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Uk Quotes


"The UK is a very international country." - Bill Gates

"Patriotism is a joke in the UK." - Matt Tong

"Donald Trump does not understand the UK and what happens in the UK." - Theresa May

"Ernest Mtunzi, Former UK Representative of Joshua Nkomo" - Ian Smith

"The UK desperately needs less government and freer markets." - Rupert Murdoch

"So long as the UK continues to maintain its own identity, it is my belief that the US and the UK should maintain close relations." - Diane Abbott

"The politics of banking is bad everywhere, including UK. Eurozone has more problems, unhealthy symbiosis." - Anat R. Admati

"Free financial advice: buy life insurance for Saakashvili from US and UK insurance companies." - Evgeni Kostitsyn

"The biggest Russian problem - not all Russian jerks have moved to the US and UK yet." - Evgeni Kostitsyn

"I've always been inspired by a lot of work coming out of the UK" - Saul Williams

"Labour's constitutional blueprint is nothing less than a plan for the destruction of UK democracy." - John Redwood

"My generation in the UK, they're very apathetic, a lot of them." - Thea Gilmore

"There is no reason why the US and the UK cannot have close relations." - Diane Abbott

"TV people in the UK... I'm getting on a lot better with them." - Terry Pratchett

"The UK is becoming a pagan nation along with most European nations." - David Wilkerson

"I've always felt more at home in the UK than in France." - Jean Paul Gaultier

"The good thing about coming over to the UK is that I can get some rest." - Tiger Woods

"But in the UK, I've given up any hope of being considered a director." - Mel Smith

"The thing about the UK is we don't really make that many great movies." - Jason Statham

"I've always been inspired by a lot of work coming out of the UK." - Saul Williams

"All UK nuclear power stations should be shut down without delay." - James Buchan

"There's four seasons in the UK, spring, autumn, winter and winter." - Steve Fowler

"The UK public have repeatedly shown enormous generosity to those in need." - Andrew Mitchell

"Something funny always happens in every show in the UK and I genuinely love touring the UK because it's where I'm from. I just get a warm feeling when I'm home." - Ellie Goulding

"I always dreamed of playing for the UK since I grew a huge UK fan but once I started visiting schools I fell in love with Miami University and decided it was the right place for me." - Graham Taylor

"The UK downgrade will come as little surprise to many. It does not appear to be occurring because the UK is cutting its deficit too far and too fast." - John Redwood

"The Government have made it clear that the constitutional treaty will be ratified in the UK only after a referendum." - Geoff Hoon

"The UK is always ahead of their time in music, and America always follows them five years later." - Danny Brown

"The UK has a super strong music culture. I could definitely see myself living there if it made sense." - MC Lars

"The Western world, and the UK in particular, is drowning in a sea of its own blubber." - Michael Simkins

"I like filming in the UK - I'll sleep in my own bed, which I'm really happy about." - Guy Ritchie

"The prospect of the UK without a BBC funded by the licence fee is anywhere between improbable and impossible." - Tessa Jowell

"There are loads of amazing actors in the UK and only 2% of them are in work, which is crazy." - Yasmin Paige

"I feel comfortable in the US, the UK and in Ghana. They are all home to me in some way." - Cynthia Addai-Robinson

"I think the US and the UK are gradually growing closer together in a lot of ways. They're inextricably linked." - Thea Gilmore

"The whole journey of style-driven subcultural movements is finished now in the UK. The internet kind of killed it." - Don Letts

"Italy is not widely thought of as a pioneer of youth culture in the way, say, the UK is." - Giorgio Armani

"I'm a worrier. In the UK, if I'm known for anything, it's sort of for being cynical." - Charlie Brooker

"We have bodies coming home and coffins covered in flags, not just in the UK but world-wide." - Michael Morpurgo

"I don't invest in the stock market, but I have pension funds - some in America and the UK." - Eric Idle

"Being banned from UK will be minor irritant for [Donald] Trump, but catastrophic for local community around Turnberry." - Corri Wilson

"Dubstep has been big in the UK for years. I'm fine with hearing a dubstep drop in any song." - Katy B

"Hip-hop is interesting, but American pop music doesn't have the kind of diversity that the UK does." - Casey Spooner

"For the security of the UK, it matters a lot for Somalia to become a more stable place." - William Hague

