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Ugly Guy Quotes


"I am a boring looking guy with a common face, ugly scars and a toothy smile." - Farhan Akhtar

"Nothing is irredeemably ugly but sin." - Honore De Balzac

"Don't ever let a guy make you feel ugly, cause no matter what... you're beautiful with him or without him." - Wiz Khalifa

"I like to go to bars and bang really ugly girls, I just like to, I'm just a sick guy." - Dean Ambrose

"All dams are ugly, but the Glen Canyon Dam is sinful ugly." - Edward Abbey

"I'm an optimistic guy." - Michael Douglas

"I'm a romantic guy." - Fred Durst

"I'm an NFL guy." - Chad Hurley

"Without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"I'm ugly." - Amy Winehouse

"The only way woman can truly be completely satisfied is to get herself four different men-an old one, an ugly one, a Mandingo, and a gay guy." - Steve Harvey

"I'm an old-school guy." - Ladainian Tomlinson

"I'm not an improv guy." - Curtis Armstrong

"I'm a humble guy, okay?" - Richard Paul Evans

"I'm a DIY kinda guy." - Jonathan Evison

"I'm a fairly worldly guy." - Jamie Dornan

"Liberace was a lovely guy." - Michael Douglas

"I'm a gung-ho guy." - Ray Knight

"I'm just a normal guy." - Isaiah Mustafa

"Ugly is attractive. Ugly is exciting." - Miuccia Prada

"Of course I litter the public highway. Every chance I get. After all, it's not the beer cans that are ugly; it's the highway that is ugly." - Edward Abbey

"Ugly deeds are taught by ugly deeds." - Sophocles

"I wear the midi because I feel if you're going to look ugly, you may as well look this year's ugly." - Joan Rivers

"Getting back to the point, a guy like Jerry, he deals with the business, and he doesn't see it as being evil or ugly, it's what you have to do, and I mean I know there's some really ugly parts to it and parts which drive me nuts, but not in the same way as music business." - Trevor Rabin

"If you go out with a girl and they say she has a great personality, she's ugly. If they tell you a guy works hard, he can't play a lick. Same thing." - Charles Barkley

"You know how many stunning women told me they can't stand a good-looking man? ... Women feel secure with an ugly guy because a man in bad shape isn't gonna cheat." - Jackie Mason

"Why is it considered seductive for women to wear beautiful clothes? Wouldn't it make more sense to wear something so ugly that a guy couldn't wait to take it off you?" - Flash Rosenberg

"If you go out with a girl and they say she has a great personality, she's ugly. If they tell you a guy works hard, he's got no skills." - Charles Barkley

"I'm 5 foot 7, and I've got pasty white skin. I don't think I'm ugly, don't get me wrong, but I'm not your classic lead man, Brad Pitt guy." - James Mcavoy

"You're looking exceptionally ugly tonight, Madam, is it because we have company?" - Alfred Jarry

"A beloved face cannot grow ugly, because, not flesh and complexion, but expression, created love." - Jean Paul

"Bitterness is so ugly." - Amy Heckerling

"That last guy hit me awfully hard." - Bronko Nagurski

"I'm a happy-go-lucky guy." - Dontrelle Willis

"I'm a win-at-all-costs guy." - Ben Roethlisberger

"The guy [Tom Cruise] is a machine." - Patrick Heusinger

"I've never been a competition guy." - Robert Irvine

"I'm not a Hollywood party guy." - Jason Bateman

"You have to kill the bad guy." - Dino De Laurentiis

"I'm more of a rodeo type guy." - Larry The Cable Guy

"I am a big barbecue-sauce guy." - Rick Majerus

"I'm kind of an old-fashioned guy." - Joe Arpaio

"I'm an old-school type of guy." - Kevin Durant

"I'm just a down-to-earth guy." - Ace Frehley

"I'm a very romantic and passionate guy." - Diego Boneta

"I'm not really a goal-oriented guy." - Seth Rogen

"I'm a pretty analytical guy, all right?" - Mitt Romney

"Really a bad guy is more interesting, dramatically, than the good guy." - Kirk Douglas

"I think [Bashar] Assad is a bad guy, a very bad guy, all right?" - Donald Trump

"One guy wanted an outline of my foot. Another guy wanted locks of my hair." - Nicole Eggert

