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Talking To God Quotes


"Talking to God was damned good business." - Victor Villasenor

"If prayer is you talking to God, then intuition is God talking to you." - Wayne Dyer

"Only God knows You're talking to him now." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

"Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"It once occured to me that literature - all art really - is either talking to people about God, or talking to God about people." - Paul Quarrington

"To be friends with God means to pray with simplicity, like children talking to their parents." - Pope Francis

"I spent most of my time talking to God more than to people." - Elie Wiesel

"God, you are a big, ghoulish woman. I'm talking to you, Carrot Top." - Greg Giraldo

"You start talking about God and a lot of people are going to become very defensive." - Ron Perlman

"God has blessed me with the capacity to meditate even while I am talking." - Sri Chinmoy

"In our prayers, we talk to God, in our Bible study, God talks to us, and we had better let God do most of the talking." - Dwight L Moody

"Question: How do you know you're God? Answer: Simple. When I pray to him, I find I'm talking to myself." - Peter O'Toole

"My God, I pray better to you by breathing. I pray better to you by walking than by talking." - Thomas Merton

"Start calling yourself healed, happy, whole, blessed, and prosperous. Stop talking to God about how big your mountains are, and start talking to your mountains about how big your God is!" - Joel Osteen

"I had this idea that the coolest thing that could happen to you was talking with God." - Patti Smith

"If the restoration did anything it shattered the age-old myth that God has stopped talking to his children." - Russell M Nelson

"The fear is that talking back, that engaging at all, is to open the door for god-knows-what." - Rose Mcgowan

"When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself." - Peter Otoole

"When did I realize I was God? Well, I was praying and I suddenly realized I was talking to myself." - Peter O'Toole

"Prayer is simply talking to God like a friend and should be the easiest thing we do each day." - Joyce Meyer

"I've taught a lot about prayer over the years and how it is really just talking to God." - Joyce Meyer

"Like a mirror, God appears to be more and more a reflection of whoever it is that happens to be talking about God at the moment." - Rob Bell

"They say, "God told me", or "God replied to me". And yet most of the time they are talking to themselves." - John of the Cross

"My father was always talking about God, and I idolized my father, so I'd spend hours trying to have mental telepathy with God." - Patti Smith

"God is a talking God, and thus you must come to wrestle with him. You must wrestle with what he said." - D A Carson

"When I talk about God, I'm not necessarily talking about religion. To me, God is the energy and light that each of us carries." - Juanes

"Talking to men for God is a great thing, but talking to God for men is greater still. He will never talk well and with real success to men for God who has not learned well how to talk to God for men." - Edward Mckendree Bounds

"Doing leads more surely to talking than talking to doing." - Bill Vaughan

"Doing leads more surely to talking than talking to doing." - Vance Havner

"Prayer is an earnest and familiar talking with God." - John Knox

"I enjoy talking to fans." - Douglas Wilson

"I do like talking with friends about big concepts, you know, the stuff that will ruin a party. To me, the party hasn't begun until we're talking about the nonexistence of God." - James Mercer

"I have a spiritual advisor I call up, when I just feel lost. Lately, I've been talking to God. I developed this dialogue in rehab, this dialogue with God, and every day I talk to God." - Andy Dick

"If we are to be just like Jesus, we must have regular time of talking to God and listening to his Word." - Max Lucado

"We think when God speaks to us, there's going to be a boom out of Heaven or we're going to get some chill bumps, but I really believe God's talking to us all the time. He's talking to us right in here. I call it our heart, our conscience, but it's the Holy Spirit talking to us." - Joel Osteen

"It's kind of spooky when you are caught talking to God everybody thinks you're nuts. They used to call you a prophet." - Paul Zindel

"Prayer begins by talking to God, but it ends by listening to Him. In the face of Absolute Truth, silence is the soul's language." - Fulton J Sheen

"Can a secular artist be used as a vessel to bring souls to Christ? Of course... this is God we are talking about!" - Monica Johnson