"A good proportion of foreign nationals in jobs in the UK are in semi or low-skilled occupations." - Iain Duncan Smith

"If you hear Anarchy in the UK today your hair stands on end. It gives you the shivers." - Vivienne Westwood

"People knew that Murdoch's media estate in the UK was too powerful and it was doing very unpleasant things." - Meredith Whitney

"I am keenly aware that I benefit from a wonderful tradition in the UK of designing and making." - Jonathan Ive

"Over in the UK and in Wales, it's nice to turn on the TV and see 'Baywatch.'" - David Hasselhoff

"It's an unfair comparison because when things are developed in the UK, they're developed at script stage only." - Damian Lewis

"More than 50% of significant new regulations that impact on business in the UK now emanate from the EU." - John Hutton

"It would be a very odd chancellor of any UK government that insisted on a course of action that cost their own businesses hundreds of millions of pounds, that blew a massive hole in their balance of payments and, because assets and liabilities go hand in hand, would potentially leave the rest of the UK shouldering the entirety of UK debt." - Nicola Sturgeon

"The UK is the number one destination in European Union for inward investment, the World Bank has ranked the UK as the sixth easiest place in he world to do business, so any organisation that makes promises about investment in the UK should live up to those promises." - James Brokenshire

"The more the UK feels distanced from European construction the less others are able to benefit from the full influence of the many good things that the UK can help us all to achieve, and therefore there are many areas where I think it would be beneficial to have the UK fully at the table." - Mario Monti

"What's depressing, in a way, thinking of Margaret Thatcher legacy - and she was no doubt great in many ways - but the arts in the UK are still having to justify that it is a profitable business rather than a frivolity. It's one of the greatest UK exports, one of the reasons people come to the UK, and yet we're still having to justify our existence in terms of funding." - Gregory Doran

"Denmark and the UK are in agreement that our future prosperity depends on stimulating green growth, and getting off the oil hook." - Chris Huhne

"The record rainfall and storm surges that have brought flooding across the UK are a clear sign that we are already experiencing the impacts of climate change." - Nicholas Stern

"The UK is an extraordinary partner for America and a force for good in an unstable world. I hope it remains strong, robust and united." - Barack Obama

"I never really paid much attention to music that was going on in the UK. I was always looking towards the States for my inspiration." - Albert Lee

"I'm glad to be able to announce that the UK now has it's very own mindless twit. || Either that or he's a damn good satirist." - Tim Worstall

"American fans want to meet you, and they wait for that autograph by the stage door. In the UK, it doesn't really happen that much." - Jessie Ware

"The 2013/14 storms & floods show the UK needs to invest in a climate resilient, low carbon, food secure, full employment, positive future" - Phil Harding

"Living For Love single and remixes available in UK soon! Sorry you have to wait! Its not my decision or my choice! Thanks for your patience! ? rebelheart ? livingforlove" - Madonna Ciccone

"I'm currently doing Undeclared an American TV show set in a college. It just got aired and got massive ratings so hopefully that'll screen in the UK soon" - Charlie Hunnam

"Getting the UK 'Climate Ready' has the potential to support economic growth for this country which should be a priority for all of us" - Rupert Ponsonby, 7th Baron de Mauley

"Unfortunately, many children throughout the UK witness violence in the family home. Let's stand up for those children. Domestic violence needs to stop." - Shaun Wright-Phillips

"This is one of the gravest crises Europe has ever experienced... An agreement failed because of the completely stubborn attitudes of the UK and the Netherlands." - Gerhard Schroder

"Take every penny you have set aside for aid for Tanzania and spend it in the UK, explaining to people the facts and causes of poverty." - Julius Nyerere

"The IIFA Weekend has my unprecedented support. The relationship between India and the UK is long standing and one we would like to keep developing forever." - Gordon Brown

"I think that special relationship between the UK and the US has been an important part of security across the world particularly to the West." - Theresa May

"I would rather stare at the wall for half an hour than watch an episode of any of the 53,801 Australian soap operas now cluttering up UK TV." - Terry Pratchett

"Even a China growing at 7% or indeed less is still adding to the world economy an economy equivalent to the UK or more." - George Osborne

"The last person in the UK who described his product as being crap in public was one Gerald Ratner - and he was gone immediately." - Martin Sorrell

