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Unanswered Questions Quotes


"Faith is about trusting God when you have unanswered questions." - Joel Osteen

"Now anxiety is the mark of spiritual insecurity. It is the fruit of unanswered questions. But questions cannot go unanswered unless they first be asked." - Thomas Merton

"Shannon: Only the living suffered. Only they were riddled with guilt and regret and unanswered questions." - Nora Roberts

"Theory can leave questions unanswered, but practice has to come up with something." - Mason Cooley

"One could argue that there exist certain questions that are best left unanswered." - Dan Brown

"So part of what being psychedelic means, I think, is relentlessly living with unanswered questions." - Terence Mckenna

"Living by faith isn't living with certainty. It's trusting God in spite of unanswered questions and unresolved doubts." - Rick Warren

"It's not only for unanswered questions that we seek knowledge but also for the examination of unquestioned answers." - Anodea Judith

"It's not only for unanswered questions that we seek knowledge but also for the examination of unquestioned answers." - Anodea Judith

"Better that I find you, God, and leave the questions unanswered, than to find the answers without finding you." - Saint Augustine

"I'd rather have all my questions unanswered and walk with God than not walk with God and have all my questions answered." - Rick Warren

"Hope is willing to leave unanswered questions unanswered and unknown futures unknown. Hope makes you see God's guiding hand not only in the gentle and pleasant moments but also in the shadows of disappointment and darkness." - Henri Nouwen

"You never let things go unanswered for too long. Emails. Phone calls. Questions. As if you know the waiting is the hardest part for me." - David Levithan

"There's no such thing as trust unless you have unanswered questions in your life. If you know everything, theres nothing to trust God for." - Joyce Meyer

"There's no such thing as trust unless you have unanswered questions in your life. If you know everything, theres nothing to trust God for." - Joyce Meyer

"But there are still many unanswered questions. The halo that surrounds our Galaxy is one mystery region... The centre of the Galaxy hides even more secrets." - Heather Couper

"Although I was first drawn to math and science by the certainty they promised, today I find the unanswered questions and the unexpected connections at least as attractive." - Lisa Randall

"When diplomacy has been exhausted, the Security Council must become involved. Questions about Iran's nuclear activities remain unanswered, despite repeated efforts by the IAEA." - Condoleezza Rice

"I just think that trusting God means we're going to have unanswered questions, and God is so much bigger than us, we're never going to understand them all." - Joel Osteen

"If knowing answers to life's questions is absolutely necessary to you, then forget the journey. You will never make it, for this is a journey of unknowables - of unanswered questions, enigmas, incomprehensibles, and, most of all, things unfair." - Jeanne Marie Bouvier de la Motte Guyon

"So when I read this story, it unlocked a volcano of unanswered questions, because the questions had never been asked. It was an opportunity to come to terms with the lot of repressed history - and history of repression." - Phillip Noyce

"I regret nothing. There have been things I missed, but I ask no questions, because I have loved it, such as it has been, even the moments of emptiness, even the unanswered-and that I loved it, that is the unanswered in my life." - Ayn Rand

"If there are questions that are unanswered by research, they will be answered by a strategy division, a data-mining group or someone else within the organization. We need to be more effective at collaborating with these groups." - Stephen Jin-Woo Kim

"Science has penetrated the constitution of nature, and unrolled the mysterious pages of its history, and started again many, as yet, unanswered questions in respect to the mutual relations of matter and spirit, of nature and of God." - Noah Porter

"We have to live with ambiguity. We have to give ourselves over to it. The question is: How? How are we going to live in a universe where important questions will always go unanswered?" - John Green

"I wish to fill in the gaps which have so far always remained unanswered in the souls of men as burning questions, and which never leave any serious thinker in peace, if he honestly seeks the Truth." - Abd-ru-shin

"I talk to myself on paper about my characters - sometimes writing in first person... I keep lists of unanswered questions that I can always turn to in order to get myself going." - Phyllis A. Whitney

"Good stories flow like honey but bad stories stick in the craw [gullet]. What is a bad story? It's a story that cannot be absorbed in the first time of reading. It's a story that leaves questions unanswered." - Arthur Christiansen