"Every thriller needs a good bad guy; without a bad guy, there's no thriller." - Michael Eklund

"Playing a bad guy is always more fun than playing the good guy." - Margot Robbie

"She was ugly from the front, and I said ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly. Well, I could handle it behind her." - Lyle Lovett

"Making ourselves feel ugly is not fun." "We are ugly." - Scott Westerfeld

"Better an ugly face than an ugly mind." - James Ellis

"There are no ugly cigars, only ugly smokers." - H L Mencken

"Good police officers are ugly." - Jo Nesbo

"Stay beautiful, keep it ugly" - Gerard Way

"New things are always ugly." - Willa Cather

"Hatred makes us all ugly." - Laurell K Hamilton

"Imperfections don't make something ugly." - Amy Neftzger

"The psychic scars caused by believing that you are ugly leave a permanent mark on your personality." - Joan Rivers

"An ugly woman, married to King Henry VIII, would have defied the axe and daunted her husband's infidelities." - Honore De Balzac

"Gold makes the ugly beautiful." - Moliere

"Imperfections do' make something ugly." - Amy Neftzger

"To strike freedom of the mind with the fist of patriotism is an old and ugly subtlety." - Adlai Stevenson

"In the mind and nature of a man a secret is an ugly thing, like a hidden physical defect." - Karen Blixen

"Winning ugly is still winning." - Kevin Hearne

"Denial is an ugly thing." - Nicholas Sparks

"There are no ugly ducklings." - Loretta Young

"Well, I'm clearly not ugly." - Megan Fox

"I've worn some ugly shoes." - Julie Bowen

"Nobody wants an ugly book." - Eric Ripert

"L.A. makes you feel ugly." - Rachel Weisz

"We live in ugly times." - David Byrne

"Imperfections don't make something ugly." - Amy Neftzger

"I'm just being myself. I'm not a very complex guy; I'm not a very studious, crazy intellectual guy. I'm just a guy." - Mac Demarco

"I'm OK with being the Old Spice Guy because before I was the Old Spice Guy I was the guy looking for work on his couch." - Isaiah Mustafa

"In a lot of teen movies nowadays, you just get the rote six stereotypes like the jock, the cool guy, the nerd, the hot girl, the girl who cares, and the girl who has glasses and is supposed to be ugly but is actually beautiful." - Penn Dayton Badgley

"If this guy prints more money between now and the election, I dunno what y'all would do to him in Iowa but we would treat him pretty ugly, down in Texas. I mean, printing more money to play politics at this particular time in American history is almost treacherous-or treasonous in my opinion." - Rick Perry

"My mom's whole side of the family, they're all Packers fans. My mom's a Bears fan. My stepdad is a Vikings guy. So that gets ugly. My mom sits upstairs watching the Bears game; he sits in the basement. They can't watch it together. Football's a violent anger in our family dynamic." - Ashton Kutcher