"Living For Love single and remixes available in UK soon! Sorry you have to wait! Its not my decision or my choice! Thanks for your patience! rebelheart livingforlove" - Madonna Ciccone

"I've lived in the UK for longer than I lived in Ireland. I'm not worried about myself, but it's ridiculous for youngsters." - Dylan Moran

"Women are being told to get midwives [in UK] because there's not enough room and there's not enough pain medicine at the hospitals." - Rush Limbaugh

"Many artists who sign deals in the US and UK get the benefit of worldwide promotion and have a better shot at breaking globally." - Wendy Starland

"We've also had comments in relation to Donald Trump's comments in respect of investment in Scotland- the UK government has never given Mr Trump awards or appointments." - James Brokenshire

"If you [Donald Trump] do visit this country [UK], take time to visit the Mosques. Take time to reflect on how dangerous that kind of rhetoric is." - Sarah Wollaston

"I think in this country [UK] we could do with rather less political correctness and more straight talking across the board." - Philip Davies

"Mort isn't fashionable UK movie material - there're no parts in it for Hugh or Emma, it's not set in Sheffield, and no one shoves drugs up their bum..." - Terry Pratchett

"Living For Love single and remixes available in UK soon! Sorry you have to wait! Its not my decision or my choice! Thanks for your patience! rebelheart livingforlove" - Madonna Ciccone

"Since January 1993 there have been 27 other countries not in the EU that have done better than the UK at exporting goods into the single market." - Boris Johnson

"It [Brexit] is not just gonna benefit me; it's gonna benefit other businesses here in the UK. It's gonna help tourism, it's gonna help exports." - Donald Trump

"[Donald] Trump, whether he designed it or not, happens to be the first thing in the news on UK soil the day after the Brexit vote." - Rush Limbaugh

"This immigration business has been going on in the UK much in advance of the European Union making an issue of it." - Rush Limbaugh

"You get these insurgent movements of populism, left and right. An insurgent movement of populism took my political party over in the UK for example." - Tony Blair

"We need to take a whole UK perspective on this [Brexit]. The Mayor of London has got a role in those kinds of discussions." - Stephen Crabb

"I am disgusted at the way May has been speaking. The EU nationals living in the UK came here legally and they have protected rights." - Nigel Farage

"Specific policy decisions would be absolutely necessary to promote the UK. It's not necessarily borrowing more or changing our current account status." - Andrea Leadsom

"Over the next few days we want cities, towns and villages across the UK to send a message to Scotland: stay with us." - Ed Miliband

"The UK has a poor investment record. According to IMF data, we have come seventh out of the top seven industrialised countries since 1999." - Frances Ogrady

"What do I miss about the UK? Sadly, almost nothing. Maybe the midnight sun, in June in the north. That's all." - Lee Child

"Over in the UK, the music press can be brutal. They can say wonderful things about you one week, and the next week, you're in the can." - Enya

"I have friends who've tried to break into the UK, who went back with their tails between their legs. Fortunately I've had the opposite experience." - Michael Bolton

"The UK has a poor investment record. According to IMF data, we have come seventh out of the top seven industrialised countries since 1999." - Frances O'Grady

"The UK is one of the only nations on earth that has actually met and even exceeded its goals under the Kyoto Protocol." - Al Gore

"I'm happy in the UK. I absolutely love it and I've finally got a great group of friends. I've got a lovely little flat and my work's here." - Billie Piper

"I'm no friend of Tony Blair's and I consider the Middle East policies of the United States and the UK fatal." - Salman Rushdie

"I'm currently doing Undeclared an American TV show set in a college. It just got aired and got massive ratings so hopefully that'll screen in the UK soon." - Charlie Hunnam

"There is a legitimate role for development education in the UK, but I do not believe these projects give the taxpayer value for money." - Andrew Mitchell

"It is not fair that people who are born in the UK to parents who are domiciled here, can later in life claim to be non-doms and live here, it is not fair that non-doms with residential property here in the UK can put it in an offshore company and avoid inheritance tax." - George Osborne

"My agent is based in New York. And due to a historic accident, my publishing track is primarily American - I'm sold into the UK almost as a foreign import! So I'm quite out of touch with what's going on in UK publishing." - Charles Stross

