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Talking Dirty Quotes


"He was so. So dirty, and just moving in front of me, and cute. I was in love with him, especially because he was talking to me." - James Franco

"In this time of recession, it is the time for invention. Did you know both the telephone and the automobile were invented during recessions? So was 'talking dirty.'" - Eugene Mirman

"I don't know how to change the world but I know if I keep talking about how dirty it is out here, somebody gon clean it up." - Tupac Shakur

"The jokes were perfect! Then George Carlin started talking about the seven dirty words you can't say on television, then it evolved into social commentary." - Jay Mohr

"Hello, cell. How are you? Still dank and dirty? Me? I've taken up a new habit: talking to my cell. It's like talking to myself but slightly more pathetic." - Brandon Mull

"Doing leads more surely to talking than talking to doing." - Bill Vaughan

"I love talking about taxes." - Michael Arrington

"I love talking about myself." - Lara Flynn Boyle

"I'm like America " he said. Stephanie swung around to look at him unnerved. "What are you talking about " she said. "Are you off your meds " "Our hands are dirty " Jules said." - Jennifer Egan

"I'm like America " he said. Stephanie swung around to look at him unnerved. "What are you talking about " she said. "Are you off your meds " "Our hands are dirty " Jules said." - Jennifer Egan

"Growing up in a small Alaska town, domestic violence was that dirty little secret nobody talked about. We must start talking about it. For too long, we have been providing protection to the wrong people." - Lisa Murkowski

"I do most of my business on that dirty Internet that you were just talking about, where I find there is a lot of freedom to report exactly what I want." - Matt Drudge

"Never throw mud. You may miss your mark; but you must have dirty hands." - Joseph Parker

"Because I'm a doctor, I know when you have an injury it will heal if it's clean enough to heal; if your injury is dirty, it won't heal. And so when you are talking in societies, we are also talking in healing processes, and for a good healing process, you need to make things right." - Michelle Bachelet

"American freedom consists largely in talking nonsense." - E W Howe

"Keep talking, someday you'll say something intelligent." - Jane Wagner

"By myself walking, To myself talking." - Charles Lamb

"You are talking to dead men here." - Friedrich Paulus

"I'm much more comfortable singing than talking." - Kenny Rogers

"I do my talking inside the Octagon." - Benson Henderson

"Actors talking about themselves. Nothing better!" - Megan Mullally

"There are no dirty words, only dirty minds." - Lenny Bruce

"If they play dirty, then you play dirty." - Lawrence Taylor

"You think sex is dirty. You have a dirty mind." - Christopher Pike

"Talking to Yogi Berra about baseball is like talking to Homer about the Gods." - A Bartlett Giamatti

"Instead of talking yourself out of your future start talking yourself into it." - Joel Osteen

"talking too much is a far greater social fault than talking too little." - Eleanor Roosevelt

"We're talking about the chemical lobotomy. We're talking about the chemical straightjacketing of our children." - Michael Savage

"We're not talking about dead people, we're talking about the aliens; of their ghosts!" - George Noory

"It's dangerous talking about yourself too much because you find yourself talking in sound bites." - Emily Mortimer

"I just love getting dirty." - Robin Wright Penn

"psychiatry is a dirty mirror ..." - Anne Sexton

"When I think about political races, and certain consultants, the word that comes to mind is dirty. Dirty, dirty, DIRTY!" - Angela Alioto

"Validation is a dirty high." - Owen Cook (RSD Tyler)

"Water....I'm thirsty not dirty." - David Eddings

"You dirty, double-crossing rat." - James Cagney

"I just love getting dirty." - Robin Wright

"I never did a dirty armpit. You can look dirty, but you can't be dirty." - Kate Moss

"I know a lot of people have a hard time talking dirty - they dont know what to say, how to start, or when to end it. Also, at first they will think they sound ridiculous. And they might. But let me just say that talking dirty is so important in sex. And its pretty easy. To wit: Establish from the very beginning that you like this. And trust me, you want to do it early on. Because if you wait too long to introduce the concept, your Special Lady Friend will be a little thrown and might not take you seriously." - Olivia Munn

"I think one of the dirty little secrets that I try to reveal here is that Washington is not hopelessly divided. It's very interconnected. We're talking about people sort of feeding from the same insider trough, where if you are known as an insider, you are going to get paid and do very, very, very well." - Mark Leibovich

"It's funny; it's a real balancing act. In TV, everybody's talking about authenticity. In order to make 'Dirty Jobs' authentic, I really can't be overly informed. The minute I am, I become a host It's a very tricky business paying a tribute to work, because TV is very bad at it." - Mike Rowe

"you can tell a true war story if it embarrasses you. If you don't care for obscenity, you don't care for the truth; if you don't care for the truth, watch how you vote. Send guys to war, they come home talking dirty." - Tim O'Brien

