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Taking Stock Quotes


"Taking stock of what you own, when done correctly and thoroughly, helps dampen the urge to shop frivolously." - Nina Garcia

"Taking life seriously requires taking death seriously." - Studs Terkel

"Theories are private property, but truth is common stock." - Charles Caleb Colton

"Taking action births motivation." - Greg Smith

"Even after the greatest defeats, the depressing thought of being a failure is best combated by taking stock of all your past achievements." - Hans Selye

"I ended up writing songs by taking stock of all the different events in my life, but all those songs were bad." - Owen Pallett

"I took my mother-in-law to Madame Tussaud's Chamber of Horrors, and one of the attendants said: 'Keep her moving sir; we're stock-taking.'" - Les Dawson

"Large companies and government agencies have a lot to protect and therefore are not willing to take big risks. A large company taking a risk can threaten its stock price. A government agency taking a risk can threaten congressional investigation." - Peter Diamandis

"Taking something seriously is more useful than taking it personally." - Alan Robert Neal

"Faith is taking God seriously." - Derek Prince

"Iran is taking over Iraq." - Donald Trump

"Quicker by taking more time." - Proverbs

"We're just taking people and shifting them from taking photos anyway to taking them on Instagram." - Kevin Systrom

"Taking stock of 'Operation Iraqi Freedom' a decade later, the Financial Times concluded that the US won the war, Iran won the peace, and Turkey won the contracts. I can only agree." - Joschka Fischer

"You'll note that politicians no longer spend money, they invest it. Don't worry about paying more to the [IRS]. You aren't being taxed; you're taking a plunge on a fly-by-night stock issue." - P. J. O'Rourke

"I know many members of our community steer clear of Wall Street because of the perception that the stock market is risky, but I am convinced the biggest risk of all is not taking one." - Mellody Hobson

"Whenever you have the kind of market that is taking shape now - a wildly volatile one with big pricing discrepancies - it plays right into the hands of managers who are very focused on research and stock picking." - James Russell Lowell

"If your role is to mentor somebody, what you're essentially doing is taking stock of what you've learned, the mistakes you've made, the successes you've had, and you kind of coalesce them and then you translate them back out." - Gwyneth Paltrow

"I have started to think that the great, decisive moments that broadly govern our lives are far less conscious at the time than they seem later when we are reminiscing and taking stock." - Sandor Marai

"The Stock Market is designed to transfer money from the Active to the Patient." - Warren Buffett

"Christmas is a good time to take stock of our blessings." - Pat Boone

"Democracy doesn't require a whole lot of work of its citizens, but it requires some: It requires taking a good look outside once in a while, and considering the bad news and what it might mean, and making the occasional tough choice, and soberly taking stock of what your real interests are." - Matt Taibbi

"Love is giving everything and taking nothing" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"Abortion is the taking of a life." - Mary Calderone

"Autumn is full of leave-taking." - Mary Webb

"Thus we live, forever taking leave." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"There is no greatness without taking risks." - Suzanne Yoculan

"My country is taking over in tennis" - Yevgeny Kafelnikov

"I am not taking anything for granted." - Tim Kaine

"You can't run a without taking risks." - Pablo Picasso

"What do you say to taking chances?" - Celine Dion

"Necessity is the mother of taking chances." - Mark Twain

"Games are all about taking risks." - James Altucher

"I still have nightmares about taking tests." - Caitlyn Jenner

"I'm taking a vow not to advise." - Barbara Bush

"Just keep taking chances and having fun." - Garth Brooks

"I still have nightmares about taking tests." - Bruce Jenner

"The stock market is filled with individuals who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing." - Philip Arthur Fisher

"If you have trouble imagining a 20% loss in the stock market, you shouldn't be in stocks." - John C. Bogle

"The stock market is people." - Bernard Baruch

"I'm taking one for the team, Like Martin Luther King, taking one for a dream" - Method Man

"Taking out werewolves, I gather and surmise, is akin to taking out a SEAL team." - Patricia Briggs

"I realize now that taking drugs was like taking an aspirin without having a headache." - Paul Mccartney

"I love taking the ball from other people. It's like taking their manhood." - Josh Howard

"It's as if I'm taking away his pain and he's taking away mine." - Simone Elkeles

"The government is far more interested in taking, in regulated taking, than in promoting spontaneous generosity." - Edward Albee

"I resolve for 1920 to sit down all by myself and take a personal stock-taking once a month. To be no more charitable in viewing my own faults than I am an viewing the faults of others. To face the facts candidly and courageously. To address myself carefully, prayerfully, to remedying defects." - B C Forbes

"In taking stock of a politician, the first question is not whether he was a good man who used righteous means, but whether he was successful in gaining power, in keeping it, and in governing; whether, in short, he was skilful at his particular craft or a bungler." - Frederick Scott Oliver