"Consultant: an ordinary guy more than 50 miles from home." - Eric Sevareid

"They ought to create a new league for that guy." - Jack Harshman

"I'm not Mr. Nice Guy, I'm a tough cookie" - Thomas Muster

"Yeah, I've made some mistakes. Every guy makes mistakes." - Jeff Gordon

"I was always the smallest guy on the field." - Brian Roberts

"I'm a simple guy. There's nothing fancy about my life." - Carlos Delgado

"I've always been a guy who likes big games." - Roy Oswalt

"This guy, Barack Obama's as bad as Hillary Clinton is." - Donald Trump

"I'm not much of a party guy anymore." - Jason Bateman

"I've become a guy who's like a complaining, whining neurotic." - Billy Corgan

"I am a guy who talks about bacon and escalators." - Jim Gaffigan

"I'm a very straight-laced, conservative news kind of guy." - Bob Edwards

"Carbohydrate is the bad guy. You have to see that." - Robert Atkins

"I was really good at being a bad guy." - Ric Flair

"I was a big Dave Winfield guy growing up." - Willie Geist

"I'm not an easygoing guy as a director." - Ted Kotcheff

"I've often been the guy who doesn't get the girl." - Hugh Bonneville

"I don't play a regular guy at all - never." - Reggie Lee

"I'm a guy that likes to sit in one place." - Harvey Pekar

"It's really disgusting what Hollywood can do to a guy." - Ron Perlman

"I'm not the most romantic guy, although I do try." - Seth Rogen

"I try to connect with the everyday, every guy." - Kevin James

"Once I turned 13, I was the guy magnet." - Vanessa Hudgens

"I just want to be a guy with a guitar." - Jeff Buckley

"Can I, just one time, play the good guy?" - Clancy Brown

"I hesitate to get into the gutter with this guy." - Chet Huntley

"I like vengeance as much as the next guy, if the next guy likes vengeance a whole lot...." - Jonah Goldberg

"I was always more of a film guy than an athlete guy. I had an art scholarship at Western." - Terry Crews

"I'm used to being efficient and a guy that can do more than the average guy can." - Jason Statham

"I don't vote for the guy I trust. I vote for the guy who trusts me the most." - Gary Burghoff

"Ugly problems often require ugly solutions. Solving an ugly problem in a pure manner is bloody hard." - Rasmus Lerdorf

"All government is an ugly necessity." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"The premise upon which mass compulsion schooling is based is dead wrong. It tries to shoehorn every style, culture, and personality into one ugly boot that fits nobody." - John Taylor Gatto

"You're all brainwashed into believing you're ugly." - David

"When reality looks too ugly, fantasize." - Jimmy Buffett

"Life is hard, we say. An oyster's life is worse. She lives motionless, soundless, her own cold ugly shape her only dissipation ..." - M F K Fisher

"It's much more fun to be ugly." - Robert Carlyle

"'He is very ugly,' said his mother." - Taylor Caldwell

"A tourist is an ugly human being." - Jamaica Kincaid

"What's the difference between beautiful and ugly?" - Laozi

"Old ugly is better than old nothin'" - Darrell Royal

"There's something ugly about the flawless." - Dennis Lehane

"Jealousy is such an ugly emotion." - Cassandra Clare

"There are no ugly women, only lazy." - Coco Chanel

"Modesty was made for the ugly." - Theophile Gautier

"I'm ugly, I'm overweight, but I'm happy" - Andrew Flintoff

"To have money is to be virtuous, honest, beautiful and witty And to be without is to be ugly and boring and stupid and useless." - Jean Giraudoux

"Discourtesy is unspeakably ugly to me," - Hannibal

"Ugly deeds are most estimable when hidden." - Blaise Pascal

"He's too ugly to be the champ!" - Muhammad Ali

"Sometimes you have to win ugly." - Vinny Testaverde

"You're the reason our kids are ugly." - Loretta Lynn

"black isn't beautiful and it isn't ugly - black is! It's not kinky hair and it's not straight hair - it just is." - Gloria Naylor

"Pretty girls don't have ugly mouths." - Karen Marie Moning

"Don't use your film for ugly purpose." - Karl Lagerfeld

"Racism. It's ugly. Even in tubers." - Alton Brown

"I like it because its ugly" - Jack Kerouac

"The great crime which the moneyed classes and promoters of industry committed in the palmy Victorian days was the condemning of the workers to ugliness, ugliness, ugliness: meanness and formless and ugly surroundings, ugly ideals, ugly religion, ugly hope, ugly love, ugly clothes, ugly furniture, ugly houses, ugly relationship between workers and employers. The human soul needs actual beauty more than bread." - D H Lawrence

"Out of ugly, make something beautiful." - Johnny Weir

"Accent the ugly until it becomes gorgeous." - John Updike

"My knees have always been ugly." - Germaine Greer

"Sometimes love can be an ugly thing." - Sarah Dessen

"Fear is vulnerability's ugly little sister." - Jaime Murray

"The media paint ugly pictures about you." - Kim Basinger

"We are the most impassioned ugly people." - Daryl Palumbo

"What beastly incidents our memories insist on cherishing - the ugly and disgusting - the beautiful things we have to keep diaries to remember." - Eugene O'Neill

"To have money is to be virtuous, honest, beautiful and witty. And to be without is to be ugly and boring and stupid and useless." - Jean Giraudoux

"I don't believe anyone is ugly." - Andrew Garfield

"'Ugly Betty' taught me everything about fashion." - Mark Indelicato



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