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Uk Economy Quotes


"Even a China growing at 7% or indeed less is still adding to the world economy an economy equivalent to the UK or more." - George Osborne

"It's the economy, stupid." - Bill Clinton

"economy spoils pleasure" - Giacomo Casanova

"It's the economy, stupid." - William J Clinton

"It's the economy, stupid." - James Carville

"The good thing about coming over to the UK is that I can get some rest." - Tiger Woods

"Shale gas represents a promising new potential energy resource for the UK. It could contribute significantly to our energy security, reducing our reliance on imported gas, as we move to a low-carbon economy." - Edward Davey

"Today, our economy is about an economy of ideas." - Patrick J Kennedy

"No economy ever stands still." - Sir Henry Roy Forbes Harrod

"Taiwan is a major economy." - William Kirby

"Uncertainty is killing this economy." - Herman Cain

"Money, amazingly, is losing its power... Our economy is rapidly changing from a money economy to a satisfaction economy." - Martin Seligman

"The statistics want to control the economy." - Grover Norquist

"Gaming is the backbone of Nevadas economy." - Kenny Guinn

"The economy is a thoughtless weather system." - Kurt Vonnegut

"A global economy requires a global currency." - Paul Volcker

"We want a strong, growing economy" - John Baird

"Cheap booze is a false economy." - Christopher Hitchens

"Economy: cutting down other people's wages." - J B Morton

"Lack of skill dictates economy of style." - Joey Ramone

"Socialism is the renunciation of rational economy." - Ludwig Von Mises

"rescued the economy from the worst recession." - Rahm Emanuel

"I want to see the economy rebound." - Bob Corker

"Everybody is talking today about the economy." - Joschka Fischer

"Gaming is the backbone of Nevada's economy." - Kenny Guinn

"There is no pure free-market economy." - Jeane Kirkpatrick

"Putin sought to destabilize Ukraine's economy." - Joe Biden

"The statists want to control the economy." - Grover Norquist

"This economy is on life support." - Herman Cain

"The economy is like a machine." - Ray Dalio

"In art economy is always beauty." - Henry James

"I think we woefully failed to connect Britain to the growing Chinese economy in the previous decade, and I have sought to remedy that. China is now the sixth biggest trading partner with the UK. We have attracted now the lion's share of Chinese investment that is going into Europe." - George Osborne

"Britain is a textbook case of how growing inequality leads to economic crisis. The years before the crash were marked by a sharp rise in remortgaging and the growth of 0 percent balance transfer credit cards. By 2008 the UK had the highest ratio of household debt to GDP of any major economy." - Frances Ogrady

"Britain is a textbook case of how growing inequality leads to economic crisis. The years before the crash were marked by a sharp rise in remortgaging and the growth of 0 percent balance transfer credit cards. By 2008 the UK had the highest ratio of household debt to GDP of any major economy." - Frances O'Grady

"The UK is a very international country." - Bill Gates

"Patriotism is a joke in the UK." - Matt Tong

"Forget the economy. Just rewire your mentality. Then you'll create your own economy." - Robin S. Sharma

"Our economy, I think, is still - the fundamentals of our economy are strong." - John Mccain

"Technology fuels economy, unfortunately in today's world it's the fuel that drags economy" - Yatin Patel

"The economy of communism is an economy which grows in an atmosphere of misery and want." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"In a business society, the emotional economy is an economy of scarcity." - Margaret Halsey

"Anything that drags down the American economy drags the Canadian economy down with it." - John Ibbitson

"We can fight the global economy with a strong local economy." - Wendell Berry

"So where in the old economy, content was king, in the new economy, context is king." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Technology fuels economy, unfortunately in today's world it's the fuel that drags economy" - Yatin Patel

"The economy of gift, of art, is fundamentally opposed to the economy of war." - Mary Rose O'Reilley

"We are leaving the industrial economy and entering the connection economy." - Seth Godin

"So the American economy needs the world, and the world needs the American economy." - Rodrigo Rato

"Women are the engine driving the growth in California's economy. Women make California's economy unique." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

"My claim is that we do not have a market economy, but a capitalist economy." - David Korten

"It's called political economy because it is has nothing to do with either politics or economy." - Stephen Leacock

"I don't believe that a hydrogen economy depends on a carbon economy at all." - Larry Burns

"Donald Trump does not understand the UK and what happens in the UK." - Theresa May

"America is now a socialist economy. The definition of a socialist economy is when 50% or more of your economy is dependent on the federal government." - Christine O'Donnell

"The UK still has time to accelerate the take-up of renewable energy and put the nation on a path towards clean energy that is cheaper, stable and more sustainable. We have a stark choice: We can stay stuck in the last century's boom and bust approach to our economy in the way we consume energy and resources, or create a sustainable, stable and renewable energy infrastructure with the long term environmental and employment benefits that ensue" - Phil Harding