"I don't like coming home. It keeps me from being nostalgic, which by nature I am. Even before the plane begins its descent, I find myself dreading the questions left unanswered by my childhood." - Stewart O'Nan

"Scientists tend to build a reputation on refuting the theories of those who have gone before. Yet, whatever we hypothesize, observe, measure or record about the natural world, it leaves more unanswered questions." - Robert Winston

"Thank God for unanswered prayers." - Garth Brooks

"Sometimes God answers our questions with questions." - Ann Voskamp

"Love the questions, themselves." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"Some questions change everything." - Lisa Kleypas

"Questions outlive the answers." - Elie Wiesel

"Live the questions now." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"Real patriots ask questions." - Carl Sagan

"I love new questions." - Robert Englund

"Truth fears no questions." - Anonymous

"In studies asking why young people left their family religion, their most frequent response was unanswered doubts and questions. The researchers were surprised: They expected to hear stories of broken relationships and wounded feelings. But the top reason given by young adults was that they did not get answers to their questions." - Nancy Pearcey

"Random questions are the least random of all questions." - John Green

"When will you start asking different questions? Better questions?" - Shahrukh Khan

"Words that make questions may not be questions at all." - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"i have never pondered over questions that are not questions." - Friedrich Nietzsche

"Anecdotes generate questions, not answers." - Steven Novella

"Even the genius ask questions." - Tupac Shakur

"Questions about acting are difficult." - Dirk Benedict

"All rhetorical questions are accusations." - David Mamet

"Hypothetical questions get hypothetical answers." - Joan Baez

"Good questions outrank easy answers." - Paul Samuelson

"Every clarification breeds new questions." - Arthur Bloch

"Great questions make great reporting." - Diane Sawyer

"I like the big questions." - Christy Turlington

"The constitutional questions are in the first instance not questions of right but questions of might." - Ferdinand Lassalle

"Many people can't deal with unanswered questions, which religion exploits by providing answers, even if they are just made up by someone. This is also why we love TV shows and movies that neatly wrap up everything in exactly an hour or two." - Bill Maher

"All of childhood's unanswered questions must finally be passed back to the town and answered there. Heroes and bogey men, values and dislikes, are first encountered and labeled in that early environment. In later years they change faces, places and maybe races, tactics, intensities and goals, but beneath those penetrable masks they wear forever the stocking-capped faces of childhood." - Maya Angelou

"Edward, Edward," he said with a patronising smile, "there are no unanswered questions of any relevance. Every question that we need to ask has been answered fully. If you can't find the correct answer then you are obviously asking the wrong question." - Jasper Fforde

"There are still so many unanswered questions about what causes autism and other developmental disorders on the spectrum. So it is vital that we continue to research and educate ourselves in the hopes that we may begin to understand the challenges that these children and their families continue to face with each passing day." - Manny Alvarez

"We are waiting for Donald Trump`s big immigration speech. There are lots of unanswered questions that remain about where exactly Trump stands on deportation forces, on what to do with the millions of immigrants who are here illegally now, and where he stands on the question of birthright citizenship." - Steve Kornacki

"Edward, Edward, he said with a patronising smile, there are no unanswered questions of any relevance. Every question that we need to ask has been answered fully. If you can't find the correct answer then you are obviously asking the wrong question." - Jasper Fforde

"Who is God? Who are we? What is our purpose? All these questions remain unanswered. I want to reach the genuine seeker of spiritual well-being. My goal is to satisfy the hunger and longing for those who are seeking the truth." - Ravi Zacharias

"Clearly, unless the Lord chooses to explain Himself to us, which often He does not, His motivation and purposes are beyond the reach of mortal man. What this means in practical terms is that many of our questions - especially those that begin with the word 'why' - will have to remain unanswered for the time being." - James Dobson

"Mystery is an inescapable ingredient of mathematics. Mathematics is full of unanswered questions, which far outnumber known theorems and results. It's the nature of mathematics to pose more problems than it can solve. Indeed, mathematics itself may be built on small islands of truth comprising the pieces of mathematics that can be validated by relatively short proofs. All else is speculation." - Ivars Peterson

