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Taking Hits Quotes


"I love taking hits away from guys and seeing their reaction." - Andruw Jones

"Sight is where the eye hits." - Louis Zukofsky

"It's magazines like HITS that have to label things." - Nina Gordon

"My hits are not hits." - John Mayer

"Gratitude is a fickle thing, indeed. A person taking aim presses the weapon to his chest and cheek, but when he hits, he discardsit with indifference." - Franz Grillparzer

"Buyers are graded not only on their successes, but also on their failures. Too many hits means the buyer isn't taking enough chances." - Leslie Wexner

"There's a handful of situations already in two games - some hits I don't need to take - and I'm taking them because I'm stringing out the play." - Mark Sanchez

"Love gives without taking" - Erica Jong

"Quit taking, start giving." - Russell Simmons

"Hits are for squares." - Thurston Moore

"Taking the money from drug operations and all that sort of stuff is something that goes past what most of us in society would expect a policeman should do. That temptation hits the police force at the same time as the temptation to take those drugs that are readily available hits the people on the streets." - Denzel Washington

"Publishers are very risk-averse, so they lean towards licenses and sequels. But the fact is that even those are not guaranteed hits. So, if 'playing it safe' does not guarantee hits, they might as well leave it up to the really creative, risk-taking people, because they couldn't do any worse." - Tim Schafer

"Politics is mostly pill-taking." - Thomas Reed

"I can count on one hand the number of instrumental hits there have been over the last 10 years." - Chuck Mangione

"If time flies when you're having fun, it hits the afterburners when you don't think you're having enough." - Jef Mallett

"I draw whatever hits me." - Matthew Ashford

"Celebrity hits like a bomb." - Jimmy Smits

"Nobody ever lost money taking a profit" - Bernard Baruch

"Sometimes taking time is actually a shortcut." - Haruki Murakami

"Love is giving everything and taking nothing" - Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

"Thus we live, forever taking leave." - Rainer Maria Rilke

"Are you taking my hat hostage?" - Derek Landy

"Taking smart risks can be very gratifying." - Reed Hastings

"Fortunately, taking a picture leaves no mark." - Edward S. Curtis

"I don't believe in taking right decisions.." - Ratan Tata

"Taking sides cannot bring peace and balance." - Aung San Suu Kyi

"You can't run a without taking risks." - Pablo Picasso

"What do you say to taking chances?" - Celine Dion

"Never stop taking risks. Just keep reaching." - Ryan Eggold

"Games are all about taking risks." - James Altucher

"I still have nightmares about taking tests." - Caitlyn Jenner

"I'm taking a vow not to advise." - Barbara Bush

"I still have nightmares about taking tests." - Bruce Jenner

"Yes, risk-taking is inherently failure-prone. Otherwise, it would be called sure-thing-taking." - Jim Mcmahon

"I could see he was having problems taking my punches. I had no problem taking his." - Manny Pacquiao

"Taking out werewolves, I gather and surmise, is akin to taking out a SEAL team." - Patricia Briggs

"Why is Scottie Pippen taking a charge? Taking a charge is for people with no game!" - Bill Walton

"One saves oneself much pain, by taking pains; much trouble, by taking trouble." - Augustus William Hare

"Taking somebody's sacrifices is like taking counterfeit money. You're only the poorer." - Dorothy Canfield Fisher

"Taking up marriage is a good excuse for taking up cursing, I think." - Nancy E. Turner

"Taking things from one source is plagiarism; taking things from several sources is research." - John McPhee

"Amateurs go broke taking large losses, professionals go broke taking small profits." - William Eckhardt

"But the Twins opened the fifth with their second and third hits, and Beltre helped Hernandez by taking his bullet throw for a force at third on a bunt try. I felt it, ... My only worry was that he didn't throw me a sinker. He threw hard, but a good fastball." - Adrian Beltre

"People always look down their noses at hookers. Never give you a chance because they think you took the easy way out, when no one would imagine the willpower it took to do what we do, walking the streets night after night, taking the hits and still getting back up." - Aileen Wuornos