"It's funny; it's a real balancing act. In TV, everybody's talking about authenticity. In order to make 'Dirty Jobs' authentic, I really can't be overly informed. The minute I am, I become a host... It's a very tricky business paying a tribute to work, because TV is very bad at it." - Mike Rowe

"You can draw inspiration from anything. If you're a good storyteller, you can take a dirty look somebody gives you, or if a guy you used to have flirtations with starts dating a new girl, or somebody you're casually talking to says something that makes you so mad - you can create an entire scenario around that." - Taylor Swift

"You know, compromise can't be a dirty word in American politics. There's plenty to argue about. Trump administration is still talking about ridiculous tax cuts for the wealthiest of the wealthy. That should be resisted with every fiber of our being." - Hillary Clinton

"Nothing is more cheerful than talking about our friends' shortcomings." - Mason Cooley

"claire:Now shane was talking sense?Wow was it opposite day?" - Rachel Caine

"The second greatest pleasure after love is talking about it." - Louise Labe

"The food you eat today is walking and talking tomorrow." - Jack Lalanne

"Talking about my fears to others feeds it." - Sylvia Plath

"Thinking is only a process of talking to yourself." - Anonymous

"No sense in talking tough unless you do it." - Helena Maria Viramontes

"Your talking to someone who really understands rock music." - Tipper Gore

"Be fond of hearing rather than of talking." - Cleobulus

"We do more talking progress than we do progressing." - Will Rogers

"I was a walking, talking hunk of human poop," - Ted Nugent

"Let other people finish their sentences when they"re talking." - Randy Pausch

"You cannot have a diplomatic offensive without talking." - Jesse Jackson

"You're more powerful when talking from your soul." - Jane Fonda

"I can't spend my whole day talking to people." - Salvador Allende

"Style is a way of talking about yourself." - Robert Benton

"I've never been very good talking about myself." - Eva Green

"I love being funny and talking with fellas." - Eddie Jemison

"I'm talking about living life to its fullest." - George W Bush

"I spend a lot of time talking to journalists." - Ai Weiwei

"I like talking; I like playing with the audience." - Madonna Ciccone

"Language develops by interacting with other people talking to you." - Jean Berko Gleason

"I'm a walking, talking enigma. We're a dying breed." - Larry David

"Playing is my way of thinking, talking, communicating." - Lionel Hampton

"Players shy away from talking to announcers today." - Al Kaline

"No more talk. I'm sick of people talking. Train." - Masaaki Hatsumi

"Talking is always positive. That's why I talk too much." - Louis C K

"Everybody's talking trash these days, so why not keep quiet?" - Dennis Rodman

"We spend our lives talking about this mystery. Our life." - Jules Renard

"People ought to quit talking to the press." - Terry Mcauliffe

"I swear, talking to you is like talking to a really good-looking and mildly stupid brick wall." - Derek Landy

"I don't want anyone hacking us. And I'm not only talking about countries. I'm talking about anyone, period." - Donald Trump

"He stops rocking the cage. "Oh, come on, Callie. It won't be fun if we don't rock it. In fact, the more we rock it, the better it'll feel." His voice drops to a deep whisper. "We can rock it nice and slow or really, really fast."... "Do I have your permission to rock away and give you the ride of your life?" Why does it feel like he's secretly talking dirty to me? "Yeah, go ahead, rock it nice and hard," I say without thinking, then bite down on my lip as the dirty section of my brain catches up with me. Honestly, I didn't even know that side existed." - Jessica Sorensen

"I'll be as dirty as I please, and I like to be dirty, and I will be dirty!" - Emily Bronte

"Vivacity, leadership, must be had, and we are not allowed to be nice in choosing. We must fetch the pump with dirty water, if clean cannot be had." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

"Street fights are unpredictable, dirty fights." - Imi Lichtenfeld

"It gave dirty politics a bad name." - Bob Hope

"[The] public path of life Is dirty." - Edward Young

"Risk is not a dirty word." - Walter Wriston

"Good sex can be anything, including dirty." - Volkmar Sigusch

"There's two kinds of dirty - dirty and sewer-dirty. Danny Ferry is sewer-dirty and has been ever since he was at Duke." - Shaquille O'Neal

"Chemistry is the dirty part of physics." - Johann Philipp Reis

"The aristocrats and bureaucrats are dirty rats." - Ray Davies

"London, dirty little pool of life" - Behramji Malabari

"I never said, 'MMMmmm, you dirty rat!" - James Cagney

"Honesty can be a dirty gift." - Colin Cotterill

"A dirty book is rarely dusty." - Anonymous

"I hate a man who looks dirty." - Carmen Dellorefice

"People can be so heartless and dirty." - Jim Goad

"I love being grungy and dirty." - Richard Armitage

"I love being grungy and dirty." - Richard C Armitage

"There are rough players and there are dirty players. I'm rough and dirty." - Stan Mikita

"If it's dirty, it's not funny, but if it's funny, it's not dirty." - Buddy Hackett

