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Un Security Council Quotes


"Reporting Iran's dossier to the UN Security Council will be unconstructive and the end of diplomacy." - Ali Larijani

"The sanctions may be imposed only by the decision of the UN Security Council. A unilateral imposition of sanctions is a violation of international law." - Vladimir Putin

"We should find other platforms, other forums for that [foreign policy], and there are plenty of them, including, for example, the UN and the Security Council." - Vladimir Putin

"Britain, Europe's second largest economy, a member of the G-7 and the UN Security Council, wants to leave the EU. That weakens us and it weakens Britain." - Martin Schulz

"...the UN is in the hands of America. The Security Council is in the hands of America. The IAEA Board of Governors is in the hands of America." - Abdollah Javadi-Amoli

"Those who insist on transferring the Iranian nuclear dossier to the UN Security Council have received an additional argument for doing so." - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"We believe the use of force against Iraq, especially with reference to previous resolutions of the UN Security Council, has no grounds, including legal grounds." - Igor Ivanov

"Today's message to Baghdad is very clear: the UN Security Council resolution expresses the unity and determination of the entire international community to assume its collective responsibility." - Javier Solana

"Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon now presides over the UN Security Council. This means, in effect, that a terror organization presides over the body entrusted with guaranteeing the world's security. You couldn't make this thing up." - Benjamin Netanyahu

"I have often said that we have two UNs; the UN that is a Secretariat, that implements the mandates handed over to it by the General Assembly and the Security Council, and the UN that is the member states who sit in the Council, take the decisions, hand over the mandates, or take decisions in the General Assembly." - Kofi Annan

"Remarks to the United Nations Security Council" - Colin Powell

"Somewhat by historical happenstance the five permanent members of the UN Security Council - United States, Britain, France, Russia, and China - also were the original five countries to have nuclear weapons." - John Burroughs

"We need a reform of the Security Council. It must be perceived as truly representative by all the 191 member states, to uphold the credibility and legitimacy of the UN as the main political arena." - Anna Lindh

"The views of the European Union are fully reflected in this text, particularly the key objective of the EU, namely vigorously to address the disarmament of Iraq and to do so within the framework of the UN Security Council." - Javier Solana

"I feel that when the reforms in UN take place and the Security Council will be expanded in the permanent membership category, India will have a place, I hope so, but first it is to be expanded." - Pranab Mukherjee

"Now we characterise Russian-Chinese relations as a strategic partnership, even a special strategic partnership. We have never had such a level of trust with China before. China is our major trade and economic partner among foreign states. We implement joint multi-billion projects. We cooperate not only within the UN Security Council, which is logical, as both China and Russia are permanent members of the UN Security Council, but also within such regional organisations as the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, BRICS, etc." - Vladimir Putin

"They act as they please: here and there, they use force against sovereign states, building coalitions based on the principle 'If you are not with us, you are against us.' To make this aggression look legitimate, they force the necessary resolutions from international organizations, and if for some reason this does not work, they simply ignore the UN Security Council and the UN overall." - Vladimir Putin

"To go to war without the Security Council will not be in conformity with the Council." - Kofi Annan

"The [UN Security Council] P5 ought to be dissuaded from using their veto power, which can paralyze the United Nations. The country blocking action ought to have to explain its decision and propose an alternative solution. It has been suggested that a veto only becomes effective if the vetoing state has the support of two or three other permanent members." - Kofi Annan

"How was Kosovo recognized? They forgot about the territorial integrity of a state, as well as UN Security Council Resolution 1244, which they had themselves adopted and supported. Why could it have been done there, but not in Abkhazia and South Ossetia? Why not?" - Vladimir Putin

"The other thing that really I regretted not being able to do was to push effectively for the reform of the Security Council. Because the world was changing, and is changing very fast, and I felt the UN was holding on to old arrangements. Most governments felt that it has such a narrow power base, based on the results of the second world war." - Kofi Annan

"Regarding the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, we reaffirm that we are staunchly committed to realizing the denuclearization of the peninsula and upholding the international nuclear nonproliferation system. Both sides will continue to strictly enact all UN Security Council resolutions. And at the same time, we are committed to continuing to solve the North Korean nuclear issue through dialogue and talks." - Xi Jinping

"France has a special position: We are Continental Europe's nuclear power and a permanent member of the UN Security Council. This special role, though, only makes sense if France fills it as a member state of the European Union. France cannot play this role alone, it must be seen as a part of Europe. I have always insisted on that." - Emmanuel Macron