"I want to give [Donald Trump] a very clear picture of the UK. Also, I believe what will come out of this is a very clear determination on both sides not just to maintain the special relationship but also to build it for the future. There is a real role for the UK and the US working together." - Theresa May

"The rules that the United States introduce will be obviously be rules for the United States, but I'm very clear about the opportunities I expect everyone in the UK to have. I will be representing the interests of everyone in the UK on a whole range of things we will talk about." - Theresa May

"Brighton has two universities. It's got a massive young, middle-class community, and the largest gay community in the UK. The result of which is a huge recreational drug market. It's the favoured place to live in the UK for first division criminals." - Peter James

"Prayer for the city is important. For every city in the world, the city should be prayed for. Particularly for London, it is a strategic city for the UK as well as the world, therefore the future of London is significant to the UK, and also the rest of the world." - Nicky Gumbel

"You won't find anyone in the UK who doesn't admire what Germany has become. The bilateral relationship between London and Berlin will become more important in the future, and the UK government wants Germany to grow stronger - for Europe's sake. It is in Britain's national interest that the EU succeeds, and Prime Minster Theresa May knows this." - Anthony Glees

"[Donald] Trump has threatened to withhold investment in Scotland in response to the calls to ban him from the UK. Over the years Mr Trump has made a number of statements about the different scale of his investment in the UK and his willingness to maintain them." - James Brokenshire

"Why does the UK government ignore workplace bullying? Our system of democracy - government and law - is based on the adversarial model. To be successful in these fields, bullying behaviour is almost a prerequisite." - Tim Field

"One UK paper described me as a "miserablist", a word I'd never heard before or since. I looked it up and it means someone who can only be happy when they are miserable. Perfect." - Doug Stanhope

"I love playing in the UK because there are some topics that you just can't talk about in the States without getting run out of town. So let me just say this: Louis C. K.'s new show sucks." - Doug Stanhope

"The worst criminals of our time are the US and UK governments. Both are devoid of all integrity, all honor, all mercy, all humanity. Many members of both governments would have made perfect functionaries in Stalinist Russia or Nazi Germany." - Paul Craig Roberts

"Probably the biggest thing around not training correctly is eating. You've got to fuel your system correctly, and I think what we're very unfortunate with in this country [UK] is the [lack of] education around food and nutrition." - Greg Rutherford

"French, for example, is declining as an international language, but Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic are all languages of the future. Ethnic minority groups in the UK may well prove to be a major asset in this effort." - David Graddol

"I've actually heard people protesting furiously about straight male costume people as well. It's not universal and there are examples that break the mould all over the place. In my experience, it's more prevalent in the UK than in America." - Colin Firth

"I don't really like the way that journalism works in the UK anyway; it's all about getting the most shocking thing out of somebody and kind of twisting people's words, which isn't really journalism, as far as I'm concerned." - Lily Allen

"I feel like I was born an actor. I did not pursue acting until I was a bit older. But I got a taste of it at an earlier age in the UK." - Carmen Ejogo

"Independent film is such a huge deal in the UK. There aren't many big budget studio movies that get greenlit at all. The indie film industy is a great opportunity that I'm trying to seize." - Aml Ameen

"The budgetary cost to the UK of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through 2010 will total more than 18 billion. If we include the social costs the total impact will exceed 20 billion." - Joseph Stiglitz

"Because I am an African I reserve the right to say that Africa does not exist simply to make people in this country the UK, or anywhere else in the developed world, feel good about themselves." - Nicky Oppenheimer

"I wanted to do something for the minority Muslims living in the West, especially in the UK, to bring up their morale a bit. They need to be proud of their religion" - Sami Yusuf

"Today, the UK must be the pioneer of a new model of economic change, that integrates social and environmental consideration. This is not just a question of values and moral duty. It is about our economy's capacity to sustain itself" - David Miliband

"If there is a serious outbreak in the UK I doubt voters will risk a Labour government. Time to get serious... Look at Diane Abbott's irresponsible comments on Ebola patients, Mili's open border policy. No. Way." - Louise Mensch

"I've watched Jamie Oliver 's Food Revolution, he wants better school lunches for children in the US and UK. In NZ, we want Kiwi kids to have school lunches!" - Metiria Turei

