"The basic proposal of the new education is to be that dunces and idlers must not be made to feel inferior to intelligent and industrious pupils. That would be 'undemocratic." - C S Lewis

"In California, there are huge problems because of dams. I'm against big dams, per se, because I think that they are economically unfeasible. They're ecologically unsustainable. And they're hugely undemocratic." - Arundhati Roy

"Some day, the public might actually revolt against the undemocratic system of seniority that allows Congress to keep the old ways of Washington ingrained into the culture of Congress." - Chuck Todd

"The courtroom is one instance of the fact that while our society may be liberal and democratic in some large and vague sense, its moving parts, its smaller chambers-its classrooms, its workplaces, its corporate boardrooms, its jails, its military barracks-are flagrantly undemocratic, dominated by one commanding person or a tiny elite of power." - Howard Zinn

"The man who occupies the first place in an undemocratic state can give himself any award that takes his fancy, but it does not increase his authority - rather, the contrary. This was something Brezhnev and Chernenko did not understand. In all, Stalin had about as many decorations as, say, Mekhlis, and four or five times fewer than Brezhnev" - Dmitri Volkogonov

"To consider powerful souls as if they were a useful public resource is quite foreign to our customs. In a small sense it is undemocratic, for it assumes that some people really know better in a way that must seem arbitrary to most. In a large sense it is certainly democratic, in that it makes the great man serve as a man." - Paul Goodman

"If the Federal Reserve pursues a policy which Congress or the President believes not to be in the public interest, there is nothing Congress can do to reverse the policy. Nor is there anything the people can do. Such bastions of unaccountable power are undemocratic. The Federal Reserve System must be reformed, so that it is answerable to the elected representatives of the people." - Wright Patman

"The European Union is effectively a union dominated by the German political and economic elite. Its main function is to serve as a nucleus for financial capitalism and to ease the road for that capitalism. The other functions just irritate everyone: it's undemocratic; decisions are not made by parliament; the European Parliament is not sovereign." - Tariq Ali

"Freedom can flow from order. That is not to say that freedom always flows from order because you can have a totalitarian order and you can have an undemocratic order from which freedom will not flow, but that surest way to destroy freedom is to have chaos." - Pierre Trudeau

"The capitalist workplace is one of the most profoundly undemocratic institutions on the face of the Earth. Workers have no say over decisions affecting them. If workers sat on the board of directors of democratically operated self-managed enterprises, they wouldn't vote for the wildly unequal distribution of profits to benefit a few and for cutbacks for the many." - Richard D. Wolff

"We must see that it is foolish, sinful and suicidal to destroy the health of nature for the sake of an economy that is really not an economy at all but merely a financial system, one that is unnatural, undemocratic, sacrilegious, and ephemeral." - Wendell Berry

"I think freedom for Palestine could be an incredible source of hope to people struggling all over the world. I think it could also be an incredible inspiration to Arab people in the Middle East, who are struggling under undemocratic regimes which the U.S. supports." - Rachel Corrie

"The web's democratic in one way and distinctly undemocratic in another way. And I think a lot of the confusion about the political ramifications have to do with that one word having so many meanings. So, it's democratic in that it quite literally delivers power to the people; it, it essentially opens up participation in the public's mind." - Clay Shirky

"Everybody keeps calling for Excellence excellence not just in schooling, throughout society. But as soon as somebody or something stands out as Excellent, the other shout goes up: "Elitism!" And whatever produced that thing, whoever praises that result, is promptly put down. "Standing out" is undemocratic." - Jacques Barzun

"We have educated ourselves into a world from which wonder, and he fear and dread and splendor and freedom of wonder have been banished. Of course wonder is costly. You couldn't incorporate it into a modern state, beacuse it is the antithesis of the anxiously worshiped security which is what a modern state is asked to give. Wonder is marvellous but it is also cruel, cruel, cruel. It is undemocratic, discriminatory and pitiless." - Robertson Davies

"Through an unwieldy combination of big government, big military, big business, big labor and big cities, we have created an unworkable mega-nation which defies central management and control. Not only is the United States too big, but it has also become too authoritarian and too undemocratic, and its states assume too little responsibility for the solution of their own social, economic, and political problems." - Thomas Naylor

"I think that our reliance on dynasty is part of the problem here, because dynasty is inherently undemocratic. It's a very entitled thing to suggest that only one member of one family can save a country of 180 million people. It has to be about people who live in constituencies coming forward to represent them, not the sort of parachuted, elite class that comes in, wins elections and then leaves." - Fatima Bhutto

"I don't know what America has really learned. We are too quick to do what's expedient on behalf of our culture of greed and hedonism. We're quite prepared to go to conditions of tyranny in order to sustain that culture, and we do it in the name of democracy, when nothing could be more undemocratic. We do it in the name of saving the values of our society, when the way we behave corrupts those values. We do it in the name of God in whom we believe, when in fact we have corrupted our own vision of the Christian journey." - Harry Belafonte

"First of all, let me give my comments on the blasphemy law. This law was introduced by the military dictator General Ziaul Haq. No one demanded the blasphemy law in Pakistan. But he wanted to give protection to his undemocratic rule, dictatorship, by using religion. So Pakistan came into being in 1947, and from 1947 until 1986 no case against any minorities was registered under the protection of the blasphemy law. Nobody from minorities was killed and no act of violence happened [against them]." - Shahbaz Bhatti