"Do not talk about the soul, heaven, or God. Talking about something that is not yet a reality for you amounts to falsehood." - Jaggi Vasudev

"When I pray, I'm just talking to what some people might call our higher selves: God, myself, my intuition, my heart. Whatever that is, that's where I go." - Alanis Morissette

"Daddy, I'm always in prayer because part of my brain, through the Holy Spirit, is in constant communication with Heaven [God]. My mouth is for talking to people." - Kevin Malarkey

"Talking to God should be part of every aspect of life, in times of peace as well as in every battle." - Stormie Omartian

"I feel that if Jacques Pepin shows you how to make an omelet, the matter is pretty much settled. That's God talking." - Anthony Bourdain

"I just believe if you don't believe in God, then where is your moral barometer? That's just me talking. You can believe what you want to believe." - Steve Harvey

"The truth is, somebody is always talking about you, so you have to let it go... if it's not a part of your God-given destiny." - Joel Osteen

"I'm trying to make God more relevant in our society. And I think talking in everyday terms and making sure people can understand it - I think that's important." - Joel Osteen

"If Christianity should happen to be true - that is to say, if its God is the real God of the universe - then defending it may mean talking about anything and everything." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Through selfless work, love of God grows in the heart. Then through his grace one realize him in course of time. God can be seen. One can talk to him as I am talking to you." - Ramakrishna

"When Christians say God has been talking to them about something, it simply means they have a strong inner conviction or feeling that God has made His will known to them." - Billy Graham

"John Coltrane, he talks to god. He starts playing his solo, he might play for 14 minutes. For 14 minutes, it seems like he's talking to god, but he always takes a hold of the melody." - Patti Smith

"There comes a moment when you must quit talking to God about the mountain in your life and start talking to the mountain about your God. You proclaim His power. You declare His sovereignty. You affirm His faithfulness. You stand on His Word. You cling to His promises." - Mark Batterson

"Sometimes at night, when I wake up real late, I can hear my dad talking to God. He whispers, but I still hear him. I even hear him crying sometimes, when God says something sad." - Jeff Lemire

"Let's not be naive, we're not talking about a simple political battle; it is a destructive pretension against the plan of God. We are not talking about a mere bill, but rather a machination of the Father of Lies that seeks to confuse and deceive the children of God." - Pope Francis

"If you want to change people by talking about God, then there is only one way: instead of teaching God, you must live God. Because: "teaching" God is unthinkable in any other way than the way you would teach love or poetry. You teach love only through love, poetry only through writing poetry, faith in God only through a contagious way of trusting." - Eugen Drewermann

"You talking to me? You talking to me? Then who the hell else are you talking to - you talking to me? Well, I'm the only one here." - Robert De Niro

"Thinking is the soul talking to itself." - Plato

"I got fined for talking to myself." - Stephen Jackson

"Literature is humanity talking to itself." - Norman Rush

"By myself walking, To myself talking." - Charles Lamb

"Yes, talking to people makes me sleepy." - Fernando Pessoa

"You are talking to dead men here." - Friedrich Paulus

"I'm used to people talking about me." - Lance Bass

"I don't like talking to celebrities." - Lady Gaga

"No talking. Talking doesn't play football, talking isn't going to make you practice harder or play harder." - Ken Simonton

"We belong to talking, not what talking is about... Stop talking - and you are out. Silence equals exclusion." - Zygmunt Bauman

"You can refer to god and you are really just talking about nature. If you are going to say the universe is god, then everything is god, everything is religion. But when we explore traditional religion we are talking about humanistic gods people pray to, that they think can intervene in their lives, who run sort of a heaven-and-hell operation for the afterworld." - Bill Maher

"What you find I think in the mystical strain of Catholicism is that you're put in relationship with God, and you have many opportunities not only of talking with God in petitionary prayer, but also of listening to God, being attentive to God, as happens in contemplation." - Kevin Hart