"Liberty is security. Freedom is security." - Jesse Ventura

"Third, we will continue to draw on our substantial counterterrorism capabilities to prevent ISIL attacks. Working with our partners, we will redouble our efforts to cut off its funding; improve our intelligence; strengthen our defenses; counter its warped ideology; and stem the flow of foreign fighters into - and out of - the Middle East. And in two weeks, I will chair a meeting of the UN Security Council to further mobilize the international community around this effort." - Barack Obama

"The Trump administration has done some bad stuff in the international realm, picking needless fights with allies like Mexico and Australia, even using some idiotic and intemperate language about Iran, but there was one thing they did about Iran that I agree with. Which is if Iran is testing anti-ballistic missiles, it's in violation of a UN Security Council resolution. And we can't ignore that ... And they did condemn the anti-ballistic missile test. And I think they're right about that." - Tim Kaine

"Beijing would indeed consider vetoing any American effort to sanction Iran at the Security Council." - Li Zhaoxing

"The U.N. Security Council did not to condemn the Qana massacre, due to the U.S. veto." - Hassan Nasrallah

"Iraq has a new opportunity to comply with all these relevant resolutions of the Security Council." - Kofi Annan

"The security of the woman is the security of society." - Atifete Jahjaga

"Liberty requires security without intrusion, security plus privacy." - Bruce Schneier

"Character is the best security." - Margaret Ayer Barnes

"Freedom, security, convenience - choose two" - Dan Geer

"I'm just not security-minded." - George Michael

"He has systematically violated, over the course of the past 11 years, every significant UN resolution that has demanded that he disarm and destroy his chemical and biological weapons, and any nuclear capacity. This he has refused to do. He lies and cheats; he snubs the mandate and authority of international weapons inspectors; and he games the system to keep buying time against enforcement of the just and legitimate demands of the United Nations, the Security Council, the United States and our allies. Those are simply the facts." - Henry Waxman

"Human rights and international criminal law both illustrate the contradictory potential of international law. On one level, the imposition of human rights norms is a restraint on interventionary diplomacy, especially if coupled with respect for the legal norm of self-determination. But on another level, the protection of human rights creates a pretext for intervention as given approval by the UN Security Council in the form of the R2P (responsibility to protect) norm, as used in the 2011 Libyan intervention. The same applies with international criminal accountability." - Richard A. Falk

"It is clear that there would nothing a U.N. Security Council resolution that condemned Syria because Syria is Russia's ally, and Russia has a veto in the U.N. Security Council." - Kimberly Zisk Marten

"In order for the U.N. to be effective, there must be consequences if people thumb their nose at the United Nations Security Council. And we will work with people on the Security Council to achieve that objective." - George W Bush

"If the nuclear dossier is referred to the U. N. Security Council, Iran will have to resume uranium enrichment." - Ali Larijani

"I've been going around the world; I've been to China, I sang at the General Assembly, the Security Council." - Robert Davi

"Disarming Iraq is legal under a series of U.N. resolutions. Iraq is in flagrant violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions." - Jose Maria Aznar

"The list of U.S. vetoes at the Security Council to protect Israeli aggression and occupation is huge." - Noam Chomsky

"I think there has to be greater heed paid by the Security Council members to military advice." - Alex Morrison

"A nation has the right to defend itself, but when it comes to the broader issue of peace and security, the legitimacy rests only with the Security Council." - Kofi Annan

"Soccer is an art more central to our culture than anything the Arts Council deigns to recognize." - Germaine Greer

"Like all security, privacy is hard." - Cory Doctorow

"Security lies in our ability to produce." - Douglas Macarthur

"Genre is a minimum security prison," - David Shields

"Security is a process, not a product." - Bruce Schneier

"In God's faithfulness lies eternal security." - Corrie Ten Boom

"There is nothing more dangerous than security." - Francis Walsingham

"The precondition to freedom is security." - Rand Beers

"Effective security measures do not come cheap." - Arlen Specter

"Border security is a safety issue." - Heather Wilson

"People want security in this insecure world." - David Bailey

"Only the insecure strive for security." - Wayne Dyer

"The unfair composition of the Security Council is largely acknowledged. The principal defects are the anachronistic privileges of the five permanent members of the Council and the Council's insufficient representativeness." - Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

"The Security Council should be seen as the executive committee of the global security system set up after World War II. Its members, and especially the Permanent 5 (P5), have a special responsibility for international peace and security." - Kofi Annan

