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Tales Quotes


"Fairy-tales are nice." - Syd Barrett

"Sure, I love fairy tales." - Maynard James Keenan

"Dead men tell no tales." - John Dryden

"Dead men tell no tales." - Haniel Long

"Tell tales out of school." - John Heywood

"I wished that, for once, faery tales - real faery tales, not Disney fairy tales - would have a happy ending." - Julie Kagawa

"Fairy tales are more than true ..." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"How easy it is to tell tales!" - Denis Diderot

"Philosophy is the opposite of fairy tales" - Jostein Gaarder

"Science Fiction: fairy tales for nerds." - Richard Bayan

"We have been poisoned by fairy tales." - Anais Nin

"Idle man, chases after fairy tales..." - Rumi

"Never tell tales out of school." - Proverbs

"All great novels are great fairy tales." - Vladimir Nabokov

"Don't ask questions of fairy tales." - Saying

"Dead men tell no tales, Mary." - Daphne Du Maurier

"Tales of heroes end in bliss." - Tanith Lee

"Cautionary tales were fantastic in the '70s." - Alfonso Cuaron

"Boys like romantic tales; but babies like realistic tales-because they find them romantic." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Boys like romantic tales; but babies like realistic tales - because they find them romantic." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Religions are the great fairy tales of conscience." - George Santayana

"I want to talk about political and economic fairy tales." - Ronald Reagan

"Spring blossoms are fairy tales, autumn leaves are tragic dramas." - Mehmet Murat Ildan

"Remember all fairy tales end at some point." - Melissa De La Cruz

"Tales of adultery are much improved by period costumes." - Mason Cooley

"Once upon a time, fairy tales were AWESOME!" - Adam Gidwitz

"Even nightingales ca' be fed on fairy tales." - Ivan Turgenev

"The sahara desert the Rapunzel the charity the gifted tales." - Marissa Meyer

"He tells old wives' tales much to the point." - Horace

"Dead women tell no tales. Sad men write them down." - Daniel Handler

"American cinema is international like the fairy tales were international." - Bertrand Tavernier

"I'll be left writing picture books and fairy tales" - Carol Ann Duffy

"The dead have need of fairy tales too." - Zbigniew Herbert

"Novels are to love as fairy tales to dreams." - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

"It is tedious to tell again tales already plainly told." - Homer

"Comic books to me are fairy tales for grown-ups." - Stan Lee

"But wishes are only granted in fairy tales." - Simone Elkeles

"Tales From Topographic Oceans is like a woman's padded bra," - Rick Wakeman

"Many forgotten things live still in children's tales." - Alison Croggon

"Even nightingales can't be fed on fairy tales." - Ivan Turgenev

"I love fairy tales and feel very affected by them." - Alice Hoffman

"Don't judge a man by the tales of others." - George Gurdjieff

"If ancient tales say true, nor wrong these holy men." - Lord Byron

"Erections, Ejaculations,Exhibitions and General Tales of Ordinary Madness." - Charles Bukowski

"I know little of women. But I've heard dread tales." - Harold Pinter

"Gifts fall from heaven only in fairy tales." - Walter Ulbricht

"I'm not writing fairy tales or object lessons." - Junot Diaz

"I'll be left writing picture books and fairy tales." - Carol Ann Duffy

"Fairy tales are really violent, the original ones." - Jane Levy

"I was a Nancy Drew girl. Also Grimms' fairy tales." - Sue Monk Kidd

"Fairy tales and folk tales have always played a role in my writing in one way or another." - Linn Ullmann

"When fairy tales are written in the west, they're known as folklore. In the east, fairy tales are called religions." - Paul Henderson

"I think almost everybody enjoyed fairy tales when they were young, tales of witches and ogres and monsters and dragons and so forth. You get a little bit older, you can't read fairy tales any more." - Stan Lee

"My grandmother was born in 1900, and she would regale me with tales I call 'Little House on the Prairie' tales, but they were tales of segregated and racist America growing up in Alabama and Mississippi, where she came from." - David Alan Grier

"Every kid loves fairy tales, stories of witches and giants and magicians. Then, when you get a little older you can't read fairy tales anymore." - Stan Lee

"Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Do you believe in fairy tales?" "What...what kind of fairy tales?" "The kind you aren't supposed to waste your life on." - Richelle Mead

"Fairy tales are my natural language. I feel at ease telling fairy tales like a fish feels in water. I am totally free." - Michel Ocelot

"If you want to make your children brilliant, tell them fairy tales. If you want to make them more brilliant, tell them more fairy tales." - Albert Einstein

"Fantasy is, I believe, the great nourisher of imagination. To paraphrase Einstein on how to develop intelligence in young people: Read fairy tales. Then read more fairy tales." - Lloyd Alexander