"Britain needs a real push. It needs nationalism. The sort of spirit that comes during a war. It needs people really to want to see the UK sitting again, maybe not as a colonial power, but as an economic power." - Ratan Tata

"I'm getting hassled by a couple of people to release the CRU station temperature data. Don't any of you three tell anybody that the UK has a Freedom of Information Act." - Phil Jones

"They put up this bloke's picture on Crimewatch UK with a phone number and said 'Have you seen this man?' Well my auntie rang them up and said 'No'." - Jasper Carrott

"Airport Cars UK are always helpful and on time when we go on holiday. They have also done themselves proud with the executive people carriers at my sister-in-law's wedding" - Shane Richie

"In the target seats we have been going like a bomb and there is a great deal of confidence. I think there's going to be a great deal of regional variation throughout the UK." - Menzies Campbell

"Shale gas represents a promising new potential energy resource for the UK. It could contribute significantly to our energy security, reducing our reliance on imported gas, as we move to a low-carbon economy." - Edward Davey

"I believe a strong NATO has been the bulwark of our defence in Europe. Obviously that's important in the UK national interest and I believe it's important in the US national interest" - Theresa May

"The special relationship between America and the UK has been one of the great forces in history for justice and for peace, and by the way, my mother was born in Scotland, Stornoway, which is serious Scotland." - Donald Trump

"If there's very strong civic unrest you can see a strong party of the Right emerging, whether it's UKIP [The UK Independence Party] or an even further-right party." - Irvine Welsh

"I think UKIP [ UK Independence Party] and the BNP [British National Party] are very, very English concerns. If they gather strength they're going to add to this schism between Scotland and England." - Irvine Welsh

"My UK fans are quite similar to the States but they pay much more attention to the details, that I like. They listen, party, and dance moving through the changing moods of the music with me." - Raphael Saadiq

"I would love to go to smaller places in the UK such as Manchester and Liverpool and play there. It's much more intimate; you got to get down and gritty, getting closer to the people." - Raphael Saadiq

"There's not much radio in the UK, really. In America, you're in a car, factory, wherever, and you turn the dial on the radio, and can hear about a million stations. Hardly any in England." - Nick Hodgson

"The will of the British people must now be put into effect as quickly as possible. Under Article 50 of the EU Treaty the UK must leave the European Union within two years at the latest." - Jean-Claude Juncker

"The budgetary cost to the UK of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan through 2010 will total more than 18 billion. If we include the social costs the total impact will exceed 20 billion." - Joseph Stiglitz

"I've covered a lot of the British countryside and the UK from top to bottom and side to side. It's such a pity more people don't appreciate what's on their doorstep." - Alan Titchmarsh

"It is probably true that the economic benefits of being in the EU are a net positive to the UK, but a large number of people do not share in these benefits and the result is increasing inequality." - Dale Jamieson

"What's happened [in UK] is a private medical practice has started up, people who can afford it are going to into medical institutions, hospitals and so forth, that are not part of the National Health Service, they've opted out." - Rush Limbaugh

"When American liberals go to the UK they see the Tories as the Washington Generals, and they see the Labor Party as the Harlem Globetrotters, and they love that. Total power. Whether anything works or not is irrelevant. We work." - Rush Limbaugh

"I'm a citizen of the U.S.A but I also travel around the world and love other countries like the UK as if it was my own. I love your tolerance and preservation of the arts." - William

"There's a unique thing about the UK, where you give a very generous foreign aid budget to support globally, which is spent wisely. We partner with the government here to make sure that that money is spent well." - Bill Gates

"We have a female prime minister [Theresa May] here in the UK. I actually really like her and think she's wonderful. I think it's the best thing that's happened to us in a long time." - Kate Bush

"[ Jonathan] Edwards is the person who really made theological determinism a serious option for Reformed thinkers, and the influence his views had in nineteenth century Reformed thought, in the USA and the UK in particular, is enormous." - Oliver D. Crisp

"People in the UK will say that the design community in the US is much more coherent than other countries. It has no government support at all, so it's really like a grass roots thing." - Michael Bierut

"Lewis [Hamilton] is a hero in the UK. The British love Formula One. Sebastian (Vettel) is also not doing much for F1. People hardly recognize him on the street." - Bernie Ecclestone



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