"Im really good at writing almost hits." - Ben Folds

"I'm really good at writing 'almost hits'." - Ben Folds

"Everyone hits bottom their own way." - Eileen Brennan

"I used to do fight sequences, and I started to get self-conscious about fight sequences, because invariably the other person would get hurt, and you never want anyone to be hurt on a film, let alone you being responsible. The great thing about working with guys who have spent their life choreographing fights for wrestling is that that's what they do. That's their specialty. Their specialty is selling taking hits. Their specialty is selling explosive hits without making a contact or doing too much damage." - Vin Diesel

"When love hits you, it hits you and you don't expect it." - Selena

"For me, the main thing is spontaneity & taking chances." - Dave Kikoski

"We're not dropping out here, we're infiltrating and taking over." - Terence Mckenna

"Revolution is just one crowd taking power from another." - John Updike

"Taking faith seriously leads to the utility of altruistic behavior." - Ted Malloch

"She turned the key, never taking her eyes from him," - Nicholas Sparks

"When I talk of taking a trip I mean forever." - Adrienne Rich

"Nature was taking back what had once been hers." - Nevada Barr

"No use in taking a cat's opinion of a dog." - Lucy Maud Montgomery

"I will not be taking a paternity test, ever!" - Oprah Winfrey

"Nothing valuable can be lost by taking time." - Abraham Lincoln

"Uncertainty will always be part of the taking charge process." - Harold Geneen

"A humorist doesn't really do that much note-taking." - P. J. O'Rourke

"Taking 1,000 meetings attempting to get backing to do clothing..." - Kanye West

"Making mistakes is a way of taking action." - Paulo Coelho

"The trick isn't adding stuff, it's taking away." - Mark Zuckerberg

"Can I smoke now without someone taking my picture?" - Hank Aaron

"The truest you can be is taking off those clothes." - Dacher Keltner

"The journey isn't always perfect, but always worth taking." - Kara Goucher

"Meditation is nothing but taking a mental shower." - Harbhajan Singh Yogi

"Taking the photograph is the easiest part for me" - Duane Michals

"True entrepreneurshi p comes only from risk-taking." - Dhirubhai Ambani

"Caring about someone doesn't mean taking care of them." - Amy Harmon

"I'm not a militant, drug-taking freak! I'm sensitive." - Joshua Homme

"Truth stands for Taking Real Understanding To Heart." - Gary Busey

"Fishing is taking a huge toll on the planet's ecosystem." - Sharon Gannon

"NATO is obsolete, because it's not taking care of terror." - Donald Trump

"No one ever went broke by taking a profit." - Jesse Lauriston Livermore

"Genius is merely the capacity for taking infinite pains." - Napoleon Hill

"Taking responsibility gives me a sense of control." - Yanni

"De-bunking means simply taking the bunk out of things" - William E. Woodward

"Pitiful is the person who is afraid of taking risks." - Paulo Coelho

"Who is this man taking a crap in my bathroom!?" - Kerry Jackson

"Taking joy in life is a woman's best cosmetic." - Rosalind Russell

"You simply *must* stop taking advice from other people." - Alvin Toffler

"Service is taking action to create value for someone else." - Ron Kaufman

"Humor is the instinct for taking pain playfully." - Max Eastman

"I've been taking longer to write stories lately." - Greg Egan

"Picture-taking is an ensemble art - like theater." - Ansel Elgort

"There was no possibility of taking a walk that day." - Charlotte Bronte

"I started taking acting classes when I was twelve." - Lindsay Wagner

"I'm nervous when taking part in any movie." - Jamie Campbell Bower

"I've always slightly regretted not taking up Chicago." - John Travolta

"Dependency is death to initiative, to risk-taking and opportunity." - Mitt Romney

"I like the idea of taking off like a bird." - Florence Welch

"I get fit taking my bike out in the woods." - Juan Pablo Montoya

"In taking care with language, we take care of ourselves." - Bret Stephens

"Think Thousand times before taking a decision But - After taking decison never turn back even if you get Thousand difficulties!!" - Adolf Hitler

"Living might mean taking chances, but they're worth taking. Loving might be a mistake. but its worth making" - Reba Mcentire

"If you are not taking responsibility for your state of consciousness, you are not taking responsibility for life." - Eckhart Tolle

"Our competitors aren't taking our market share with devices; they are taking our market share with an entire ecosystem." - Stephen Elop

"Having an experience is taking part in the world. Taking part in the world is really about sharing responsibility." - Olafur Eliasson

"Taking a job for the cash is not as important as taking a job for the joy." - Simon Sinek