"We're talking about the Olympics. We're talking about trying to win the gold medal. All of these things can be overwhelming. But regardless of whether I win a gold medal or never compete again, I just have to trust that God has a plan for my life and I'm called to be His representative through the sport and outside of the sport." - Elana Meyers

"Everything good or true that the angels inspire in us is God's, so God is constantly talking to us. He talks very differently, though, to one person than to another." - Emanuel Swedenborg

"Yasha spent his Sabbath talking and smoking cigarettes among musicians. To the earnest moralists who attempted to get him to change his ways, he would always answer: When were you in heaven, and what did God look like?" - Isaac Bashevis Singer

"Talking to god and coming back because that's what we have to do. That's your responsibility as a director, as an artist, as a performer. Your responsibility is back again to your people." - Patti Smith

"Talking to Yogi Berra about baseball is like talking to Homer about the Gods." - A Bartlett Giamatti

"This isn't CM Punk talking to Triple H, this is Phil Brooks talking to Paul Levesque" - CM Punk

"A psychiatrists is the next man you start talking to after you start talking to yourself." - Fred Allen

"Talking to your hairdresser is almost like talking to your therapist," - Andie Macdowell

"The next best thing to talking to her is talking about her." - Graham Greene

"Sometimes talking to you is like talking to myself: pretty damned annoying." - Richelle Mead

"Talking to yourself is a sign of madness. Talking to yourself, dead, is class.' - c. 12" - Tom Holt

"When I'm talking to a large audience, I imagine that I'm talking to a single person." - Red Barber

"I hated Ali. God might not like me talking that way, but its in my heart." - Joe Frazier

"Theology is that discipline whereby we stop talking nonsense about God." - Herbert McCabe

"Prayer is talking with God about what we are doing together." - Dallas Willard

"Liver is my number one most hated food. Oh, God, I get sick talking about it!" - Guy Fieri

"I hated Ali. God might not like me talking that way, but it's in my heart." - Joe Frazier

"God-fearing people, once they're saved from their sins, they don't mind talking about it." - Phil Robertson

"What is it about actors? God knows I get bored with actors talking about themselves." - Alan Rickman

"Often times God wants us to sit before Him in quietness. He doesn't want us to do all the talking. As Is. 30:15 says "In quiet and confidence will be your strength."" - Charles Stanley

"A designer can mull over complicated designs for months. Then suddenly the simple, elegant, beautiful solution occurs to him. When it happens to you, it feels as if God is talking! And maybe He is." - Leo Frankowski

"Some of my students have had really bad experiences with religion. They moved away from talking to God. For a lot of people, angels are a gentle route back to the Creator." - Doreen Virtue

"The imagination enlarges little objects so as to fill our souls with a fantastic estimate; and, with rash insolence, it belittles the great to its own measure, as when talking of God." - Blaise Pascal

"They're talking about a movie I don't want to hold to that because in this business you can talk about things for years before they get done - god knows if the financing would happen." - Caroline Dhavernas

"God doesn't seem to talk to people like he used to. Who's he talking to now? I don't know. Then I'm walking down the street in Manhattan one day, and I realize maybe it's those guys you see walking down the street talking to themselves. You know, those guys that are like, 'I can't! No, I can't!' Maybe the other side of that conversation is God going, 'You're the new leader.' 'No I can't!' They're not crazy - they're reluctant prophets." - Marc Maron

"For me at this time in my life I recognize that everything is about moving closer to that which is God. And without a full, spiritual center - and I am not talking about religion, I am talking about without understanding the fullness from which you've come you can't really fulfill your supreme moment of destiny...." - Oprah Winfrey

"To me, the moment you're talking about nonfiction you're talking about reality." - David Shields