"On the House Un-American Activities Committee: They'll nail anyone who ever scratched his ass during the National Anthem." - Humphrey Bogart

"Against fortune the carter cracks his whip in vain. [Fr., Centre fortune, la diverse un chartier rompit nazardes son fouet.]" - Francois Rabelais

"Instead of cutting Social Security, we're going to expand Social Security benefits." - Bernie Sanders

"I don't want security guards. I don't think security guards are particularly good for your writing." - Mark E Smith

"Had someone from Serbia flown a Greater Serbia flag in Tirana or Pristina, it would become an issue for the U.N. Security Council." - Ivica Dacic

"Our effort was a serious effort, genuine effort, to open the door for peace, unfortunately, the Security Council is not ready to listen to that message." - Riyad Mansour

"The failure of the United Nations - My failure is maybe, in retrospective, that I was not enough aggressive with the members of the Security Council." - Boutros Boutros-Ghali

"My peers are all in sensitive jobs - at the C.I.A., the National Security Council, working for the Department of Defense. They can't stand up for me in public." - Paula Broadwell

"Had someone from Serbia flown a 'Greater Serbia' flag in Tirana or Pristina, it would become an issue for the U.N. Security Council." - Ivica Dacic

"We saw there was no consensus in the U.N. Security Council. It was impossible, due to the threatened veto by some." - Jose Maria Aznar

"It's very liberating for me to realize that I don't have to step up to the plate with a plot that involves the U.N. Security Council." - Jonathan Franzen

"The U.N. Security Council ordered Iraq in April 1991 to relinquish all capabilities to make biological, chemical and nuclear weapons as well as long-range missiles." - Barton Gellman

"What takes place in the Security Council more closely resembles a mugging than either a political debate or an effort at problem-solving." - Jeane Kirkpatrick

"The failure of the United Nations - My failure is maybe, in retrospective, that I was not enough aggressive with the members of the Security Council." - Boutros Boutrosghali

"When diplomacy has been exhausted, the Security Council must become involved. Questions about Iran's nuclear activities remain unanswered, despite repeated efforts by the IAEA." - Condoleezza Rice

"There are big issues, like the reform of the Security Council. These kinds of questions are something the President of the General Assembly must keep his eye on." - Harri Holkeri

"India seeks to be a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council... things like this don't happen automatically, you need constant dialogue and discussion with the world." - Pratibha Patil

"The invention of the concept of sustainable human development and that of so-called human security, as opposed to territorial security of nation- states, and its promotion by the UN is in clear contradiction to all that we, the Group of 77, and the UN Charter itself consider inalienable, namely national sovereignty and security." - Pranab Mukherjee

"Resolution 1441 does not give anyone the right to an automatic use of force. Russia believes that the Iraqi problem should be regulated by the Security Council, which carries the main responsibility for ensuring international security." - Igor Ivanov

"Dick Clarke, who was head of counter-terrorism in the National Security Council, pushed constantly for the Principals Committee, which is the key national security group of top officials to take up the issue of terrorism." - Sidney Blumenthal

"There's a sense that we've obtained from various quarters in the Security Council that the notion of an international tribunal is not really practical. Certainly Indonesia is not convinced, and we get a sense that the rest of the Security Council will need to be convinced about the recommendations." - Marty Natalegawa

"Social security is the most successful government program in our nation's history. We are not going to cut social security! We are going to expand social security!" - Bernie Sanders

"There is no security in life, only opportunity." - Mark Twain

"Our owne actions are our security, not others judgements." - George Herbert

"The man who would choose security over freedom deserves neither." - Thomas Jefferson

"Sustainable energy + food security + healthy environment = full employment + better future." - Phil Harding

"Social Security mess is another failed progressive policy." - Jim Demint

"Winning tends to heal uneasiness and promote job security." - Selena Roberts

"Extreme poverty anywhere is a threat to human security everywhere." - Kofi Annan

"A house without security cannot be a home!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither." - Benjamin Franklin

"Those who prefer security to liberty deserve neither." - Benjamin Franklin

"Don't take refuge in the false security of consensus." - Christopher Hitchens

"I think security is a big issue for people." - Cindy McCain

"We admire the castles, because we admire the security!" - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Where security exists, liberty and opportunity do not." - Benjamin Franklin