"At the moment we are hard-wired into the European markets - 50% of our exports go to Europe - and that has not been good for the UK. So I'm not saying "make Britain entirely dependent on China". I'm saying "let's diversify a bit". When I became chancellor, China was our ninth largest trading partner. This is the world's second biggest economy. China was doing more business with Belgium than it was with Britain." - George Osborne

"Cuts in a sector are never going to be welcomed, and arts funding cut by up to 30% doesn't make nice reading. But cuts are happening across the board, in many sectors for the sake of the economy. And if you look at economically depressed post-war UK, The Beatles, The Who and The Rolling Stones came into fruition... maybe giving weight to the claim that bad economic times can actually lead to greater creativity!" - Roxanne Emery

"Of course, the UK is a significant economy that makes up a quarter of American exports to the EU, more than 50 percent of our exports in certain sectors and over 25 percent of the government procurement opportunities we have in Europe. Brexit reduces the size of the TTIP deal for the United States, and there will need to be an adjustment of expectations accordingly, but Brexit underscores the value of reaching an agreement at this critical moment in the evolution of Europe." - Michael Froman

"A creative economy is the fuel of magnificence." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Literacy is the most basic currency of the knowledge economy." - Barack Obama

"Ideas are the currency of the new economy." - Richard Florida

"Avarice is more opposite to economy than liberality." - Francois de La Rochefoucauld

"Where there is a question of economy, I prefer privation." - Sophie Swetchine

"Economy is an excellent lure to betray people into expense." - Johann Georg Ritter von Zimmermann

"Economy is in itself a great source of revenue." - Seneca the Younger

"People do not understand what a great revenue economy is." - Cicero

"In the new economy, information, education, and motivation are everything." - Bill Clinton

"[T]he economy remains the top issue for the electorate." - Karl Rove

"You cannot get a new economy without a new society." - Alvin Toffler

"Knowledge has become the key resource of the world economy." - Peter Drucker

"Most countries choose to have government run the economy." - Marco Rubio

"Child care is an invisible part of the economy." - Ellen Galinsky

"Yes to market economy, no to market society." - Lionel Jospin

"Advertising is the life blood of the digital economy." - Nick Stringer

"Innovation-the heart of the knowledge economy-is fundamentally social." - Malcolm Gladwell

"There can be no economy where there is no efficiency." - Benjamin Disraeli

"In the dog-eat-dog economy, the Doberman is boss." - Edward Abbey

"A rising tide (in the economy) lifts all boats." - John F Kennedy

"Roads are the blood vessels of the economy." - Jakaya Kikwete

"Economy is a great revenue. [Lat., Magnum vectigal est parsimonia.]" - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"The stock market and economy are two different things." - Milton Friedman

"When women participate in the economy everyone benefits." - Hillary Clinton

"If economy were good, there'd be no immigration problem." - Ron Paul

"As the economy gets better, everything else gets worse." - Art Buchwald

"The economy is most important. It is off track." - Donna Brazile

"Architecture depends on Order, Arrangement, Eurythmy, Symmetry, Propriety, and Economy." - Vitruvius

"Economy in pleasure is not to my taste." - Giacomo Casanova

"You can prosper, no matter what the economy is doing." - Robert Kiyosaki

"Turkey's economy is powerful enough to tackle tough times." - Ali Babacan

"Energy consumption matters both to our environment and our economy." - John Baldacci

"There can be economy only where there is efficiency." - Benjamin Disraeli

"We are particularly poor at the open economy issues." - Martin Feldstein

"The income effects in an economy always sum to zero." - Arthur Laffer

"Innovation is not the exclusive province of New Economy companies." - John Mckinley

"We are shrinking the size of the federal government as a percent of our economy from over 21 percent of the economy to 19 percent of the economy. At the same time, we're growing the private economy." - Franklin Raines

"A dynamic economy begins with a good education." - Bob Taft

"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy." - Ellen Tauscher

"The only direction Obama has the economy moving is backward." - Bob Beauprez

"No one can forecast the economy with certainty." - Jamie Dimon

"If the economy grows, housing gets better, quicker." - Jamie Dimon

"Progressive economic policies lead to a sustainable economy." - Keith Ellison

"I will continue to stay very focused on the economy." - Donald Evans

"There's plenty of juice to keep this economy going." - Steve Forbes

"Finance is wholly different from the rest the economy." - Alan Greenspan

"The love of economy is the root of all virtue." - George Bernard Shaw

"People do not understand what a great revenue economy is." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

"Clinton took very tough decisions on the economy." - Sidney Blumenthal

"The Chinese economy has huge potential and flexibility." - Li Keqiang

"The always-on economy, by definition, depends upon continuous energy." - Charles Platt

"Employ every economy consistent with thoroughness, accuracy and reliability." - Arthur Nielsen

"In today's competitive economy, to stand still is to die." - Charles Schumer

"Republicans simply don't know how to manage the economy." - Lyndon B Johnson

"We live in an information and knowledge-based economy." - Bobby Scott

"Yes, I think India's economy always has been a mixed economy, and by Western standards we are much more of a market economy than a public sector-driven economy." - Manmohan Singh

