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Ugly Boy Quotes


"Well it just looks so ugly. Is it a boy or is it a girl?" - Anna Wintour

"Butcher boy, damn it, butcher boy." - Mickey Mantle

"I always saw myself as really ugly. My father even told me I was ugly because I would shave my head and look like a boy." - Asia Argento

"I'm a city boy." - Ron Perlman

"There's something ugly about a pretty boy who knows he's pretty and assumes everyone else know it too." - Nova Ren Suma

"The beautiful remains so in ugly surroundings." - Malcolm De Chazal

"Fashion: a beautiful thing that becomes ugly. Art: an ugly thing that becomes beautiful." - Coco Chanel

"I'm a good Catholic boy." - Zakk Wylde

"Without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Behind every glorious facade there is always hidden something ugly." - Stanislaw Lem

"I'm ugly." - Amy Winehouse

"That boy Mantle is a good one." - Ty Cobb

"Boy, do I hate to lose." - Peyton Manning

"I'm like a mama's boy and stuff." - William

"I so love the bad-boy look." - Jenna Morasca

"Ugly is attractive. Ugly is exciting." - Miuccia Prada

"Ugly deeds are taught by ugly deeds." - Sophocles

"Inside every working anarchy, there's an Old Boy Network.." - Mitchell Kapor

"You want a messenger boy, call Western Union." - Joe Don Looney

"Harry, you wonderful boy, you brave, brave man." - J K Rowling

"I'm a boy who doesn't want to grow up." - Ray Park

"Middle age, my boy. No memory at all." - John Williams

"Thought is an errand boy, fear a mine of worries." - Yunus Emre

"I don't want to be a pretty boy." - Orlando Bloom

"I like a good boy, but sometimes you get bored." - Katy Perry

"Boy, do I got some stories to tell." - Robbie Robertson

"Who's a boy gonna talk to if not his mother?" - Donald E Westlake

"I have not know a worthy son to whom his mother appeared ugly." - Mahatma Gandhi

"Pride is ugly. It says 'If you succeed I am a failure.'" - Ezra Taft Benson

"Only that which serves no end is beautiful; everything useful is ugly." - Theophile Gautier

"Bitterness is so ugly." - Amy Heckerling

"You undergo too strict a paradox, Striving to make an ugly deed look fair." - William Shakespeare

"What is the difference between the Marine Corps and the Boy Scouts? The Boy Scouts have adult leadership." - Michael Herr

"You can make money, you can lose money in Africa. But opportunities, boy oh boy, they exist." - Euvin Naidoo

"She was ugly from the front, and I said ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly, ugly. Well, I could handle it behind her." - Lyle Lovett

"Recently, a girl chained herself to me with hand-cuffs after a gig, just because I refused to talk to her. I politely declined, though. I am a well-bred boy. I don't want to be too specific, but... it got pretty ugly." - Mike Patton

"When I was 14, I thought I looked terrible. I wore these typical Slavic shoes with metal bottoms so you could always hear me coming and this really ugly princess skirt and blouse with the top button closed. I had a boy haircut, a baby face covered with pimples, and a really big nose." - Marina Abramovic

"Making ourselves feel ugly is not fun." "We are ugly." - Scott Westerfeld

"Better an ugly face than an ugly mind." - James Ellis

"There is not a single soul that jealousy looks good on. Nobody! It looks ugly on everybody and it makes us act ugly - it makes us act out of character." - Beth Moore

"There are no ugly cigars, only ugly smokers." - H L Mencken

"Good police officers are ugly." - Jo Nesbo

"Politics, of course, requires sweat, work, combat, and organization. But these should not be ugly words for and free people." - Nelson Rockefeller

"Stay beautiful, keep it ugly" - Gerard Way

"New things are always ugly." - Willa Cather

"Hatred makes us all ugly." - Laurell K Hamilton

"Imperfections don't make something ugly." - Amy Neftzger

"Gold makes the ugly beautiful." - Moliere

"Imperfections do' make something ugly." - Amy Neftzger

"Winning ugly is still winning." - Kevin Hearne

"Denial is an ugly thing." - Nicholas Sparks

"There are no ugly ducklings." - Loretta Young

"Well, I'm clearly not ugly." - Megan Fox

"I've worn some ugly shoes." - Julie Bowen

"Nobody wants an ugly book." - Eric Ripert

"L.A. makes you feel ugly." - Rachel Weisz

"We live in ugly times." - David Byrne

"Imperfections don't make something ugly." - Amy Neftzger

"The boy (then a 12 year old boy named Anatoly Karpov)doesn't have a clue about Chess, and there's no future at all for him in this profession" - Mikhail Botvinnik