"[Social security is the] third rail of American politics." - Kirk O"Donnell

"Those who trade liberty for security have neither." - John Adams

"I'm looking for men who can give me security." - Elisabetta Canalis

"No one really has any job security anymore, including myself." - Simon Cowell

"I am a common man. Why do I need security?" - Kariya Munda

"I want to give producers more financial security." - Estelle Morris, Baroness Morris of Yardley

"Public Enemy is the security of the hip-hop party." - Chuck D

"'National Security' is the root password to the Constitution." - Phil Karn

"It's not 2038 that Social Security is bankrupt. It's now." - Gary Johnson

"Index funds do not trade from security to security and, thus, they tend to avoid capital gains taxes." - Burton Malkiel

"There is no security for any power unless it be a security in which its neighbours have an equal share." - Edward Grey, 1st Viscount Grey of Fallodon

"I consider Christianity to be one of the great disasters of the human race... It would be impossible to imagine anything more un - Christianlike than theology." - Alfred North Whitehead

"I am deeply worried about Donald Trump on matters of national security. He doesn't know anything himself about it, and he has appointed a national security adviser, Mike Flynn, who is a pro-Russia conspiracy theorist, and he's just put Steve Bannon, a guy with connections to white supremacy and antisemitism, onto the National Security Council." - Tim Kaine

"We got involved in the Rwanda peace process for the simple reason that there was a decision which was taken by the Security Council, because the troops were in Uganda, and we decided to have a military presence." - Boutros Boutros-Ghali

"If I were doing the Security Council today, I'd have one permanent member, the United States, because that's the real reflection of the distribution of power in the world. All international laws are invalid, meaningless attempts to constrict American power." - John Bolton

"The liberation of Kuwait has begun. In conjunction with the forces of our coalition partners, the United States has moved under the code name Operation Desert Storm to enforce the mandates of the United Nations Security Council." - George H W Bush

"How long do Syrian families have to live in fear that their children will be killed or tortured, before the Security Council will act? How many people need to die before the consciences of world capitals are stirred?" - William Hague

"What the Agency [CIA] does is ordered by the President and the NSC [National Security Council]. The Agency neither makes decisions on policy nor acts on its own account. It is an instrument of the President." - Philip Agee

"That's the job of the National Security Council is to try to be a disciplined clearinghouse, gathering the views from across multiple agencies, teeing up decisions that make sense for the president." - Greg Miller

"Every time North Korea commits an additional provocation, the U.N. Security Council passes another resolution. But when it comes to dialogue, currently there is nothing set. I hope to have frank and open discussions with President Trump on this issue." - Moon Jae-in

"The Soviet Union, and Russia as the successor state to the Soviet Union, is a founding member state of the United Nations and a permanent member of its Security Council." - Vladimir Putin

"We can no longer stand for the Security Council passing resolutions and then in effect heaving alongside and taking a vacation. We cannot leave it to the secretary general to go cap in hand." - Alex J. Morrison

"International institutions like the Security Council, the General Assembly, the G20, the BRICs, the IMF, etc., continue to be little more than an extension of the (increasingly conflicting) values and interests of member states." - Ian Bremmer

"Iraq is not disarmed, the commission can not verify that all weapons and capability to produce weapons are indeed disposed of, destroyed, removed, or rendered harmless in accordance with provisions of the Security Council resolution." - Scott Ritter

"Finally, I am encouraged to note that the Security Council issued a statement today expressing its concern about the massive humanitarian crisis in Darfur and calling on all parties to the conflict to protect civilians and reach a ceasefire." - Jan Egeland

"That U.N. Security Council resolution requires getting Syrian troops and intelligence officials out of Lebanon so that the Lebanese can have elections here this spring that are free and fair and free of outside influence." - Stephen Hadley

"We've talked to the Europeans about it. It's clear if those negotiations fail, then we are agreed with the Europeans that the next step is to take the matter to the U.N. Security Council." - Stephen Hadley

"Well, the U.N. Security Council resolution 1973 is very clear. It says all necessary measures to be taken to protect civilians and civilian areas. I mean, that to me is very clear." - Mike Jackson

"The Security Council decided to deal with Iran's nuclear intentions. The international community will not be willing to tolerate an Iran with a nuclear capability and an Iran that collaborates with terrorist organizations." - Moshe Katsav

"Unless the Security Council is restored to its pre-eminent position as the sole source of legitimacy on the use of force, we are on a dangerous path to anarchy." - Kofi Annan

