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Talking To Strangers Quotes


"People who are strangers to liquor are incapable of talking about literature." - Mo Yan

"I don't like talking to people I KNOW, but strangers, I have no problem with." - Larry David

"As you grow older, you'll find that you enjoy talking to strangers far more than to your friends." - Joy Williams

"Strangers talking over piles of books do not remain strangers for long." - Matthew Pearl

"I often don't endorse what I tweet, rather I want to throw things about to spark conversation or controversy. What I think about something is not particularly important when talking to thousands of unknown strangers." - Kenneth Goldsmith

"If you are strangers to prayer you are strangers to power." - Billy Sunday

"I admire President Obama's ability to trust strangers." - Greg Gutfeld

"Poor strangers, they have so much to be afraid of." - Shirley Jackson

"How easy it was to lie to strangers, to create with strangers the versions of our lives we imagined." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"They're just talking. They're flirting kind of like they're strangers, but at the same time they also seem to know each other really well. I don't get it." "So they're taking it slow. What's wrong with that?" Bill asked. "Kids today, they just want things to go fast- boom boom BOOM." - Lauren Kate

"Anger is one of the most intimate of emotions and to expose it to strangers is one of the most stupid and sickening things to do. Never get angry with strangers because they are strangers." - James Clavell

"Why had we let it go? Why had we both been an exile among dreary strangers who had made us give up all desire for rest, for friendship, for the sound of human voices? Could I now reclaim a single hour spent talking to my brother, Philip, and give it to Ken Daggart? Who made it our duty to accept, as the only reward for our work, the gray torture of pretending love for those who roused nothing but contempt?" - Ayn Rand

"Being a journalist, I never feel bad talking to journalism students because it's a grand, grand caper. You get to leave, go talk to strangers, ask them anything, come back, type up their stories, edit the tape. That's not gonna retire your loans as quickly as it should, and it's not going to turn you into a person who's worried about what kind of car they should buy, but that's kind of as it should be. I mean, it beats working." - David

"Well, I'm really not supposed to speak to strangers, but we've met before." - Princess Aurora

"Presents of love fear not to be ill taken of strangers." - George Herbert

"Friends, there is nothing like your own family to make you appreciate strangers!" - Barbara Kingsolver

"Judging the mistakes of strangers is an easy thing to do - and it feels pretty good." - Haruki Murakami

"To see and be acquainted with strangers, in especial with men in honour and authority." - Thomas Cavendish

"Happiness grows at our own firesides, and is not to be picked in strangers' gardens." - Douglas Jerrold

"There are things so deeply personal that they can be revealed only to strangers." - Richard Rodriguez

"There's something incredibly liberating about a holiday that encourages children to take candy from strangers" - Steve Almond

"She wanted to ask him why they were all strangers who shared the same last name." - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

"I am a stranger, learning to love the strangers around me" - June Jordan

"That's why God created marriage, so people wouldn't have to fight with strangers." - Garrison Keillor

"If it weren't for marriage, men and women would have to fight with total strangers." - Anonymous

"Go to friends for advice, woman for love, strangers for charity and relatives for nothing." - Anonymous

"Never talking to strangers. Saying nasty things about the neighbors." - Paulo Coelho

"war makes strangers bedfellows ..." - Kathleen Winsor

"Once we dreamt that we were strangers. We wake up to find that we were dear to each other." - Rabindranath Tagore

"Strangers are just friends waiting to happen. To become a good man, one must have faithful friends, or outright enemies." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Some things are just for private. It's like people thinking I'm cold or this or that. It's unfortunate, but I don't need strangers to know that I'm warm. I don't need strangers to know the real me." - Sarah Silverman

"You talking to me? You talking to me? Then who the hell else are you talking to - you talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here." - Robert De Niro

"Talking to God was damned good business." - Victor Villasenor

"Thinking is the soul talking to itself." - Plato

"You can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers and customers into salespeople." - Seth Godin

"Blessed are they who feel like pilgrims and strangers in this life, and whose best things are all to come!" - J C Ryle

"A family is a collection of strangers trapped in a web of DNA and forced to cope." - Neal Shusterman

"A coward boasting of his courage may deceive strangers, but he is a laughing-stock to those who know him." - Phaedrus

"I'm very, very private; I don't enjoy talking about myself to strangers. Particularly strangers with tapes going." - Julie Kavner

"Everybody starts out as strangers." - J.A. Redmerski

"Talking to Yogi Berra about baseball is like talking to Homer about the Gods." - A Bartlett Giamatti

"This isn't CM Punk talking to Triple H, this is Phil Brooks talking to Paul Levesque" - CM Punk