"Hey sexy boy, set me free, don't be so shy, play with me My dirty boy, can't you see, you are the one for meeeee." - Alexandra Stan

"The nowness of everything is absolutely wonderful.... If you see the present tense, boy do you see it, and boy can you celebrate it." - Dennis Potter

"You can take the boy out of England, but you can't take England out of the boy. And ummm, yes, I feel a huge emotional attachment to England." - John Mahoney

"Why would I cry over a boy? I would never waste my tears on a boy. Why waste your tears on someone who makes you cry?" - Kirsten Dunst

"I don't like crying. I'm a country boy, and we're the product of our upbringing. As a boy, I was told that men don't cry." - Andrea Bocelli

"I'm a country boy, and we're the product of our upbringing. As a boy, I was told that men don't cry." - Andrea Bocelli

"Lately I've been runnin' on faith. What else can a poor boy do?" - Jerry Lynn Williams

"EVE:bite me chillie boy" - Rachel Caine

"Ever since I was a little boy, I dreamed I would do something important in aviation." - Neil Armstrong

"Go on and increase in valor, O boy! this is the path to immortality." - Virgil

"The boy who uses vulgar words will be shunned by all right-minded boys." - Anonymous

"And all labor without any play, boys, Makes Jack a dull boy in the end." - Alexander Hay Japp

"Never send a boy to do a woman's job, Irma." - Payton Kendall" - Julie James

"Mr. that boy couldn't hit the ground if he fell out of an airplane." - Casey Stengel

"Marx, if he had come back alive would have said Mao's his boy." - Paul Sweezy

"I was a blacksmith's boy but yesterday; I am - what shall I say I am today?" - Charles Dickens

"Real life is sometimes boring, rarely conclusive and boy, does the dialogue need work." - Sarah Rees Brennan

"A boy is holding a girl so very tight in his arms tonight." - Edward Viii

"I'm a farm boy from Connecticut, and I adopted urban life." - William Atherton

"I feel like a little boy who is constantly offered new toys." - Placido Domingo

"I always wanted to be a boy scout but was too poor. Couldn't do it." - Giancarlo Esposito

"Some of my favorite memories happened in the 'Boy Meets World' classroom." - Danielle Fishel

"My stories always have these twisted happy endings, and the boy always gets the girl." - Chuck Palahniuk

"Heaven help the American-born boy with a talent for ballet." - Camille Paglia

"It was very unusual for a boy to play tennis in my country." - Novak Djokovic

"However, frat-boy humor is funny and it always will be." - Craig Kilborn

"I was a paper boy, beginning the summer between my fourth-grade and fifth-grade years." - David Boies

"In 1957, I was a 16-year-old office boy for the Dodgers." - Marv Albert

"I'm a country boy." - Willard Scott

"A white boy that makes C's in college can make it to the White House." - Chris Rock

"I didn't want to be known as Madonna's playboy, her boy toy." - Dennis Rodman

"I'm not Blockbuster Boy." - Johnny Depp

"You send a boy to school in order to make friends - the right sort." - Virginia Woolf

"I'm a Sydney suburban boy shaped entirely by the western suburbs." - Bryan Brown

"Maybe I'm sort of like the players - there's still a lot of little boy in me." - Herb Brooks

"When you've been in the tabloids as a drunken 'It-boy', people automatically assume you're thick." - Nick Moran

"I'm a mama's boy." - Tyler Hoechlin

"You know when you see a gorgeous boy on the street and you say to your friend, "Look at him!" and then your friend makes a face like, ugly? We all have such totally varied tastes that someone is going to look at you and think, yum-yum dee-lish, no matter what you think you look like. You just have to learn to see what they see." - Cecily Von Ziegesar