"America does not concern itself now with Impressionism. We own no involved philosophy. The psyche of the land is to be found in its movement. It is to be felt as a dramatic force of energy and vitality. We move; we do not stand still. We have not yet arrived at the stock-taking stage." - Martha Graham

"In taking stock of ourselves, we should not forget that fear plays a large part in the drama of failure. That is the first thing to be dropped. Fear is a mental deficiency susceptible of correction, if taken in hand before it gains an ascendency over us. Fear comes with the thought of failure." - Douglas Fairbanks

"I started taking ballet lessons when I was 4, and I was performing in ballet companies when I was 10, and I did summer stock in Miami Beach when I was 12, and finally I said, 'I gotta go to Broadway.'" - Rita Rudner

"For me, the main thing is spontaneity & taking chances." - Dave Kikoski

"Revolution is just one crowd taking power from another." - John Updike

"Leadership is taking responsibility while others are making excuses." - John C Maxwell

"I'm on the verge of taking a stand." - Tom Hollander

"I'm tired of people taking off their clothes." - Whitney Houston

"Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time." - Abraham Lincoln

"Uncertainty will always be part of the taking charge process." - Harold Geneen

"Taking a life, is not worth getting life in prison." - Anthony Liccione

"Why are you taking your breasts away?" -Dane "Cernunnos" Hearne" - Katie MacAlister

"Make sure you're always giving, way more than you're taking" - Reba Mcentire

"I'm telling you, the Oriental people, they're slowly taking over." - Rob Ford

"Making mistakes is a way of taking action." - Paulo Coelho

"What I love doing is taking my dog for runs." - Sean William Scott

"The truest you can be is taking off those clothes." - Dacher Keltner

"There is nothing more rewarding than taking care of yourself!" - Denise Austin

"In taking life for granted, we fail to notice it." - Stephen Batchelor

"Only temporary success is achieved by taking short cuts." - Roger Staubach

"Get rich by taking something common and making it uncommon." - John D Rockefeller

"Taking initiative is a form of self-empowerment." - Stephen Covey

"Fishing is taking a huge toll on the planet's ecosystem." - Sharon Gannon

"Worldbuilding to me is taking the consequences of an idea." - Karin Tidbeck

"Pitiful is the person who is afraid of taking risks." - Paulo Coelho

"Blasphemy has always seemed to require taking things very seriously." - Donna Haraway

"Leadership, leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses." - Mitt Romney

"We will fight hostage taking like we fight terrorism." - Ali A. Saleh

"Real charity is giving from the heart without taking credit." - Michael Jackson

"I don't think anybody ever saw anybody taking anything." - Rafael Palmeiro

"Maybe we've been taking nova precautions for a red dwarf." - Hal Clement

"I always end up taking people that are morally ambiguous." - Billy Crudup

"They are taking steps, but they are baby steps." - Julius Erving

"Uncertainty will always be part of the taking charge process." - Harold S Geneen

"Globalization requires taking a broad contextual and long-term view." - Helen Fisher

"Taking improv has helped every other aspect of my field." - Ben Schwartz

"Taking the life of another is always a moral crime." - Angelo Scola

"You think about taking audiences on a journey." - Sam Mendes

"Genius is an infinite capacity for taking pains." - Thomas Carlyle

"I'm just taking one match at a time." - Caroline Wozniacki

"Happiness is there for the taking - and the making." - Oprah Winfrey

"Think Thousand times before taking a decision But - After taking decison never turn back even if you get Thousand difficulties!!" - Adolf Hitler

"If you are not taking responsibility for your state of consciousness, you are not taking responsibility for life." - Eckhart Tolle

"If you are content with yourself, you'll stop taking those little steps forward and begin taking big steps backward." - Greg Maddux

"Anyone who uses the phrase 'easy as taking candy from a baby' has never tried taking candy from a baby." - Anonymous

"I'm in love with love, so I'm always taking risks! I think it's part of love, taking risks." - Melanie Laurent

"We don't cut up when mad men are bred by the old legitimate regular stock religions, but we can't allow wildcat religions to indulge in such disastrous experiments." - Mark Twain

"I try to buy stock in businesses that are so wonderful that an idiot can run them. Because sooner or later, one will." - Warren Buffett

"Genius is a rising stock market." - John Kenneth Galbraith

"The Aryan stock is bound to triumph." - Winston Churchill

"Integrity is my stock in trade." - Randy Komisar

"Selling real estate isn't like selling stock." - Donald Trump

"Our Pilgrim stock wuz pithed with hardihood." - James Russell Lowell

"I come from a tough stock." - Michael Douglas

"The stock actor is a stage calamity" - George Bernard Shaw

"A person taking stock in middle age is like an artist or composer looking at an unfinished work; but whereas the composer and the painter can erase some of their past efforts, we cannot. We are stuck with what we have lived through. The trick is to finish it with a sense of design and a flourish rather than to patch up the holes or merely to add new patches to it." - Harry S. Broudy