"Diplomacy is the only clear answer to the current situation. There is no legal basis for referring Iran to the Security Council. But if that were to happen Iran is not afraid." - Hamid-Reza Assefi

"The United Nations remains our most important global actor. These days we are continuously reminded of the enormous responsibility of the Security Council to uphold international peace and stability." - Anna Lindh

"The time frame is very small to disarm the militia, to bring about a security situation in which the governing council, the 24 Iraqis or however many others they appoint, can govern the country." - Richard Lugar

"In Rwanda that genocide happened because the international community and the Security Council refused to give, again, another 5000 troops which would have cost, I don't know, maybe fifty, a hundred, million dollars." - Lakhdar Brahimi

"We got involved in the Rwanda peace process for the simple reason that there was a decision which was taken by the Security Council, because the troops were in Uganda, and we decided to have a military presence." - Boutros Boutrosghali

"But I would say if the Security Council is only relevant if it agrees with the United States, then we have come a long way in a direction that I do not like very much." - Hans Blix

"From now on, nothing is impossible for Israel, which is a normal country like any other. We won't wait another half a century to sit on the Security Council." - Dan Gillerman

"No one wants the United Nations to suffer the fate of the League of Nations, which collapsed because it lacked real leverage. This is possible if influential countries bypass the United Nations and take military action without Security Council authorization." - Vladimir Putin

"The United States must also continue to push the United Nations Security Council for strong action to thwart Iran's nuclear ambitions. In the meantime, it is our job to take meaningful steps to eliminate the threats posed by Iran." - Allyson Schwartz

"The U.S. has the power to block all anti-Israel moves in the Security Council, not just some of them, and to do so without agreeing to unfair, damaging compromises." - Elliott Abrams

"We can no longer stand for the Security Council passing resolutions and then in effect heaving alongside and taking a vacation. We cannot leave it to the secretary general to go cap in hand." - Alex Morrison

"The United Nations will be at the heart of our international activities. France will assume its full responsibilities at the Security Council by putting its status at the service of peace, respect for human rights and development." - Francois Hollande

"We have seen recently, almost every major head of state goes to India and says, we believe India should be in the Council. They go back home and do nothing about it. But this cannot be sustained for long. If they want to keep the UN as a global forum where they discuss incidents and take some meaningful decisions, they should [reform]." - Kofi Annan

"The encouragement and the deepening of Eucharistic worship are proofs of the authentic renewal which the Council set itself as an aim and of which they are the central point." - Pope John Paul Ii

"If the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) raises the hackles of the conspiracy theorists, the Bilderberg meetings must induce apocalyptic visions of omnipotent international bankers plotting with unscrupulous government officials to impose cunning schemes on an ignorant and unsuspecting world." - David Rockefeller

"I have nothing against the North Koreans but this Kim Jong Un has got a screw loose. A member of his cabinet, his security minister, nods off, falls sleep. We've all done it. Kim Jong Un takes the guy out and has him executed, just for just falling asleep. Oh, and he was also deflating footballs." - David Letterman

"The United Nations has a critical role to play in promoting stability, security, democracy, human rights, and economic development. The UN is as relevant today as at any time in its history, but it needs reform." - Chuck Hagel

"I am President of the UN created University for Peace, which has a strong commitment to the relationship between peace, security and the environment. I meet with young people around the world and I always come away enthused and encouraged." - Maurice Strong

"Wretched un-idea'd girls." - Samuel Johnson

"Solitude is un-American." - Erica Jong

"Millions of Americans have paid into social security and deserve their full benefits. Pure and simple, Republicans are manufacturing a social security crisis that does not exist in order to dismantle social security." - Diane Watson

"Because of various security lapses, some senators are calling for a probe of the security at the offices of the Department of Homeland Security. The investigation will be conducted by the Department of Irony." - Amy Poehler

"[Social Security ] is not in crisis at this stage. Leave Social Security alone. We have a lot of other places we can look that is in crisis. But Social Security is not." - Harry Reid

"Unilateral preemption should not in any way be the model for how we conduct international relations... brings us into very dangerous territory and it could be used and abused by any other country. We need to continue to base our security on multilateralism, and on the Security Council." - Mohamed Elbaradei

"The purposes of the United States should not be doubted. The Security Council resolutions will be enforced - the just demands of peace and security will be met - or action will be unavoidable. And a regime that has lost its legitimacy will also lose its power." - Colin Powell

"I oppose registration for the draft... because I believe the security of freedom can best be achieved by security through freedom." - Ronald Reagan



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