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Uncovering Truth Quotes


"If uncovering the truth is the greatest challenge of nonfiction writing, it is also the greatest reward." - Candice Millard

"Whenever the truth is uncovered, the artist will always cling with rapt gaze to what still remains covering even after such uncovering; but the theoretical man enjoys and finds satisfaction in the discarded covering and finds the highest object of his pleasure in the process of an ever happy uncovering that succeeds through his own efforts." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"If I have any advice to give to the Syrian president it is to cooperate for the sake of the investigation or for the sake of uncovering the truth." - Walid Jumblatt

"I have too many secrets. For all these years I've been a speaker for the dead, uncovering secrets and helping people to live in the light of truth. Now I no longer tell anyone half of what I know, because if I told the whole truth there would be fear, hatred, brutality, murder, war." - Orson Scott Card

"Child abuse damages a person for life and that damage is in no way diminished by the ignorance of the perpetrator. It is only with the uncovering of the complete truth as it affects all those involved that a genuinely viable solution can be found to the dangers of child abuse." - Alice Miller

"Beauty is truth, truth beauty" - John Keats

"All truth is God's truth." - John Calvin

"Truth does not contradict truth." - Eliezer Zvi Zweifel

"The Truth is the Truth." - Max Weber

"Why would scientists dedicated to uncovering the truth about the natural world deliberately misrepresent the work of their own colleagues? Why would they spread accusations with no basis? Why would they refuse to correct their arguments once they had been shown to be incorrect? And why did the press continue to quote them, year after year, even as their claims were shown, one after another, to be false?" - Naomi Oreskes

"Uncovering your real desires can be terrifying. It can also set you spectacularly free." - Mark Epstein

"We are just in the kindergarten of uncovering things; there is no downcurve in science." - Charles Kettering

"One's single greatest strength may be uncovering the hidden talents of another person." - Tom Rath

"Seek the truth. Tell the truth. Live in truth." - Isaiah Washington

"Truth for authority, not authority for truth." - Lucretia Mott

"God is Truth, Truth is God." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Is not the truth the truth?" - William Shakespeare

"Truth breeds power, and truth never perishes." - Ameen Rihani

"Political truth is libel; religious truth, blasphemy." - William Hazlitt

"Truth is truth howe'er it strike." - Robert Browning

"Truth is truth To th'end of reck'ning." - William Shakespeare

"I have faith that if we caught hold of God's living candle on that truth and went out into the world-I don't care [what vocation] -just out in the world being true to the vision, we would not need to defend the cause of Jesus Christ. People would come and ask; "Where have you found the radiance that I sense in your eyes and in your face? How come you don't get carried away with the world?" And we would answer that the work of salvation is the glorious work of Jesus Christ. But it is also the glorious work of the uncovering and recovering of your own latent divinity." - Truman G. Madsen

"Uncovering secrets is apocalyptic in the simple sense (the Greek root means 'an uncovering'). In this case, it lifts the shame covers. It allows articulation to enter where silence once ruled." - Lewis Hyde

"Uncovering secrets is apocalyptic in the simple sense (the Greek root means "an uncovering"). In this case, it lifts the shame covers. It allows articulation to enter where silence once ruled." - Lewis Hyde

"Time discovers truth." - Seneca the Younger

"Truth is pure awareness." - Rajneesh

"Truth allows no choice." - Samuel Johnson

"Truth by definition excludes." - Ravi Zacharias

"Convert life into truth." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Disillusionment is not truth." - Mason Cooley

"Victory cannot tolerate truth." - Nachman of Breslov

"poetry's object is truth ..." - Christine de Pizan

"Truth rings no bells." - Laura Riding

"Truth is a tendency." - Buckminster Fuller

"Truth resists simplicity." - John Green

"The truth is uncompromising." - Leonard Jacobson

"One truth, many paths." - Swami Satchidananda

"Truth never perishes." - Seneca the Younger

"Photography is truth." - Jean-Luc Godard

"Speak truth to power." - Milan Kundera

"Truth is within ourselves." - Robert Browning

"Truth is reality." - Mary Richards

"Sacrifice life to truth." - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"Homely truth is unpalatable." - Mark Twain

"Deep truth is imageless." - Percy Bysshe Shelley

"Truth has no beginning." - Mary Baker Eddy

"Truth burns up error." - Sojourner Truth

"Truth is always straightforward." - Sophocles

"Truth is everlasting." - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

"There's only one truth" - Gosho Aoyama

"Truth is fine. Absolutely." - Cornel West

"Youth is truth." - James A Michener

"Tell the truth." - Randy Pausch

"Truth does not blush." - Tertullian

"Truth fears no questions." - Anonymous

"Truth breeds hatred." - Bias of Priene

"Speak Truth to Power." - Anonymous

"Truth Is Subjectivity." - Soren Kierkegaard

"Truth fears no trial." - Thomas Fuller

"The truth will ouch." - Arnold H Glasow

"Nothing endures except truth." - Luc De Clapiers

"In wine, there's truth." - Pliny The Elder

"Humility is truth." - Desiderius Erasmus

"Truth is beauty" - Lisi Harrison

"Veiling truth in mystery." - Virgil

"Seek truth from facts." - Deng Xiaoping

"Songwriters tell the truth." - Kara Dioguardi

"Truth implies meaning." - Lukas Foss

"Time discovers truth." - Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"Truth cannot be defeated." - Edwin Louis Cole