"To me, the moment you're talking about nonfiction you're talking about reality." - David Shields

"Most people, I've noticed, are instinctively harsh to strangers. They expect every approach to be an attack, every question to be an interruption." - David Levithan

"When you're as charming and physically attractive as myself, it's easy enough to win over people you meet. But getting strangers to love, that's the trick." - John Green

"The gods, likening themselves to all kinds of strangers, go in various disguises from city to city, observing the wrongdoing and the righteousness of men." - Homer

"Traveling is a brutality. It forces you to trust strangers and to lose sight of all that familiar comfort of home and friends" - Cesare Pavese

"My heart is ripped open, shredded, leaking blood. I can't let him leave like this. We've been through to much to turn into strangers." - Marie Lu

"My mother used to say that there are no strangers, only friends you haven't met yet. She's now in a maximum security twilight home in Australia" - Barry Humphries

"I do not like strangers because I do not like people I have never met before. They are hard to understand." - Mark Haddon

"Most neuroses and some psychoses can be traced to the unnecessary and unhealthy habit of daily wallowing in the troubles and sins of five billion strangers." - Robert A Heinlein

"I love films that test cynicism and inspire you to do better in your dealings with your family and with strangers." - Jennifer Phang

"But happiness ... happiness grows at our own firesides," she said. "It is not to be picked in strangers' gardens." ~ The House at Riverton" - Kate Morton

"A place has almost a shyness of a person with strangers; its secret is not to be surprised by too direct interrogation." - Arthur Symons

"We know that people we love are both good and bad, but we expect strangers to be one or the other." - Russell Banks

"I'm not paranoid, but I am cautious. I don't drink tea with strangers, I don't fly Aeroflot and I avoid certain countries with close ties to Russia." - Garry Kasparov

"He said that love was an emotion contra natura that condemned two strangers to a base and unhealthy dependence, and the more intense it was, the more ephemeral." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

"Talking to you is only thinking to myself - made easier." - Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie

"If someone says no, you're talking to the wrong person." - Kris Jenner

"Talking jaw is better than going to war." - Lord Randolph Churchill

"Sometimes, you like to let the hair do the talking!" - James Brown

"Enough of talking. It is time now to do." - Tony Blair

"Talking about my fears to others feeds it." - Sylvia Plath

"Thinking is only a process of talking to yourself." - Anonymous

"Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"I swear, talking to you is like talking to a really good-looking and mildly stupid brick wall." - Derek Landy

"I am talking to you, but the moment I am talking to you, the universe is being created and destroyed." - Paulo Coelho

"Bestfriends become strangers. That's how it is." - Wiz Khalifa

"Neighbours: the strangers who live next door." - Richard Bayan

"Wary, as if surrounded by strangers." - Laozi

"Strangers are family you haven't recognize yet" - Mitch Albom

"we walk the plank with strangers." - Sylvia Plath

"I really love to be with people. It's nice, that. To have achieved sudden intimacy with strangers is perhaps the most human thing you can do. We all love our friends and families, as much as we hate them. When you can achieve intimacy with strangers, it's very exciting and heartening." - Russell Brand

"Although many, we might even say most, strangers in this world become easily the victim of a fearful hostility, it is possible for men and women and obligatory for Christians to offer an open and hospitable space where strangers can cast off their strangeness and become our fellow human beings." - Henri Nouwen

"I want to speak, to sing to total strangers. It's my way of talking to the world." - Adrian Mitchell

"I write for myself and strangers. The strangers, dear Readers, are an afterthought." - Gertrude Stein

"Would you truly sleep with strangers?" "I don't know, I haven't met the strangers yet." - Laurell K Hamilton

"surrounded by strangers who love me (un)strangers made strange by pain" - Kami Garcia

"I'm not afraid of chaos and I'm happy talking to strangers. I really love not knowing where I'm going." - Fiona Shaw

"There were people whose only interest in life was writing letters. To the newspapers, to authors, to strangers, to City Councils, to the police. It did not much matter to whom; the satisfaction of writing seemed to be all." - Josephine Tey

"A friend to everybody is often a friend to nobody, or else in his simplicity he robs his family to help strangers, and becomes brother to a beggar. There is wisdom in generosity, as in everything else." - Charles Spurgeon

"Talking to you is like - like talking to an eel!" "No, is it? I've never tried to talk to an eel. Isn't it as waste of time?" "Not such a waste of time as talking to you!" - Georgette Heyer

"With the rise of chiefdoms around 7,500 years ago, people had to learn, for the first time in history, how to encounter strangers regularly without attempting to kill them." - Jared Diamond

