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Unconventional Thinking Quotes


"Be creative. Use unconventional thinking. And have the guts to carry it out." - Lee Iacocca

"The key to success is to risk thinking unconventional thoughts. Convention is the enemy of progress." - Trevor Baylis

"People will always try to stop you from doing the right thing if it is unconventional." - Warren Buffett

"...she considered herself unconventional..." - Anna Godbersen

"I like being unconventional." - Florence Griffith Joyner

"If you can't be unconventional, be obtuse. Be deliberately obtuse, because there are 5 billion people out there thinking in train tracks, and thinking what they have been taught to think." - James Dyson

"Thinking nurseth thinking." - Philip Sidney

"To me, unconventional thinking is approaching a problem and asking, 'Why not? Why can't something be done?' If someone can't give me a good reason why you can't do something, I find a way to do it." - Eli Broad

"A keen sense of humor helps us to overlook the unbecoming, understand the unconventional, tolerated the unpleasant, overcome the unexpected, and outlast the unbearable." - Billy Graham

"Stay stupid. Follow your unconventional crazy heart." - Steven Pressfield

"Donald Trump was a very unconventional candidate. He's going to be an unconventional president." - Paul Ryan

"It is unquestionably true that the investment companies have their money more conventionally invested than we do. To many people conventionality is indistinguishable from conservatism. In my view, this represents erroneous thinking. Neither a conventional nor an unconventional approach, per se, is conservative." - Warren Buffett

"No amount of thinking can stop thinking." - Mark Nepo

"Thinking in pictures precedes thinking in words." - Immanuel Kant

"Holding unconventional opinions makes people feel they have strong characters." - Mason Cooley

"Oh yes, well, I find myself unconventional everywhere." - Anna Godbersen

"If we're going to have an unconventional budget, we probably need an unconventional process to get there." - Anthony Foxx

"Neckties strangle clear thinking." - Lin Yutang

"It's not "wishful" thinking." - Rhonda Byrne

"Thinking is heavily endorsed." - Mal Pancoast

"Linear thinking is patriarchal." - Meridel Le Sueur

"Thinking is my fighting." - Virginia Woolf

"Stop praying. Start thinking." - Marilyn Manson

"Thinking the Unthinkable." - Herman Kahn

"I'm constantly thinking." - Kendrick Lamar

"Stop thinking of failing." - Benjamin Carson

"what were you thinking?" - Erin Hunter

"Creativity is thinking big." - Ernie J Zelinski

"Positive thinking breeds success." - Urijah Faber

"My process is thinking, thinking and thinking - thinking about my stories for a long time." - Hayao Miyazaki

"Despite its self-regard, and much like a society of devout followers, the art world relies on consensus as heavily as it depends on individual analysis or critical thinking. Althought the art world reveres the unconventional, it is rife with conformity. Artists make works that "looks like art" and behave in ways that enhance stereotypes. (...) Originality is not always rewarded, but some people take real risks and innovate, which gives a raison d'etre to the rest" - Sarah Thornton

"To understand our own thinking is to understand all thinking." - Byron Katie

"If everybody's thinking the same thing, then nobody's thinking." - George S Patton

"Right thinking will be rewarded, wrong thinking punished." - George Orwell

"Replace fear-based thinking with love-based thinking." - Deepak Chopra

"Pointless thinking is worse than no thinking at all." - Haruki Murakami

"Stop thinking that meditation is anything special. Stop thinking altogether." - Surya Singer

"Writing is thinking and thinking is hard work." - Lewis Black

"If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking." - George S Patton

"Everything hangs on one's thinking." - Seneca the Younger

"Design is thinking made visual." - Saul Bass

"Writing is thinking on paper." - William Zinsser

"Thinking evil is making evil." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"We are not thinking machines..." - Peter Watts

"Religion stills a thinking mind." - Greg Erwin

"Strategic thinking rarely occurs spontaneously" - Michael Porter

"I've been thinking about forever" - Frank Ocean

"Big thinking precedes great achievement." - Wilferd Peterson

"Big thinking precedes great achievement." - Wilferd A. Peterson

"All thinking begins with wondering" - Socrates

"Information work is thinking work." - Bill Gates

"Never stop thinking, improving, innovating." - Shu Uemura

"Our thinking makes our life." - Sunday Adelaja

"Your thinking creates your reality." - Robin S. Sharma

"[America] needs a certain thinking." - Donald Trump

"Horse sense, n.: Stable thinking." - Anonymous

"All thinking men are atheists." - Ernest Hemingway

"Thinking differently is my strength." - Carine Roitfeld

"Music stops you from thinking." - Peter Weir

"Dualistic thinking is a sickness." - Laozi

"Stop Learning and start thinking." - Jacob Barnett

"Kindness in thinking creates profoundness." - Laozi

"You can't think seriously about thinking without thinking about thinking about something." - Seymour Papert

"Our people should feel free to express diverse views, pursue unconventional ideas or simply be different." - Lee Hsien Loong

"Empowered women who reach tough or unconventional positions make CHOICES not sacrifices" - Kiran Bedi

"It is only the most elite of elite musicians whose unconventional approach becomes convention." - Steve Vai

"Don't be afraid to do something unconventional, to take a chance, to risk something." - Tom Brokaw

"He was blessed with an unconventional mind, which overcame his conventional middle-class upbringing." - Michael Lewis