"Lent is the time for trimming the soul and scrapping the sludge off a life turned slipshod. Lent is about taking stock of time, even religious time. Lent is about exercising the control that enables us to say no to ourselves so that when life turns hard of its own accord we have the stamina to yes to its twists and turns with faith and hope. Lent is the time to make new efforts to be what we say we want to be." - Joan D. Chittister

"Ed Woolard, his mentor on the Apple board, pressed Jobs for more than two years to drop the interim in front of his CEO title. Not only was Jobs refusing to commit himself, but he was baffling everyone by taking only $1 a year in pay and no stock options. I make 50 cents for showing up, he liked to joke, and the other 50 cents is based on performance." - Walter Isaacson

"I do hear snippets on the radio. I do hear a little bit of me, sometimes great chunks of me. But I have to take that as a compliment; there's no way you can get sour grapes about that. But if somebody starts taking your whole new thing lock, stock, and barrel, and do their own version of it before you do it, that's not on." - Jeff Beck

"If stock market experts were so expert, they would be buying stock, not selling advice." - Norman Ralph Augustine

"Most people sell stock to pay taxes, but I didn't want to sell any stock." - Christie Hefner

"Iran is taking over Iraq. They've been trying to for many, many decades. And now they're finally taking over Iraq. As we sit here, they're taking over Iraq. We get nothing." - Donald Trump

"Optimist: Someone who figures that taking a step backwards after taking a step forwards is not a disaster. It's a cha-cha." - Robert Breault

"If you push yourself to stay hungry, you're always working towards at least taking steps forward. If you're taking steps forward, then you're making progress." - G-Eazy

"Ive been taking martial arts for a long time. I started with tae kwon do, and then I started taking karate and mixed martial arts." - Daniella Alonso

"A politician taking campaign money from gamblers in Nevada is like one taking campaign money from the auto people in Michigan. Gambling is our legal business." - Paul Laxalt

"Your developed countries are taking teachers from South Africa, they are taking nurses, because people are better paid where they are going." - Thabo Mbeki

"You know, people always warn children about taking candy from strange adults. But they never warn us adults about taking candy from strange children." - Pseudonymous Bosch

"I've been taking martial arts for a long time. I started with tae kwon do, and then I started taking karate and mixed martial arts." - Daniella Alonso

"Taking charge of your own learning is a part of taking charge of your life, which is the sine qua non in becoming an integrated person." - Warren G. Bennis

"Stock prices have been quoted in fractions for two centuries, based on a system descended from Spanish pieces of eight. Each dollar was cut into eight bits worth 12.5 cents each.." - Charles Jaffe

"In short, it's a great economy if you're a high-level corporate executive or someone who owns a lot of stock. For most other Americans, economic growth is a spectator sport." - Paul Krugman

"I hate weekends because there is no stock market" - Rene Rivkin

"The wealth of society is its stock of productive labor." - James Mackintosh

"If the stock goes down we want to buy more." - Walter Schloss

"You never really know a stock until you own it." - Walter Schloss

"Remember that the stock market is manic-depressive." - Warren Buffett

"Emotions are your worst enemy in the stock market." - Don Hays

"The stock market and economy are two different things." - Milton Friedman

"It's a racket. Those stock market guys are crooked." - Al Capone

"My favorite time frame for holding a stock is forever." - Warren Buffett

"A hyperactive stock market is the pickpocket of enterprise." - Warren Buffett

"I was just stock in the middle, vague and undefined." - Sarah Dessen

"Stock market risk is ok, but not for Social Security." - Barack Obama

"The stock market has spoiled more appetites than bad cooking." - Will Rogers

"There is no question we have an access stock." - Warren Buffett

"I must have in stock 3000 songs you've never heard." - Young Thug

"A stock doesn't know that you own it." - Warren Buffett

"A lawyer's time and advice are his stock in trade." - Abraham Lincoln

"I'm going to retain a lot of Microsoft's stock." - Bill Gates

"Laughing stock: cattle with a sense of humor." - Steven Wright

"Your mind is a cupboard and you stock the shelves." - Thomas S Monson

"Glamour is what I sell, it's my stock in trade." - Marlene Dietrich

"The studio system reminds me of the stock market." - Bill Forsyth

"Our stock in trade is raw, flailing sex." - Al Goldstein

"Stock kernels will be the norm for some time." - Bill Hayden

"I wish I had some stock in a scrunchie company." - Hillary Clinton

"I'm from durable stock. I'm made to work. I'm Irish." - Mary Mccormack

"I think most CEOs think their stock is undervalued, probably." - Richard Kinder

"China's stock market is inextricably tied to politics." - Kenneth Fisher

"The stock market is a discounter of all known information." - Kenneth Fisher

"I hate weekends because there is no stock market." - Rene Rivkin



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