"Sincerity is moral truth." - George Henry Lewes

"Caricature is rough truth." - George Meredith

"Truth is inner harmony." - Walther Rathenau

"Evidence exhausts the truth." - Georges Braque

"The truth is overrated." - Paul Westerberg

"There's no truth anymore." - Johnny Depp

"Truth is a tendency." - R Buckminster Fuller

"Truth is what works." - William James

"Truth will prevail." - Gordon B Hinckley

"Exactitude is not truth." - Henri Matisse

"The truth sustains me." - Pat Nixon

"Tell the truth." - Ian Hunter

"Why write a book on uncovering past lives? Because the benefits for personal empowerment, healing, and enlightenment are tremendous." - Ted Andrews

"Understanding the fact that we are essentially water is the key to uncovering the mysteries of the universe..." - Masaru Emoto

"God is the Truth. The Bible is the truth about the Truth. Theology is the truth about the truth about the Truth." - Richard Wurmbrand

"The Truth doesn't answer anything. The Truth IS everything!" - Adyashanti

"The truth comes to me. The truth loves me." - Sylvia Plath

"Truth has no path, truth is living and, therefore, changing." - Jeet

"Truth makes love possible; love makes truth bearable." - Rowan Williams

"Our yearning for truth actually comes from truth." - Adyashanti

"Yeah, I hear the truth. But this is my truth." - Julie Anne Peters

"Truth will set you free. And Truth has a name..." - William P Young

"Alcohol tells truth, but its truth is not normal." - Jack London

"When honor and truth are at odds, let truth prevail." - Jose Bernardo

"Truth is truth, even when told by a liar." - William Wallace

"Face the truth or the truth will face you!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Truth is in history, but history is not the truth." - Nicolas Gomez Davila

"When you can't tell the truth, tell *a* truth." - Greg Cox

"To understand the truth is to do the truth." - Jon Sobrino

"Science makes no pretension to eternal truth or absolute truth." - Eric Temple Bell

"Tell the truth, but make the truth fascinating." - David Ogilvy

"Being precedes Truth, and ... Truth precedes the Good." - Josef Pieper

"Truth can understand error, but error cannot understand truth." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Truth sounds like hate to those who hate the truth" - Todd Wagner

"Truth is hate to those who hate the truth." - Bob Enyart

"Truth can prevail only in virtue of truth itself." - Pope John Paul Ii

"People hate the truth. Luckily, the truth does not care." - Larry Winget

"It is not man who pursues truth, but truth man." - Lev Shestov

"Truth is truth no matter what I think." - Chuck D

"Ideology is a partial truth masquerading as the whole truth." - Rod Dreher

"Being precedes Truth, and... Truth precedes the Good." - Josef Pieper

"So absolutely good is truth, truth never hurts The teller." - Robert Browning

"Political truth is a libel - religious truth blasphemy." - William Hazlitt

"The truth is the light and light is the truth." - Ralph Ellison

"Satyagraha is search for Truth, and God is Truth." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Truth is God, and truth overrides all our plans." - Mahatma Gandhi

"You don't want the truth. Truth is boring." - Robbie Williams

"I must speak the truth, and nothing but the truth." - Miguel De Cervantes

"The sad truth is the truth is sad." - Daniel Handler

"A truth that no one knows is still the truth." - Sharon Shinn

"Truth is truth to the end of reckoning." - William Shakespeare

"Prayer is the spirit speaking truth to Truth." - Philip James Bailey

"Science makes no pretension to eternal truth or absolute truth." - E T Bell

"Truth is truth, whether labeled 'science' or 'religion.'" - Ezra Taft Benson

"OK, so truth hurts - but what else does truth do?" - Teena Marie

"It's the truth and people need to hear the truth." - Della Reese

"Everything you add to the truth subtracts from the truth." - Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

"Truth without love kills, but love without truth lies." - Eberhard Arnold

"When you perceive a truth, look for the balancing truth." - Lord Acton

"Truth and clarity are complementary" - Niels Bohr

"Truth suffers, but never dies." - Teresa of Avila

"Something lurked inside the truth." - Don Delillo

"Preaching is truth through personality." - Phillips Brooks

"Lying - remembering beauty in truth." - Beatrice Sparks

"Walk with those seeking truth..." - Deepak Chopra

"Truth is stranger than fishin." - Jimmy Buffett

"The truth is what hurts" - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"Truth carries with it confrontation." - Francis Schaeffer

"Argument is not always truth." - Lajos Kossuth

"Every error is truth abused." - Jacques-Benigne Bossuet

"Truth does not demand belief..." - Dan Barker

"And simple truth miscalled simplicity" - William Shakespeare

"Truth without compassion is Cruelty." - Antero Alli

"God is the absolute truth" - Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

"Truth never hurt the teller." - Robert Browning

"The truth often sounds paradoxical." - Laozi

"Dedicate one's life to truth" - Juvenal

"Truth is most beautiful undraped." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"Fantasy is the only truth." - Abbie Hoffman

"Truth is not private property." - Saint Augustine



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