"Jeanne Moreau, Lauren Bacall, they had this unconventional beauty, this amazing charisma." - Josephine De La Baume

"But it is not conscious strategy to go for unconventional roles." - Anil Kapoor

"Not exactly but I get inspiration from stories which are unconventional." - Anil Kapoor

"The Internet is a great place to find unconventional comedy that you can't find anywhere else." - Andy Dick

"I like the way Wiseman builds a story in an unconventional way." - Jim Mckay

"I guess I had what you could call an unconventional upbringing." - Joaquin Phoenix

"We shouldn't have politicians micromanaging this war because it is complex and unconventional." - Bill Shuster

"Insomnia is a gross feeder. It will nourish itself on any kind of thinking, including thinking about not thinking." - Clifton Paul Fadiman

"No,you're officially banned from listening to us. Or thinking about this. Or even thinking about thinking about this, understand?" - Kiersten White

"Humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. Humility is thinking more of others." - Rick Warren

"Positive thinking is hard. Worth it, though." - Seth Godin

"Reflective thinking turns experience into insight." - John C Maxwell

"Whatever you are thinking, think bigger." - Tony Hsieh

"Change your thinking, change your life." - Ernest Holmes

"When thinking won't cure fear, action will." - W Clement Stone

"Try to practice the things you're thinking." - Onew

"I am wrapped in dismal thinking." - William Shakespeare

"Writing is a concentrated form of thinking." - Don Delillo

"Muddled thinking inevitably results in muddled living" - Elisabeth Elliot

"Stop thinking for once in your life!" - William Wordsworth

"Thinking is the most overrated human activity." - Wendell Berry

"Our thinking is a pious reception." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Of course everybodys thinking evolves over time." - Meles Zenawi

"Defeat is not worth thinking about." - Alan Shearer

"Thinking is difficult and sometimes unpleasant." - Dan Ariely

"Thinking is movement confined to the brain" - Arvid Carlsson

"I believe in women, especially thinking women." - Emmeline B. Wells

"Worship God. It's easier than thinking." - Chapman Cohen

"Thinking is the soul talking to itself." - Plato

"Negative thinking blows everything out of proportion." - John C Maxwell

"Negative thinking keeps us from enjoying life." - John C Maxwell

"Negative thinking limits God and our potential." - John C Maxwell

"Whatever you're thinking about, you will attract." - Bob Proctor

"Literature is the thought of thinking souls." - Thomas Carlyle

"You should never wish for wishful thinking." - Rachel Cohn

"Thinking is the hardest work we do." - Henry Ford

"It's the thinking that gets you killed." - Mitch Albom

"Perfect kindness acts without thinking of kindness." - Laozi

"When everyone agrees, someone is not thinking." - George S Patton

"Shut up, I'm thinking! -Jayfeather (Night Whispers)" - Erin Hunter

"Writing is thinking in slow motion." - Walter Kaufmann

"I can't stop thinking like this." - Steven Wright

"Emotion and thinking are not distinct substances." - Lucrecia Martel

"Thinking is the highest form of leverage." - Mark Victor Hansen

"Great thinking is its own reward." - Mark Victor Hansen

"When I start thinking, all is lost." - Paul Cezanne

"Language does our thinking for us." - Kenneth Burke

"Stop thinking, and end your problems." - Laozi

"Diplomacy is thinking twice before saying nothing." - Anonymous

"Good writing is clear thinking made visible." - Bill Wheeler

"Learning is a consequence of thinking." - David Perkins

"Think about laughing and laugh about thinking." - Steve Higgins

"Group action - yes; group thinking - no" - Norman Lamm

"We need to challenge our own thinking." - Elliot Aronson

"Light is time thinking about itself." - Octavio Paz

"Thinking is harder work than hard work." - Leo Rosten

"Stupidity is no excuse of not thinking." - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec

"Animals are thinking, feeling creatures. They're sensitive" - Loretta Swit

"Psychology is action, not thinking about oneself." - Albert Camus

"Thinking, writing are ultimately questions of stamina." - Susan Sontag

""Thinking" is not something we talk about." - Joseph Barrell

"Without execution, thinking is mere idleness." - Winston Churchill

"Thinking is itself, however, an adventure." - James V. Schall

"Painting is another form of thinking." - Gerhard Richter

"Too much thinking, not enough feeling." - John Marsden

"Were you thinking about eating me?" - Cassandra Clare

"Your thinking today determines your performance today." - Zig Ziglar

"Using cliches is a substitute for thinking" - George Orwell

"I can't concentrate when I'm thinking." - Yogi Berra

"Unplanned process improvement is wishful thinking." - Watts Humphrey

"It seemed better to delay thinking." - Charles Bukowski

"Worship God. It's easier than thinking." - Chapman Cohen

"Good farming, clear thinking, right living." - Henry A Wallace

"Nothing GREAT ever happens from thinking SMALL." - Bryant H Mcgill

"Thinking is the soul speaking to itself." - Rebecca Goldstein

"Lazy thinking is not creative or productive." - Cate Blanchett

"There's nothing more debauched than thinking." - Wislawa Szymborska

"Positive anything is better than negative thinking." - Elbert Hubbard

"What's drinking? A mere pause from thinking!" - Lord Byron

"Thinking is a momentary dismissal of irrelevancies." - Buckminster Fuller

"What's drinking? A mere pause from thinking!" - Lord Byron

"She's been thinking of the old 'un!" - Charles Dickens



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