"Small businesses are really the engine in the economy." - Karen Mills

"In today's competitive economy, to stand still is to die." - Chuck Schumer

"The total economy of Latin America is bigger than China." - William Hague

"The global economy is in pretty good shape." - John W Snow

"Our whole economy is based on planned obsolescence." - Brooks Stevens

"The cost of the high-cost economy remains too high." - Paul Wolfowitz

"I stand for strict economy in governmental affairs." - Harry F Byrd

"Employ every economy consistent with thoroughness, accuracy and reliability." - Arthur C Nielsen

"A strong economy begins with a strong, well-educated workforce." - Bill Owens

"You don't get an economy growing by raising taxes." - John Hoeven

"The nation that leads the clean energy economy will be the nation that leads the global economy." - Barack Obama

"Every economy is uncertain. Referring to this or any economy as "uncertain" is an unnecessary and pessimistic redundancy." - Bo Bennett

"The old economy was about people acquiring a single skill for life; the new economy is about life-long learning," - John Doerr

"As I constantly remind Canadians, there isnt really a Canadian economy anymore. It is a global economy." - Stephen Harper

"Be aware that the economy is not meant to control us ... we are meant to control the economy." - Bob Proctor

"Having seen a non-market economy, I suddenly understood much better what I liked about a market economy." - Esther Dyson

"Every economy is uncertain. Referring to this or any economy as 'uncertain' is an unnecessary and pessimistic redundancy." - Bo Bennett

"A weak currency is the sign of a weak economy, and a weak economy leads to a weak nation." - Ross Perot

"Connecting people to jobs and to each other is absolutely vital to a city's economy (and to the wider economy)." - Lucy Powell

"Mere parsimony is not economy. Expense, and great expense, may be an essential part in true economy." - Edmund Burke

"I've watched Jamie Oliver 's Food Revolution, he wants better school lunches for children in the US and UK. In NZ, we want Kiwi kids to have school lunches!" - Metiria Turei

"Ernest Mtunzi, Former UK Representative of Joshua Nkomo" - Ian Smith

"The UK desperately needs less government and freer markets." - Rupert Murdoch

"Today it's fashionable to talk about the New Economy, or the Information Economy, or the Knowledge Economy. But when I think about the imperatives of this market, I view today's economy as the Value Economy. Adding value has become more than just a sound business principle; it is both the common denominator and the competitive edge." - Arthur Levitt Jr

"Labor party wants to make the economy fairer for everybody with a new industrial strategy and by investing in different parts of the UK. And we are not following the cynical approach of saying: Young people don't usually vote so we don't have to make any offer to them. But to succeed, we need a progressive future partnership with the EU. It is not easy, but I genuinely think it is possible to do. And I want Labour in power to do it, because the damage that is being done is profound." - Keir Starmer

"I think the first what would happen in the immediate wake of a hard Brexit is a lack of confidence in UK economy. Business is already telling me that they need a year or so to adjust to what is going to change in March 2019. Without a deal, tariffs would immediately kick in and we would need all the physical attributes of a customs border. And that is just the trade aspect. Imagine what would happen if, from one day to the next, we had no aviation agreement or no agreements for dealing with security across Europe." - Keir Starmer

"Right now, we have an economy in trouble. And, someone who spent their career in the economy is more suited to help fix the economy than someone who spent his life in POLITICS and as a COMMUNITY ORGANIZER." - Mitt Romney

"I think the economy in the US has surprised. The old adage is that if America sneezes, the rest of the world catches a cold. If the US economy does well, the global economy will do well." - Martin Gilbert

"Rogue economics is a sort of umbrella under which we find the criminal economy, the illegal economy, but also those gray areas, gray areas where there is not a proper regulation, where there is not legislation for the economy." - Loretta Napoleoni

"Economy is the basis of society. When the economy is stable, society develops. The ideal economy combines the spiritual and the material, and the best commodities to trade in are sincerity and love." - Morihei Ueshiba

"We're in a tightening cycle and the reason is the economy is growing, there's no expectation that the global economy and the Polish economy as a consequence could slow down dramatically." - Marek Belka

"A comprehensive national energy policy is critical to our nation's economy and our national security. Energy expenditures account for about 7% percent of our total economy and influence pricing in the much of the rest of the economy." - Heather Wilson

"I have no interest in celebrities. If all the superrich disappeared, the world economy would not even notice. The superrich are irrelevant to the economy." - Peter Drucker

"I tell you, the economy is in bad shape. In fact, the economy is so bad, President Barack Obama's new slogan is 'Spare Change You Can Believe In.'" - Jay Leno

"If we don't embrace a low carbon economy this decade, it won't just harm the planet, but also the U.S. economy." - John Doerr

"There's not a lot you can do about the national economy but there is a lot you can do about your personal economy." - Zig Ziglar



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