"I have learned from personal experience that putting trust in God means there will be some unanswered questions. That was a hard lesson for me because I naturally want to understand everything... to know what's going on so I can feel like I'm in control." - Joyce Meyer

"Who am I?" "What is the purpose of my life?" These questions arise spontaneously throughout our lives, either unbidden or through conscious intent. Anyone who wishes to live an authentic life must answer these questions, regardless of whether they believe in the existence of the soul or practice a religion. If these queries remain unanswered, life will more than likely remain superficial and empty, in spite of any material abundance. If you wish to make the soul's journey, then I suggest you ask yourself these questions relentlessly and ruthlessly, and listen carefully." - Ilchi Lee

"More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones." - Mother Teresa

"Al-Jazeera should not go unanswered in the Middle East." - Kenneth Tomlinson

"The most common cause of unanswered prayer is prayerlessness." - Bill Hybels

"More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones." - Saint Teresa Of Avila

"In politics, a lie unanswered becomes truth within 24 hours." - Willie Brown

"Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers." - Garth Brooks

"It would be naive to suggest the Iranian regime will not continue to use its nuclear program, and any economic relief, to further destabilize the region, in the weeks ahead, Republicans and Democrats in Congress will continue to press The Obama administration on the details of these parameters and the tough questions that remain unanswered. We will stand strong on behalf of the American people and everyone in the Middle East who values freedom, security, and peace." - John Boehner

"I got back in my car, starting the engine, then drove off. It wasn't until I pulled onto the highway that it all really sunk it, how temporary our friendship had been. We'd been on our breaks, after all, but it wasn't our relationships that were on pause: it was us. Now we were both in motion again, moving ahead. So what if there were questions left unanswered. Life went on. We knew that better than anyone." - Sarah Dessen

". . . I have written a couple of screenplays for studios, and each time has been less gratifying than the last. In my experience, they want no real representations of homosexuality, they want no complexity, they are terrified of ambiguity and unanswered questions - they don't know what they want, except that they want to make lots of money. The only freedom I've ever had as an artist has been in the theatre . . .." - Craig Lucas

"When great questions end, little parties begin." - Walter Bagehot

"Quality questions create a quality life." - Tony Robbins

"When you speak, ask questions. Don't lecture." - Denis Waitley

"Truth is not afraid of questions." - Paramahansa Yogananda

"Genius knows where the questions are hidden." - Mason Cooley

"Not all questions can be answered." - Edward Abbey

"Remember, the answers are in the questions." - John G. Miller

"Without questions, there is no learning." - W Edwards Deming

"Without theory, there are no questions." - W Edwards Deming

"Questions are creative acts of intelligence." - Francis Kingdon Ward

"The simplest questions are the most difficult." - William S Burroughs

"When will all the rhetorical questions end?" - George Carlin

"Sometimes, questions are more hurtful than insults." - Mitch Albom

"Spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers from God." - Neil L. Andersen

"Only good questions deserve good answers." - Oscar Wilde

"Language was invented to ask questions." - Eric Hoffer

"Abstruse questions must have abstruse answers." - Plutarch

"Thinking, writing are ultimately questions of stamina." - Susan Sontag

"Enjoy the questions and forget the answers." - Paulo Coelho

"Ask questions instead of giving direct orders." - Dale Carnegie

"Her, Me, whipped cream, handcuffs. Any questions?" - Jerry Lawler

"Even a genius has his questions." - Tupac Shakur

"Never assume you understand. Ask the questions." - Brian Tracy

"Answerless questions can destroy you. Move on." - David Levithan

"Learn to love the questions themselves." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"Let the questions be the curriculum." - Socrates

"Design provides solutions, art asks questions." - John Maeda

"A good piece of art raises questions." - Rebecca Hall

"I welcome questions. I hate assumptions." - Red Haircrow

"I'm tired of answering questions about myself." - Casey Affleck

"When I stop asking questions, something's wrong." - Rene Marie

"Every answer will make more questions" - Rajneesh

"Shoot first and ask questions afterward." - Proverbs

"Knowledge brings more questions than answers." - Carlos Gershenson

"Questions are never indiscreet. Answers sometimes are." - Oscar Wilde

"Questions are never indiscreet.Answers sometimes are." - Oscar Wilde

"Asking good questions is half of learning." - Elijah Muhammad

"I like photographers you don't ask questions." - Ronald Reagan

"Don't ask questions of fairy tales." - Saying

"We worship God through our questions." - Abraham Joshua Heschel

"Life consists of burning up questions." - Antonin Artaud

"As human beings, don't we need questions without answers as well as questions with answers, questions that we might someday answer and questions that we can never answer?" - Alan Lightman