"You cant change the world alone - you will need some help - and to truly get from your starting point to your destination takes friends, colleagues, the good will of strangers and a strong coxswain to guide them." - William H Mcraven

"No one justifies lying, cheating, betraying, promise breaking, devastating and harming strangers. But we expect and we tolerate doing this to the one person in the world we promised most seriously to be faithful to forever: we justify divorce." - Peter Kreeft

"Cameras are a lifesaver for very shy people who have nowhere else to hide. Behind a lens they can disguise the fact that they have nothing to say to strangers." - Pat Conroy

"We are bemused and crazed creatures, strangers to our true selves, to one another, and to the spiritual and material world - mad, even, from an ideal standpoint we can glimpse but not adopt." - Ronald David Laing

"It is not OK in this culture to talk to friends about causes you believe in, much less to ask them to join in. It's OK to blast perfect strangers with crass messages every hour of the day, but it's a tinge embarrassing, it brings up some shyness, it seems an intrusion, it risks rejection to share real heartfelt commitments. It's easier to share our cynicism with strangers than our dreams with friends." - Donella Meadows

"talking to yourself again, jas? yes, it beats talking to you. oh, time machine back to first grade much? only to visit your brain." - Michele Jaffe

"We tend to tell strangers what we think will make us sound good. I myself, to my utter amazement, informed a telephone pollster that I exercised regularly, a bare-faced lie." - Katha Pollitt

"there is more to this hijab than the whole modesty thing. These girls are strangers to me but I know that we all felt an amazing connection, a sense that this cloth binds us in some kind of universal sisterhood." - Randa Abdel-Fattah

"Dogs are here to remind us life really is a simple thing. You eat, sleep, take walks, and pee when you must. That's about all there is. They are quick to forgive trespasses and assume strangers will be kind." - Jonathan Carroll

"My home is humble and unattractive to strangers, but to me it contains what I shall find nowhere else in the world - the ... affection which brothers and sisters feel for each other." - Charlotte Bronte

"To die is not to play a part in society; it is the act of a single person. Let us live and laugh among our friends; let us die and sulk among strangers." - Michel De Montaigne

"Catching up on pictures of your good friend's kids ahead of a visit across the country to see her is a great way to deepen your time together. Following near-strangers can leave us feeling detached and lonely." - Michelle Gielan

"Life and art had a nice parallel, in the sense of coming together as strangers who are separate in prison who need to work together, getting to know each other." - Keanu Reeves

"The most difficult task for anyone wandering through a foreign land with the hope of gaining some insight into it is the profound need to come to terms with the lives and thoughts of strangers." - Simon Winchester

"Because this is the beauty of strangers: we're all just doing our best to help each other out, motivated not by karma but by a natural instinct to help the greater whole." - Sloane Crosley

"Men in great fortunes are strangers to themselves, and while they are in the puzzle of business, they have no time to tend their health either of body or mind." - John Locke

"I prefer to act with friends. I mean you start off as strangers always with someone, but to really find a relationship that you enjoy personally and creatively, it's fantastic." - Julia Roberts

"I have a scholar's love of silence and solitude. To sit and pass hour after hour in idle chatter with a roomful of strangers is to me the worst sort of torment." - Susanna Clarke

"Ragnor and Catarina both begged him to give the instrument up. Random strangers on the street begged him to give the instrument up. Even cats ran away from him." - Cassandra Clare

"I love your bracelet!' I said to the brunette next to me, because, while most girls are onto the whole stranger-with-candy thing, the strangers-with-compliments strategy is still remarkably effective." - Ally Carter

"Tell me he's not talking to Brandon," Claire said. "Um... Ok. He's not talking to Brandon." "You're lying." "Yeah. He's talking to Brandon. Look, let Shane do his thing, okay? He's not as stupid as he looks, mostly." - Rachel Caine

"For most people, a life lived alone, with passing strangers or passing lovers, is incoherent and ultimately unbearable. Someone must be there to know what we have done for those we love." - Frank Pittman

"Take wrong turns. Talk to strangers. Open unmarked doors. And if you see a group of people in a field, go find out what they are doing. Do things without always knowing how they'll turn out." - Randall Munroe

"The awful mysteries of the Christian faith and worship were concealed from the eyes of strangers, and even of catechumens, with an affected secrecy, which served to excite their wonder and curiosity." - Edward Gibbon

"If cosmological theory were dominated by women, who are no strangers to cycles, how can we know for sure that we wouldn't then be told that the oscillating universe is the more aesthetically fulfilling alternative?" - Neil Degrasse Tyson

"In recent years, there have been reports of people with twisted minds putting razor blades and poison in taffy apples and Halloween candy. It is no longer safe to let your child eat treats that come from strangers." - Ann Landers