"In kindergarten that used to be my job, to tell them fairytales. I liked Hans Christian Andersen, and the Grimm fairy tales, all the classic fairy tales." - Francis Ford Coppola

"I didn't like fairy tales when I was younger. I found a lot of fairy tales scary. They really didn't sit well with me." - Amanda Seyfried

"I also like the whole idea of fairy tales and folk tales being a woman's domain, considered a lesser domain at the time they were told." - Alice Hoffman

"If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." - Albert Einstein

"Is there anything more tedious than the often repeated tales of the old and forgetful?" - Charles Caleb Colton

"Dead men hear no tales; posthumous fame is an Irish bull." - Israel Zangwill

"The truest tales require time and familiarity to become what they are." - Erin Morgenstern

"Fairy tales only happen in movies." -George Melies from The Invention of Hugo Cabret" - Brian Selznick

"We read the weird tales in newspapers to crowd out the even weirder stuff inside us." - Alain De Botton

"We cling to our fairy tales until the price for believing in them becomes too high." - Ransom Riggs

"Fairy tales are experienced by their hearers and readers, not as realistic, but as symbolic poetry." - Max Luthi

"It is not children only that one feeds with fairy tales." - Gotthold Ephraim Lessing

"I have tales to tell, but I don't tell them. Discretion. Discretion." - Gregory Peck

"Shark Tales: How I turned $1,000 into a Billion Dollar Business" - Barbara Corcoran

"We no longer believe in fairy tales. But we will learn to believe in monsters" - Francesca Lia Block

"The Snow White the midnight the moon tales of the mechanics" - Marissa Meyer

"Examples draw where precept fails, and sermons are less read than tales." - Matthew Prior

"Of all tales 'tis the saddest - and more sad, Because it makes us smile." - Lord Byron

"So we'll live, And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh at gilded butterflies." - William Shakespeare

"Sharing tales of those we've lost is how we keep from really losing them." - Mitch Albom

"Be careful, boy. In some tales, the hero gets eaten by the monster after all ." - Julie Kagawa

"I don't believe in fairy tales, but I believe in you and me" - Natalia Kills

"The tales of our exploits will survive as long as the human voice itself," - Augustus

"I have to believe in fairy tales and I have to believe in love." - Taylor Swift

"I became a writer, a teller of tales, because otherwise I would have died... or worse." - Carlos Ruiz Zafon

"People populate the darkness; with ghosts, with gods, with electrons, with tales." - Neil Gaiman

"The tales we tell ourselves about ourselves makes us who we are." - Megan Mccafferty

"Ireland is where strange tales begin and happy endings are possible." - Charles Haughey

"Some fairy tales end with the girl marrying the prince... some start there." - Diane Von Furstenberg

"It's all a quilt of fairy tales with a patch here and there of truth." - Laini Taylor

"Fairy tales dont tell you that dragons are real, but that they can be defeated!" - Kate Dicamillo

"For my teachers, unfortunately, certain things were, as they are for you, only tales of power" - Carlos Castaneda

"Even modern wars are fought like revenge tales from some petty grievance." - Jay Roach

"I'm sure you can even find menage a trois in medieval tales." - Louis Garrel

"Until lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunters." - Proverbs

"Fairy tales can come true, It can happen to you If you're young at heart." - Carolyn Leigh

"Wise poets that wrapt Truth in tales, Knew her themselves through all her veils." - Thomas Carew

"Tell me the tales that to me were so dear, Long, long ago, long, long ago." - Thomas Haynes Bayly

"I first began to tell tales to delight the world and make it wiser..." - Karen Blixen

"Examples draw where precept fails, and sermons are less read than tales." - Matt Prior

"Nourishing a youth sublime With the fairy tales of science, and the long result of Time." - Alfred Tennyson

"Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter." - Proverbs

"Armchair warriors often fail - and we've been poisoned by these fairy tales" - Don Henley

"People have always told tales. Long before humanity learned to write and gradually became literate, everybody told tales to everybody else and everybody listened to everybody else's tales. Before long it became clear that some of the still illiterate storytellers told more and better tales than others, that is, they could make more people believe their lies." - Gunter Grass

"Sing Me no songs tell me no tales cry me no tears, but remember me kindly." - Danielle Steel

"Some day you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again." - C S Lewis

"Fairy tales and myths are forms of cultural storage for the natural history of life." - William Irwin Thompson

"Writing imaginative tales for the young is like sending coals to Newcastle. For coals." - Neil Gaiman

"Until the lion learns to speak, the tales of hunting will be weak." - K'naan

"I like being scared, so I've always liked fairy tales because they're kind of creepy." - Lana Parrilla

"Apparently I'm well-known for my stories, my raconteur tales, that sort of thing." - Rick Wakeman

"I liked Hans Christian Andersen because the tales were so dark and tragic." - Aimee Bender