"We learn only to ask more questions." - Larry Niven

"What if there were no hypothetical questions?" - George Carlin

"Sometimes questions are more important than answers." - Nancy Willard

"Dreams are today's answers to tomorrow's questions." - Edgar Cayce

"Infidelity raises profound questions about intimacy." - Junot Diaz

"Questions are never indiscreet, answers sometimes are." - Oscar Wilde

"You should not ask questions without knowledge." - W Edwards Deming

"War puts its questions stupidly, peace mysteriously." - Andre Malraux

"I've never worried about life's big questions." - Karl Pilkington

"I don't have answers. I have questions." - James Hillman

"People ask me so many questions." - Annie Lennox

"Friends ask you questions; enemies question you." - Criss Jami

"Others of us are lost. We're forever seeking. We torture ourselves with philosophies and ache to see the world. We question everything, even our own existence. We ask a lifetime of questions and are never satisfied with the answers because we don't recognize anyone as an authority to give them. We see life and the world as an enormous puzzle that we might never understand, that our questions might go unanswered until the day we die, almost never occurs to us. And when it does, it fills us with dread." - Lisa Unger

"I feel very strongly that I am under the influence of things or questions which were left incomplete and unanswered by my parents and grandparents and more distant ancestors. It often seems as if there were an impersonal karma within a family which is passed on from parents to children. It has always seemed to me that I had to answer questions which fate had posed to my forefathers, and which had not yet been answered, or as if I had to complete, or perhaps continue, things which previous ages had left unfinished." - Carl Jung

"I tried not to write about the O.J. Simpson case too much because so much has already been said about it, but there are a lot of questions left worth asking. However, the case is very useful to illustrate other points. The case is a common reference point because everybody knows the ins and outs of it, more than any other case in this generation, so it becomes useful to reference other points. In itself, there aren't that many questions about it that remain unanswered." - Bill James

"Does man Progress? A thousand questions answered yesterday create a thousand questions today." - Clarence H. Burns

"There are no dumb male questions. There are dumb males, but not dumb male questions." - Brooke Shields

"Every time I ask questions about sex, I always end up asking questions about death." - Christian Boltanski

"When you live a life without questions, you're unprepared for the questions when they come." - Neal Shusterman

"Good art and a good life answers questions. Great art and a great life asks questions." - Richard Blanco

"The great political questions are in their final analysis great moral questions." - William Jennings Bryan

"Leadership isn't answering the questions others ask. Leadership is asking others to answer their own questions." - Simon Sinek

"But then science is nothing but a series of questions that lead to more questions." - Terry Pratchett

"Right answers to difficult questions are better than wrong answers to difficult questions." - N T Wright

"The variety of opinions leads to questions. Questions lead to truth." - Thomas Jefferson

"It's great to be in the position of asking questions and not having to answer questions." - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

"I'm good at asking other people questions, but I'm not really good at answering questions." - Samantha Bee

"If you ask too many questions, you will find no answers, only more questions." - Monica Fairview

"I do know dumb-ass questions when I see dumb-ass questions." - Orrin Hatch

"Questions about form seem as hopelessly inadequate as questions about content." - Robert Smithson

"I get asked enough questions, I try not to ask too many questions." - Derek Jeter

"Questions for questions. You're a man who's spent time at court." - Mark Lawrence

"If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?" - Scott Adams

"Prophecy and prescience-How can they be put to the test in the face of unanswered questions? Consider: How much is actual prediction ... and how much is the prophet shaping the future to fit the prophecy? What are the harmonics inherent in the act of prophecy? Does the prophet see the future or does he see a line of weakness, a fault or cleavage that he may shatter with words or decisions as a diamond-cutter shatters his gem with a blow of the knife?" - Frank Herbert



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