"Ugly problems often require ugly solutions. Solving an ugly problem in a pure manner is bloody hard." - Rasmus Lerdorf

"All government is an ugly necessity." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"You're all brainwashed into believing you're ugly." - David

"When reality looks too ugly, fantasize." - Jimmy Buffett

"War begins like a pretty girl with whom every man wants to flirt and ends like an ugly old woman whose visitors suffer and weep." - Samuel ibn Naghrillah

"It's much more fun to be ugly." - Robert Carlyle

"'He is very ugly,' said his mother." - Taylor Caldwell

"A tourist is an ugly human being." - Jamaica Kincaid

"What's the difference between beautiful and ugly?" - Laozi

"Old ugly is better than old nothin'" - Darrell Royal

"There's something ugly about the flawless." - Dennis Lehane

"Jealousy is such an ugly emotion." - Cassandra Clare

"There are no ugly women, only lazy." - Coco Chanel

"Modesty was made for the ugly." - Theophile Gautier

"I'm ugly, I'm overweight, but I'm happy" - Andrew Flintoff

"Discourtesy is unspeakably ugly to me," - Hannibal

"Ugly deeds are most estimable when hidden." - Blaise Pascal

"He's too ugly to be the champ!" - Muhammad Ali

"Sometimes you have to win ugly." - Vinny Testaverde

"You're the reason our kids are ugly." - Loretta Lynn

"Nothing is irredeemably ugly but sin." - Honore De Balzac

"Pretty girls don't have ugly mouths." - Karen Marie Moning

"Don't use your film for ugly purpose." - Karl Lagerfeld

"Racism. It's ugly. Even in tubers." - Alton Brown

"I like it because its ugly" - Jack Kerouac

"The great crime which the moneyed classes and promoters of industry committed in the palmy Victorian days was the condemning of the workers to ugliness, ugliness, ugliness: meanness and formless and ugly surroundings, ugly ideals, ugly religion, ugly hope, ugly love, ugly clothes, ugly furniture, ugly houses, ugly relationship between workers and employers. The human soul needs actual beauty more than bread." - D H Lawrence

"Out of ugly, make something beautiful." - Johnny Weir

"Accent the ugly until it becomes gorgeous." - John Updike

"My knees have always been ugly." - Germaine Greer

"Sometimes love can be an ugly thing." - Sarah Dessen

"I put confidence in the American people, in their ability to sort through what is fair and what is unfair, what is ugly and what is unugly." - George H W Bush

"If we operate with a belief in long sweeps of time, we build cathedrals; if we operate from fiscal quarter to fiscal quarter, we build ugly shopping malls." - Stephen Nachmanovitch

"I have no clue [why people say I'm insane]. Every time I've heard it, it came from an ugly person's mouth, so I don't care." - Amanda Bynes

"Fear is vulnerability's ugly little sister." - Jaime Murray

"The media paint ugly pictures about you." - Kim Basinger

"We are the most impassioned ugly people." - Daryl Palumbo

"If there is one thing worse than being an ugly duckling in a house of swans, it's having the swans pretend there's no difference." - Teena Booth

"I don't believe anyone is ugly." - Andrew Garfield

"'Ugly Betty' taught me everything about fashion." - Mark Indelicato

"What I hate is nasty, ugly people." - Karl Lagerfeld

"A jealous husband is an ugly thing." - Keith Ablow

"Beauty magazines make my girlfriend feel ugly." - James De La Vega

"Politics is show business for ugly people." - Paul Begala

"If the conditions were right there could be great acceptance. Often it is only when they pose an economic or political threat that it turns really ugly." - Iris Chang

"I think rage is so ugly." - Jennifer Aniston

"Very ugly things were said about me." - Carly Fiorina

"A true artist is an ugly man." - Osamu Dazai

"Washington is Hollywood for ugly people." - Joe Scarborough

"Sorrow makes an ugly face odious." - Samuel Richardson

"I felt so unbelievably ugly for years." - Trinny Woodall

"I have never met an ugly woman." - David Bailey

"Comedy is ugly. It's honest, it's raw." - Aisha Tyler

"I was considered an ugly duckling." - Eartha Kitt



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