"All the ancient classic fairy tales have always been scary and dark." - Helena Bonham Carter

"Look at Jane Austen. Her characters derive in a reasonably straight line from fairy tales." - Andrew Davies

"He who would tell divers tales must know how to vary the tune." - Marie De France

"People don't like the true and simple; they like fairy tales and humbug." - Edmond De Goncourt

"I don't know what to think about magic and fairy tales." - Richard Dawkins

"Well, Company of Wolves was about that literally, about fairy tales." - Neil Jordan

"But are not the dreams of poets and the tales of travellers notoriously false?" - H P Lovecraft

"As a reader, I tend not to get too much from tales of unrelenting grimness." - Greg Van Eekhout

"If you look at children's stories in fairy tales, they're pretty brutal." - Susanne Bier

"Thanks to nanny, I've got a deep understanding of Russian tales." - Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky

"Overnight Success Happens Only in Fairy Tales, Trashy Novels, and Bad Movies." - Ernie J Zelinski

"Of all tales 'tis the saddest-and more sad, Because it makes us smile." - Lord Byron

"Tell me the tales that to me were so dear, Long, long ago, long, long ago." - Thomas Haynes Bayly

"I found a lot of fairy tales scary. They really didn't sit well with me." - Amanda Seyfried

"Thanks to nanny, I've got a deep understanding of Russian tales." - Modest Mussorgsky

"Dragons and bridges are very much something out of fairy tales and fantasy." - John Howe

"I can tell you all kinds of moral tales, but fashion and reality are vaguely different." - Karl Lagerfeld

"And all over the world, the old literature, the popular literature, is the same. It consists of very dignified sorrow and very undignified fun. Its sad tales are of broken hearts; its happy tales are of broken heads." - Gilbert K Chesterton

"Don't the great tales never end?" "No, they never end as tales," said Frodo. "But the people in them come, and go when their part's ended. Our part will end later - or sooner." - J R R Tolkien

"Let children have tales of the imagination, scenes laid in other lands and other times; heroic adventures, hairbreadth escapes, delicious fairy tales, even where it is all impossible, and they know it, and yet they believe." - Charlotte Mason

"My inspiration is my life, what I see happening around me. It can be history and, quite often, plain traditional fairy tales. But I never adapt; I nourish myself with old stories, and then create my own tales." - Michel Ocelot

"All lives are tales. Some spread, and grow in the telling. Others are just told between us and the gods, muttered back and forth behind our days, but those tales grow too and shake us just as fierce." - Mark Lawrence

"And the people listened, and their faces were quiet with listening. The story tellers, gathering attention into their tales, spoke in great rhythms, spoke in great words because the tales were great, and the listeners became great through them." - John Steinbeck

"In college, I became interested in folk tales and fairy tales. Gradually I became more and more interested in the underlying meaning of it all and the possibility of the reality of real fairies." - Brian Froud

"Because the great thing about fairy tales and folk tales is that there is no authentic text. It's not like the text of Paradise Lost or James Joyce's Ulysses, and you have to adhere to that exact text." - Philip Pullman

"I loved fairy tales when I was a kid. Grimm. The grimmer the better. I loved gruesome gothic tales and, in that respect, I liked Bible stories, because to me they were very gothic." - Amy Tan

"I love the stories of changelings and the thought that the Fey were these ancient, capricious creatures who were tricky and dangerous. I've always preferred the Brothers Grimm faery tales to the Disney fairy tales." - Julie Kagawa

"What works about fairy tales is that they endure, and the great thing about fairy tales is that you can explore big, epic things that you can't really explore in other situations." - Gary Ross

"I think people should read fairy tales, because were hungry for a mythology that will speak to our fears." - Sandra Cisneros

"Unfortunately, unless the job description included a translation of the prologue of The Canterbury Tales, I was dreadfully under-qualified." - Rachel Vincent

"So there are different examples of fairy tales, and sometimes I believe in them and sometimes I don't." - Taylor Swift

"I like colorful tales with black beginnings and stormy middles and cloudless blue-sky endings. But any story will do." - Katherine Applegate

"All nations love the same jests and tales, Jews, Christians, and Mahometans, and the same translated suffice for all." - Henry David Thoreau

"Romance, in its earliest surviving form, was called 'erotika pathemata' by the Greeks - tales of erotic suffering." - Marina Warner

"I believe in the truth of fairy-tales more than I believe in the truth in the newspaper." - Lotte Reiniger

"Once I learned, I went online and ordered every romance novel I could find. They're fairy tales for grown-ups." - Gena Showalter

"A child gets moral notions from the fairy-tales he delights in, as do his elders from tale and verse." - Charlotte Mason

"With thee all tales are sweet; each clime has charms; earth - sea alike - our world within our arms." - Lord Byron



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