"How I feel is cheap and used, dirty and humiliated. Dirty and tricked and thrown away." - Chuck Palahniuk

"The trouble with quick and dirty is that dirty remains long after quick has been forgotten." - Steve Mcconnell

"Around comics, I've always been known for, oh, that's not dirty, this is dirty." - Bob Saget

"The president has said Republicans want dirty air and dirty water." - Sean Hannity

"Talking to you is like - like talking to an eel!" "No, is it? I've never tried to talk to an eel. Isn't it as waste of time?" "Not such a waste of time as talking to you!" - Georgette Heyer

"[Hillary Clinton] is talking about sequester. She's talking about defense spending freezes. He's talking about releasing this sequester, increasing defense spending, increasing the military, increasing our footprint in the world." - Eric Bolling

"If you came into the theater believing in the talking snake, it's kind of hard to leave the theater still believing in the talking snake." - Bill Maher

"They're talking about partial nuclear disarmament, which is also like talking about partial circumcision - you either go all the way or forget it." - Robin Williams

"As far as the Internet is concerned, we're not talking about closing the Internet. I'm talking about parts of Syria, parts of Iraq, where ISIS is, spotting it." - Donald Trump

"And nobody is talking about taking guns away from hunters or sportsmen or banning all guns. Nobody is talking about that." - Al Gore

"Many Americans have never owned a book, and I'm not talking about because of the recent digital revolution. I'm talking about before there even was a digital revolution." - James W. Loewen

"Getting inequality out there into the consciousness was important. All these political pundits now talking about the 2014 and 2016 elections are talking about inequality." - Edward Snowden

"I don't mind talking about acting. I don't have anything interesting to say about it, but it's interesting talking about it." - Paul Giamatti

"People have been talking about competition among insurers, and what they really need to be talking about is competition in the delivery of health care as well." - Angela Braly

"See, Barack been, um, talking down to black people on this faith-based... I want to cut his nuts off. Barack, he's talking down to black people." - Jesse Jackson

"You see people on the street, talking to themselves, and you're like, 'What are they talking about?' I'm interested in that." - Silas Weir Mitchell

"Self-promotion has never been a point, and I'm incredibly inept at self-promotion. Talking about myself is a little less inspiring than talking about the character." - Jeremy Davies

"I walk into the kitchen, look at the typer down there on the floor. It's a dirty floor. It's a dirty typer that types dirty stories" - Charles Bukowski

"If the waitress has dirty ankles, the chili is good." - Al Mcguire

"We should wash our dirty linen at home." - Napoleon Bonaparte

"Take heed of foul dirty wayes, and long sicknesse." - George Herbert

"Airing one's dirty linen never makes for a masterpiece." - Francois Truffaut

"Reading Proust is like bathing in someone else's dirty water." - Alexander Woollcott

"Dirty pony, I can't wait to hose you down." - Lady Gaga

"Don't let anybody walk trough your mind with dirty feet." - Mahatma Gandhi

". . .nothing could eclipse the stain of his dirty, mortal mediocrity." - Madeline Miller

"History at its best is a gritty, dirty business." - Sara Sheridan

"A dirty mind is a rich inner resource." - Mason Cooley

"Dirty old men, ignoring society, continue to follow nature." - Mason Cooley

"Busy is an opportunity, not a dirty word." - Joan Z. Borysenko

"Data quality is corporate America's dirty little secret." - Paul Gillin

"This shirt is dry-clean only...which means it's dirty." - Mitch Hedberg

"There is this concept of politics as a dirty game." - Georgios A. Papandreou

"Mathematics is a collection of cheap tricks and dirty jokes." - Lipman Bers

"Real' is a dirty word in this place." - Lauren Destefano

"I didn't know dirty words could be done that artfully." - Peter Cook

"People fight for their regulars. It gets dirty sometimes." - Anthony Mackie

"Nobody feels like an adult. It's the world's dirty secret." - Richard Jenkins

"The dirty nurse, Experience, in her kind Hath fouled me." - Alfred Lord Tennyson

"Real" is a dirty word in this place." - Lauren Destefano

"If you're dirty, what in this world isn't?!" - Fuyumi Soryo

"do you ever have dirty thoughts about spongebob?" - James Patterson

"It is possible to be clean in a dirty world." - Sheri L Dew

"Liaison usually involving two people and their dirty dishes." - Richard Summerbell

"Is sex dirty? Only when it's being done right." - Woody Allen

"Is sex dirty? Only if it's done right." - Woody Allen

"Those who think clean thoughts do not do dirty deeds." - Ezra Taft Benson

"It's a dirty job being ridiculous, but I'll do it" - Cher

"I love bawdy humor, but not dirty humor." - Betty White

"Don't call people names you dirty name caller you." - Roseanne Barr

"I do have a dirty sense of humor." - Josh Gad

"Sex is only dirty when you do it right." - Ted Bundy



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