"I think what I learned is that wealth comes not just from taking risk but from constantly taking risks." - Andy Kessler

"My son's taking drum lessons, and my daughter's taking piano lessons. One day they're going to start a band." - Chris Daughtry

"What happens if a big asteroid hits Earth ? Judging from realistic simulations involving a sledge hammer and a common laboratory frog, we can assume it will be pretty bad." - Dave Barry

"Womanhood is something you dont consider until it hits you." - Laura Marling

"Hit the ball carrier harder than he hits you." - Ray Nitschke

"The lazy man aims at nothing, and generally hits it." - James Ellis

"Ziege hits it high for Heskey who isn't playing" - Alan Green

"You don't make solo albums to have hits." - Ronnie Wood

"When adversity hits, go out and learn something." - Julie Andrews

"I'd like to do something that hits close to home." - Ansel Elgort

"A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense." - Proverbs

"I'm just riding the wave until it hits the shore." - Joe Schmidt

"Every drop of rain hits its appointed target." - John Newton

"Even a fool learns something once it hits him." - Homer

"When a child hits a child, we call it aggression. When a child hits an adult, we call it hostility. When an adult hits an adult, we call it assault. When an adult hits a child, we call it discipline." - Haim Ginott

"I started writing hits the day I sold my piano." - Michael Cretu

"I always say that you should remake flops, not hits." - Richard Benjamin

"Three thousand hits is something that should stand for itself." - Rod Carew

"In Hollywood, the rainbow hits the ground for composers." - Hoagy Carmichael

"We weren't One Hit Wonders. We had a few hits." - Gary Cherone

"The mid-life crisis hits men harder than women." - Sonia Johnson

"Womanhood is something you don't consider until it hits you." - Laura Marling

"You learn more from the flops than from the hits." - Theodore Bikel

"A tree never hits an automobile except in self defense." - Woody Allen

"When we first began, we didn't have any hits." - Diana Ross

"He hits from both sides of the plate. He's amphibious." - Yogi Berra

"And no, having the hits is just more work." - Donna Summer

"We're more into expressing ourselves than making radio hits." - Adam Jones

"If someone hits me I consider it a challenge." - Johnny Knoxville

"You don't make solo albums to have hits." - Ron Wood

"I'm really fortunate that I've had some mega hits." - Juice Newton

"Baseball was a dream I gathered more splinters than hits." - Frank Perdue

"A boxer never sees the big one that hits him." - George Foreman

"When the storm hits, the strong stay grounded." - Faisal Khokhar

"Comedians don't have hits. You have to have a whole brand-new hour. You have no hits to rely on." - Aziz Ansari

"We were very fortunate, because we had so many hits, so we'd be singing out all hits." - Patty Andrews

"Whether the pitcher hits the stone or the stone hits the pitcher, it goes ill with the pitcher." - Miguel De Cervantes

"I'm not one of those artists who refuses to play their hits. I find that ridiculous. Hits are a blessing." - Lenny Kravitz

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see." - Arthur Schopenhauer

"One common adage...that is completely wrongheaded is: You can't go broke taking profits. That's precisely how many traders do go broke. While amateurs go broke by taking large losses, professionals go broke by taking small profits." - William Eckhardt

"Optimist: Someone who figures that taking a step backwards after taking a step forwards is not a disaster. It's a cha-cha." - Robert Breault

"Taking experimental results and observations for granted and putting the burden of proof on the theory means taking the observational ideology for granted without having ever examined it." - Paul Feyerabend

"Faith isn't the ability to believe long and far into the misty future. It's simply taking God at His Word and taking the next step." - Joni Eareckson Tada

"People who wouldn't think of taking a sieve to the well to draw water fail to see the folly in taking a camera to make a painting." - Edward Weston

"The average age of our members is about 79. They expected them (leaders) to be taking care of everything, and in reality, they were taking care of nothing." - R. Gerald Turner

"I'm afraid of taking steps that are not on the map, but by taking those steps despite my fears, I have a much more interesting life." - Paulo Coelho

"Talent is the infinite capacity for taking pains. Genius is the infinite capacity for achievement without taking any pains at all." - Helene Hanff

"Taking life seriously requires taking death seriously." - Studs Terkel

"I do not support individual countries taking military action against another country because of its human rights record, or subsequently justifying taking such action on human rights grounds." - Mary Robinson



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