"We must never underestimate our power to be wrong when talking about God, when thinking about God, when imagining God, whether in prose or in poetry. A generous orthodoxy, in contrast to the tense, narrow, or controlling orthodoxies of so much of Christian history, doesn't take itself too seriously. It is humble. It doesn't claim too much. It admits it walks with a limp." - Brian D. McLaren

"Sam Harris made that great analogy. He said, 'If someone was talking into their hair dryer and claiming that they were speaking to God, they would call Bellevue. But, take away the hair dryer, it's just praying.'" - Bill Maher

"Man stands in materialism; you and I are materialists. Our talking about God and Spirit is good; but it is simply the vogue in our society to talk thus: we have learnt it parrot-like and repeat it." - Swami Vivekananda

"It's like someone who prays every night saying God's a good listener. Just because you're talking to us doesn't mean we're listening. With me and God, you never really know." - Paul Neilan

"It is hard to stay focused with so much swirling around me. God is distracting. He never stops talking, and I can never stop listening. There is a reason we sleep." - N.D. Wilson

"A good old man, sir; he will be talking. As they say, When the age is in, the wit is out. God help us! it is a world to see!" - William Shakespeare

"It's like someone who prays every night saying God's a good listener. Just because you're talking to us does' mean we"re listening. With me and God, you never really know." - Paul Neilan

"When we say, 'One nation under God, with liberty and justice for all', we are talking about all people. We either ought to believe it or quit saying it ." - Hubert H Humphrey

"As much wrong as I did in life and as many people as I hurt, I can say that God never stopped talking to me. I just stopped listening." - Sam Childers

"You see, when we talk about perfect trust, we're talking about what gives us roots, character, the stability to handle the hard times. Trusting God doesn't alter our circumstances. Perfect trust in Him changes us." - Charles R Swindoll

"I'm probably at my least religious I've ever been in a while. When you're moved by music, that's always good. But I haven't been talking to God too much lately." - Stone Gossard

"When you work with Ray Charles, Billy Eckstine and Frank Sinatra, and you tell them to jump without a net, you better know what you're talking about. Thank God I was ready for it." - Quincy Jones

"I had tried, as I thought as a nun, to open myself to God and God seemed totally uninterested in me. The heavens remained closed and opaque. I now realize, of course, that I had a very, very inadequate idea of God. I was expecting clouds to part, a little sort of whisper in my ear, and of course, that's not what God is. God is not another being; we are talking about something much more profound." - Karen Armstrong

"The Bible itself does not seem too bothered by the idea that talking of God suffering might in any way diminish God, or detract from his perfection. On the contrary, the Bible seems to revel in the richness of describing God in ways that reflect our own human realities." - Christopher J. H. Wright

"God created the world; the laws of nature were created by God. True science tries to find out what God put in the world. The trouble is where scientists speculate about theology and they don't know what they're talking about because they weren't there. They can't speculate about the origins of life because they weren't there." - Pat Robertson

"Go to the phone, dial the number on the screen as fast as you can. Give $50 dollars a month for 10 months, God will do a now miracle...Wooo! I feel the Holy Spirit...We are not talking hocus pocus, this is a word from God...I have come to Dallas and Daystar with a word from God...God is speaking to people to give $5,000." - Steve Munsey

"And there is something profoundly humbling about knowing God. I'm not talking about the trinket God or the genie-in-a-lamp God. I mean the God who invented the tree in my front yard, the beauty of my sweetheart, the taste of a blueberry, the violence of a river at flood. There are a lot of religious trends that would have us controlling God, telling us that if we do this that and the other, God will jump through our hoops like a monkey. But this other God, this real God, is awesome and strong, all-encompassing and passionate, and for reasons I will never understand, he wants to father us." - Donald Miller

"And there is something profoundly humbling about knowing God. I'm not talking about the trinket God or the genie-in-a-lamp God. I mean the God who invented the tree in my front yard, the beauty of my sweetheart, the taste of a blueberry, the violence of a river at flood. There are a lot of religious trends that would have us controlling God, telling us that if we do this that and the other, God will jump through our hoops like a monkey. But this other God, this real God, is awesome and strong, all-encompassing and passionate, and for reasons I will never understand, he wants to father us." - Donald Miller