"Cities force us to interact with strangers and with the strange. They pry the mind open. And that is why they are the idea that has unleashed so many of our new ideas." - Jonah Lehrer

"May we live here like strangers and make the world not a house, but an inn, in which we sup and lodge, expecting to be on our journey tomorrow." - Charles Spurgeon

"Men would make love with any number of women ... even total strangers, while females were selective. They were catering to the demands of one small egg. While males had millions of frantic sperms screaming: "Let us out, let us out!"." - Woody Allen

". . . she gave him one of those broad smiles she reserved for strangers, as if she were aware of being able to pass, in their eyes, for an ordinary woman." - Nicole Krauss

"...our eyes locked in one of those looks that sometimes happen between strangers, when both wordlessly agree that reality contains sinkholes whose depths neither can ever hope to fathom." - Nicole Krauss

"There are videos where I would go approaching strangers and sing the songs from 'The Lion King. I would have been about four years, and I came running up to people on the beach, strangers that I chose at random and began to sing, and my family never knew where I was, they were always looking for me, trying to imagine who I was harassing this time ." - Taylor Swift

"Talking to the British about sex is like talking to Americans about reading. Nobody does it so why talk about it?" - Greg Proops

"When I'm talking to someone I think 'can I use this dialogue in a book,'" said Luis. "If the answer is no I try talking to someone else." - Tao Lin

"Is there an idea more radical in the history of the human race than turning your children over to total strangers whom you know nothing about, and having those strangers work on your child's mind, out of your sight, for a period of twelve years? Could there be a more radical idea than that? Back in Colonial days in America, if you proposed that kind of idea, they'd burn you at the stake, you mad person! It's a mad idea!" - John Taylor Gatto

"I prefer listening to talking, reading to socializing ... I like to think before I speak (softly)." - Susan Cain

"To be friends with God means to pray with simplicity, like children talking to their parents." - Pope Francis

"She is running around talking about how this is an insult to sportsmen, how she values the Second Amendment. She's talking like she's Annie Oakley." - Barack Obama

"If you came into the theater believing in the talking snake, it's kind of hard to leave the theater still believing in the talking snake." - Bill Maher

"But people in a small town tend to do a lot of talking, even when they do' know what they"re talking about." - Don Roff

"Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking and its greatest failures by not talking. It doesn't have to be like this." - Stephen Hawking

"Shaking hands with the strangers of opposite sex is forbidden" - Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah

"We were basically strangers going off into the wilderness" - Matt Prior

"Think of strangers as friends you not met yet." - Abraham Lincoln

"Our proximity keeps us honest. Our intentions keep us strangers." - Corey Taylor

"When you raise girls, you're raising children for strangers." - Maxine Hong Kingston

"Women are strangers in the country of man ..." - Laura Riding

"Nothing kinder than strangers. Nothing stranger than kindness." - Sara Paretsky

"A child seldom needs a good talking to as a good listening to." - Robert Breault

"Talking about your grievances merely adds to those grievances. Give recognition only to what you desire." - Thomas Dreier

"Drawing is speaking to the eye; talking is painting to the ear." - Joseph Joubert

"The talking oak To the ancient spoke. But any tree Will talk to me." - Mary Carolyn Davies

"The West is boring itself to death! And talking itself to death!" - Diana Vreeland

"My earliest poems were a way of talking to somebody. I suppose to myself." - Philip Levine

"The best way to conquer stage fright is to know what you're talking about." - Michael Mescon

"When talking w/kids its not what we say but how we say it! Think about your tone of voice & non-verbal communication. When talking to my kids I can get them to listen better by not talking down to them, but talking to them at eyeball level" - Kevin Heath

"When we become too glib in prayer we are most surely talking to ourselves." - Aiden Wilson Tozer

"And what better way to get people talking than by creating a new word." - Stephen Amell

"You're talking about meaning. I want to talk about the picture." - Garry Winogrand

"A cheerleader? Do I look like a guy who'd be interested in talking to a cheerleader?" - Carrie Jones

"We need to start talking about child-rearing in the workplace." - Sheryl Sandberg

"I usually can be more honest writing songs than actually talking to people." - Joshua Radin

"When people give advice, they're really just talking to themselves in the past." - Austin Kleon

"Look out for the people who allow you to do all the talking." - Kin Hubbard

"If this was my instinct talking, I didn't want to hear what it was saying." - Sarah Dessen

"Everyone striving to be witty and sought-after, everyone talking and no one listening..." - Lisa Kleypas

"It's dark already and I'm out here again, talking, telling the story to the quiet night." - Tim Winton



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