"I don't know whether God exists or not. ... Some forms of atheism are arrogant and ignorant and should be rejected, but agnosticism-to admit that we don't know and to search-is all right. ... When I look at what I call the gift of life, I feel a gratitude which is in tune with some religious ideas of God. However, the moment I even speak of it, I am embarrassed that I may do something wrong to God in talking about God." - Karl Popper

"I began to hear what I was being taught about God, by the priest and my parish, and my exterior teaching did not coincide, did not match up, with my interior reality. And as they were teaching me about that God I was thinking: Who are they talking about? This was not how I experienced God. I gradually began to move away from the God of organized religion." - Neale Donald Walsch

"Talking to you is only thinking to myself - made easier." - Pearl Mary Teresa Craigie

"Songwriters tend to make records instead of talking to people." - Sharleen Spiteri

"Talk to people no one else is talking to." - Pete Cashmore

"Be content to act, and leave the talking to others." - Baltasar Gracian

"People ought to quit talking to the press." - Terry Mcauliffe

"Perhaps we should stop talking about being faithful to have a quiet time with God each day, as if we were doing something to earn a reward. It would be better to talk about the privilege of spending time with the God of the universe and the importance for our own sake of being consistent in that practice." - Jerry Bridges

"Stop for a minute and think about how you typically interact with God. If prayer time is dominated by your own talking, some adjustments may be in order. Just as the Lord spoke to David, God also has many things to say to you, if you'll simply let Him speak." - Charles Stanley

"The president of the United States has claimed, on more than one occasion, to be in dialogue with God. If he said that he was talking to God through his hairdryer, this would precipitate a national emergency. I fail to see how the addition of a hairdryer makes the claim more ridiculous or offensive." - Sam Harris

"Some people keep God in a Sunday morning box and say, 'Hey, I did my religious duty.' That's fine, but the scripture says to pray without ceasing. And I think that means all through the day you're talking to God. Even if it's in your thoughts." - Joel Osteen

"If someone says no, you're talking to the wrong person." - Kris Jenner

"Talking jaw is better than going to war." - Lord Randolph Churchill

"Sometimes, you like to let the hair do the talking!" - James Brown

"Enough of talking. It is time now to do." - Tony Blair

"Talking about my fears to others feeds it." - Sylvia Plath

"Thinking is only a process of talking to yourself." - Anonymous

"Never talking to strangers. Saying nasty things about the neighbors." - Paulo Coelho

"I will not go down to posterity talking bad grammar." - Benjamin Disraeli

"Your talking to someone who really understands rock music." - Tipper Gore

"People love to talk, so let them have fun talking," - Catherine Hardwicke

"There is more to talking than just words." - Humphrey Bogart

"I like to let my racket do the talking." - Rod Laver

"If I wasn't talking, I wouldn't know what to say." - Chico Resch

"I dont' like talking to horses because they are naysayers" - Pat Sajak

"I can't spend my whole day talking to people." - Salvador Allende

"I'm talking about living life to its fullest." - George W Bush

"Talking is good. Conversations have to be forever." - Michelle Obama

"We all know who Donald Trump's talking to." - George Packer

"I spend a lot of time talking to journalists." - Ai Weiwei

"Talking to him was like playing upon an exquisite violin." - Oscar Wilde

"Language develops by interacting with other people talking to you." - Jean Berko Gleason

"First sign of madness, talking to your own head." - J K Rowling

"I write to find out what I'm talking about." - Edward Albee

"Players shy away from talking to announcers today." - Al Kaline

"I'd much rather be playing songs than talking to people." - Ray Lamontagne

"There's nothing like sitting back and talking to your cows." - Russell Crowe

"You're talking to someone who really understands rock music." - Tipper Gore



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